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Leaking Boat! by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Yes quite agree Doug. Just assumed that as it did not appear in the two forward sections, but in the third and fourth, it would not emanate from the Bow. I hope images show the 'issues' at the Bow end. Not noticed before the bath trial. Although water does appear to have the ability to "move in mysterious ways", its dampness to perform................. Cheers NPJ

Leaking Boat! by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Well the Eke-Kote has arrived, but so have the visitors....... So no playing just yet. I like the putting water inside and using absorbent paper on the outside. However, I think I have spotted an issue around the Bow not noticed before. I do not think it can have contributed as in the wrong place, but potential issue for the future maybe. Could make the difference on the decision. NPJ

Range Safety Launch? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi Neville, that far forward I would definitely look for some hull damage forward; crack in a seam or delamination? When you find it clean off all the paint around it, seal it with EzeKote and repaint. Inside fill either side of the keel in that bay with resin. Check also the skin joints around the chine. Re motors; I don't see any suppression capacitors 😲 and the motors (or the one I can see) are mounted very high giving a very steep shaft angle! Will tend to push the bow down at speed instead of planing🤔 Ciao, Doug 😎

Range Safety Launch? by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Water collected in second compartment from the Bow. (First image). Was in Bath for 8 hours or more. Will act upon what you said. What do you think of the motor connections....................? All the best. NPJ

20th Scale ELCO 80ft PT boat part 5 by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 8 days ago
After some calculations I find I need to extend the reinforcing for the port & starboard shafts forward towards the bow. Created some wooden guides when drilling the prop-shaft holes and glued them in position temporarily, as you make expect the drill needs to be rather long, so I made one out of an old brass shaft basically sharpening it so it could cut wood. Next job will be to cut out for integrated shaft support brackets (2mm wide and minimum of 35mm long slot) and the tube shafts are 8.5mm in diameter.

Seat Trials and mods. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
It’s been a while since the boat had it’s maiden voyage on the lake at St. Albans and I’m pleased to report that it looks really good in the water and goes like stink if you open up the throttle. Sadly I still don’t have any decent video of the boat yet as I can’t film and drive the thing at the same time, but I do have some static wide shots from my GoPro. When I do the video I’ll ask a cameraman mate to do the honours, maybe I’ll put the GoPro on the bow and then the stern to get some low action shots…the storyboard is already building in my head!! These early runs were great as they showed up some minor problems that needed attending to. I found that it needed ballasting slightly as it was not sitting on the waterline evenly from side to side so I flattened out some old lead water pipe and cut it into small sections so that I could add ballast incrementally. I did this in the ‘domestic test tank’ and once I was happy the lead pieces were fixed in place inside the hull with some super strong double sided tape. The ESC needed a little programming adjustment because I had forgotten to set the low battery level point to ‘off’ as I am using NiMh batteries and not LiPo’s , that was the cause of the short initial run time on the first outing…..DOH !! The batteries are now held in place by Velcro straps on some bearers that I added, otherwise a battery change involved cutting cable ties and replacing them at the lakeside…not very practical. The volt/amp/watt meter is also now on a proper bracket so that the display is more readable. I have also changed the charging connection from the nasty Tamiya connector to a nice little panel mount XT 60 connector that HobbyKing sell, it comes with a handy blanking plug that I have drilled for a retaining cord. I have also finally got around to upgrading the firmware on my Turnigy i6 radio to the 10 channel version so that I can assign the lighting to the switches properly and have the rotation of the searchlight on one of the two rotary knobs. I can use the old 6 channel RX in the new boat….blog coming soon.

20th Scale ELCO 80ft PT boat part 4 by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 10 days ago
Added some strength to the Bow also act as glue points for the bow strips of ply or planking. Created a template of the first section of ply to go on, thought I would mark out the rudders, prop-shaft supports and shaft exit points. Unfortunately due to cost restrictions I cannot afford to buy or have the facilities to make the correct layout of brackets and supports for the shafts, which I feel may not be up to the job when coping with the high outputs of brushless motor, (still that my excuse) So to use my poor-mans prop-shafts (with integral support skeg) I have had to reconfigure the layout slightly but will keep the original 3 prop-shafts and 3 non-scale rudders, but may shape them as per the originals.

