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Build Update by Pav403 Commander   Posted: 8 days ago
Hello all, Hope you are well? It's taken a while to get to where I am but I can start to see some real progress. I've managed to get the main superstructure complete, they are at a stage where they could be connected to the deck if it was ready. The Hull is now covered in a layer of Balsa, it does now need a lot of rubbing down so I can then look at applying a layer of fiberglass. I've not ordered this yet but I have seen it advertised at Cornwall Model Boats. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fiberglass I'm happy to hear any advise as this will be my 1st time. Good luck with your builds Regards Dave

Westbourne Models by ColinT Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
I ordered some parts over two years ago, still waiting they do not answer emails or the phone, why Model Boats allow them to advertise I do not know. a complete waste of time go to Cornwall model boats they are fantastic.

Epoxy coating the hull by boaty Lieutenant   Posted: 4 months ago
Looks like an excellent job and you'll have a good base for the final finish. I wish I had known about this technique two and a half years ago when I restored a 1962 34 inch Crash Tender which was advertised in the local paper. The boat had been daubed in yellow primer with the cabin roof missing and I stripped it down to the bare wood. The only consolation was that it had never had an I.C installed and so the interior was clean. The position of the holes in the motor mount appeared to indicate that the power unit had been one of the medium sized Taycol motors. 😊 Boaty.

A useful Epoxy by onetenor Lieutenant   Posted: 6 months ago
A cheap epoxy available from Poundland as advertised by Tommy Walsh very useful

Smoke Generator by ronrees Petty Officer   Posted: 6 months ago
Hi All, Note your comments on the Vapourising Steam generators. I have fitted the one by Colin Graham as advertised in most Model Boats issues recently. It can be clearly seen in my Streamlinia articles (Sept and Oct issues Model Boats) and is a fantastic product, works instantly and reliably. Only 200ml of cold tap water so there is no trace of oily fall-out on your model. The 3D printed casing, with its sloping top, I had a small input with this design and it does make a difference, channeling a good amount of 'steam' up wards also being a one-piece unit there is no risk of seams or joints coming apart, because there aren't any!, a real bargain at about£50 all up. It also features in a forthcoming model tug build article ( Model Boats early in 2017, I hope) Cheers..........Ron Rees.

Value of a Boston Blenheim Trawler by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 months ago
So we have a : Boston Blenheim Trawler 37"L and 8" W In full working order powered by a 12v ex windscreen wiper motor Electronize ESC and uses a 12v SLA, possibly needing replacing 12v charger for SLA Radio is Hobbyzone FM (2 or 4 ?)channel on 27.045 Can be seen sailing at v=StFHQU2pY80 I assume you are considering selling the model in which case I would expect you could expect to receive ( I have sent the amount by personal message) from an interested buyer. There is a free FOR SALE section in this forum where you could advertise your model. I would add the static pics you have already used in previous posts. You will need to specify your location and indicate it is collection only. You can't post your e-mail address or phone number but can ask interested parties to send you a private e-mail. Hope this helps Dave

Westbourne Model Centre by Peter501 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 months ago
Thanks for adding the link I had been trying without success to find it for hours, listened to it now and not impressed with the excuses , economic climate/ resection if that was the case why do other online shops not have any problem, not wanting to advertise Other outlets but I use two of the popular ones mentioned regularly and NEVER had to wait more than three days......enough said.

How long should a LiPo battery last when stored? by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 months ago
Hi Edward Are you sure it is a LiPo and not a LiIon battery? Domestic products such as laptops etc have used this type for years and they are not the same as LiPos. As the battery is internal and probably unmarked your best bet is the option you have chosen by returning to the supplier. If the radio is not as advertised claim your money back. Dave

