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    Musical Christmas Tree Project
    Brilliant Stephen. Happy Christmas. I have recently bought a 32 project starter Arduino kit from ebay for Β£20. It is incredible value. The
    programming software
    is free on their site. It all looks very interesting. I will post a photo of the kit later today.😊
    6 months ago by MouldBuilder
    Musical Christmas Tree Project
    Some screenshots here of the arduino code and the
    programming software
    I made. I've seen the vixen lights software before, but I don't think it works on a mac? Also, part the fun was to make my own sequencing software. It's all HTML5 based and works in the browser. Each block is a draggable div, you can select many or some in one go, copy/paste, change colours, fade in, fade out etc. These are then split into tracks and saved to the database, then exported as function calls off a 50ms timer in the arduino code. It's an Arduino Mega, simply due to the programming space required and the fact it has more available timers in the chip. Some are used by the MP3 player, so it was important not to mix timers. As for programming a whole house display... although I know I've the technical know-how... it's not something I'd want to do! 🀣 Stephen
    6 months ago by Fireboat
    Re: Another Exhaust Smoker V2
    Hi Graham, Well doneπŸ‘ Seems to me to be more than enough smoke.πŸŒͺ️ When the engines warmed up surely should only be wisps? Clouds like that only on start up / cold engine? Am interested in the PIC chip you used, and PIC chips in general. Have never used them so have done some research this week and would very much like to know which
    programming software
    and HW interface to PC you use. Did a lot of programming for ATE systems, but that was a LONG time ago. Tempus fugitπŸ€” I've also noticed with interest that Action Electronics make extensive use of PIC chips in their modules!! Be nice to be able to read them out😁 Cheers, Doug 😎
    7 months ago by RNinMunich

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