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Too Powerful Brushless ? by Traiderman Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 days ago
hi Dave M, well that was good info on the Lipo's i was going to put them in Parallel But certainly won't now! i will use one and then swap over when necessary as you suggest,Thanks! As far as the 500 watt motor is concerned, i have not purchased it as yet but as a previous post stated that i need a smaller wattage than 500 , i will carry on looking for a smaller wattage and low KV size motor, although all i seem to find are are very powerful ones! even on the web sites named in the post but i will phone them in the morning and ask. the Boat does have a keelson, a piece of angled wood below the hull and also one inside the boat and this shows about 1 1/2" of tube either end of the shaft to fit the supports. Thanks graham

Dumas 1203 Coast Guard Lifeboat (RNLI Waveney conversion) by Skydive130 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
So here we go again! I have decided to give other projects a rest for a time in favour of this little gem. Pick up off eBay for less than £100 NIB posted, couldnt resist! Its the Dumas (kit no:1203) 44' Coast Guard Lifeboat. I dont know if this kit is still produced by Dumas and having looked at the Die cutting of the parts, certainly seems like an old kit? However, I love my building and the challenges, so I am sure it will turn out nice at the end. Finished length 33". I shall be converting this to a RNLI Waveney Class Lifeboat and will possibly go with 44-003 named "Khami" which was based in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston, which is local to me here in Suffolk. Sadly very little turns up on this boat via Google, but at some stage may pop out to the Great Yarmouth Lifeboat station and see if I can hunt anymore info on her. I shall not be using the recommended Dumas running gear for 2 reasons, 1st its a geared set-up (I am going with MFA540 brushed direct drive) and the cost of over £150! Photos show the box artwork, plans and the included wood. Last photo shows my electrics less propshafts and props that are on order. Note the Star Wars 3.75" figures that with poetic licence could be painted to represent crew. However, at this point the model is approx 1;16 scale and the figures would be 1:18 scale so maybe too small. There are 1:16 scale lifeboat figures available but pricey? My one issue at this point is going to battery choice? do I go with a small 6v lead acid or perhaps 2 Tamiya type 7.2v NIMH in series. anyone who has built anything like this may want to advise. LIPO not an option as the Mtroniks ESC do not support LIPO. Space inside the hull may also be an issue? Another issue is going to be fabricating some propshaft struts for the rear next to the props. There is quite a bit of prop shaft exposed outside the hull, so these would be integral to support and strength of the propshafts. Is there anything available off the shelf (they are included in the running gear set, but dont seem to be available on there own) of do I need to fabricate from brass tube and sheet/strip brass?

3D sanding discs. by dave-of-the-yard Seaman   Posted: 3 days ago
Got mine from maxwell in North shields, plus from stalls in boat shows,as a stopgap buy the larger ones and cut them to size.

krick romarin "ex robbe" by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
The Robbe factory was sold off probably with most of the moulds and equipment when the company got into difficulties. There are some kits available and Cornwall Model Boats stock the available range. I would check the Krick site for their postal charges to the UK. The demise of Robbe and Graupner was a big set back for model makers universally and its a pity many of the resources were lost before a rescue was possible. I agree with Doug E-Bay does have them listed occasionally and I have seen them at Model Boat Shows bring and buy sales. CADMA is possibly the next show (2nd - 3rd Jun), the Mutual Model Boat club appears to have moved to September not forgetting The Model Boat Convention on 25th - 26th August.

Clinker Coble Plans by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Try those sites I posted above. If you Google Model Boats Plans a whole list of sites will show up. One of them at least should provide what you want .Good luck👍

displaying at vintage and steam rallies. by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Just a few of my boats on display at shows last year. Its great being able to talk about ones hobby and get others interested. Some of the shows supply a small paddling pool so I can let youngsters have a go. Hope to see more of you at shows in the future. I usually take about 20/30 models and on 2 day shows change the display on the 2nd day. And my wife usually takes about 250 die-cast model lorries and buses. Along with a 1.76th scale circus for her display.

