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Handed props by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Simple answer is yes, you need to wire the motors so the props both rotate in the correct direction. I usually use a wetted finger behind (stern) the prop to feel the wash of air when rotating in the forward direction. if you can feel it from the front (bow) side it needs the wires swapping on that motor. I suggest you also check that the tx channel is set in the normal as against reverse setting before you start as some ESCs run slower in the reverse direction. Hope this helps and if you find my post helpful please tick the like box as it helps others find the post Dave

blowing the dust off the fireboat by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi Paul There are lakes either side of Boundary Park. If you refer to the one over the other side of the A50 road, I believe it is privately owned and people have to pay an annual fee just to walk their dogs. Possibly also used by a fishing club. Going the other way, towards the motorway I understand this may be council owned but you are allowed to walk your dog. Either way you are unlikely to get permission as the local properties all fall in the £1M plus category and they are likely to object. Just a bit of background, the lakes were all created when the M6 was constructed with the sand dredged. They are all fed from ground water and are not fed from streams other than some overflow channels from adjacent lakes. Makes for nice clean water but subject to weed growth due to chemicals in the ground water table. You are very welcome to come with your boat, please send me an e-mail so I can be sure to be present Dave

Model Slipway "Maggie M" by Flack Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
For sale is my " Maggie M" kit which has to go to fund my next Lifeboat kit. The kit has everything to complete the model including a brushed MFA 919D series motor with a 2:5:1 gearbox, coupling and brass propeller but with the exception of paints, crew figures, model filler, adhesives, Tools and equipment. To complete a fully working radio controlled model a minimum 2 channel radio, speed controller and suitable battery would also be required. The kit has been started and the pictures show the work carried out. The size and weight of the packaged model will make insured post and packing expensive so local pick up is desired with payment in cash on collection, but I am prepared to arrange carriage at cost. The price is £200 ono plus p&p if required.

Radio kit & batteries by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
My decision to include functional lighting and a rotating searchlight in addition to the usual throttle and rudder functions meant that I had to revise my initial choice of radio kit from a two channel system to at least a four channel system. My final choice was actually a Turnigy TGY-i6 six channel system from Hobbyking. The reviews I read during my research were very complimentary and it certainly fitted within my budget, I actually view it as extraordinary value for money at £44 for the TX/RX combination, my last R/C system was a MacGregor single channel 'clunk-click' system for £20 back in 1970-something when that sum was my weeks wage! 😯 The programming options are predominantly for aircraft and helicopter modellers but that's not a problem as there's all the basic programmable options in the menus that I need. I think I ordered the wrong 'type' of transmitter as I want the throttle on the left with a centre spring return and the rudder on the right stick, a quick strip down and butchers at the internals has shown that I can transpose the stick/pot/gimbal assemblies very easily to suit my preference and swap their functions in the menu options. The standard of construction is remarkably good for such a low cost piece of technology, speaking as someone who has seen and worked on the insides of innumerable bits of broadcast TV kit. The transmitter has four assignable switches, I'll use two for the lighting circuits, and one of the two pots will be ideal for my rotating searchlight. The rudder servo is a Futaba S3003 standard servo with plastic gears, I think anything more would be overkill. I also bought a couple of Turnigy R/C switches to control the lighting circuits and NiMh battery packs for the receiver and lighting supplies as I didn't want to feed these from the main batteries. I cobbled it all together on the bench for a quick test and it all works just as expected including running up the motor through the ESC, I have a programming card for that and I will need to set up the ESC before it goes in the water. The main battery packs are two 9.6v 5000mAh NiMh packs by Vapextech which are wired in series, they sit on a bearers on either side of the propshaft aft of the motor, the receiver battery pack sits between them and all will be strapped down with cable ties.

Creepy by chumbucket Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
This is Creepy,a springer tug that is 5 yrs old now.He pushes #1200lb pumpkins for the pumpkin regatta along with saving many of the PMPBA club members boats from certain sinking or floating away.I never go to any of the club floats without him.He runs a Harbor freight 550 motor running a Target Hobby 320amp ESC,on a 5000mah 2s lipo battery.The plans can be downloaded free off the internet and takes about a week to build for the experienced builder,Great for the new boat builders to do because its an easy build tug.Simple door skins,some balsa,1/2a running gear from Dumas,1.5 brass prop,2x2 rudder from aluminum,cheap 2channel radio,ESC from Target Hobby.

San Pedro Pus Boat - Engine Room Fittings by tomarack Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi, sorely I can not put the wiring diagram here, so please look at my album on Rajce , where I placed the wiring diagram!!! > /RC_model_Lulonga/ I do not think you got the wrong V-tail mixer, you just need it put to wiring and properly involve. Therefore, I do not use internal mix at transmitter, and even and cannot program it ( therefore, I chose a simple mixer - it performed only simple mixing of signals, in my case Ail and Throttle , no damned programming!!)   when connecting of engines because you have to program the transmitter to function properly. (Thr forward - backward) and canal -1 ("Ailerons" - adjust the direction of rotation so that when tilting the control stick left, right engine had more speed than the left engine, and vice versa) I have on Lulonga the rudder separately on channel 4 (on my model has a lousy efficiency), but it can be connected via a Y cable to output Ail, where one branch goes to the servo, the second branch to the V-tail mixer, or you can engage Mix, which lead the canal 1 Ail, a slave can 4 - Rudder - wants this just to try. Of course you can try a mix of programming of the transmitter, but I wanted first and foremost a simple electrical connection that works. Then, if you know how that works, then it is easier to try and programming of the transmitter. This I then used my second model, Thames sailing barge Capricorn > /TSB_Capricorn/ At the end of this album I gave examples of wiring and mixes too. I made a simple table, and then tried what and how it works. But it is a control model sailboats. For your model table would look different. It depends on what type of transmitter you have. wishing success ! Tom

