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Propshaft Lubrication by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
I used to use Liqui-Grease which was a clear liquid which solidified quickly leaving a grease filled whatever.I think it was silicone grease in a solvent which evaporated. No longer available as far as i can see but silicone grease diluted with meths might work. Great for chains and bearings on a bike so well enough for a little prop shaft. Very low drag too Seems to soften with movement.👍

Propshaft Lubrication by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 21 days ago
Hi All I use silicon tap grease as it's waterproof and add a bit more after each outing. Strip down, check for wear once a year and regrease. Started using Teflon bearings for the lower bearing which are holding up to the brushless motors. Canabus

Propshaft Lubrication by sidley70 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 21 days ago
Greetings from Australia and Happy New Year. Hi Steve I have always lubricated my shafts with a 50/50 mixture of car bearing grease and sump oil Thinned to a consistency to be Forced into the tube via a syringe. This seems primitive but I have never had a problem. Top up when you think it needs it. Some would shudder at this but works for me. Regards Sid

Propshaft Lubrication by scout13 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 21 days ago
I have always used wheel bearing grease. I have a brass tube fitted to the prop shaft which is the same diameter as a grease nipple so slides into the grease gun Yours Brian

steam water pump by GaryLCoupland Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Rick, if you google TVR 1ABB steam engine, you will find a really neat and very good value for money steam engine. I'm afraid this is not cheap and around the £250 mark, mind it does have ball race bearings on the crankshaft. This comes as a kit of parts and you have to build it from scratch. when you have completed this task you will have a really good knowledge of exactly how a double acting slide valve engine works while putting this together, you can save up for a boiler to go with it, the instructions for building are very good almost idiot proof they must be as I have built several. Beautiful engine and powerful it will easily power a hull of one-meter length. Something to think about and Christmas is coming.

fuse holder by DodgyGeezer Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Depends how fast you want it to go! Electrical kit is either rated continuous or intermittent. Continuous ratings are usually conservative - you can exceed them somewhat - but they also assume decent cooling. The inside of a boat is usually sealed, and so is poor for cooling unless specific provision is made. Chinese ratings tend to be a bit unreliable - and watch out for cheap kit with phenomenal specs that are only achievable if you plunge them into liquid nitrogen! I typically run my 12v rated brushless motors at 7.2v. That way they just get a bit warm in a sealed boat and need no cooling. For brushed motors the brushes tend to be the weak spot if you put a lot of amps through them. Check your motors for heat after a run and you'll soon find out if you're mistreating them... If you're thinking about Taycols, the smaller ones were definitely brush-limited. Though the bigger ones are typically rated at 12v, the initial review for the Standard reckoned it could take 20v or more. Open frame motors are easier to cool. But I wouldn't like to guarantee the paxolin bearings if you did that...

Are these any good by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Mornin' John, (Well it is here!) I have something very similar and it works well, was using it tonight to make some test leads for Colins Taycol Supermarine, which is chuntering away behind me running in it's new bearings 😉 If you don't already have such a tool Go for it👍 Benefit of that one is that it has interchangeable heads for different sizes, Better 'n mine 😭 Cheers, Doug 😎

Wild Duck Sailboat article by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Mornin' John, Hows things 'Ol Mate'😉 Basically on a PC the 'Photos' App built into Windows 10 should do the job. Pic shows the opening window displaying the last photos I downloaded / Stored. i haven't experimented much with it yet but it should find any photos / pics on any drive, stick or memory card on your PC. If you are using a Smartphone I don't know, although most seem to have a 'Gallery' function built in! It will depend on which phone you have and which operating system it uses. Best thing to do there is look at the Apps already installed or in the Google or Microsoft App Stores. More later when I've fiddled with the 'Photos' App a bit more. Better shift to a new thread then as well, afore we're arrested for hijacking😲 (again😁)! At the moment I'm putting the finishing touches to Colin's Taycol Supermarine. Just reassembled it with new bearings and ran some tests using my prototype converter board. Runs fore and aft perfectly on a normal brushed ESC.😊 Will update the 'Supermarine Resurrection' blog shortly. All the best, Doug 😎

A return to the hobby! by DodgyGeezer Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
".....Ref your motor: I'm multiplexing myself between repairing fences and refurbing your motor! Reassembly has started; first new bearing is in, will tackle the second tonight. Illustrated 'right up' 😁 to follow. Cheers, Doug 😎..." The Taycol website would appreciate a write-up if you have an interesting 'Taycol Tale' to tell....

