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    Re: Any Advice On 40MHZ!
    Thanks Mouldbuilder, I have
    coming in my delivery! As I was told they are needed! I can do a signal check. Here at home as I have a very long hallway! It's over 100 feet long! Cheers, Ed
    3 years ago by figtree7nts
    Electronic Speed Controllers
    "Can I wire two brushed 360 motors into one ESC" Yes you can Peter, That's what I did with my U25. My motors are 385s. The blue thing stuck to the starboard hull side, with two little white trim pots on it, is the ESC. The board bolted to the engine room forward bulkhead is the power distribution board to the motors and includes the spark
    . Cheers, Doug ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    3 years ago by RNinMunich
    Hi Martin years ago we used
    on the ign coil of the car to stop interference to the car radio, and these were always connected to earth same idea on your model motor. Also some used to have a small brass chain dangling from rear of car body to the ground .Same principal as the prop shaft in the water dissipates all static to earth.
    3 years ago by Elsrickle
    Re: Stern Module assembly
    Hi Pete, "I have now purchased my chosen motors. They are MFA 360. ... I wonder if I have to put the usual three
    on the motors if running a 40Mhz transmitter." Most definitely!! Considering the attenuation of RF signals under water the last thing you want to do is take risks with interference๐Ÿ˜ฎ As the RF signal level falls off when you dive the boat any local interference, i.e. from the motors, will become more significant at the RX input. Re warped stern parts. You could try gently (and I mean gently Bentley!) warming the part (hair dryer?) while weighting it down on a flat surface. You may want to put some shaped wood block supports inside to ensure the part does not bend inwards. Cheers, Doug ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    3 years ago by RNinMunich
    Stern Module assembly
    This weekend I decided to do more work on the Gato Submarine. Now I am starting to realise how big this job to build the model is, let alone the WTC which I am thinking about and starting to plan in tandem. I have been working on the stern module today trying to get the rudder and aft planes in a working state. I have followed the video made by a kind soul on the internet which I am finding very helpful. To make them fit properly has resulted in a lot of filing and reshaping particularly on the rudder. All of the edges were interfering all over. After a considerable amount of adjusting, they now fit and work perfectly. A hole was carefully drilled right through the height of the rudder to allow for a shaft to be inserted for operation. Small holes were also drilled through some waste material to produce two running bearings for the rudder shaft. There has had to be a considerable amount of material removal inside the stern module halves to allow for the planes and rudder to work. This was done using a burr in the Dremel and files. Great care was taken not to remove too much and go right through the part. I am having a little problem with warpage of one of the stern halves. You can see the gap between the parts in one of the photographs. It might be that they will glue together without incident if I fix them well with bands during curing. Does anybody have a cunning plan to straighten this part before gluing? I have purchased the propeller shafts and tubes so further work on this module will continue when they arrive, probably towards the end of July. I have now purchased my chosen motors. They are MFA 360. I have also ordered the raw materials to make the motor mount and servo trays. I wonder if I have to put the usual three
    on the motors if running a 40Mhz transmitter. Next time I am going to work on the bow planes. I will have them working and retracting. I bought the gears for the retracting mechanism today but have found them to be too big on diameter to fit two side by side in the bow module. The gears are perfect in every other way so I think I will reduce them to quadrants which should fit nicely. More cad design work for me I think.
    3 years ago by MouldBuilder
    Re: Maxton modified wooden ornament
    Hi! Doug no the esc is not home brew, it was from ebay. "RC ESC 20A Brush Motor Speed Controller w/ Brake for RC Car Boat Tank" for ยฃ3.37 works well and as far as the interference suppression with capacitors; no I don't find any need for them now I'm on 2.4ghz. All my models work from the one 6 channel transmitter, and none of them have any
    on, although they are all brushed motors. Never had any problems. I don't do submarines so have no need for 40Mhz or 27 Mhz. I like to keep things simple!
    3 years ago by MAXTON

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