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Help needed, running sheet to main by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Ron Specs for the HS-82MG are Motor Type: 3 Pole Bearing Type: None Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.12 / 0.10 sec @ 60 deg. Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 39 / 47 Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 2.8 / 3.4 Size in Inches: 1.17 x 0.47 x 1.16 Size in Millimeters: 29.72 x 11.94 x 29.46 Weight ounces: 0.66 Weight grams: 18.7 It is metal geared but may struggle as a sail winch. A single arm servo usually has an elastic band attached to the other end of the line (kite string) from the servo arm. So you run the line thro the hole in the cockpit coaming and take it to a pulley attached to the deck in line with the hole and near the stern. The line then runs along the deck and near the front of the coaming an elastic band is attached and run to a fixing near the bow. You then use a line with a bowsie to connect the mainsail to the winch line via a fixing on the deck below the boom. There may be other ways to run the line but the important point is to keep the line tight at all time to prevent tangling.

Hermione Lady Colwyn by JRF1972 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 6 days ago
I got the Decals from Ebay, 25mm vinyl lettering, for the numbers, I used BECC for the rest, the flag on the bow and the ensigns, although I believe now, they do a specialised RNLI Lettering Pack, and draught marks pack The name was BECC letters on a strip of grey painted plastic card

Valentine Day Treat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Not sure what this has to do with Valentine Treat 🤔 but my vote goes to 'BIG BAND' 😉 Whatever, from an old Rock Drummer to a REAL percussionist - Have a GREAT season Ron, More power to your elbow 😎 PS: Vid please 👍

Help needed, running sheet to main by Ron Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
I have installed a Hitec HS-82MG servo for the sails and the HS-81 for the rudder. In all my searching through various sites I can find no verbal with illustrations telling how to attach the kite string (Sheet) from beginning to end. I know, I need a bowsie for the main sail in there some where too. The Jib is rigged with a single bowsie with the sheet running through the ring which slides on the rail. The Jib will not be controlled by the servo arm, I am not sure how much torque these small servos can take? So I need help running the kite string from below deck up to the main sail.

Valentine Day Treat by bilzin Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
I've booked a table for two complete with a meal, drinks and entertainment for me and the ladyfriend.... I just hope she likes walkers crisps, strongbow cider and snooker !!

Speedline 1/12 Severn Class RLNI Boat kit for sale Incl. all options by iluvlabs Seaman   Posted: 8 days ago
***** SOLD ***** I have for sale an unstarted Speedline 1/12 Severn Class Lifeboat Kit. Full set consists of all optional extras, including Bow Thruster. Not included: Motors and RC gear. Price £750 non-negotiable. 1/12 scale Severn class lifeboat The model in the photographed above was built by Terry Small for his mammoth article in Model Boats’ annual kit review, Dec 2007. Phil Locke built his on line so you can see for yourself what’s involved and what become of the model, now probably the most famous RC model lifeboat on the planet. (See I am delighted to say that I now own this model and will be taking it around the shows during 2011. The kit builds into a top quality ‘museum standard’ model that you will be proud of. It is available complete or as individual ‘sets’ which can be bought separately. This means you can spread the cost of the kit or use whatever ‘sets’ you wish and make as much as you like from scratch. The model has an overall length of 58” and is 18” wide. The kit comprises of a number of ‘sets’, each of which can be bought separately. The ‘sets’ making up the full kit are as follows: HULL AND WHEELHOUSE SET £260 The hull and wheelhouse set comprises of three GRP mouldings, the hull, the main section of the wheelhouse and the inner wall of the wheelhouse. The hull is complete with the deck already moulded on and is strong and rigid, the way a big model should be. The bilge keels and rudders, both laser cut to profile from 5 mm Perspex are included as are the three trim-tab re-enforcing plates across the transom and the two exhaust outlet recesses in the transom. DETAIL SET £330 The ‘Detail Set’ is the very heart of this model and because there are so many parts, its impracticable to list every item covered. The set comprising several large sheets of laser-cut Perspex components, one sheet of acid etched Nickel Silver components and three sheets of acid etched brass components there are over 600 precision made items. Every part is pre-shaped with a high degree of accuracy ensuring a perfect fit throughout the model. The Severn class has over 1,600 stainless steel screw heads on show just fixing vent covers and closing panels and wherever one of these screw heads is to be found, a pre-drilled hole can be found, all 1,300 plus of them! Many items, such as the flying bridge windscreen frame, are made from acid etched brass to give them the inherent strength that such a delicate item needs on a model of this size. The Trim tabs are made this way but from heavy gauge brass enabling them to be used as the basis for working tabs. All the air intake and exhaust vents, brackets, plates, mast brackets and plates, flying bridge instruments and displays are included. The glazing for the flying bridge windows is included in the set as are all the Perspex covers for the instruments and display screens on the Flying Bridge, all pre-cut exactly to shape. A major feature of the Severn is the Hyab Crane that lifts the ‘Y’ Boat on and off. This is included and is made from etched brass and laser-cut Perspex. The ram cylinders and the ramrods are cast Pewter. The crane is strong and movable and forms a good basis for a working option. Included with the detail set is a CD containing lots of reference shots of a real Severn. CASTINGS SET £50 All the cast items on the model have been newly mastered and cast in either in lightweight resin, Pewter or Zinc where extra strength is required. The set includes the winches, cleats, fairleads, bollards, deck vents, valves, escape hatch spray guard, deck vents and forward vent air vent shields. New correct pattern life rings have been included also. The Anchor recovery davit has laser-cut Perspex detailing. The fisherman’s anchor itself is included in the casting set even though it is made from laser-cut Perspex. The valve handles and anchor flukes are also in the casting set, even though these too are Perspex. (I had to put them somewhere)! The set includes a cast resin Radar scanner. HANDRAILS, STANCHIONS & KICKING BOARD SET £70 The Severn class lifeboat has ‘kick boards’ bonded directly to its deck which carry the two ball stanchions and the hand railings. Our set includes extruded section aluminium kick boards, pre-formed and shaped by hand to fit the deck contours. They require only trimming and fettling before being glued directly to the deck. The “impossible to make” long curved kickboards that follow the deck steps are included of course. The two-ball stanchions are scale and are CNC made from brass. The triangular mounting brackets are made from etched brass and brass tube. The rectangular plates for the hand-railings are included in the set. 12 or 14BA bolts are used to bolt them directly to the kickboards. These are not supplied with the kit but are available from us should you need them. RUNNING SET £60 The Running Set consists of two short prop-tubes carrying the prop shafts through the hull and two A frames with stainless steel legs. Both tubes and A frames have twin bronze bushes fitted. Two ‘scale pattern’ 4 bladed brass propellers are supplied. WINDOWS SET £75 The window set is again a kit in its own right and contains all the parts required to build all the wheelhouse windows. Each window is assembled from five separate components, all made from laser-cut Perspex. The finished windows are ultra realistic and are a major scale detail feature of the model. VAC FORMING SET £10 This sheet of 1mm thick High Impact Polystyrene vac formings comprises of all the inset boxes in the wheelhouse, the four triangular mountings on the Wheelhouse roof for the ‘Y’ boat, the fendering protection plate at the bow roller, the radar box motor box, four round fenders and the four life raft boxes. HEXAGONAL HEADED SCREWS SET £78 On the full size boat there are a lot of hexagonal-headed stainless steel bolt heads left unpainted and on full view. Mostly, they secure panels and vents along the wheelhouse side, engine covers and the like. These are an important feature of the model and are represented by specially made dummy hexagonal headed screw bolt heads. They are machined from brass and then Nickel plated. These enable you to achieve coloured panels with unpainted bolt heads with amazing accuracy and relative ease. FENDERING SET £40 The rubber fendering surrounding the edge of the hull is especially made for Speedline Models and is of true scale section. Made from the same type of rubber as the real thing, it even smells right! BRASS ROD SET £50 This is a collection of various size annealed (bendable quality) brass rod for the handrailings , mast, grab rails etc. Y class RIB £44 The ‘Y’ boat is an essential part of the Severn and has been modelled as a complete boat, not just a tarpaulin covered one. The model is fully detailed and is a scale lifeboat kit in it’s own right. Many kits have actually been RC’d themselves. Full Kit £1038 Carriage P & P in mainland UK is £20 for the kit. Please enquire about overseas shipping cost. Postage for individual sets bought separately is charged at cost..

