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    Night Watch
    W.O Hargett reporting: Alls quiet in the West with the exception of a report from the Texas Rangers-they have reported the apprehension of a pair of Oklahoma Rabbit Regulars driving a
    -trailer loaded with supplies and arms headed north on US75, they were stopped just shy of the Texas-Oklahoma border after a high speed chase that also involved units of the Texas Highway Patrol and the Feline Division of the Texas Navy. The arms and supplies have been confiscated and the Rabbits are being held for questioning. There is an envoy from the Oklahoma Legislature trying to secure the rabbits release. But I’ve been assured any attempts to extradite said rabbits will be tied up by diplomatic and bureaucratic red tape. The contents of the truck include: Two 6 pounder guns, several 40mm Bofors, several .50 caliber Brownings, a crate of carrots, some anti-Texas propaganda leaflets, and what looks to be an attempt to build a rail gun using scrap angle iron and powered by a bank of slightly swollen LIPOs. Other than that, a quiet night in North Texas, much better than a few nights ago when the tornado sirens went off. Also-construction on the newest Texas Navy vessel continues, good chance it will undergo sea trials well before Christmas of this year. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”End of reportβ€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-
    4 months ago by Cashrc
    Night Watch
    Hoorah! I was beginning to think that no one would notice … Regret to have to report that you are correct Lt. Nerys πŸ€” I have been kidnapped by the Modell SchiffsWerft Verein (with the collusion of the Mayhemers) and shanghaied as Technical Advisor and held under armed guard.😠 I am being forcibly (Owwaah!!😭) coerced to write this ransom demand of the MSW for my return. Otherwise they will arrange for my Residents Permit to be revoked, my ships, stash, workshop and research to be confiscated and I shall be deported to Boris Trump land with what I am standing up in ☹️ Ransom demand for my safe release and continuation of my rights and benefits in the BRD is as follows- A fully RC functional 1/72 scale model of HMS ARK ROYAL, WW2 version Pennant # 91. Model Specification demanded for my release:- Four engines with differential control of port and starboard outer shafts, mixed with rudder control (Of course! Ouch!!πŸ€•) 3rd ESC for cruise control of inner shafts, Functional aircraft lifts, (Owaaaah!πŸ€• I’m typing as fast as I can a decent keyboard would help instead of this stupid touchscreen) Airwing consisting of one squadron each; Seafire, Martlet, Barracuda, At least one aircraft of each type shall be RC and capable of launch and recovery , Pneumatic assisted launch is acceptable, steam powered would be preferable, Functional arrester cables, Smoker, NAV, aircraft landing and Signalling lamps, Sound system with gunfire, NAV and Air Operations commands, Full flight deck crew figures, Functional 4.5” guns firing .22 air-pistol pellets (with smoke effect), Flash, smoke and sound effects on Pompom Flak gun, Rotation & elevation of all guns and cranes, (natch! Owaaah!!) Ship shall be constructed in two sections, bolted together at double midships bulkhead with all electrical connections through D-Shell plug/socket. Alu tube alignment jigs shall ensure perfect alignment of the hull sections, NO joint visible externally!! RC multifunction combo of course, NO Telemetry function in TX/RX which could be used for tracing / tracking (Natch!! Owaaah!!πŸ€•) Model shall be moored at the south end of the Ostpark Lake in Munich at Midnight on 31st October, (Haloween, how appropriate … Ouch πŸ€•β€¦ NO I won’t delete that it stays or I hit Delete ALL now! Owaahhhh!!!!πŸ€•πŸ˜­) Fold-up trailer capable of being towed by a park
    -mower shall be parked adjacent to mooring point. NO COPS - AREA WILL BE UNDER RC CMERA DRONE SURVEILLANCE! Nerys, Cael ei gynnal bwyty Ostpark, yn awdurdodi ymosodiad bom meddal cyn gynted. Yn y CYFAMSER, mae pob uned yn gweithredu ar ei LIWT ei hun!!🀞 FLEET\\ , ******* ☹️ 😎
    4 months ago by RNinMunich
    Re: 40'' Seaplane Tender, new build. mods and improvements.
    Re-I love the Detroit motors. You're right Martin, she's getting heavier by the day. I'll have to put the model out of sight so I don't look at it and think of something else!πŸ˜€ Next project might be (if I can sell a few planes off to get some space back) might be a 36" model of the Hartley 19'6" 'Flareline' cabin boat which I built back around 1990. Might build it with the trailer (which I also built) and a Farmall 'A'
    which I used to tow it (if I can find a big enough scale kit). Thought of doing it for years but never got on to it. I fitted it with a marinised 110 HP MKIII Zodiac motor and an NZ Argonaught stern drive, and it had a top speed of 30mph. Only sold it because of constant conflict with the first mate, (would not follow the 'only one captain on a boat' rule and had too many arguments/mutinys) she's no longer on the crewπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰ JB
    5 months ago by jbkiwi
    Propeller direction.
    Hi Martin, looks like a LH low lift racing prop ( the SX being the type of blade ie has no overlap, has straight back, cupped leading edge. Usually have a number like X50 which denotes the blade pitch but if this is a cheap one it may not (might have the blade diam on the rear hub face unless it's worn off). Normally it might be say X50 x 35 ie low lift 50mm pitch x 35 D. Different manufacturers have various descriptions but have a look at an Octura site and it might give you an Idea. https://www.gravesrc.com/boats/boat-hardware-by-manufacturer/octura-boat-hardware-and-accessories.html The hand left or right is mainly to do with nitro boats as the motors only rotate one way (anti clockwise looking from the front of the motor) most electrics can of course go either way and your selection is just to suit your particular application (twins etc). This prop is a normal prop for nitro boats but the "right hand' prop (or reverse rotation) is actually for any motor which can run clockwise (from the motor front) - or very rarely, a nitro motor with a rear PTO, such as nitro outboards ie K&B (rear crank PTO). or one with adjustable timing/direction. Model aircraft props have always been either L or R hand for either '
    or 'pusher applications.
    8 months ago by jbkiwi

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