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It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 hours ago
Hi Les, funny we've come full circle, I started my model sailing at newsham park back in the late 50s and was there at the beginning of "The Liverpool model POWER boat club back in 1964, when I was 14 years old. Notice the power was omitted from the clubs name approx' 15 years ago. In 1964 i had just completed my first aerokits sea scout complet with an ED seagull 1cc diesel, this club was where I met most of my mentors and founder members of the club, Jimmy Walker, Cliff'Broadbent, Monty, Oscar Poulson etc etc all now sadly gone to that big lake in the sky where anything goes. I'm in southport now and do go back to newsham from time to time. Thank you for that bit of very interesting info'. The afore mentioned sea scout has just undergone a major re-fit after 55 years, the 1cc diesel has been replaced with a 3940 kv brushless and 60 esc running on 11.1 lipo, yes I know all to big for a little 24inch sea scout, but as the yanks would say " there ain't no substitute for C.C. Boy", you don't have to use it but nice to have. Martin you mentioned the old glue used in those days, the sea scout I made was glued using "caskomite" (can't remember the correct spelling) the boat is still 100% waterproof with no skin separation at all, I do not intend tarting the boat up at all, prefer to keep it the way a 14 year old boy (me) had made it apart from bringing the running gear up to 21st century and something that can be used at my local lakes. Norman.

It's a sad day!. by Les-H Petty Officer   Posted: 12 hours ago
Hi, I sail in Liverpool at Newsham park. I emailed the city council some years ago to ask if I could sail an IC boat at Newsham park and also if I need third party insurance. They replied that I could sail an IC boat and no I did not need third party insurance. If you ask the committee from the boat club that sail there they will tell you different, as that is what they want, but it is untrue. Why don't you email the city council yourself and ask and when you get a reply, you can print it out and take it with you to the lake so no one can tell that you can't sail.👍

Vanity, Victorian Cutter by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Thanks, I used to make top end model furniture for the Home Miniaturists. It's my way of finding a connection with my cabinet maker Granddad, who was a big model boat fan too, in fact he was a founder member of the Victoria Model Steamboat Club. She is 48x9x11 plus bowsprit. Height of rig is about 4 feet also. And yes the fitting on the keel is a piece of ally box section cut in half so it becomes U section, drilled through at equal spacing for the fin keel. Then the U section is screwed with brass screws and Marineflex sealer/adhesive to the keel, which is all solid hardwood. I did my sums and gave up, so once she was waterproof I put her in my son's fish pond and kept piling stuff in until she floated on her marks. Rigging won't be that heavy, but I made an allowance for it. Once it was floating right it turned out to need 14 1/2lbs. of ballast. BUT, that's inside. On the end of a 15" inch(ish) fin it will be less. I have 2 half bulbs cast by my other son in his back garden from my patterns. They will be bolted to the fin and faired in. Cheers, Martin

getting a bit slow?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Winter used to be model railways and slot cars. Now just slot cars and small scale static boats, 1/48th scale. I always promised myself a collection of 1/4"-the foot inshore craft. I really can't be doing with the over-pensioned old fools who spend a fortune on some very average kit and another on wheels and gearbox, motor, building, painting, lining, weathering, blah, blah and finally bragging about on forums. Kit snobbery is not only annoying, but to a scratchbuilder like me it is utterly stupid and pointless. And as a model railway club near me now charges 100 quid to join and still only turns out a glorified toy train set, it is, alas, no longer a hobby for me. We have a sign on our wall that says, "The more I learn of people, the more I love my dogs". QED. Martin

York model boat club regatta by 2shaws Petty Officer   Posted: 4 days ago
Spring regatta at Laytham Lake all welcome.

It's a sad day!. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
I think one of the mistakes people make is to assume that they must run their models with others of a similar ilk. That rather means a club of some sort. I say organise a loose grouping and find a river. You can buy a little dinghy/outboard combo for very cheap as a rescue boat if you can't get to the sides all round. Since the river will have diesel and petrol boats on it, you're fine. Canal Locks can be ideal and many (most) are not manned by any pretence at a Jobswuff. Some rivers have no speed limit sections, such as the River Nene and, last I looked, the Yare. So join in. There's nothing sacrosanct about model boat ponds and anyway if the Council Nazis have decided No IC, they are no longer model boat ponds, since that was all there was at one time. I ran a model boat display on the Well Creek in the Fens a few years back and we had no other than the famous AMPS man, Miller Agnew,with his Rossi powered outboards on his gorgeous tunnel hulls, models of real F1 powerboats. He came with the Cambridge club whose secretary made a point at day's end of thanking me for asking them. They had never run on a river before and all loved it. They had R/C water skiing, racing, you name it and all thoroughly enjoyed it. In the end the Police had to move the traffic on the main road opposite who had stopped to watch. A Rossi powered F1 at full chat on a river only 20 feet wide is something to see. Apparently Mr. Agnew was heard to say that "this is proper model boating". So, go rivers, young man. My, we'll be running out of middle fingers in no time! Martin

Ellesmere Port Model Boat Club by epmbcmember Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 days ago
We formed in about 1989 as "The Boat Club" based at the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum. In the nineties we changed the name to the Ellesmere Port Model Boat Club. We meet and sail at the Museum but now have a pool at The Hooton Park Trust site. We are currently 30 members strong and have models of every type.