happy hunter by spitfiresooty Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 days ago
the superconductor is coming on ok just using photos and adjusting the scale .I,ve used a snake for the steering as ther doen't seem to be enough room for a servo near to the rudders .I,ve found a small motor in my bits and fitted that to the bow thrusters.I,e had the radio connected to and everything seems to work ok so 'i've glued the deck in place .I need to put some strengtheners in the main cabin as it will need to support the mast assembly. I am stuggling to get the curved bits right for the bow and the front of the bridge but will get it right eventually

No Bowsie ? Try this by Donnieboy Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
I'll be looking forward to it. Going to start taking pictures of them and writing down the specs for them.This way I can post them with the info on hand. Thanks Ron.

No Bowsie ? Try this by Ron Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Donnieboy we gotta get your Harbour photos and personal photo done. I can help you do this. I used kite string to rig the boat, dipping the cut string in liquid glue to keep it from fraying. When dry, the line went easily through the holes. I know these home made Bowie’s are not as nice as the purchased ones, but they will do just fine for awhile.

No Bowsie ? Try this by Donnieboy Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
If you have surplus servo arms cut them down and use them. great idea.If you need any I have lots.You can have some even for future projects.

No Bowsie ? Try this by Ron Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
My nearest hobby store did not have any Bowsies and when they said 21 Bowie’s would be $18 I started looking to see how to make some from what I had on hand.

Bench sander by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Thanks for the info. I suspect the mod I intend may need me to dismantle the whole unit. I don't trust the stick on discs so will replace with velcro types. I agree the disc can be fitted with the plate in place and for the price it's cheap and cheerful and will certainly save some elbow grease.

Deck position line by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
After the hull is glued together. Draw a line 3/4" below the gunwale! This is where the deck will be placed. On this particular model. I noticed that Port and Starboard aren't symmetrical! The Starboard side, has got to get sanded down. 3/32" just at the bow area up to amidships! This should be done. so when you place the deck and Rubrail it is even! On this model your measurements for the rubrails. are done using the caprail! so the caprail should be even. Port and Starboard should be symmetrical.... If NOT when you look at the tug from the bow the rub rails. will be off and NOT even!

Too Powerful Brushless ? by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
big pair of molegrips on it, and twist😁 regarding the rudder, I use standard profile rudders, and cut them this way. The rudders are like brakes, and I was having issues on fast gradual turns the bow was coming down, almost digging in. Thinking it was weight displacement I spent ages messing around, until a friend suggested cutting down the front edge, gradually, and seeing how it went, this cured the problem, turns are nice and flat

SG&K gentlemans runabout by BigAlio Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 14 days ago
Stancraft boat has spray rails from bow to front of cockpit but I think there needed when you have 625hp on tap : StanCraft Torpedo Viper V10 625hp. think i might build mine as a stancraft version.