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brushless motor
Skipjack class scamp by dasbootu47 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 days ago
Converted revell kit Im using an A1 downunder dive dystem Using a bag filling it with water Rattle can base coats then different tones airbrushed over that then brush weathering

Legal Limit by Krampus Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
Original design "Express Cruiser" type boat. Old home-made fiberglass hull built in UK in the 1970s and rescued from previous owner's garage. Model built during April-July 2015. Approx. 1/24 scale. In trying to emulate a Bertram Bahia Mar boat, I ended up with an originally fictitious design. Real life boat could be a 32-footer (9.75m) yacht. 3mm 9v LED navigation lights system. Runs on Mtroniks G2 3A Hyper BEC 6-12V 15A Constant controller, Biao123 A2122 brushless motor, and a NiMH 10.8v battery.

Triton by Krampus Lieutenant   Posted: 5 days ago
With my boats getting routinely stranded in the middle of nowhere, I felt compelled to commission a rescue vessel and "Triton" was born. "Triton" is a Springer-type tug push boat. With a hull and superstructure consisting of an “Indiana” style command cabin, it was built using a pretty basic birch plywood American kit designed for swimming pool water polo. Kit altered to resemble a fictitious Salvamento Marítimo (Spanish Coast Guard) unit following Salvamento Marítimo’s actual boat markings. Equipment and deck layout inspired on actual Springer tug push boats supporting larger vessels and barges found in US and European ports and rivers. Model built during September – October 2015. Approx. 1/18 scale. Real life boat could be a 30-footer (9.14m) vessel. Equipped with 9v LED navigation lights and sound system. Powered by an HPI Racing 1145 Gt 550 Motor, NiMH 7.4v battery, a 3-bladed 44mm propeller, and a 6-12V 320A RC Ship & Boat R/C Hobby Brushed Motor Speed Controller.

Sea Hornet by canabus Lieutenant   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Jim I will be watching this built very close, as I have built one from original plans and also did the 25% as a future project. Because of the very limited engine and radio hatch, I design them larger, but, you are on the right path. I installed a 28mm brushless motor, 3S 2650mah Lipo battery with a 2 blade 32mm brass prop. I don't think the 25% bigger a one would require any more power as it a rocket. My hatches run down the deck planking lines, the original hatches are only for show. The engine starts from the front seat and finishes at the rear windscreen. I made up the cockpit floors etc. before I skinned the sides, a lot easier, also the floor is split over the keel with the seats one piece. Can-a-bus Canabus

SG&K 1920 Gentlemans Runabout Mk2 by lhpen Lieutenant   Posted: 6 days ago
Here's mine I built as per plan about 4 years ago. Name: "Merlin" Specs NiMH (7.2v) 4 Amp/h MTronics Viper Marine 15A Constant Motor: High speed Low drain 545 Type: Brushed Drive: Direct Drive Props: Single Propellor Type: 2 Blade X Type Size: 35mm Built from a Traplet plan In 2013. All wood construction, 545 direct drive motor water cooled with 2 blade prop. 2x 3.7amp 7.2 volt NiMhd batteries and a Mtronics Viper Marine 15amp speed controller.

what fittings for a plane prop by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi Sonar My airboat was a plastic hull and top from Mobile Marine. I added my own top details and use a 2228 brushless with a cut down 10" prop. Cheap 30amp Chinese ESC and 11.1v Lipo. This is the larger version there is a smaller version also. I am attaching some pics of mine and a fellow club members model Hope this helps. Drones are a whole new ball game but usually come as a complete ready to fly set. If you are thinking of pics of your boats on the water you will need to spend about £300 to get a good basic but reliable drone. Dave

what fittings for a plane prop by sonar Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
I was looking at a brushless setup . Esc motor and the matched prop for a plane at1.5. Kg The ad said nothing about the prop to motor attachment so I thought it was worth asking.

SG&K 1920 Gentlemans Runabout Mk2 by canabus Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
Hi All I have started my redesigned runabout by increasing the length to 860mm. The motor and ESC will move to under the removal dash for better weight balance. Increase the engine hatch to get the Lipo battery, receiver and servo into. This will be hidden by the deck planking and the original hatch size will get it back to scale look. Brushless motor 3639-1100kv,3S battery, 60A car ESC and 37mm 3 blade prop.

Berrinche by Krampus Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
22.5 inches RC boat inspired on 1970s Chris-Craft Commander 36, 42 and 45 footer boats. Model equivalent to a real-life 36 footer vessel. Barebones fiberglass hull from a UK manufacturer. Powered with a brushed 500 motor, 30A controller, 9.6v NIHM battery. Video made during first trial at the Eibsee lake in Bavaria, Germany.

PT Boat 673 by wcolombo Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 10 days ago
PT Boat scale 1/20 length 1.22 m, Motorization one brushless motor and two 550 14 v motors , fiberglass hull, superstructure in acrylic laser cut, details in resin and 3D print.

Jet Sprint Boat by rolfman2000 Lieutenant   Posted: 14 days ago
Wonders. Looks fab. And with that amount of power should move as well. Our lake prohibits petrol or nitro boats, so big brushless would be out preference with maybe a 2 x 6s Lipos in series giving 12s power. Best wishes Rod. Good luck cleaning the man cave. Cheers, Dave W 😊

Top and hull come together by rolfman2000 Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
It's looking really good Rod. It will be nice to see how the jet drive fits, and what sort of brushless motor you're going to fit (And obviously, what voltage you're going to choose 6s plus. I've heard of folks using 2×6s packs in series 😨) The options are unreal. Best wishes, Dave W 😊

Fairy Huntsman by Sparkman Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 17 days ago
Sorry yes ,it's a refurbishment of a 34 " all wood boat .found in a loft and been there a long time , I prefer brushed motors and would like it to plane ( can always slow it down .thanks for your interest Brian

Fairy Huntsman by rolfman2000 Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
Hi Sparkman. It might help if you tell us what size Huntsman it is. 34" or 46". Also what hull. Either wooden, or glassfibre. Also, what sort of performance you expect of it. Are you using brushed or brushless motors ? Hopefully, if you let the group know, you might get an answer. Best wishes, Dave W 😊

Fairplay X - Plastic Magic! :-) by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
Hi Figtree, 'Ahoy sailor'! Lot of rain this last week (saved dragging the garden hose out at least!) now sunny and around 20°C, 30°+ forecast for tomorrow and next week 😎 So I can get some spraying done outside 😊 How's things in your neck of the woods? Cheers Doug PS DHL say my new airbrush and compressor will arrive this afternoon 😊 Can't wait to check it out!