San Pedro Push Boat by Peter47 Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Air bricks are best as they have holes already in to thread rope through. Works a treat at Ethrow Park once it is clear to open water, keep channel open by running you boats back to shore every so often. Funnily enough our lighter boats work best as they rode up the thinner ice and their weight distribution the rest. Brother 6' tanker was useless as it had a bulbous nose and just got jammed. :-)

POLARITY by tomarack Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi, because it is a ship model forum , I would like to add , that after a general agreement the frequency of 35MHz is primarily intended for model aircraft and for ship models this is 40 MHz. Modeler with his boat model to 35MHz in our country considers to be a reckless pirate. If by chance your transmitter operates on the same frequencies, and close air modeler accidentally tuned to your channel, you can cause air model disaster , which is several times more expensive than your ship model. Tom

Engine Sound Effects by alan bond Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Cormorant - Just spotted this thread - haven't received an e-mail yet - if you went via Technobots, maybe they haven't yet forwarded it to me - otherwise (Email Removed - PM Only) gets me direct. Check out my website - if you have a gas turbine sound file to send me I can pop it into one of my FE101 units and post a video of the result. The sound is embedded in the program memory of the chip so cannot be altered by the user. I have one or two of these prototypes left for £25. You'd need to supply an amplifier for this version (unlike the FE100 - but no more of those left!) I've done further work on using sounds stored on a microSD card so users can customise units themselves - however this is still work in progress and I've been busy this last year with gizmos for model aircraft, so it's on the back burner. For lots of discrete sound EFFECTS see my 16 channel sound effect unit which has a built in 3W amplifier

Engine Sound Effects by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
for info, I wanted a very specific sound unit for my Jaws boat Orca. Rather than just playing engine sounds etc, I wanted to be able to select specific tracks, music, dialogue etc from the film. I got all I needed from the internet, and saved on an sd card. Using a free download to convert music files, (google "lame for audacity")I then found an engine noise that I was able to have on a continuous loop behind the dialogue etc. I then got a soundcard from technobots, and Alan devised a trigger unit, meaning I can select the tracks from a vacant channel on my transmitter sticks. eg, if I want the Jaws theme music, I have to move the stick 3 times up, if I want some dialogue from one of the characters, its 4 moves down, and so on, with something like 8 each direction, so 16 choices in all I am not tech savvy, and I found it pretty easy to do. The system is now several years old, so things have moved on, Alan will no doubt be able to help Paul

The wheelhouse, pain tempered by an inspired suggestion! by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
The wheelhouse construction on first sight seems to be reasonably straightforward but in practice it was a real PITA as the instructions are somewhat lacking in detail and the drawing supplied isn't of much help either so I largely disregarded them and placed the cabin and windscreen formers so that the geometry was correct. This involved putting in extra supporting pieces and bevelling the formers so that the windscreen panels and roof skins would fit properly when I was ready to fit them. Also, the instructions say to fit the glazing to the windscreen panels and fix them in place during this phase of the construction, something that I considered very impractical and unwise so I decided to find a better way to do this at a later stage 💭 Whilst working on this it was suggested to me by a family member that perhaps the searchlight could be engineered to be a working feature? I had always intended to build a high power LED into the searchlight controlled by a R/C switch, but could it be possible to make it rotate as well? I decided to take time out to research a practical means to do this as it would be quite a nice feature and also a good excuse to upgrade my choice of R/C system from 4 channel to 6 channel for not much more outlay 😀

Plug in battery by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi I see you are located over the pond so will not be infringing the UK frequency control re 35Mhz. I am assuming by old you are referring to the older three pin female sockets with the battery and servos using a three pin male connector? You can use modern kit with the Rx but will need a conversion lead to match the sockets on the tx to the modern plugs. Trying to remember my flying days equipment I believe the battery socket was marked as such. The connections polarity wise were the same with black negative, red positive and white signal wire. The black wire was always nearest the case bottom edge with the red wire between the black and white wire. The battery connector did not have a connection to the signal wire so if a servo does not work in a channel it could be that is the battery connector socket. I hope this helps but please ask if you need further help Dave

Turnigy FHSS RADIO by shambles Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 months ago
For sale Turnigy 3xS FHSS RADIO 3 Channels RF 2.4Ghz FHSS 15 Model Memory Steering Wheel extension as standard,normally only found on high end radio Features large easy to read LCD screen

Push tug by Tall Paul Lieutenant   Posted: 5 months ago
Thanks figTree7nts, The link took me to a circuit diagram which shows what connections I need to make. Instead of connecting esc to Rx each motor connects to its own esc and each esc connects to the mixer which then connects to two channels of Rx. Not sure yet how Rx picks up its own power supply which it normally does from the esc .... Will be finding out Wednesday so could report back then.

Smoke Generator by ronrees Seaman   Posted: 5 months ago
Hi All, Note your comments on the Vapourising Steam generators. I have fitted the one by Colin Graham as advertised in most Model Boats issues recently. It can be clearly seen in my Streamlinia articles (Sept and Oct issues Model Boats) and is a fantastic product, works instantly and reliably. Only 200ml of cold tap water so there is no trace of oily fall-out on your model. The 3D printed casing, with its sloping top, I had a small input with this design and it does make a difference, channeling a good amount of 'steam' up wards also being a one-piece unit there is no risk of seams or joints coming apart, because there aren't any!, a real bargain at about£50 all up. It also features in a forthcoming model tug build article ( Model Boats early in 2017, I hope) Cheers..........Ron Rees.