Mamod ME1 Steam Marine Engine by boaty Lieutenant   Posted: 10 months ago
😊 Does anyone still use the Mamod ME 1 marine steam engine? Its been over 50 years since I last saw one in action. This was at New Brighton Lake in the SS Activity. The Activity was a semi scale kit for a coaster manufactured by Hobbies Ltd of Norfolk and was advertised in their Annual in 1965. It was 36 inches long with a narrow beam, the engine protruding through a cut out in the deck with an exhaust pipe that was connected to the funnel. Over the past 12 months I have managed to collect 2 Mamod engines , one being the SE1 Stationary Engine and other being the Mamod TE1 Traction Engine similar to the one I got for Christmas in 1963. I have been on the lookout for an ME1 but had no luck finding one. Restoration of such and engine should not be a problem as I find Tony Green Steam Models in Lincolnshire are excellent for quality repairs. Boaty 😀

Aeronaut Pilot Boat by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 months ago
Hi Steve An alternative to Stablit Express is duct/uhu-plus-plus-acrylit-2-c omponent-30g. Specs re: 2-component adhesive based on methacrylate. It bonds a variety of model building plastics as well as wood, glass and metal. Application time is 7-10 minutes, initial bonding strength after 15 min at room temperature. Abradable after 25 min. Gap filling. Problem is it is supplied from Germany and the postage costs are high. Some model shops do stock and I have used the glue and it does stick plastic to metal/wood etc. Stablit was used on Plastic model planes when I used to make and fly planes and it was essential to form a good bond that would withstand the odd knock. There is probably a H&S reason for its non availability generally in the UK. I have also seen it advertised on Amazon but again at high postage costs. Good luck with finding a suitable glue Dave

Margaret by boaty Lieutenant   Posted: 11 months ago
😊 I like the model and the motor. Fondly remember Taycol motors in the 1960s. I had an Asteroid in a Veron Viceroy and cost a fortune in dry batteries though it was very enjoyable, I remember the Basset Lowke ready to sail boats which I later found that the same models had been produced in the 1930s. Both models were 39 inches long and one of them ,Streamlinia was steam powered launch with a funnel to the aft of the main cabin and the other was a similar sized launch with a different superstructure and electric power. I must say that Margaret is a masterpiece with traditional quality and detail and a power unit to match. Does anyone know if Basset Lowke are still in business? The last time I saw their name advertised was over 10 years ago when I saw a couple of new O gauge steam locomotives in a model shop Regards Boaty

model shows by bellman1942 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 year ago
Just read the good news Coalville is on can you advise dates and where it is advertised

model shows by jtdavid Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 year ago
No - it's not a premature April Fool joke. The show will now go ahead, jointly organised by Dave Jones (Stavros) and Component-Shop. Dates are the same as have already been advertised and it looks like there will be full support from the usual traders (and possibly a few new ones). Admission for adults will be £4.50; there are no details yet about discounts for children etc. Iain Lewis has registered a website at which will be live in a few days' time. Please don't ask me any questions - I'm just the messenger in this case. O0 this post has been put on modelboatmayhem

Westbourne Model Centre by RHBaker Captain   Posted: 1 year ago
As mentioned earlier, had a similar experience. Whilst the reason Alex was given could be accurate, must admit that the kids "dropping the ball" has never compromised their ability to debit credit cards! Also got reimbursed by the card company, but that just drives all our costs up. Likewise was in touch with the Editor of Model Boats as consider a magazine should be concerned with the integrity of its advertisers. Would be disappointing to hear that a newcomer to our hobby, frustrated in dealings with a supplier, could give it up. It would be valuable if this website could offer a forum where enthusiasts could comment on their dealings with suppliers so could compare notes. From my experience with this company, now always check on the Internet for reviews, fortunately most suppliers have good ones.

Vosper R.A.F. 73FT H.S.L 2564 ebay find by silverfox Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 years ago
This is my newest project an Ebay buy of a delapidated HSL possibly used to advertise Model boat Insurance at some time maybe 50 years old !. I have removed all broken, out of scale and incorrect items, removed old repairs and internal engine mounts. Superstructure is not too accurate but good enough to keep. I have noticed the keel is slightly twisted so will have to try and rectify that and the rear deck is going to be removed also as the adhesive is soft and pliable and there is no rigidity in the build aft of the superstructure. I intend fitting 2 x 12v johnson 600 type brushed motors as the original had 2 props. I have plenty of photos of the external layout but lack any detail of the open bridge 😟 . I think this will be a difficult project to complete hope I do it justice