A return to the hobby! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
'Right On' Colin 👍😁 My first Boss (part owner of a small sub-contract outfit I worked for during my Sandwich Course days) used to say "If you've never made a mistake you've never made F... All"! 😲 He was a bit of a rough diamond but a great first Guvner! Ref your motor: I'm multiplexing myself between repairing fences and refurbing your motor! Reassembly has started; first new bearing is in, will tackle the second tonight. Illustrated 'right up' 😁 to follow. Cheers, Doug 😎

Wild Duck Sailboat article by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Many thanks for the Snowberry tip John 👍 It's now your fault the Supermarine rebuild is delayed at least six months 😁😁😁 Actually although I have looked at several relevant build articles (without conversions to other navies configurations) I have done a bit on the rebuild. The new bearings have arrived and I've just arranged the fitting in one end plate. 😉 More soon, Cheers, Doug 😎

Search light by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
A working search light seems to be expected on this craft so here goes. Based on Robs build I purchased the lens and the LED from Maplin’s which seemed to fit the bill. The only piece that will be used is the main body that is supplied as a white metal fitting, the rest will be replaced by a brass construction, as the rest of the parts are not substantial enough to support a working unit. First, I need some 3/16 half round brass bar, the easiest way is to machine my own cutting just less than half the diameter away. The half-round bar was annealed before bending round a suitable mandrel to a half circle. I then soldered an 8BA nut on each leg to act as the swivel bearing. Next, I machined the body’s internal bore to suit the lens body and skimmed the outer rim and face, finally bore out a small recess that locates the lens in place. The two pivot holes need to be drilled and tapped 8BA, and then a drilled hole in the rear wall for the wires to exit. As the light is to be both working and rotating the base has is to be made with a centre spindle that connects to a micro servo under the roof. The connecting devise was a bit of a headache trying to make it fit in a relatively small space; I used the supplied servo arm with four legs (shortened) and then machined a mating part with pins that located in the arm that is attached to the body above deck. The LED was modified to fit in the white metal body as it has a heat sink which was too big; as others have found cutting it down didn’t affect the heat dissipation when fixed in the white metal body, this was fixed using a small amount of Milliput. Having already machined the outer flange on the body I turned up a brass-flanged ring to push fit on the body this has to have the TRI form guard added. I made this from a central pinion with three holes drilled to accept the bent brass nails; these were soft soldered in position. The TRI form was then located on top of the brass flange and again soft soldered in position At this point all the components will have to be dismantled for final finishing before being painting.

Pretend deck planking by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Not just the planking Steve 👍 Rambling induced through good mood due to enjoying a Gewürztraminer while watching a newly acquired BluRay restored / enhanced version of the Battle of the River Plate. All good stuff chaps! 😉 "Smoke bearing RED 100" ........ G'night all 😁 PS "Number One, fly sht. removal detail to the foredeck, ON THE DOUBLE IF YOU PLEASE!" - "Aye aye Sah" 😁 Can heartily recommend the BluRay version of Battle of the River Plate / Graf Spee, Only criticism, USS Salem is a poor double for the Graf Spee, even considering the excuses worked into the film script. 😉 Attached pic shows my version. Graupner Premium but in need of significant rework in several areas 🤔 Doug 😎

Painting by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Steve, I am not an intimate of Fairey boats, but traditionally, motorboats have their deck planking in straight lines, whilst yachts have it following the edge of the boat and joggling into the King plank, so you may only need to mark straight lines, but Fairey might prove the rule by being the exception. Bearing what you say in mind I think the old pencil trick may be sufficient, but once you've done that and put a finish over the top be very careful if and when you rub down, lest you go through to the pencil lines as that will be very difficult to correct. Doug, I reckon our Grandads must have been from the same school of woodwork. His other big beef was people who varnished teak. The only time I ever saw him genuinely annoyed was when he and Nan paid an unexpected visit just as Dad had teak veneered an oak gate leg table that Dad'd brother had made years before as a wedding present for Mum and Dad (he was also a cabinet maker). Having sawn the ogee shape off the edges and teak veneered it he varnished it and hung the leaves from the washing line to dry. Grandad saw them hanging up and asked, "What the bloody 'ell's that?" "Oh just modernising the table", said Dad. "You don't varnish teak, boy, you oil teak, only bloody railway carriages are varnished, and they're all bodge jobs" He really went on alarming. Dad just couldn't bring himself to ever varnish a bit of teak veneer again! KES is still one of the main schools in Lynn, btw. Cheers, Martin

Rebuild starts by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Glad to help Pete 😊 Don't forget that the tube stops at or just after the hull breakthrough. Only the rotating shaft goes back through the A strut bearing to the prop! That's the beauty of the Raboesch shaft assemblies, they are easy to shorten to accommodate this👍 Cheers, Doug 😎