International Model Boat Show [UltraHD / 4K] by Dom of Essential RC Captain   Posted: 14 days ago
A tour around the many club stands at the International Model Boat Show. Full playlist of videos from the event here,

Richards 48" Swordsman by rmwall107 Lieutenant   Posted: 19 days ago
Hi I have finally put the boat on the water😁. i think it looks good and have uploaded three photos (sorry about the quality) the first shows the boat at rest (it had blown a fuse😭) the bow is slightly down, the second photo is the boat at full speed i think this is ok, the third is at about half throttle the boat seems flatter than at full speed. i remember a post earlier in this thread regarding putting the batteries further forward they are currently in the back. I think it is ok but do you think it is worth experimenting. Thanks Richard

rising damp by Bryan-the-pirate Lieutenant   Posted: 19 days ago
At a club sail on Sunday one member found he had lost control of his yacht. When it had been guided in by another boat it was found to be rather wet inside. the 27Mhz receiver was soaked as was one of the servos. A test with a different receiver showed one servo was not working. What is the best method for drying the components? The water is fresh so hopefully they will dry and work again.

H.M.S Bulldog by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi Fred, I have similar problems transporting my boats, so I have built a trailer that I can carry up to 20 of my boats to the shows. I put the smaller ones in the car or camper. Also the trailer doubles up as storage. Cheers Colin.

H.M.S Bulldog by deepdiver Lieutenant   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi Dave M Thank you for your advice, I did not see the box until I had posted, I will do it next time. This is my first time ever at doing a Build Blog let alone a rebuild so this is a very steep learning cover for me in one way or anther👍 , so sorry for any mistakes that I am likely to make. RH Baker yes your boat is the best size but I have an SLK😊 and the boot space is a bit tight, so most of my boats just will not fit so I now have to ask if any one can take them to our lake or show for me, All the Best Fred

What is this material? by Ron Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 29 days ago
Removed rudder post foam material and replaced with birch ply block. Added three bulkheads to give support to the super flexible hull and deck. The age of the boat (1996-build) showed fatigue, thus requiring some structural strengthening.

ANGLE RNLI 150th ANNIVERSARY by battleshipbuff Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
I have been asked to put on a Model Lifeboat Display for the 150th anniversary of the Angle Pembrokshire Wales,Station, 11th and 12th AUGUST 2018 this will be in a marquee close to the water so you can chose to display on or off the water or both NOTE SALT WATER! I am inviting Model Lifeboat owners from all over the country,and a few have expressed their interest already. Hoping to make it the biggest model Lifeboat Show in Wales for the year, and permission has been granted for all other model boat types to attend also There will be camping nearby, for tents motorhomes and caravans,and there is also a pub nearby and another in the village as well as a cafe for your food or possibly accomodation if wanted. I will be advertising it on various model boat websites and magazine. I would certainly like you to come if you can manage it.Set up day is the 10th,and I am sure if you wanted to come a day or so earlier we can arrange it for you. There will be at least three Historic Lifeboats attending,hopefully more,which will include the ex Angle Watson Lifeboat. The event will be part of the Angle Regatta Week, so many other types of craft will be attending There is also a Beer and Cider Festival at the same time,and Live Music Please give me a ring on 01209 820844,or private message me to let me know your thoughts. Look forward to hearing from you Sincerely, Mick French

Midhurst Model Engineering Exhibition February 2018 by ads90 Commander   Posted: 1 month ago
The Midhurst model engineering show is on again at its usual time for this year. Many of us who regularly attend this event enjoy this show, meeting up with fellow boat clubs / enthusiasts and looking at all the other interesting engineering hobbies that are in attendance. The new centre complex at Midhurst is a great place to visit and provides great access for getting our exhibits in and out of the halls plus it has welcoming facilities including a small cafe and caters for those persons with disabilities. The date of the show is Sunday 11 February 2018. Many model boat clubs display along with huge model train displays, Mecano, etc. Not had confirmation yet but I beleive that the doors open at 10.30 hours for the public. Basingstoke Model Boat Club members will be out in force manning their stand. See 'The Grange' site for further details.

Skiff update by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
QED👍 I simply saw your other thread with the '12 Foot Row-boat' plan and your model with a tape measure showing 18 inches. More important: did you notice my info on Canadian sources of model outboards? The Aero-naut Aqua Race mini seems ideal and not expensive. The others are more for power boats. I have something similar in an inflatable boat. (Now looking for flexible paint for it!!) Happy New Year and sailing. Cheers Doug 😎