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It's a sad day!. by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
I do wish people would sign their posts, if only because I feel a bit odd typing long "handles". Anyway...Cadbury's? Is that Bourneville? If the lake was built by Cadbury employees why have the Council got a damned thing to do with it. Has anyone tested that? I would still use the IC boats and wait till some little Hitler comes hobbling along with his hat and his silly voice and a BIT OF PAPER, lads! No Paper, no comply. Another club I heard of that positively welcomes IC is at Bungay in Suffolk. Check it out. The more get stroppy, the fewer the stupid, uninformed councils (and, I hate to add, Clubs) can lay down a non-existent law. Right on, Brothers and Sisters. Never forget there will be power cuts soon. No lecktrickery to charge these nasty LiPos, so IC will prevail. I must restart the Anarchists Model Boat Club. I have a very good badge. Martin

It's a sad day!. by Novagsi0 Captain   Posted: 8 days ago
Yes E.T Westbury "Sealion", we have many homemade engines in boats made by my father, Whippet, Seal, Wallaby, Kiwi, (attached). Council finally put a sign up at our lake, no IC engines. Endorsed by the sailing lads. It was also a lake for tethered hydro's in the past built especially by employee's of the Cadbury group for power boating. sign of the times! The Sealion engine was to go into a small tug.

More running in at Bournville. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
I had understood that this was an 'old motor'. Could have meant decades! Quote: "old Brushed motors MFA850" But an extra .047 across the terminals won't hurt. Re: Fail Safe; a common problem as 99% of sets are pre-programmed for the Fly boys. First thing I do with a new set is delete all the presets for fixed wing / Heli and reprogramme to do what I want and on the stick, switch or knob that I want. Throttle Fail Safe on a plane is often equivalent to throttle stick right back since plane ESCs don't go in reverse the motor just stops. Can have some interesting effects on a boat ESC with reverse though !!!😲 Happy Trialling 😎

Quote from A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
"Ethical leaders can mold a culture by their words and, more important, by their actions, because they are always being watched. Unfortunately, the inverse is also true. Dishonest leaders have the same ability to shape a culture, by showing their people dishonesty, corruption, and deception. A commitment to integrity and a higher loyalty to truth are what separate the ethical leader from those who just happen to occupy leadership roles. We cannot ignore the difference." Comey, James. A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership (p. xi). Pan Macmillan. Kindle Edition. Draw your own conclusions gents! A powerful and interesting / disturbing account of Washington / US politics over the last year or so! Read it, you won't regret it! You might think it's a film script, unfortunately it isn't! Comey's final comment in the Author's note- "I spent a lot of time thinking about the title of this book. In one sense, it came out of a bizarre dinner meeting at the White House, where a new president of the United States demanded my loyalty—to him, personally—over my duties as FBI director to the American people. But in another, deeper sense, the title is the culmination of four decades in law, as a federal prosecutor, business lawyer, and working closely with three U.S. presidents. In all those jobs, I learned from those around me and tried to pass on to those I worked with that there is a higher loyalty in all of our lives—not to a person, not to a party, not to a group. The higher loyalty is to lasting values, most important the truth. I hope this book is useful in stimulating all of us to think about the values that sustain us, and to search for leadership that embodies those values."

Northern Model Boat Show Doncaster 2018 by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hosted By CADMA Adults £5 Children under 16 £2

Leicester boating water. by glyn44 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Colin, I’m in Leicester. I think that the boating like is only used for special model shows/occasions. I fairly certain that it is not used by any club, on a regular basis. Yes, the school is still on Melton Rd, now an academy of course. Certainly much larger than it used to be.

LiPo batteries by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Good idea 👍 I have an ex RAF ammo box I've been using as a tool box for years (decades😲). The tools will now have to find somewhere else to sleep 😉

Sanding down. by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi MouldBuilder, I have been using a car window washer pump for about 15 years in my fire boat with out problems. Sourced mine from local scrap yard, cost me 50p for two, second went into another boat 2 years ago. Both boats running on 9.6 volt nicads. Cheers Colin.

HMS HOOD by Trumpeter by Rookysailor Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
You have aquired some great knowledge Doug, most of all you have kept it, well done. I was in Hamburg 1967 playing with a band at the Top Ten club on the Reeperbahn (learned a lot there), we used to go to a imbis next door to the club, the owner spoke a little english as I at that time spoke very little German. He told us a bit of his life story, he was on the Bismarck on sinking, he was picked up by the british and took to a pow camp near the Cadbury factory in England. He took a few of us to the B&V yard, and gave us a guided tour very interesting, he was call Fritz and he had a phrase he always used when we spoke of the war ' thats the vay de ball bounces', with a very heavy German accent. I spent many years in Germany and loved every minute of it. warm regards, Peter😊

The Lone Ranger Rides Again or Hull Finishing ;-)) by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
I see you have shown some small bristle brushes. Yes I do have those all stored in a Cadbury's chocolate finger tin. When I said about bristle brushes I meant larger ones from DIY shops for painting larger area's. But looking at your build blog this is where I am going wrong. You seem to be spraying and I use brushes. I am not very good at the spraying lark. I always seem to get runs. I think I must try to rush the spraying but I also seem to get cans that end up spitting the paint when I use them. I think some more perseverance is needed. Thanks for the information.

