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Balloon Busters by rolfman2000 Captain   Posted: 1 hour ago
Looks like great fun. Nice cheap build boats, all to s single plan. I might suggest it to our club, if I ever get back up there 😊

A SPLASH IN THE WATER by Les-Forbes Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 6 hours ago
I'm not a member of any model boat club yet, but I am about to join two that I have visited recently, where the member's have been very welcoming. They even said that if was sailing my boat and got into difficulty, they would wade out and rescue if the boat got stuck in any obstruction under the water. That got me thinking. If I was to sail my boat at any pond or small lake etc and I did get into difficulty and did not have a 'Rescue Boat' I would need to have some sort of protective clothes. These waders and wellingtons both come to less than twenty pounds. Is that a good buy.

JOINING BATTERY & RECEIVER CABLE by Les-Forbes Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 days ago
Ah Insulting Tape. LOL. That's for Donald Trump. I think I may have ordered the wrong switch fitting. I thought they were all the same. But the one I received does not fit the receiver, its a tad too fat. Perhaps I can return it for the correct fitting. Problem is I not at all versed in the various pugs types and associated names for them. You have been courageous in stopping me kill this little bit of apparatus. Not wishing to waste my time on this murder, I applied two new transfers to the little Proboat Westward 18 in preparation for its initial sail. I have three ponds I can go to, Knightswood Boat Club, Elderpark Boat Club and Richmond Park Boat Club. All within fifteen minutes drive of me. The suspense is killing me. Thanks again.

Guestbook Post by Les-Forbes Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 days ago
It has and in many ways. I'm sailing for my little grandson who is only two. I have never sailed a model boat before, be it motor or yacht. But I'm determined to learn to pass on the him when is older. The articles you present are very informative and your club listings are excellent. I'm confident Ill continue to associate myself with your website and continue to learn.

Largs Boat Club by Les-Forbes Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
Pity such a beautiful West Coast location should have a popular boat club pond in disrepair. Sign of the time perhaps with many councils having reduced expenditure. But a disappointment travelling with my small grandson to sail his little Proboat Westward 18 for the first time. It's the first thing he noticed, no water. Staff in the RNLI shop along the promenade said the pond had not been in use since last year. Here's hoping the council can organise repairs before next year's season. I couldn't resist buying a little model fishing boat from them the RNLI shop which now has pride of place in our kitchen shelf.

Knightswood Model Boat Club Glasgow by Les-Forbes Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
Knightswood Model Boat Club Club Glasgow helping out on the Knightswood Family Fun Day. Great excitement for everyone including the youngsters.

GALA DAY VARIOUS by Les-Forbes Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Knightswood Boating Club Glasgow. A pipe band was in attendance today, making the fun and excitement even more intense. Why did I think this was going to be a small affair. I was so wrong. Well done Knightswood Boating Club.

GALA DAY VARIOUS by Les-Forbes Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Knightswood Boating Club Glasgow. Part 2. Again, great day with smashing stalls and a childrens play centre, with Knightswood Club providing a variety of small power boats for the children to get "Hands On' experience. It was a joy watching their faces when they realised it was THEM that was actually sailing the boat's. My only regret I didn't have my small grandson with me.

GALA DAY VARIOUS by Les-Forbes Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Knightswood Boating Club Glasgow. Great day out for everyone, from babies, children and those who should know better. Smashing atmosphere and I got a free coffee just for being there.

Richmond Park Boating Club Glasgow by Les-Forbes Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Assorted Photos

South Manchester Model Boat Club by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
HI Chris, which part of the lake do you use? and google shows 2 parking areas, are you buy the buildings? Mark

Bring and buy by KenThompson Lieutenant   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi all ? Vale of Glamorgan Model Boat Club are having a bring &buy sale tomorrow, Saturday, so if you need any thing , or got stuff to sell, give us a visit. At Cold Knap lake Barry. Ken.

South Manchester Model Boat Club by ChrisPSR Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 13 days ago
Will Co

Individual Insurance by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Most model boat clubs offer insurance as part of the membership fee. My own club is no exception and we introduced this benefit to protect all our members in the event of an accident resulting in a claim for 3rd party damages. Previously we had relied on members arranging their own insurance, but it became increasingly difficult to ensure that every member's insurance was current and up to date as it had been taken out at different times. I agree generally model boats are less likely to give rise to a claim as compared to a flying model or even a model car as they are sailing in water and therefore not near the general public. However accident can and do happen and the club and all its members may be held responsible so Club insurance is really important. We live in a society where it is common practice to blame someone else for our own actions and organised clubs and societies make easy targets. I suspect the biggest risk is when the models are on the bank or at a display where masts and other sharp bits can cause injury. Insurance cost is based on the risks and probability. The larger the user base the more spread the risk and the cost. I suspect there are insufficient model boaters so insurers prefer to offer cover for all modelling risks. I do believe MPBA have a country members scheme that may suit your purpose, however it works out at twice the cost my club charges members for insurance. Sail safely Dave

Breakfast by KenThompson Lieutenant   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi to all Vale of Glamorgan model boat club members. To day is the first Saturday of the month, so this means Breakfast club at the CymCiddi Barry, 9am meet. Then on to the Knap lake for sailing, and the free prize draw. Be there or be square. Cheers for now. Ken