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Balsa/Ply suppliers Peterborough by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Eric, you can go to good old Jeff Stubbs in Oundle who is mainly aeroplanes, but will have balsa, I'm sure. Failing that there are model shops in P'borough (or were). There's one in an industrial unit on the outskirts. My son took me there once. If you fancy a nice ride out, go to SLEC at Watton They have absolutely everything including hard woods and exotics. They are basically a huge modelshop who import their own balsa and other woods which you can kill an hour just looking round, easy. Cheers, Martin

Another model shop to close. by Alan999 Lieutenant   Posted: 6 months ago
A good model supplier is in New North Road Hainault.Essex. I buy my wood there but the owner says I am a rarity. Most people want aeroplanes or helicopters ready made.

RAF fIRE TENDER MAST DETAILS ?? by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 months ago
this is a copy of the a plan. I was told ages ago, by someone who knew a crewmember, the side legs of the mast where made from aeroplane propeller blades. Nice story, dont know how true it is, but they do very much resemble the same profile, so I like to believe it!😉

Bluebird K7 by Midlife306 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi Dave, That looks like a really nice piece of water! I have a massive appreciation for the work, skills & dedication involved in building & running accurate scale models. My fascination is with fast boats, K7 in particular & although the design is over 60 years old now, it's still a bit of a hooligan. It just didn't occur to me that someone with a boat like mine would be welcome amongst the scale community, at first scan through list of clubs there isn't anything on my doorstep, I'll have to increase my radius. My skill levels are limited but as they say every day is a school day & I'm picking up new knowledge & skills as I go along. The concern for me between IC & Brushless is on one hand add fuel & run for hours vs add batteries & run for minutes. 240+ amp esc's can cost the same as a half decent 30cc IC engine but to be honest for me the sound of electric motors is far more preferable to IC. I guess I need to take on as much advice as possible before I start splashing the cash. I'm certainly not pigheaded enough to ignore advice given, that's for sure. I've seen a video on YouTube of a guy building an aeroplane fuselage without a mold, by creating a blue foam plug & fibreglassing over it, once the fibreglass has been smoothed & filled it is split to remove the foam core, he ended up with a large lightweight fuselage that only needed minor bracing to make it strong enough to fly. This idea really appealed to me so I went out today and bought a load of blue foam, I'll have a go at building the sponsons first & see how I get on... Cheers Wayne

The wheelhouse, pain tempered by an inspired suggestion! by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
I read a while ago, if you look at the bottom mast supports (why cant we attach pics in a blog?> 😟 they are a funny shape, they where actually made from aeroplane propeller blades, don't know if that is true, but its a nice story, and they are actually that shape. have you done the blue light at the position where the mast head would fall when folded?

Motor selection by coelacanth Apprentice   Posted: 2 years ago
I am building a 14" Keil Kraft Mermaid. I have included a 9.7:1 gearbox connected to the prop shaft, cannibalised from an aeroplane gearbox, taking a 12mm diameter motor (i.e. large enough for a small brushed motor or a small inrunner). I should be grateful for views on which of two motors two use: 1. Brushless, 11,000kv, max 7V, max 49W 2. Brushed, max 7.2V, max 20-25W Both are at my disposal. I had planned to use the brushless motor, but I am experiencing misgivings that it might overpower the boat or cause some catastrophic marine conflagration (despite the heat sink). The brushed motor came with the original gearbox, and I now wonder whether it might be better suited. In case it is relevant, I plan to use a 20mm three-bladed propeller. I have a 30mm three-bladed propeller available should that be advisable. Many thanks.