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi MB, can only say what I have which works and I ain't set the house on fire yet 😉 Not surprisingly for someone living in Munich both mine are from German companies! Robbe Power peak Uni 7 and Graupner Unimat 14. There are later versions of both around nowadays but you can still find these on Amazon / Ebay etc. Both of them have automated programmes for various Lithium types, NiMH / NiCad (not recommended these days!) and SLAs. Robbe is now defunct and their Marine stuff taken over by Graupner and marketed as RoMarin! Pics also show the Balancer Adaptor Boards, necessary to connect the balancer cable of the battery. This ensures that each cell is equally charged 😊 I also included in the pics the little battery Capacity Testers I use. They cost around a tenner and are very useful for checking the capacity before a run or charging, as well as the voltage and capacity of each cell, which gives an indication of the battery condition. I found some duff cells with the tester in a few batteries I'd only just bought 😡 When looking for / buying a charger look also for a LiPo Safe bag to charge them in. E.g. LiPo Guard. Charger may cost 50 quid upwards depending on how many charging outlets you want and how many Bells & Whistles. But I get on well with these two 😉 I like the Robbe version cos I can charge two LiPos at the same time. Also in the pics are a few of the charging cables I made up with gold 4mm bullet plugs for the charger end and Tamiya and BEC (for my Plastic magic stuff!) at the batt end. Such adaptor cables are also available 'ready made' but I just like fiddlin' 😊 Hope this helps, Cheers Doug 😎 Nearly forgot! Can't say for sure what current your motor will draw cos I don't know all the other details, but a 40" boat will need some shove! So I wouldn't go below the 5000mAH if you want a half decent run time. A 40" boat can carry a bit of weight! And batt power is more useful than pure ballast 😉 Recommend a little Wattmeter to check the max current draw - see last pic. Basic theory! A fully charged 5000mAh (or 5AH) batt can theoretically deliver 5A for one hour, or 10A for half an hour and so on! Say your set up draws 20A with the 'pedal to the metal' then a 5000mAH batt will 'theoretically' last 15 minutes. Theoretically cos other factors are in play; initial charge state, temperature, internal resistance of the cells, cable losses etc. The latter is why I only use gold connectors! The higher the batt capacity the higher the price and weight. So suggest you start with the 5000 and see how (long) it goes. Then check the weights of higher capacity batts (and the bank account / management approval😉) Bon chance mon ami!

1/16 figures by marky Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
going to take the figures with me tommorow to show the CAD guru at the work who will scan them for me and then see if he can then 3D print them at the bigger scale will get a few done at 1/24th as well ,he's not sure if the scanner can do them as separate parts head, torso ,legs and arms so may have to stick them temporarily and then scan will let you know how I get on and will post photo when printed ,also said he may be able to print a mould to cast them .Cheers Marky

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by Biggles Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
I have an Aerokits Fast Patrol Boat, what scale 20mm deck gun did you buy is it 1/24? Also I was thinking of powering mine with a Graupner 700BB Turbo motor and Nicad battery packs or Lipo batteries. My hull doesn't have spray rails, should I fit some? Sorry for all the questions but I'm returning to powered model boats after a long absence! Thank you for any help received.

Wianno Senior by Ron Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
My next project is a scratch build of a Wianno Senior. Lots of pictures on Google, but had to get permission from the Wianno Senior Association for the build. They had concerns if I was making them on mass or what my intentions were. They sent me some old faint drawings first which I was able to redraw using a magnifying glass. Then they sent me this PDF which I dropped into my CAD drawing bringing to match my drawing. It will be built at 1”=1’ the model 25 1/2” length and 8” beam. Fascinating history on this 1914 Design look it up.

The Smoke Stack by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Aye Aye Sir, will do!👍 On to the third coat. The cabin roof took two coats of sealer (Lord Nelson brand), two coats of Lord Nelson semi-matt varnish as 'primer' then 4 coats of pro auto clear lacquer. Final shine was achieved with auto paint cutting polish and 'Anti Hologram Polish'!! Flattening with 1500 then 2000 grit between coats. On the deck I'm now up to 3000 grit! In the old days we called such stuff Cabinet Paper or 'Flour Paper'. Some of the tricks I've used here I learned decades ago when I used to restore cars! Nice little earner when I was in college 😉 The basics I learned from my Grandad who was a Master Carpenter, made a lot of church furniture. Remember seeing my Dad spit shine his Royal Air Force boots, and using a hot spoon to flatten the orange peel surface of new boots😲 Back to work, 3rd lacquer coat 😊 Back soon, cheers Doug 😎 PS: have a Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa concert video running to keep me company (and awake). Great music, highly recommendable 👍