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Model Boats Magazine October November 1986 by Skydive130 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Does anyone have a copy of the October and November 1986 Model Boats Magazine that contained the build article on the Tyne Class lifeboat. I have purchased the plans and Hull from Sarik and have found a wonderful build article on this model. Thinking that this will test my scratch building skills, I would love to add this class Lifeboat to go along side my Solent. Photocopies of the build articles would be perfect, happy to meet all costs if reasonable. Thank you in advance.

Paper plans by Skydive130 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
I buy lots of plans for aircraft and boats from either eBay or Sarik etc. Most of the plans I’ve bought from eBay have been photocopies and folded on arrival. I iron my plans carefully and also store rolled in a tube. One thing to note, a photocopy especially on larger sheets of paper can be a fraction bigger than the original it’s been copied from! I tend to use plans as a reference and transfer straight lines to large paper especially if building on the plans direct, this is possibly essential when building wings and fuselages over the plans and I have also done it with boats, as recent as the veron Vosper RTTL I’m currently building from eBay plans (copies!)

Mobile Marine Xmas Market by HoweGY177 Lieutenant   Posted: 26 days ago
Mobile Marine Christmas Market invites modelers to bring and buy model boat sales as well as stall holders. Opens at 10am closes at 4pm. I will have several boats for sale, River Dance shown in my harbour and several others and a lifeboat kit of plastic. Other members of our group will be bringing another 12 models and further kits. Full address:- The Boat Shed, Highcliffe Park, Ingham Cliff, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 2YQ ...Free parking.🤓 Their advert:- CHRISTMAS CRACKER......... staged at the factory of Mobile Marine Models, this now very popular British Manufacturers Show is the one day CHRISTMAS market, giving you, the boat modeller, the opportunity to 'get' those last minute items for the festive seaons building!!!! .......from... the many various manufacturers that we are able to 'cram-into' the factory........including Dean's Marine; SHG ; Little Model ; Tony Green Steam ; ModelBoat Mayhem .... and quite a few more ........

Veron Vosper RTTL 28" by surfacesub Seaman   Posted: 28 days ago
How refreshing to read this thread. I built this kit in 1959/60 and from memory powered by a 1.5 c.c. E.D. diesel. Radio control I used a Reptone single channel unit for the rudder only. We had always had some sort of family boat on the river and not being able to be on board the RTTL was very frustrating for me. Sadly I sold the model as my training/career took hold. To this day I wonder if she has survived the test of time. She had a unique (highly illegal) ID number 2945. If any model boat enthusiast stumbles over my motley attempt at this Veron kit I would be very interested to hear? Good luck Skydive130 and enjoy the building experience!

Motor problem by RichardSReade Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi reilly4 I do not think it is as large as 60mm as it is a three bladed prop, if it was a two bladed one I would agree with you as the blades would be directly opposite each other hence 60mm, but being 3 bladed they are not 90 degrees to the centre point, without taking it off and drawing a circle around it to measure I would hazard a guess it is a 30mm prop. If memory serves me correctly the late Swindon Model Shop which was run by Yan who knew his stuff recommended the 540 motor along with the prop for the size of the boat. I will check the Sea Commander plans as I think it has the size of the required prop listed. Haverlock the motor is rated 4.5 to 15 volts and the battery is 7.2 volt, I would have to run the boat in water to see what the motor is drawing under load, I may get a tad wet trying to keep up with it to read an amp meter, or sink the boat by sitting on it😉 I think the overheat problem was to do with the motor mounting braket covering the front air slots on the motor. However I have a water scoop which I did not fit at the time of building so may retro fit and buy a new motor set up for water cooling, the next question would be where abouts do I fit it?

Veron Vosper RTTL 28" by Skydive130 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
So, once I have completed my Aerokits Solent built (My other build thread details this build) from plans I have started to look to my next project. I have sourced a set of plans for the Vintage Veron Vosper RTTL 28" from ebay. I shall bring this up to date with modern electrics and will be using the same electric brushless set up as per the Fairy Huntress featured in the latest issue of "Model Boats" I have sourced the motor, ESC, LIPO and other standard electrical bits from Hobbyking and have ordered the required wood from SLEC. I shall loosly base the model on the example that can be seen at the RAF Museum Hendon. Watch this space once building comences in the next 2-3 weeks!