Boaty P.T 109 by Oldtimer Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 3 years ago
Hi, I really do not have any advice for you re propulsion units etc. but it sounds to me like you are pretty much sorted with the PT-109. I am in the middle or building an ItalerI MTB no. 77 which as you said in your blog should be close to show standard when completed. I am not gifted with the engineering/modelling expertise which allows me to complete a fantastic model from a pile of wood, string and metal. Sooo. . . . . . I, like you, build plastic kits which gives me the pleasure of sailing something which resembles a boat, rather than an upturned plank!!! Skilled builders do sometimes pour scorn on plastic boats as do aero modellers who see ARTF aeroplanes on the patch. We are all different and I make no apologies for sailing a plastic boat. Very lucky is the man/woman who is able to construct such masterpieces as those seen at shows or even on the local pond. Plastic or wood you still follow the hobby and surely that is the most important thing! Sorry for "going on" and being boring but there it is! Cheers

2.4gig Radio and brushed motors??? by Oldtimer Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 3 years ago
Dear All, As a stalwart of the dinosaur era, I have always used 27meg but recently I unexpectedly found myself making a purchase of some 2.4gig radio gear. Having read in many publications how good 2.4 is; not having to worry about peg boards, interference and the like, it seemed to be the answer. Glowing with the joy of my new purchase I spoke to 'some chaps' who are far more knowledgeable than I. I was not expecting the stifled sniggers and cries of 'Muppet!!!' As the embarrassment and mickey taking died away I was informed that 2.4gig radio is, it would seem, incompatible with brushed electric motors. Having 2 new ones of this type in my latest marine creation I am somewhat reticent to replace them. Whilst the chaps informed me of my ill-conceived purchase none of them could actually tell me 'why' the 2 were incompatible!!! I would appreciate any help on this subject, if anyone has the information. So far as I am aware, model aeroplane flyers use this set up, so why the difference??? I have to admit my knowledge of such things, on a scale of 1-10, is hovering around the 1.5 mark. Will 2.4 work with brush-less motors? Is there a way of protecting the radio gear from the interference from the motors? If indeed that is the case. Please reply in Layman's terms, as it does not take a great deal of technical know-how to flummox me!!! Cheers

RAF Crash Tender Motor size by twinkle Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
Thanks Dave Have wattmeter will travel , we have been flying toy aeroplanes for longer than I can remember and have played the lipo game for 6 or 7 years so no problems , even running lipos on electric recumbent trikes . ( 2 x 7s 1p 5ah = 52v ) LIPOs are dangerous unless treated with care , so we do ! 😯 Only thing I really need to know Is will It be powerful enough to look right on the water regards emma

Woodvale Rally In the Park by 4clubs Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 years ago
Woodvale Rally In the Park again at the new venue of Victoria Park Southport. A two day event. Model Boat show run by Southport MBC and other events In the Park Include classic cars, model aeroplanes, food stalls and various other attractions.

Swol progress by Lauriem Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
These pictures show the structure with the longitudinal stringers on. For such a large structure It looks more like an aeroplane than a boat and as It stood then, Is quite flimsy. Why bulkhead 9 (4th from the transom) Is made so weak and fragile I don't understand as the top of It could have been left In place and cut out by the builder at a later more rigid stage. If this structure Is compared with say, the Dumas Boats PT109 model, you will see what I mean about flimsy - the Dumas boat looks positively 10x as strong! The three turbine exhausts on the real boat are a distinctive feature but the Precedent kit only supplies precut ply discs to represent exhaust covers, which of course are laid down onto the rear 'shelf' when the boat operates. My boat will be well and truly operational so I wanted to see up the turbine exhausts, not block them up with covers. Three jet pipes were made from plastic pipe fittings and the transom cut to accept them - the pipes are of course blanked at the Inner end...... Three 'angle Iron' rings were also turned In PVC pipe fittings to suit. The last picture shows the first ply skin being glued on. My 46" Fireboat was glued together with Aerolite 306, remember that? (younger readers can yawn here...) but It has recently shown signs of coming apart In places - It was built In 1974 after all - so this hull Is being assembled with 30 minute epoxy and I hope It lasts as long.

