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    two part epoxy resin
    ".... I went into my local 'Everything a pound' store today and found packs of two part epoxy resin, a la Araldite priced at , guess what?...." My experience with the epoxies found in 'Poundland' (I expect that the same
    will be found in many other cheap outlets) 1 - The epoxy you get in the dual syringe - works ok. Not particularly good at adhering to smooth surfaces. Remains a bit flexible. 2 - The epoxy you get in two separate tubes - does not work. Will not set. I tried several different sets of the 'tubes' adhesive, several months apart. Got the same experience with them all.
    6 days ago by DodgyGeezer
    Plan For Princess Elizabeth Paddler
    Didn't Sarik take over the Traplet
    ? https://www.modelboats.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=129165&p=2 They have some paddler plans, but not the PE I'm afraid😭 https://www.sarikhobbies.com/?s=Paddle+steamer&post_type=product 😎
    17 days ago by RNinMunich
    Batteries in a DX5e
    " If Graupner want to reach a wider public they need to ensure that the kits are available" Who actually makes the kits? I thought you meant a manufacturer with Pietenpol, not a particular model kit. It's the manufacturers job to ensure availability of
    . Natch if the wider marketing through a partner awakens larger interest and demand (which is the object of the exercise) then it's up to the manufacturer to gear up his production to match. Unfortunately this is often not the case - until it is too lateπŸ€” Natch Graupner will want their cut for their marketing / sales efforts. Doug Apropos Cub; I still have a boxed Great Planes kit of an 'ElectriCub'. Deluxe kit #ECUB-D. Sport model J-3 Piper Cub. Wingspan 59". Kit includes loads of wood (much pre-cut) vacform nose, motor and mount, prop and spinner, wiring harness, full size plans and build / operation instruction book. Bought about 30 years ago. I only opened it to check that it was complete. I will most likely never build it so if it's of any interest to you let me know and I'll send some more details / pics. PS: forward vision was a nightmare on most of the early aircraft, (Concorde as well πŸ˜‰)
    18 days ago by RNinMunich
    WaterProofing and Painting
    To answer your question first, I would seal the wood inside and out with several coats of sanding sealer or primer - checking that the glue joints are sound first - and then use cellulose car spray for the final colour. Once decals are in place a final coal of car lacquer is a good idea. But you will find that everyone has their own approach to painting. Many people would advise covering with a fibreglass skin and epoxy, particularly as it's a racing boat... Is it this Dumas kit? http://www.dumas
    _id=391 I believe that that boat kit comes in different sizes, and has been around since the 1970s. It's a racing hydroplane, and not the first choice I would have made for a beginner to model boating! Here is a video of an electric one running: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb0kYvPZOe4 You may just intend to build it as a display item, but if you are thinking of running it then you may find a bit more advice helpful? I suppose that the first point to make is that that old World Engines radio is quite out of date. If it's 27Mhz it's still legal, but, even if you have all the bits for it I would advise against running anything with a vintage radio which may be unreliable. Don't throw it away - it's worth good money to a vintage collector - but a modern 2.4Ghz set will be much more reliable. I see that the boat comes with an I/C motor. If you are not experienced with model boats I suspect that you have not used one of these? Again, these are becoming a bit of a specialist skill since so many lakes ban their use. Converting the boat to electric would bring it more into line with modern practice. Common advice is for beginners who have little experience to go and talk to the nearest club, and I think that applies in spades here! Racing boats run fast, need careful expert set-up, and are easy to crash - possibly damaging more than just your boat in the process. A club will have more experienced members who know where to run the boat safely, will help you set it up, and may let you practice with simpler boats to learn how to do things properly before taking your (and your uncle and grandfather's) pride and joy out on the lake... Here's someone else with a similar problem to yours... https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?1661638-1970-s-Pay-n-Pak-boat-NEED-HELP%21
    24 days ago by DodgyGeezer
    Re: WTC/Sub Driver.
    The switches are GT Power and were purchased from Ali Express (specs in pic). they seem to work very well and I've used them in my HSL for lights and cooling pump. GT Power also make battery testers, car sound units (used in my MTB and HSL) and chargers amongst other things (I have these
    and they've worked very well so far) You can have as many of these switches as you have places in you REC spare. Great little piece of kit, uses are endless. John PS I run the pump on 9v with no probs, supposedly can accept 40v in
    1 month ago by jbkiwi
    Model Boat crew....
    A model vehicle - car, boat or plane - looks a little odd if it seems to be operating with no driver. Aircraft have quite a selection of different scale 'head and shoulders' figures - road vehicles seem to be made to standard scales so that driver figures are readily available - but boats are often made to a wide variety of scales and then need scale figures which are not readily available, and can be very pricey when they are! I was asked recently about figures on the boats I make, which are continuations of the Keil Kraft EeZeBilt line. These were originally 'pocket-money' starter kits for young children, so they were very cheap, and the fittings were not bought, but made from available household items like paper-clips. I have continued that tradition, so making an EeZebilt remains cheap and encourages manual dexterity rather than a large wallet! Figures can be made cheaply by adding filler to a wire armature, but this does require a bit of carving skill. It is easier to start with a basic shape and alter it a bit, and the obvious place to start is with a model railway figure. Cheap Chinese copies of
    like the Preiser range are available on Ebay for around 10p per figure - see the link below for example. These figures are available in many scales from 1:200 up to about 1:24. The first point to make is that choosing a suitable scale to build your boat to will make it a lot easier to populate it with figures! I typically look to make boats at 1:24 or 1:48, two common scales for railways. Now the only problem is that the typical figures for sale are not sailors or naval personnel. Instead they are usually civilians, railway staff or workmen. But that is easily solved by using a modelling knife. I have illustrated this below with a set of drawings for a 1:48 figure - see the PDF link below: 1 - a typical figure. Note the jacket and tie lines embossed on the body. I wanted to make an Indian Naval Officer, so my first step was to look up the colouring and shape of their uniform. I find that they wear white, with either a plain-front tunic or shirt and shorts. 2 - To make a plain-front, simply scrape away the clothes lines embossed on the figure's trunk. You may also need to cut any hanging parts of a jacket away, or fill a hole with some modelling putty. 3 - To adjust arms, slice them off and then re-attach with Plastic Weld. The plastic will melt and conform to the new shape. 3 - To make shorts, just trim the long trousers in a bit at the shorts hem, then carve the lower leg to show the bulge of a calf. 4 - An officers cap is easy to make. Stamp out two tiny paper disks using a sharpened brass tube, and cut one disk in half. Cut a slot across the figure's forehead, and superglue the half-disk in there to be the cap peak. The full disk goes on top of the figures head, and the excess glue is drawn by surface tension to make a brim. The glue will soak through the paper and make it hard. See the PDF below for details...
    4 months ago by DodgyGeezer
    Static Model Boat Club
    Hello i have been looking and can not find this model do you know where one is... are they an old model they do not make anymore? the midwest
    i found didn't even make boats anymore... πŸ‘
    2 months ago by samc
    Re: Lazer cut Kits
    H.A.Kits will be attending the Model show in Coppell, Lancashire on Saturday 23rd march. This will be our first event as a trader, our latest
    go on sale for the first time plus all are models are on display. So come along and see our
    , maybe pick up some bargains and freebies!
    4 months ago by HAKits

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