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    Totally agree with you about manners JB - too many "Spare the Rod" idiots in the nanny states......... Even good old Dr Spock admitted he was wrong on his deathbed - children do need discipline and boundaries. Only raised my hand to my own children twice - no need for more - and they grew up to be well mannered likeable people - (which comment comes from friends and colleagues not from myself ). Some children you will never manage - but they will end up in prison eventually anyway as did the one at school with us........... The same is happening to "service" - the PO closes branches/offices as its in most cases no longer viable. More so when Govt decides to pay pensions to Banks instead of PO accounts etc. Our local PO is in a bit of a shambles with post boxes rusting to the extent doors fall off - we could not get one of the few left as there were no spare keys or locks. Hard on the staff as they get the blame when they are trying their best......... We have just had a case ourselves where the manufacturer of a
    washing machine
    refused to pay for a lid repair to a top loader under guarantee - as its the 2nd time it broke (seems a very poor design). Suddenly agreed to do so after better half told them she was going to talk to "Tell Peter" a local complaints show........ Remember in the UK phoning a service line for the bank and being told that Christchurch was in New Zealand - not England - by the Indian call centre. Very heated debate followed......And a lesson in Geography for India - believe there is a Christchurch in the US too.
    1 month ago by redpmg
    You are right about the frustration Graham, still waiting for these pumps which arrived in the country 6 days ago and are supposed to be in transit (probably on a tour of the country😠) As I mentioned, it's only a 40 min drive to the airport from my place, so what's the hold up???😠⚑⚑😠. They should start sending texts to people to give them the option of picking the goods up. Problem is there are too many couriers doing their own thing in their own areas and transferring goods multiple times before they get to the customer. They seem to get to the airport, go through customs, get picked up and taken to a central airport sorting area, bulk courier picks up whatever his company delivers, takes them to their sorting area, another smaller courier picks up and takes them to your local area sorting place, then to another courier (or postie for small packages) to your house. Appears totally inefficient to me, just making work and quad handling everything. Used to take a day to get a letter from o/seas once it arrived in the country. We hardly have a post box now except outside post offices, and they have closed most of them as well, and just have 'agents' (ie service stations/ shops etc) Don't know how they expect older or immobile people to travel miles to post a letter if they don't drive?? Used to be a post box on nearly every corner years ago. I have to drive 2km to the PO to post a letter, (used to just walk 100m till they removed that box a year or so ago.) They want to close our local PO which covers a huge number of people in our area (around 10,000) which is just ridiculous. Banks have also closed all their smaller branches round the country and even removed money machines in some cases, and left people having to travel for hours to the nearest machine or branch. Companies, (like Telcos/power companies) hide in offices and won't talk to you except through a call center in the Philipines or India (even though the company may be 1km away- had that with my new crap Samsung
    washing machine
    recently, until I found the local service center number and 'targeted' them,- refused to talk to some Filipino girl who knew nothing, and would ring NZ for info and call you back in 1 or 2 days, - beyond ridiculous!!!😠😠😠 ) You have to get angry to get results these days with large companies, (got results with my washer when I told them I'd put it on the side of the main road with a big sign saying "don't buy this crap")πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚ JB
    1 month ago by jbkiwi
    Magnetic motors
    Much like what they have done with
    washing machine
    s. I'm amazed at how quiet a direct-drive machine is on full spin....
    5 months ago by DodgyGeezer
    Re: On the water!
    Very true! Fishermen do love a sub!! Showed one of my fishermen friends earlier, he asked how I made the trawls. Told him it was the bags you put your socks in when they go in the
    washing machine
    and a satsuma bag for the cod ends.. He said a couple of two hour tows across the lake should give a good haul of satsumas!!
    5 months ago by GrahamP74
    3D Printing.
    Go for it! If you get one in kit form it will keep the costs down, with the added advantage of learning how the machine works as you build it. Prusa probably do the best kits on the market, pricey but decent European quality. Tronxy or Creality are good Chinese machines starting at around 150 for something decent enough to get you going. Chinese quality has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years and they have listened to the community and made improvements accordingly. And then comes the endless hours of fun 'upgrading'. There are plenty of on line forums and social media groups for advice and assistance, so for the price of a boat kit you can add a whole new dimension to your modelling skills. Not just modelling either, there is a thousand and one things you can do. For example, I replaced a Β£15 button on the
    washing machine
    in half an hour with 20 pence worth of plastic.
    5 months ago by Nickthesteam

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