Another useful site for all 'Woodies' ;) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
I don't have to hunt! Pinterest Newsletter delivers 'to the door'! 😁 I'd already guessed that at least YOU would know about them. I'm just trying to inspire a few others so you'll stop moanin' about the lack of Woodies! 😉😁 Did you check out the link? There's many more nice boats and lots of building tips and plan links in it👍 Oh, and some essential accessories as in pic!😲 The bowsprit nets I mean, honest injun!! Cheers, Doug 😎 36°C in the shade again today🤔 I ain't goin' nowhere til it cools down - a lot😡

20th Scale ELCO 80ft PT boat part 4 by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 11 days ago
Finished gluing in stringers a total of 8 in all, started profiling stringers and rudder and stern tube (prop shaft ) supports. An important piece of advice from my Dad is to "make sure every thing is fair to the eye." Meaning it must look straight or the curves must flow, no kinks or unsightly lines. Thus some of my frames had to be adjusted by perhaps padding out or moving the position of the stringer in the frame. Added gluing supports around the bulkheads and other frames this is to support the 0.7mm ply joints until I get to the Bow when I intend to use small strips of ply or wood.

Aerokits MTB, what is it?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
BTW Martin; just looked at the video link you posted. That boat looks underpowered to me, or too much weight forward? Bow hardly comes outta the wet stuff, my little Sea Scout performs better than that 😁 Also seems to need the spray rails fitting. With all that splash the crew would have had a lotta fun arming the torpedoes 🤔😲 PS; I'm about to test run the first Taycol conversion board I made for you on my Taycol Target. More soon 👍

Inspiration for beautiful boat builders ;-) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 days ago
Gotcha! I'm at the other end of town in Ramersdorf near the Ostpark, where my sailing lake is, complete with Biergarten and terrace restaurant 😊 Unterföhring I know, that's where my home bowling alley is, Dream Bowl Palace! Built about 10 years ago, biggest in Europe now with 52 lanes. Worked here for Rohde & Schwarz for 32 years on Naval Communication Systems. Hmm, will have to have another look at the printer, and make some space to be able to use it! 😲 Cheers, Doug

BRAVE BORDERER by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
This hobby gives countless opportunities for changing ideas! After some thought, have decided to try another approach. Whilst brushless motors give fantastic performance; so far have had poor experience of system reliability. As more information and advice from other modelers is gathered, suspect have been using undersized ESCs, accounting for many of the problems. However, whilst still waiting for the new brushless motors an idea developed. To instal a brushed motor on the centre shaft, whilst retaining brushless on the outers. My thinking is this could provide several advantages such as; a better slow speed performance more suitable for manoeuvring, lower current draw, improved fuse life and a reliable BECC output. It will also operate at below the Li-Po cut-off voltage, giving a “get home” facility in the event the brushless ESCs cut-offs operate. However, there is a slight weight penalty as brushed motors and ESCs are heavier than brushless. Fitted a brushed motor of the same O/D and mounting arrangement as the previous brushless to minimize installation issues. With a reliable Mtroniks ESC from my stock and suitable fuses, fitted these items along with the ballast and battery used earlier. Now, back to the pool. The system worked well. The vessel speed is much less than with a brushless motor on the centre shaft, but control-ability greatly improved. With the triple rudders she steers nicely. The thought of using a brushed motor on the centre shaft, with a brushless motor on each of the outers is attractive. It is hoped the additional operation of the outers in conjunction with with the centre shaft, will provide the expected performance. The centre shaft would then also provide manoeuvring and reliability with the outers shut down. If this works, think this power-train combination could be ideal. Once the new brushless motors and ESCs arrive will instal and report. On the attached pictures, the first shows the ballasted model sitting with the brushed centre shaft motor, the second with a brushless. The difference in draft is imperceptible, the bow sits slightly high in both cases. The third shows the model with the brushed centre shaft operating only at “full” speed.

Spektrum, new, useless... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
Hi Martin, I used a 'protection piece' as well, but only when facing fast bowling on a 'sticky wicket' 😲😡😭 If it slipped around I just tightened the straps 😁😁 'Old Mould'; Of course! A nice ripe Stilton or Gorgonzola. Not to mention Roquefort 😋 Canopy glue doesn't seem to have the 'lumpy' problem. I only discovered it, and other Deluxe Materials stuff, last year and up to now I'm very pleased and impressed with their stuff. Not cheap but they do exactly what it says in the blurb 😊 Cheers, Doug 😎

20th Scale ELCO 80ft PT boat part 1 by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 24 days ago
I hope to be able to mix two method of skinning the boat sheet ply on aft as the aft frames (6-12) have minimal curvature and diagonal planking on the bow frames (1-6).

20th Scale ELCO 80ft PT boat part 2 by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 25 days ago
Finish of frame cutting, some left as solid bulkheads. Added frames to base board Cut extra patterns for bow shape both side and deck profiles (minus 6mm stringers) transom set at 12 degrees.