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Is there a way to...? by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
the short answer is YES! however it may be a little more difficult than your willing to undertake I guess you want to allow some one to select full throttle but have limited speed. Depending on your transmitter you may be able to have dual rates on throttle. if not read this article its a walk through on retro fitting dual rates on throttle. style='background-color:yellow;'>channel-of-a-transmitter/

Videos by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi, thanks. No idea what Mbps are or how to change them from one to another, but 40 minutes is plenty to just record bits of boats afloat. I've often wondered about a youtube channel showing people how to make stuff. My 11 year old grandson lectured me on it yesterday! "You'll need a decent camera with a tripod, Grandad", he said knowledgeably, "and a mike and you need a nickname and an Intro and an Outro" He wasn't impressed when I joked that that was a track on a Genesis album. Cheers, Martin

SA Valour Class Frigate by Joburg-sailor Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 20 days ago
Just a further update on my MEKO Frigate. Thanks to the patience and advice from Doug together with a local boff friend, JohnO' with advice on electronics, I have now ventured into the realm of YouTube for the first time and am able to provide the short video suggested by Reilly4 some while ago. This sequence is returning the heli back into the hangar. The "Out"sequence is the reverse. Both "Out" and "In"are sequential on one channel of the TX. I have been told that the address below must be pasted into your browser. Hope it works.

Spectrum dx6 mixing for twin screw left stick by bigballs1325697 Seaman   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi can anyone help me I've built a twin screw bait boat, escs have reverse and want to be able to control turning using the motors on the left stick. What channels do I need to use and what mixes . Thank you Gary 👍

RC....mixers? And other unknowns.. by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
I recently tried 2 ESC(s) into one battery connection then into 2 channels of the radio. Received wisdom said that one of the red leads to the radio should be disconnected. This I tried and one ESC ceased to function. So to prevent unwanted feeding on the positive lead from one ESC to another I fitted a diode to each of the ESCs. If you were to do the same I think your setup would work. However if your TX has mixing capability then why not use that ability to mix rudder with the 2 outboard motors so you have the added steering of the 2 outer motors? Any how fit the diodes please this should prevent the ESCs damaging each other its a simple job 20 diodes for £1 the silver band is positive so goes towards receiver plug.

RC....mixers? And other unknowns.. by BW3 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 25 days ago
Ok... Currently trying to build a Itaieri Schnellboot, ...but am questioning if what little I think I know to be correct/ workable... I have amassed the following : 3- Hobbyking ST3007 1100KV brushless motors each direct drive to 32mm plastic props.... (2 right hand drive and 1 left hand drive props... swapped over leads on on motor to get it to run as yet untested the left hand prop) 3- Turnigy nano tech 3s 3000mh 25-50C Lipo ( Have got a balance charger and board , flame proof charge bag , battery voltage check/ alarm units, and will check and charge them await the only local help I have in RC / lips battery a helicopter flyer who has no experience with RC boats ) I just read the post on WTail mixer and wonder if I need that or if my current unkowning idea to just connect all 3 ESC ‘s together to one channel on the radio , again was give Eflite Blade SR HP6DSM 2.4GHz to try out ,Will this unit work or do I need something else , currently will/ can use all 6 channels but would / could use more if I had them ... last time I had anything to do with RC was a a kid/ teen and back then you had ground radios and flight radios and the two should not be mixed .. Ok please advise , how far off am I or am I still within range of keeping it simple ? Thanks All Bill

Old outboard motor... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
GRP dinghy, ancient outboard separated into it's halves. The dinghy was made by a company that had done a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter which a friend was working on before he died suddenly. He decided that he wouldn't use the dinghy and gave it to me. I was thinking of using it for a mini steam plant as a river launch, but that's too far in the future. I think I may have a suitable dolly for the boatman. Martin

Hobby King receiver clones by Bryan-the-pirate Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Colin I operate all the frequency ranges you mention. In the old 27 Mhz any 27Mhz crystal set work providing the receiver is on the same frequency. The same is true for 40 Mhz each channel will transmit to any receiver within range but you can't put a 27 into a 40 or visa versa. I tend to use half channels as these days I am unlikely to meet anyone using them. Ebay is a very good source of crystals. The 2.4 gig system work by binding with a receiver and will only obey a signal sent for it. Just like the old game Simon says if that transmitter hasn't given the command the receiver will not obey. I hope that helps Bryan

Hobby King receiver clones by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Colin, when Doug repaired my faulty (at factory) Spektrum DX5e Tx, I sent him my Orange 6 channel Rx and a recently bought black one (just a number) and he bound both to the repaired Spektrum. I think you only need to make sure the compatibility with the operating system is right. But I'm sure he can explain all that better than I. Martin

Mcgregor 1990s transmitter/receiver by Kipper Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
To be honest, when you can buy a new 2.4g 6 channel transmitter for £30-£35, even if conversion is possible, I don't think the cost & work to convert is worth the hassle.