Plans - Fishing Boat by hecrowell Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
I am new to boat building and this forum. I have built a scratch hull for a 24" sailboat in the past from my own plans, but life got in the way of my boat building hobby, so it was never finished. It was a plank over frame construction. I guess one could classify me as "Amateur", but I do have some wood-working skills. Being an amateur, I would like to scratch build from free plans, and i would like to build a fishing boat similar to Artur. I cannot however find any good plans for this ship which really apeals to my building fever. Maybe someone here knows of the source of working plans for this boat? Thanx

Rhona, Steam Tug by Tcpal Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Scratch built model of a staem tug based on the St Canute. Length is 24 inches, and is radio controlled. I have attempted to make the finish as working boat , rather than something from a show case. I have just about completed the build. I was in the Merchant navy and lefty the the sea as a 1st mate in 1973. I always fancied building a model and saw the St Canute and decided to build a scratch build rather that a kit. I will put a photograph up when finished.

Varnish by Alan999 Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
A big thanks to all of you for your advice regarding the finish on the Riva boat I,m building. The wet n dry treatment is amazing so it will be used after each coat of the barque varnish.

And......! by Skydive130 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
I am very pleased with its loooks so far! Coming from an RC aircraft world to Boats is a different kettle of fish. I like to think that my aircraft building and figure painting skills have come over to this world with relative ease. Seriously thinking of stopping aircraft in favour of more boats in the future!!

Brixham trawler IBEX by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi bellman, (from Doug BELL😉) This is another 'How long is a piece of string question'! Only way to find out is to build it, and do a payload test. Put weight in it until it floats to the waterline and upright and stable. I use chunks of lead and lead balls (fishing weights). Weigh the lead. Easiest way is to weigh the empty hull first, then again with 'payload'. Difference is your payload weight for the hull, including all equipment, decks, superstructure etc. Before you glue any other parts to the hull weigh them and subtract from the payload test weight as you go. When compete you should then know how much weight you have left available for equipment. Weigh the equipment; motors, shafts, electronics, batteries etc. Anything 'left over' is the ballast you need. Try to fit it inside as low as possible, the lead balls are good for final trimming. When all is correct simply pour a little resin over them to hold them in place. Only time I fitted ballast outside, a long steel bar keel, was on my U26 sub. But then U Boats had such an emergency 'drop keel' so it looked 'Right'! Happy building, Doug 😎

Skandia by Radiosailor Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
[Score: 5/10] - Comments: The second Skandia(red); the first one(blue) I 'did' wasn't mine. I was asked to overhaul it for a friend. I was happy to do that for him and did it for free if I was allowed to sail it for one season... Which got me into this radiosailing... Meanwhile his boat is back in for a second overhaul because it was damaged during his moves. This red Skandia was mine. But sold not long ago because I came across another unstarted NOS kit of this yacht. Haven't started building yet, so pics of the last Skandia will have to wait.

Re Boat Harbour entries by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Just to clarify where best to post your entries: There are four major areas to the website: Forum - Where any question can be asked and answered. Photo Gallery - Post photos of your boats and comment on others. Video Gallery - Upload video clips, show how your models ride on the water! Build Blogs - Record your build progress and print out your own booklet at the end! Fantastic keep sake. But also! Harbour - Members are given their own harbour, where you can store the boats you have and record how they're their setup. Everyones harbour is published online so you can then compare various different setups and performances. Model Boat Clubs - Are you part of a model boat club? Or do you sail at any of the model boat lakes? If so, add yourself as a sailor! Events - Here you can keep track of what events are up and coming, or add new events! Model Shop - A few companies list products here that help with boat building, why not check them out? It could be a good place to start if you're after a new project too! Dave

Hobby Engine Richardson Upgrade by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Dave, you may well be right! But that's half the fun ain't it?😉 Already done some dry fitting trials of pico RX and micro-Viper (for single ESC running) and the LiPo battery. So far so good. still some original plastic tray to be chopped out. Haven't done a test tank (domestic variant😉) balance/loading trial yet though! Yes, mine also has the removable cabin, and a fairly large hatch in the work-deck. The cabin of course I immediately took apart to see where the smoke genny could go. The genny is one of the mini jobs borrowed from the 'iron way' bods😉 Could maybe squeeze two in?? But that's for a later stage. Just got sidetracked by building an 88 deck gun for U26, lots a luverly fiddlin😲 DHL just told me my 37mm for the PT boat is arriving tomorrow. Not bad, I only ordered it this morning. Excellent service from Ralf at Modellbau-Koenig!👍👍👍 Must have a look if he's got a 2cm for the gallery of the U Boat. Lots to do, keeps the few remaining grey cells alive😊 Happy building people, don't stick anything which shouldn't be😡😲 Cheers Doug 😎

Adhesive by O41biger Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Thanks guys for info I will try Poundland Uhu epoxy being new to boat building I am happy that someone replied I thought it may have been covered in older posts. Thanks o41biger 👍