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    1/11 scale Fairey Huntsman
    I'm stumped. How do I add to the blog and put in
    relevant photos
    as I go/
    6 years ago by manyboats
    Vosper 1/16th scale fireboat
    Almost there now. Just the rescue davit, the decals and the crew to complete. Hoses in the cockpit made from 8mm flexible tube wound with string and painted black. I opted for a grain of wheat bulb for the masthead light as, whilst not a bright as the LED's elsewhere, it does give all round Illumination. Fitting was also easier as the very thin wires are ducted through a hole drilled in the mast (this is the plastic item sold in the Model Boats shop). I am still looking for a 1/16th scale crew and any ideas would be gratefully received. Since first submitting this update, I've looked at the 1/16th scale figures from adriansfigures.com (ex George Turner) and they look massive in relation to the boat. However, looking at an Image of crew testing the fire monitors on the real thing in Southampton, they are massive in relation to the boat! Has anyone put figures on their models of this boat and, if so, were they to scale or downscaled a bit possibly to make the proportions look more realistic. if anyone has any
    relevant photos
    , that would be most helpful. Sea trials planned for early March, if the weather warms up a bit.
    8 years ago by JeremyBB
    Website Transfer
    Some more work recently: - Javascript reliability when changing pages: The website it seems was trying to request pages twice, so this has been fixed which in turn has fixed some "undefined" errors when hyperlinking to create new posts. - Forum index Page: The view, thread and post counts were completely inaccurate. These were calculated upon page load too which caused a huge surge of server processing upon each request. Now they're calculated in the background and only the figures returned which makes things much quicker. in addition, the "Last Post" in each forum was inaccurate too, this has also been fixed. - Forum Post Modifications: The website was trying to attach a non existent file when modifying a post, this was due to the Javascript not detecting a certain character when requesting attachments. - Newsletter system: When new posts are created, they are now added to a separate database table, each 5 minutes this will be checked for entries and the longest existing one relevant members will be emailed about. The entry is then cleared from the list, thus eliminating the chance of duplicate emails. - Online Users: The footer bar is refreshed every 30 seconds and it did take the server 5 seconds to return the list (a lot of processing when lots of people are online), now it takes 0.2 seconds. - Unique visitor count: This is based on 5 years of history and calculated in the background, again only the value is returned which speeds up page requests. - Homepage Stats: They're back! Most values are based on averages over the last 3 months. - Post submit reliability: if for some reason the database query rejects a post the user should be informed and the post will not be lost. Hopefully post rejects shouldn't happen though! - Images: Since transferring servers the Image locations have changed slightly, this has been resolved now, including cached Image locations, member avatars and model boat club posters. - Website Search: No longer Google!! This means you're now able to search for posts and/or members without adverts and remain inside this website keeping a uniform experience. I'd like everyone's feedback on the following things: 1) Ability to post replies directly from the home page 2) Mobile website (built for smart phones) with the ability to take photos and upload directly 3) Like button for posts, linked to member ranking 4) Your ideas! ๐Ÿ˜Š Thanks to all! ๐Ÿ‘ Hope you all had a good days model boating today too, the weather held off here for most of the day! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜Ž Stephen
    11 years ago by Fireboat
    Aerokits freboat restoration .
    HI there fellow fireboat owners, I'm trying to restore an old Aerokits 34" fireboat that I was given, but both of the structural supports for the forward cabin were broken too badly to get details from to make new ones. I would be glad of any help acquiring a sketch or drawing showing the sizes and relevant angles so that I can make replacements. The boat came with R/c gear and TX, also a 600 motor Is fitted with a 3 blade brass prop. Would like to finish while summer Is still here. Will post Photos when I can borrow a digital camera. Thanks Colin.
    12 years ago by Colin H

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