It's a sad day!. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Thanks for your support gents, but I'm too old to kick too much arse these days. The Sea otter I'm not completely sure of, but the Super Hunter 3 1/2 cc,. was indeed a boat only motor and had a throttle on the exhaust rather than the inlet and the result was that it never came off the 2 stroke, so sounded very strange. But it was incredibly responsive and was demonstrated to an appreciative crowd at one of the race course big shows nearish London. Can't say which as I don't do nags, but on the temporary pond in a typical -for -the -time flattie boat, it was VERY impressive for a diesel and started easily too.....Kempton Park, methinks. All ED engines look like they mean business and run really well. We'll be making our own fuel again for lack of supply. Always used to, but poncy chemists won't sell you anything stronger than cough mixture these days. I could always get my Uncle some amyl nitrate when he asked me to. Don't know where he got the ether from, but it always got his little ED Bee going and was ace in my Racer. BTW, the Mk 4 was the precursor to the Racer. Looked a little earlier by being spindly and taller. Martin (the Anarchists' Boat Club)

It's a sad day!. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
I do wish people would sign their posts, if only because I feel a bit odd typing long "handles". Anyway...Cadbury's? Is that Bourneville? If the lake was built by Cadbury employees why have the Council got a damned thing to do with it. Has anyone tested that? I would still use the IC boats and wait till some little Hitler comes hobbling along with his hat and his silly voice and a BIT OF PAPER, lads! No Paper, no comply. Another club I heard of that positively welcomes IC is at Bungay in Suffolk. Check it out. The more get stroppy, the fewer the stupid, uninformed councils (and, I hate to add, Clubs) can lay down a non-existent law. Right on, Brothers and Sisters. Never forget there will be power cuts soon. No lecktrickery to charge these nasty LiPos, so IC will prevail. I must restart the Anarchists Model Boat Club. I have a very good badge. Martin

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 6 days ago
Thank you from the bottom of my heart you guys, I consider myself well and truly bolloked!!, love you're engines. I feel better now with your support, your correct, why should we just accept it, I'm keeping 95% of my IC boats and engines now, in fact I've just ordered a 6volt battery to fire up the 15cc coil ignition gannet in the huntsman and intend giving it an outing. This is just my opinion I do not wish to offend, however I believe as we with IC boats in clubs became the minority then most members who just like pootling around looked upon the fast loud smelly ICs as a nuisance so let's ban them. Thanks again guys "power to the people"✌️.

It's a sad day!. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Ooh, is that a Westbury Sealion? Lovely. Have you ever tried asking the parky for proof? I did that with some jobswuff fishing geezer where we were running ICs on a river. He ummed and ahed and then buggered off. I say use em, but on your own, not as part of a club. Use public waters, canals, or sympathetic farmers' reservoirs. But use them until some cocky tosser can actually wave the relevant bit of paper under your nose. You'll be amazed how many cannot do so. And as for the 80 quid fine? I think you'll find that's rubbish. It's more than a standing fine from a copper for some things, so most unlikely and unless there are very clear signs saying the same at the waterside they can't touch you. Blackheath used to have tethered hydros. John Cobb learned about sponsons from my old boss, Mike Karslake, at Blackheath. They exchanged info on a regular basis. If you want to run IC in London go to Victoria Park, they still allow it. My Granddad was a founder member of it, the world's oldest model power boat club. But the essence is....USE THEM and wait for the jobswuff to prove otherwise and I mean PROVE! Of course, if you're happy to roll over and play dead, you deserve to be shit on. I don't have the problem. I live with rivers all round me and I wouldn't want to mix with the model boaties round here! The clubs are way too far away and difficult to get to and expensive! Martin

It's a sad day!. by IanD Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
If anybody is interested, the recently re-formed Trafford Model Boat Club which runs on Sale Water Park (M60 jnc 6, South Manchester) allows IC. They run most Sunday afternoons. Contact Mark on 07895642327.

It's a sad day!. by rolfman2000 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Yes, it is a sad day when, all of a sudden you can't sail your ic boats. Most clubs are electric/sail around us. A few even have "Nothing over 5mph limits". Luckily, I belong to a nice friendly electric/sail club where we can have fun with what we sail. And a few experiment with narrowboats/airboats/ rowing boats etc, so it's a fun mix. Hope you can find somewhere for your fuelled machines. Smooth sailing, Dave W.😊

It's a sad day!. by deepdiver Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
I have liked Stormin post as I think we should have the right to sail with I/C, I spent a great day with a model boat club when I was in Florida in one of there public park's and it was mostly I/C with a few brushless boat's. No completes from any members of the public.

It's a sad day!. by stormin Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 days ago
Yes I've decided to sell most of my I.C. Boats and engine, because of this "nanny state" that we live in now. Probably 95% of clubs and sailing waters in my area(Liverpool) stipulate No I.C.s, l'm not traveling 50 miles to sail when in reality I've got several clubs and lakes within 5 to 10 miles from my home. I started model boat building in the 50s with balsa models and on to "aerokits" sea urchin, scout, rover, commander, and the holy grail the sea queen all of which had diesel or petrol engines. Granted we have come a long long way since then with electric and brushless motors, I do use them in both planes and boats, but there is still something to be said for the sound smell and reality of an I.C.engine in a boat, aircraft aren't to bad at the present, until they ban them to. Sorry for the rant but that's the way I feel.😭