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My other hobby by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Shucks Peter, having got that far ........!? 😭 I've never owned my own plane - the owner of the aged Cessna was an ex RN Captain and fellow modeller who I met at the lake here at the Ostpark while I was sailing my WW2 RN destroyer. I learned at Blackwater field not far from Sandhurst where I lived. My instructor was ex RAF fighter pilot. When he heard I was about to move to Germany he gave me a free hour after the normal lesson and 'showed me what the trainer (a Grumman P something) could really do - 'See that hole in the clouds up there?' Yes ---- Whoosh, and we were through it and hanging on the prop! Hang on to yer breakfast chaps!! Exhilarating 😊

INTERNATIONAL MODEL BOAT SHOW by bellman1942 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
I`m going again this year with some of the Maldon Blackwater model boat club we`ve been now for about 6 years the best bit is the steak and kidney lunch😎

Spektrum, new, useless... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 months ago
Hi Martin, have to admit I haven't flown it yet, the damn Orange RX won't work with my TXs 😆 So I'm about to buy the Lemon version, which is supposed to be Spektrum DMX and DSM2 compatible! We'll see! Guess I could at least do some taxiing trials with a standard RX on the Ostpark lake!? I haven't actually flown anything for nearly 50 years 😲 Did once 'fly' a Victor tanker simulator, that was fun😁 Also flew a real Grumman trainer a few times, from Blackwater airfield near Camberley, just before I left UK for Germany. That was LOADS MORE fun😊 For your 'smallish hairyplanes' the stabiliser RX could also be useful!? Just so happens 😁 I've got an Orange version, which works with your TX😊, going spare!!😁 In my, admittedly limited, experience small RC planes can be very twitchy and sensitive to winds! That's why I switched to ship building; two Totals and a Fly-away😡 I can swim but I can't fly 🤔 You absolute nut! You gave away such a treasure! Without even arranging some royalties? I'm surprised at you 😲 1/7, wow! 10 times the size of the Airfix kit I built back then. The EE Lightning was a nice bird (sheer brute force and ignorance😁), but not a patch on the Hawker Hunter for sheer looks and just STYLE! I flew the KeilKraft version for while, until I managed to Jetex it outta sight, at RAF Hemswell, now a housing estate I see 🤔 Nostalgia ain't what it used to be, or ...? Alles gute alter Knacker! Cheers, Doug 😎

International Model Boat Show by bellman1942 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 year ago
Yes👍 Maldon Blackwater Model Boat Club is attending as usual we are coming by coach 😁😁

Thames Sailing Barge by frankburgess Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
Good Morning Gents, .......and now for something completely different........ I enclose a picture of my model Thames Sailing Barge. Model Barges are very popular at clubs in the Essex and Kent area, because of the many historic barges in Maldon and the surrounding rivers. The members of Maldon Blackwater Model Boat Club have built several barges, but there are many other barge owning clubs in the Essex and Kent area who meet to run interclub Barge Matches. Most Model barges are built 40"-45" in length either 'stem head' or 'bowsprit' and usually they are fitted with a fin keel and a deep rudder, to give improved sailing abilities. Many are highly detailed models of specific barges; however the yellow barge is a 'generic' model with a 'Sirdar' hull built from balsa reinforced with grp. The model in build is based on a 'Veronica' grp hull and will be a bowsprit barge. These are the names of 'racing' barges, sadly broken up many years ago. I hope you find our particular passion interesting. Best Regards Frank Burgess

International Model Boat Show by frankburgess Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
The Maldon Blackwater Model Boat club members are coming by coach!

Leeboard Winches and Scroll work by regthebof Seaman   Posted: 3 years ago
HI Chris & Annie Ive only just found your Post, I am very sorry to hear of your problems. Just down the road from you is Maldon (cm95bx) on the Blackwater, thay have nice model boat pond on the river front, also 2 good pubs on the key ( jolly salior and the Queens Head ) both serve good beer and good food Maldon is the home port for a lot of barges (.George Smeed,Reminder,Thalatta,Pudge,Thistle,Cabby,Centaur) Have you looked at A.M.B.O (Association of Model Barge Owners) webb site ( of model barge info on there,also if you get in touch Richard Chesney((Email Removed - PM Only))he is the AMBO secertery and mine of info on barges and a dame nice chap to boot ! AMBO will be having a stand at the Wings and Wheels Model Show at North weald Airfield 25-26 June 2016 we also have a pond there to sail on ,so if you come and talk to me and buy me a cup of tea I will let you have a sail of me barge! Hope this ramble is of some help Regairds Reg PS just remembed there is a club at Brightlingsea some of there members sail barges on there own pond .

R.N.L.B. Lady MacRobert (Montrose Lifeboat) by larryshaw48 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 4 years ago
Not done a 'blog' But my Solent also started off as an 'Aerokits' kit back In '79 or 80'. It was always an ever changing model and has ended up as true scale as I can get It using the drawings I bought from RNLI drawing office In Poole a few years ago. I gave It a fake number 48-021 to cover any mistakes If compared to a real life boat. I've sailed It across the Blackwater estuary In Essex from Bradwell and I can honestly say It was the first craft In Burnham-on-Crouch Marina when they let the water through In (about) '88 or '89. After donating my old home made RCME 27meg system to the Mid Thames Boat Club museum at Beale park In 2000 I sailed It at Beale park quite a lot with my new 'Fleet'gear- trouble was MTBC always had their 'lifeboat days' when we were on holiday and the lifeboat days fizzled out. So now It languishes In the garage.. Did meet some nice people from Watermead club at Beale a couple of weeks ago... So may get It there.

no 94 by frankburgess Lieutenant   Posted: 7 years ago
HI everybody Another ebay purchase, a Fire Tender which I think Is from the 50's. It Is fitted with a very unusual old motor with sprung loaded brushes, capacitors, and a fan.... seems to run happily on 12v, which I plan to reinstall. Does anybody recognise It? It was fitted with a 'spring' universal joint. I am fitting a conventional UJ. There Is also a circular switch attached to the motor. This appears to be wired to switch In up to 3 battery supplies! but I think I will fit a modern controller with modern nicads. I sail at the Maldon and Blackwater Model Boat Club at Heybridge. Regards Frank Burgess

RNLB Rosemary Shaw by larryshaw48 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 7 years ago
Thanks for that! She's crossed the Blackwater estuary from South to North but never made Norfolk yet!