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16 scale
Whaleback 1/16 Scale. by circle43nautical Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago

Vosper MTB385 by reilly4 Lieutenant   Posted: 24 days ago
Scratchbuilt WW2 1/24 Scale Vosper 73' Type 1 MTB. Built in 2016, in company with a friend's 1/24 scale BPB MGB. The Vosper hull is built from balsawood and fibreglass. The upper deck and superstructure is from balsawood. The weapons and fittings are from brass, aluminium and plastic. The 20mm and gunner can rotate.

1:16 scale figures for a model trawler ? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Looking for crew for your Tiger were you?? 😉 BTW: if you're going to put a sound module in the Tiger tank and want genuine sound bites: start up, (running with squeaking tracks), and stop, idle, shut down, gun fire, heavy machine gun fire: I have a whole directory of such sounds in wav or mp3 format. Can send if you want. Cheers Doug 😎

1:16 scale figures for a model trawler ? by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Here’s some examples👍 Cheers Wayne

1:16 scale figures for a model trawler ? by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
WW2 tank crew tend to be 1/16 or 120mm scale👍 Cheers Wayne

1:16 scale figures for a model trawler ? by marky Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
i mentioned this method before on another site and was shot down about copyright ,anyway method is if you have a figure take it to a copy shop where it can be scanned and then 3D print at the scale required the other way is to get cheap toy soldiers as in toy story cut them into bits mix and match limbs scan the hybrids and print at the required scale .the asda up in my neck of the woods has a scanner that you stand in and get a model of yourself printed no copyright issues all the crewv could be clones of the scanned person

1:16 scale figures for a model trawler ? by bilzin Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Looked just about everywhere so far and the only ones in that scale are a tad "pantomimish" (won't mention any manufacturers) I had the crew for my USCG lifeboat made by but they are a bit pricey although the detail is magnificent Any suggestions would be gratefully received Bill

3d printing by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Top prize to Marky, it is indeed a willys jeep, I found a 1/10 scale model on Thingiverse, I'm printing everything at 63% to get 1/16 scale. In comparison to the LCM3 it isn't taking very long to print, dependant on how it turns out I may print a few 😎👍 More pics tonight🎈 The printer runs off a transformer at 12 volts, to be honest I don't pay any attention to power consumption 🤓 Cheers Wayne

3d printing by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Selwyn, Like Delboy says, absolutely anything is feasible, my print volume in mm LWH is 220 x 220 x 240, I printed a 1/16 scale LCM3 landing craft, its in about 30 pieces that were all glued together, it took approx 6 weeks to print with the printer running 12+ hours per day... Take a look at this video of a printed ship, this guy doesn't mess around! Enjoy Cheers Wayne

3d printing by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Ok I've cheated, the 110mm diameter soil tube in the middle fits the bill perfectly, I'll take it into work tomorrow & get the ends squared up & shortened by 20mm. Here you have it, a 1/16 scale V2 rocket👍 Cheers Wayne

3d printing by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hehe, the 50's are currently around 1/16 but give me the length at the scale you need & I'll tweak the stl for you. I'm not sure how I'll raise the V2 yet, I'll have to do some research..... Cheers Wayne

3d printing by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
I've been busy on the printer recently, the LCM3 is finished just waiting motors & gun turrets,. I'm well underway printing a Tiger 1 tank to go on it (just) I'm just suffering death by tracks, I've over 200 to fettle & fit together. I've just finished printing a 1/16 scale V1 flying bomb & Ive just started on a 1/16 scale V2, it's a big bugger!!! Cheers Wayne

RAF rescue launch shape by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Marky, don't know where you saw that (Eagle Eye😉) but IF correct then so is your maths👍 BUT: if correct then 20" x 24 = 480" or 40 feet?? Pretty small rescue launch! 😲 Then again; wadda I know? Taking 68feet as an average of the various HSL versions (excluding the Fairmile) 68x12=816, 816/20=40.8 scale. Therefore at 30" the scale would be ~27:1. Cheers Doug😎

Stabilit Express by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 months ago
I think those doublers will need explosives to get them off... I've hit a bit of a roadblock with the big K7, I need to get Donald built up so I can position the steering wheel & dash correctly, the animatronic resin upper torso & arms I bought came with no instructions or info on what servos to use. I got some micro servos & they didn't fit, Dremel out & all fits now but I'm now struggling with connecting the servo arm to the rotating neck. I'll suss it out eventually but I need a rest. I've been doing bits on my 1/12 scale K7 in the background, if all goes well it should be ready for paint in a couple of weeks. As normal I've been waiting for parts to arrive from China, the brushless motor & esc arrived today for the blue rigger, I can make a start on that soon.. I've just finished printing the parts for the cabin for a Springer tug hull I got from Sonar & I've just started printing the first parts of a WW2 landing craft, its 1/16 scale nearly a metre long, I guess I'll be making a tank for it when it's completed. Then there's the Robbe Diabolo, on the instructions it says to use self tapping screws to hold the plastic dual rudders in place. No good to me as I've upgraded to dual aluminium rudders, these buggers need bolts! Trouble is the waterproof electronics box is used as a doubler for the central transom, when it's glued into place there isn't any room to access where the rudder bolts come through the doublers, ohhh the joy of problem solving.... So I'm keeping busy but my butter is spread a bit too thin. Cheers Wayne

The Launch by Jerry Todd Commander   Posted: 7 months ago
As soon as the cutter was off the build-board, I started on the launch. The launch is the largest of the ship's boats and the only one of them that's carvel planked. The build board was cut narrower for the reason spoken of earlier. Since the frame spacing was the same, I could reuse most of the marks. The stem, keel, sternpost, and transom plus a sternpost knee, were assembled. The forms were cut from balsa again, sanded to the line and rough beveled, then glued to the board. The ribs are 1/16" thick x 1/8" wide bass again. This time I didn't glue them to the forms at all, they're only helg by the rubber bands. Once they were on the forms, the keel assembly was glued to the ribs and the build board and planking commenced. When the planking was done, the stem and transome were cut free and hull lifted off the forms. The ribs between the ribs were added. The drawings of Constellation's boat didn't show anything more than their lines. I had little information as to their interior and hardware details. For the launch, I did know she carried a 12 pound boat howitzer and some information on that which gave me a little more about the boat's interior. Using Ivan as a guide (He's a 1:35 scale WWII Russian sailor and the model's first of some 30-40 eventual crewmen) I determined there needed to be a deck in the boat so that went in, but first I painted the bilges of the boat as I'd never be able to get in there after the deck went on. The launch was coppered. I used peel-and-stick aluminum duct tape to "copper" the bottom, and painted it copper. I have a 1:36 scale British frigate in the works, and this is how I intend to "copper" her as it's less than 1/4 the cost of Constellation's real copper. The launch has special tracks and rails in her for handling the gun. The gun can be shifted fore and aft, and the field carriage can be tossed in the sheets, and rolled forward on tracks of it's own for taking ashore. We're still a long way from Higgins boats here folks. 😉 There's more details to add, to boat boats; hardware, water casks, thole pins, oars, sails, etc etc etc. There's also 4 more boats to build; the 2nd cutter, whaleboat, and two quarter-boats just alike.