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    Fatal Error - Half my Profile is missing! ;-/
    I have also had that error message occasionally. Seems as if this board
    is rather buggy...
    2 days ago by DodgyGeezer
    Fatal Error - Half my Profile is missing! ;-/
    Yes Stephen, I have had similar problems with notifications in my emails. Thought it was my phone
    . Cheers Colin.
    2 days ago by Colin H
    CNC boat kits...?
    Aluminium for stables? Perhaps a slab of oak would be more appropriate? I am cutting slices off old oak fence posts for use as coasters and think I can engrave them using the 'boat motor cutter' - so long as the cut is not deep. A laser would be ideal - but the cost and the danger mean that it needs a bit of thinking about. I must look up the Rumba and mega2560. One issue I have with the Uno and GRBL is that the
    does not do 'tool radius compensation'. You have to do this in your conversion, and Dfx2Gcode does not do this either. I do not know if there is a GRBL version running on the 2650 which does do this. Essentially you need a GRBL which implements G41/2 commands, or you will have to do the compensation in your original drawing. I am using sub-milimeter cutting tools for balsa, so the compensation required is negligible and can be ignored, but when cutting ply I may need to worry about it. Your TMC2130s may not need endstops, but the limit switches are also used for homing. You will find that if you want to cut lots of parts out of a single sheet of material, it helps to be able to home accurately. GRBL allows you to have a 'master machine home' and then several subsidiary homes. So, when cutting, I start with the cutter in the master home position in the top right corner, then move it to a secondary home position which is directly over the workpiece top right, then do all of my cutting in relation to that secondary home position...
    5 days ago by DodgyGeezer
    CNC boat kits...?
    A word about the electronics and
    build.... Each stepper motor is driven by a 'driver' - a little switching unit like an ESC. This does the business of sending the power to the motor coils in the right order. They are quite cheap - about ยฃ10 each. To tell each driver to operate the motors in the right order you need a control box running the right
    . You can use a dedicated laptop for this, running a stripped down system called LinuxCNC, but I opted to use an Arduino, which was the option advised by the vendor. So here is a picture of the Arduino (at the bottom - you can't really see it) with a breakout board on top carrying the four drivers (which have the little blue heatsinks on them). I made up an aluminium box to put them in, and attached it to the cutting gantry. The Arduino runs a control program called GRBL. I take the plans I have drawn in DXF format, run them through some
    called DXF2GCode, which turns them into G-Code, and then send that file to the Arduino via a USB connection using 'Universal GCode Sender'. All these items of
    are open source and free to download. The Arduino gets its power from the USB connection. The stepper motors get their power from a cheap Chinese 36v power supply, and the cutting motor gets its power from an old laptop power supply I had hanging around. If electronics frightens you then you probably won't want to do this, but the skills needed to wire up a boat motor are really as much as you need to put it all together....
    23 days ago by DodgyGeezer
    Almost there.
    The Pilot boat is nearly finished. I have been fitting the seats and deck railings. I am reasonably happy with it but I have a lot to learn, some of which will be in my conclusion in the final post. My sailing river is in Hungary so I have spent part of this weekend making the shipping boxes. I have decided on a very simple screw face to edge design as there is not a lot of weight to send. The box is heavier than the model. I have used 12mm ply wood for the construction. My local B&Q cut the board to the sizes I supplied to them. A very useful service as it takes a long time to set up my circular saw as it has no table. It only took 15 minutes to cut out the twelve pieces. i then just added the fixing holes and countersunk them to make the screws sub-flush. They look suitable for purpose. I have sorted the problem with the lack of usable switches on my Turnigy 9x. As I needed another radio to take with me, I bought a Turnigy 9xr Pro. This one has the latest er9x
    which is much more user friendly, I am told.๐Ÿ˜‰ I will upload a video of the trials over the next few weeks. Almost time to decide which of the three new and rebuild projects to tackle next. The Patrol Torpedo Boat upgrade, the Dusseldorf Fire Fighting Boat or the 46" Crash Tender.
    24 days ago by MouldBuilder
    Locating Clubs on 'Boats Clubs and Lakes'
    I am sure that on the previous
    when looking for Clubs, etc. they were in alphabetical order. They now seem to be in order of the last post against a particular Club, Lakes, etc. It was a lot easier to find Clubs before - is there any chance that this can be re-instated or the ability to sort by name or last post, etc. ? Alan
    1 month ago by ads90
    Can't edit or add to boat in harbour
    This website certainly doesn't put any personal information of anybody on facebook. @4clubs, in the process of fixing the loading bug in the harbour, I've deleted some of your harbour photos. Sorry! Hopefully you can edit again and re-add them. Do realise, it's one man here, with a separate full-time job. There's no large team of developers. The old website had security vulnerabilities and used legacy code which had to run on older server versions. It wasn't possible to update the server until the website was overhauled and in the longer run, it would have been necessary to pay for extended server support to keep the legacy stuff going. Things cannot stay as they are. Nearly everything has been overhauled and it's taken 18 months to do so. Bugs like you mention will be ironed out, like with any
    it's never perfect right out the box. My guess is that the number of photos in the post affected the loading screen. I'll do some further testing this evening on that. Thanks Stephen
    1 month ago by Fireboat

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