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    Hello i have been looking and can not find this model do you know where one is... are they an old model they do not make anymore? the midwest
    s i found didn't even make boats anymore... πŸ‘
    2 days ago by samc
    Motor, speed controller
    "....With every one I've used you can switch off the Brake and eliminate the double stick action to go astern....." Ah, well - it rather depends on the
    you buy. I go for the cheap Chinese ones which can have very limited features, and are usually designed for cars alone. I agree that brushless tend to have jerky starts which are not good for rescues. Ideally bow thrusters or even pod motors would be best for manoeuvrability. One other feature which might be useful for long-distance recovery is on-board video. This is another facility where the price has plummeted in recent years. I have a steerable camera on the back of my Sea Princess with a mobile viewer built into a plastic box using a car DVD monitor, and the components (5.8Ghx Tx/Rx) typically cost around a tenner each. Cameras can be Β£2-3! The boat also has a micro video recorder built in - pic below. The cable is for connecting the viewer to the main controlling radio - it diverts two spare channels from the radio to the video operator to let him aim the camera...
    28 days ago by DodgyGeezer
    Motor, speed controller
    As you say DG " it rather depends on the
    you buy." The Quicrun series are Chinese, not expensive (cheaper than mTroniks &Co for instance) and can do everything we boaters need. 'Taste and try before you buy'πŸ˜‰ or at least read the specs and manual. Pod motor is a good idea but not exactly KISS or C&C unfortunately. On board video is another good ideaπŸ‘, especially when the victim is far offshore. I've recently acquired a waterproof camera about the size of a single cell LiPo (overgrown AA cell) 19mm x 68mm. Suitable monitor is also in the stash. Next steps will be to investigate a controllable gimble mount and 5.8GHz back channel for monitoring operations. Where did you get the 5.8 TX/RX and micro-recorder? Looks very innerrestink! Cheers, Doug 😎
    28 days ago by RNinMunich
    Model Boat crew....
    A model vehicle - car, boat or plane - looks a little odd if it seems to be operating with no driver. Aircraft have quite a selection of different scale 'head and shoulders' figures - road vehicles seem to be made to standard scales so that driver figures are readily available - but boats are often made to a wide variety of scales and then need scale figures which are not readily available, and can be very pricey when they are! I was asked recently about figures on the boats I make, which are continuations of the Keil Kraft EeZeBilt line. These were originally 'pocket-money' starter kits for young children, so they were very cheap, and the fittings were not bought, but made from available household items like paper-clips. I have continued that tradition, so making an EeZebilt remains cheap and encourages manual dexterity rather than a large wallet! Figures can be made cheaply by adding filler to a wire armature, but this does require a bit of carving skill. It is easier to start with a basic shape and alter it a bit, and the obvious place to start is with a model railway figure. Cheap Chinese copies of
    s like the Preiser range are available on Ebay for around 10p per figure - see the link below for example. These figures are available in many scales from 1:200 up to about 1:24. The first point to make is that choosing a suitable scale to build your boat to will make it a lot easier to populate it with figures! I typically look to make boats at 1:24 or 1:48, two common scales for railways. Now the only problem is that the typical figures for sale are not sailors or naval personnel. Instead they are usually civilians, railway staff or workmen. But that is easily solved by using a modelling knife. I have illustrated this below with a set of drawings for a 1:48 figure - see the PDF link below: 1 - a typical figure. Note the jacket and tie lines embossed on the body. I wanted to make an Indian Naval Officer, so my first step was to look up the colouring and shape of their uniform. I find that they wear white, with either a plain-front tunic or shirt and shorts. 2 - To make a plain-front, simply scrape away the clothes lines embossed on the figure's trunk. You may also need to cut any hanging parts of a jacket away, or fill a hole with some modelling putty. 3 - To adjust arms, slice them off and then re-attach with Plastic Weld. The plastic will melt and conform to the new shape. 3 - To make shorts, just trim the long trousers in a bit at the shorts hem, then carve the lower leg to show the bulge of a calf. 4 - An officers cap is easy to make. Stamp out two tiny paper disks using a sharpened brass tube, and cut one disk in half. Cut a slot across the figure's forehead, and superglue the half-disk in there to be the cap peak. The full disk goes on top of the figures head, and the excess glue is drawn by surface tension to make a brim. The glue will soak through the paper and make it hard. See the PDF below for details...
    2 months ago by DodgyGeezer
    Re: Lazer cut Kits
    H.A.Kits will be attending the Model show in Coppell, Lancashire on Saturday 23rd march. This will be our first event as a trader, our latest
    s go on sale for the first time plus all are models are on display. So come along and see our
    s, maybe pick up some bargains and freebies!
    2 months ago by HAKits
    Manufacturing of Paddles
    I started with the paddles. Main reason was that I was not sure the final
    would work. I ordered all the brass parts using eBay and google. Templates were photo copied from the drawing (paddle frames) and stuck to 1/32 brass sheet. Centre punched all the points that needed to be drilled. Holes drilled used a jewellers saw to cut out the frames and finish off using files. I had not done anything like this before but patience was need to replace all the broken blades. I note that the saw came with 120 blades. I then made all the paddles, the spider gear, etc using soft soldering technique. The wheels were then assembled and tested. small adjustments had to be made with a file as some of the paddles were fouling each other. Disassembled them and painted them using car spray paint. I was quite pleased with the paddles so could start thinking about the tug hull. ,
    2 months ago by Hillro
    Which Paint?
    A couple of years ago i scratch built a 1/24 scale Vosper Long boat MTB 510. I spray painted the hull and super structure with Halfords white and gray primer. The Hull was given coat of Matt clear laquer Spray (Plasticote). The deck and super structure were also coated in a matt laquer spray. This
    was Rustoleum Crystal Clear Matt Laquer. I have used this
    before on acrylic base paints, and had no problems. Do not use on oil based paints as it will crinkle the surface. The Plasticote
    i used on the Hull was fine at the time but a couple of years on the surface has become crazed. so i will have to repaint the complete hull sometime in the future. Can any one out there recommend a paint combination or
    that is satisfactory, and will not craze like an old masters oil painting from the 1500s.
    1 year ago by andyhynes
    Priming the hull.
    Hi Paul. Yes I will be spraying a textured finish on the deck, another Halfords
    , and then the custom colour BS 381C ' Light Grey 631 over that. The deck and cabin sides etc. will then get a final coat of satin lacquer. I have done a test sample of this on some scrap and the effect is quite pleasing. 😊 I'll keep all the roofs as gloss white. Right now I'm looking for some wood strip to plank the tow hook deck and rear cockpit. I think 6mm should be the right size but I want quite a light colour to contrast with dark caulking, any recommendations on that? Rob.
    2 years ago by robbob

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