Nordkap Model Boat plans wanted please, any scale! by HoweGY177 Lieutenant   Posted: 5 years ago
Many thanks, plans have already been made to 1/32nd scale and hope to start building In the autumn. Howe progress. Since last post I have made many alterations to 'The Howe' most Interesting Is adapting small wrestling figures Into fisherman, cook and cabin boy, by reshaping their bodies Into the poses required, re-modelling with clay before coating with un-ibond and then painting. A steam generator plant has been made using a Graupner steam generator and feeding with baby oil through a home made 4 roller pump and soft silicone tube motorized with a 30RPM motor controlled by an aeroplane speed controller the rpm regulated through the transmitter, this means the trawler Is fitted with twin speed controllers that each feed power to the receiver. This to date has not been a problem that some forecast. Proportional 3 cylinder steam sound generator , fog horn and steam whistle sound have also been fitted. With 3 speakers, motors oil reservoir and the electronics along with the 2 x 7amp hour lead acid batteries and lead ballast there Is little space left In the 4ft hull. Mablethorpe Model Boat Group. This was started last year, 2012, and we now have 12 members and sail subject to weather on Queens Park Boating Lake meeting during the summer on a Wednesday evening around 6pm and mid-day on a Sunday. Members must have public liability Insurance and must have received written permission from East Lindsey District Council before they can join us. Any one Interested please contact me.

Brushless Electric Motors by twinkle Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 5 years ago
HI Folks Being a toy aeroplane flyer primarily and have a few motors laying around I am going to use a 3530 outrunner 1100 kpv motor and Esc from Giantshark about a tenner for the motor and a 40amp esc a tenner , In my RAF crash tender and a 2200 3s If If Is too quick I can always use a 2s pack I will use a computer fan to cool the esc and duct It to the motor prior to running sea trials I will test It In the bath with a wattmeter just to make sure It Is with In specifications regards emma

rivarama by sharpy1071 Commander   Posted: 5 years ago
Some more photos from Its first outing, The photos were taken by Brent Hopkins of Towcester who has given me his kind permission to use. I think you will agree that these are very good photos considering the camera was new to him. I have run the boat several times now and have found always that one battery Is way down (in Volts and percentage left) at the end of the session, so I have ordered a new motor to replace the one that was damaged In the aeroplane crash, this Is the one drawing a bigger current. Enjoy the photos ,Brian

Which Radio Control System? by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 years ago
HI Edward If you are thinking In terms of 2.4Ghz I suggest you take a look at This Is an Independent review of the various systems In common use. You should be aware that 2.4Ghz sets are almost always brand specific Ie you can anly use a Futaba Transmitter with a Futaba receiver. There are some after market receivers appearing that are compatible with the Futaba sets (GiantShark ex GiantCod sell) and I know that they do work but you need to be sure before you buy. Binding Is a once only process. Best done at home and once set should not need to be touched. I agree that the T4U Is readily available but It does not have the level of adjustment needed for the sail winches on the Cariad. Their Radio Link T6EAP at around the A£50 mark would meet you requirements much better. 😉 Your servos will work fine with any other receiver and they are no longer as manufacturer reliant as used to be the case In the 1970's. All modern servos/ESC's use a common female type plug. If your servos have the Futaba male plug from the 1970's they would need modification - and not just the plug. Good servos are freely available and full size start from about a fiver. I have bought from and they have a very large selection to choose from. You will also find lots of other R/c gear Including Futaba radio sets - make sure you scroll down the listings , they tend to have the expensive helicopter sets at the top! You will find that almost all radio sets offered are mainly aimed at the aeromodeller and the settings often refer to model plane set ups. Don't be put off by this, they will work just as well on our model boats (with the exception of subs for 2.4Ghz). The modes are again an aeroplane setting. Basically either mode1 or mode2. This Is just an adjustment that allows for the throttle/Aileron to be on the right (mode1) or left (mode2) sticks. Not normally of great Importance to us model boaters but Is Important If you want to use some advanced features on the electronic sets as some functions only work on specific sticks. Apologies for the length of reply. Have fun looking. 😀