S.H.G Black tornado by thatsinkinfeelin18 Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
hi got this off internet not eBay!!!! going to over the winter add meteor 40 engine propshaft n' tube were already fitted as was water scoop n' outlet ,rudder , trim tabs,a 2channel Acoms r/c receiver and and 2 servos no trans. but it did all work ( all in a gooy margerine tub possibly the best part of 40 yrs worth of GOO!!!! Hull /deck look to be in good condition! will keep u informed on "resto" over the winter months regards

Channel 4 by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Only just seen this so missed it. Thanks for the prompt though. Will check through 'catch up' and that. All the best. NPJ

Tony O by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
No Martin, I don't think so. Once again; it's not so much what you say but HOW you say it. If your chat with the 'only geezer' was in the same vein as your recent posts I can fully understand that the reaction was 'don't call us - we'll call you'. Patience is NOT an excuse for wasting time. It is an essential component of successful negotiation. During my career I was often involved in systems design and contract negotiations for COMMS systems for ships yet to be ordered and built. Many of such projects took 5 to 7 years or more to come to fruition. My perseverance and patience paid off. I was the one who signed the contracts! I often heard from the shipyards and/or navies involved that they were put off by the 'pushy' tactics used by my competitors with less patience. Tolerance is also not a weakness. Lack of it IS. Differing opinions are fine, just depends how they are expressed. Denigrating and insulting others who have differing interests as morons is not the 'fine English art' ! Re: Dumbphone control Apps; YOU don't necessarily need to know (a Luddite wouldn't want to or need to anyway!) but the parents of your grand kids SHOULD in this day and age. Tell 'em to look for Apps like 'Quiet Time'. This enables them to define times that the kids can access the web online via smartphone and when it is blocked. And no, the kids can't normally get around it. If they can; leave 'em alone to make their millions! Re: Woodies; Super duper. You have seen that I have put a tremendous amount of effort into renovating the Sea Scout that my Dad built in the early sixties. I enjoyed the process and learned a lot doing it. But I am not fixed on that particular line of model boat / model ship building. If that's your only thing - fine. But why berate those of us who take a wider view and also have an interest and find challenges in making shipboard functions work in miniature in all sorts of ships? "I really couldn't give a sh*t if I was the only person left in the world making woodies. I do it for me only these days in the absence of any clubs. But I don't have to pretend to like all the other stuff. In another place are people who not only do sail, but specifically model barge racing and good on 'em. I don't ask that they do all the other stuff" No, of course you don't have to pretend to like 'all the other stuff' but you also don't have to decry those that DO like the other stuff, as you often do the tug aficionados for instance. OK, I can understand an aversion to warships as such if someone is a died in the wool pacifist, but nevertheless some appreciation of the skills involved in producing such outstanding warship models as seen on this site is not out of order, or...? (Bye the bye; I've often noticed that 'pacifists' have a particularly aggressive way of expressing themselves!?) After 30 odd years here in Germany I'm out of touch with the ground roots in UK, but over here things don't look so black. There are thriving model boat clubs all over. W.r.t. 'exciting aspects'; there are clubs in Germany, Holland and France and Italy also I think who happily and skilfully re-enact sea battles and convoy battles. There is at least one club in South England that also does that I believe, in Southampton or Portsmouth? Don't get Channel 4 here (re Battle of Britain re-run you mentioned) but I do get DMAX, which shows a series called 'Die Modellbauer'. In this the crémé de la crémé of German model making is depicted and judged for the annual cup at the International Model Show here. It covers everything from fire trucks, excavators, boats and ships of all kinds, and aircraft of of all types including turbine jets. Criteria for the competition being: 1) Shall be externally identical to the original in every detail (down to the rivets!)l, 2) Shall be able to perform each and every function of the original. 3) 150 days to design, complete and demonstrate the model. The point being that with extremely few solo exceptions the models are almost always built by a father and son partnership. So, sorry if the situation is drastically different in UK but 'over here' it ain't so black as you paint. Maybe it's a question of the attitude of the parents? BTW: for a fantastic example of 'modelling on a mammoth scale' pop across to Hamburg and have a look at the 'Miniature Wonderland' in the old Hafen City. All 1/87 scale, the largest model railway layout in the world, but also all types of aircraft and ships in action as well. Also shown from time to time on various documentary TV channels. BTW2: don't worry about the brass bashing, I'll work it out for myself. Have fun with the Taycols. Cheers, Doug 😎

Channel 4 by marky Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
If your in the UK turn onto channel 4 ,model battle of Britain . Cheers Marky

SLA Batteries! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
OK Ed so what you are actually doing is reversing the effect of that channel, i.e. Servo Reverse function which reverses the output of the RX to the ESC. You need to save this setting under the Model memory 'Brooklyn' otherwise you will have to do it again every time you switch on. 😲 What RC gear gear are you using? Cheers, Doug 😎