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    17-28 Torbay Severn Lifeboat
    The Southampton has lots of screws around the deck but some are under the bollards so you need to remove them, there are two aft bollards which need to be gently prised loose but the others are scewed to the bulwarks. I changed the radio in mine as well as the motor/gearboxes and fitted a v.tail mixer from www.mr-rcworld.co.uk with 2
    speed contoller
    s as well as converting the battery holder to take a six volt nimh pack. The effect is awesome. Happy sailing😁
    1 year ago by TheBlacksmith
    Speed controller help
    I have just purchased a graupner 2001 wp silver spirit rtr to use whilst I build my kit. The basic set up supplied is a speed 500 motor with basic on/off servo. I would like to add a
    speed contoller
    but which one? Is this easy to do? Thanks Mark
    3 years ago by sparkymarky77
    what esc should I use with graupner 900 bb motors
    hI guys just trying to find suitable
    speed contoller
    s for my tito nerI tug boat which has 2 graupner bb900 motors that I would like to run on a 12 volt lead acid battery. My other tug the fairmount alpine is useing 2 tazer 60 amp constant esc with 2 torpedo 500 motors. Any suggestions?
    4 years ago by tugboatguy
    Trawler D.728
    im rebuilding this speed controller that my dad designed in the 1970 it work off read switshes contoller and a taycol motor
    5 years ago by Mataroa
    Hi" All . Thought I would put some photos of my last winter project for all to see ! This model took approx 3 month to rebuild from an ebay wreck . A 1980s lesro Stiletto speed boat kit.A total rebuild was needed . Siletto running set up is a Johnston air cooled speed 600 electric motor. 50 amp
    speed contoller
    7.2 volt at4600mh power pack which will lift her out of the water at very good speed. Siletto is finished of in dark mahogany stripwood vinneer & Ivery white / post box red .I do think the older colours look better on the older models . I sail my boats at Sheringham Norfolk enjoy the photos . From A prestney
    8 years ago by aprestney
    hI there, I have just completed my sea hornet that I started building 30 years ago ! planning to go for second lake trial tomorrow at nearby knightcote boat club in warwickshire. delaying the build for so long has it's advantages : I have much better materials for the windscreens and for the hi speed electric fit out with electronic
    speed contoller
    etc....will send pix when I work out how to add them..... also have a 34 in fireboat that is also just completed after 28 yrs in my loft and going for second trial tomorrow..best rgds
    11 years ago by john saunders

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