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lipo charge
Launch ELAINE, by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi Colin, As discussed on the phone; 2V grid bias, 90V anode supply! In those days they had 90V dry batteries, they musta run it 'sumow'! 😁 Don't give up so easy! Nowadays how about a 24S LiPo? Or even Martin's 'big box' solution. 24V chargers / balancers won't be cheap though🤔 2V is no sweat; 2V SLA, a la Glow Plug starter. How big is the boat an' how much weight can she carry? My first car radio was an ancient Echo valve job, with an inductive inverter bolted under the dash to produce the 90-100v for the bottles. Took me ages to find a way to mount it so it didn't make the whole dash hum like a swarm of bees😲 Later there was briefly a generation of 'low voltage' valves. Soon superseded by transistors from 1948 on. (And NO I'm not pre '48 vintage, well not quite!😉) Looking forward to your progress reports. Would really love to witness one of your displays. Please keep me posted about dates. All the best to you both, Cheers, Doug 😎 PS building a transmitter to match won't be easy. A TX on the right frequency is relatively easy, the tricky bit is the 'modulation' for the control functions! Hats off to your guy 'up the road' if he manages it! I'd really really love to see THAT!

SLA Batteries! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
I have checked the batteries. They are OK! Their polarities are +_+, -_-. I have also checked the charger. It's polarity is OK as well! I suspect the ESC! It's a PNP ESC!

1.5v AA Li-Fe/Li-ion/Li-po batteries by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 days ago
Charger needs to be any suitable WALL WART IIRCC👍

1.5v AA Li-Fe/Li-ion/Li-po batteries by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
Hi John, Yep, I heard that too. Don't see any real advantage though. Button cells are cheap enough (keep 'em in the fridge to hold their capacity longer) and it's a lot of faffing about and ANOTHER charger!😲 Cheers, Doug 😎

Tug For Sale by Dav58 Seaman   Posted: 26 days ago
Flying Osprey Tug Glasgow. Ready to sail. In good running order, Water tight. Working lights. Size is 36" long, 12" beam, 24" top of mast. Can run on Rotten Row Southport. May deliver by arrangment. £180 inc transmitter and charger. SOLD SOLD SOLD GONE GONE GONE Thanks Peter

1.5v AA Li-Fe/Li-ion/Li-po batteries by EricMB Commander   Posted: 27 days ago
Hi all, has anyone any experience of using these new 1.5v batteries? There are some that appear ‘normal’ in terms of charging, and a new breed of batteries with a micro usb slot in the top, needing a special usb charger. Any info appreciated before I order some! Thanks, Eric

Graupner Jumbo 540 motors by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
hi Will, I agree with replacing the SLA. If you don't want to go LiPo cos of chargers etc etc how about a 5 cell 6V NiMh? much lighter than the SLA For the ESC switch to the Mtroniks Viper Marine Micro 10. That handles motors up to 550 can size, 10A motor limit, and runs off 4.8 to 12V 👍👍 I use these very happily on ships running 2 or 4 540s. A destroyer and a cruiser. Both about 54". You can get 'em about 5 quid cheaper here There are also 15 and 20A versions if you want to run both motors off one ESC 😉 Cheers, Doug 😎

Graupner Jumbo 540 motors by CB90 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
I think it would be worth the risk of running the DC Motors at 7.2v (NiMh) or second choise 7.4v (Lipo) and get rid of the 6v lead acid battery. The chance of damaging the motor is limited, the battery packs will be lighter than an equivalent lead acid, but will need to by a charger as well. Always put a fuse in line rated 5 amps below that of the ESC. Or buy two higher voltage motor? only £6.99 each plus P&P link copy and paste into browser address:-

ESC info... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
I was looking at that one! But as for the programming card...Gawd knows. I wouldn't know where to begin! Right now I'm bloody panicking as I can't find the Supermarine motor for the Crash Tender! I thought it was in the old motor drawer, but it ain't. I'm crossing fingers it's in a box in the loft. My son-in-law will have to go up there when the weather cools. Even he doesn't deserve the temperatures up there! Got my watt meter today, so that's now in a box with the condition meter and multi-meter, oh and the chenglish Charger and its power pack. BL motor and CNC 32mm prop still on the slow boat. So the ESC will be the last of the clobber for a while. By the time I have it all together it'll be Winter and all put away again! Thanks again, Doug. Cheers, Martin

Air screw driven hydro by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Don't do it! Use a river or a public lake. We HAVE to middle finger the arseoles who would have us using electrics as a matter of course. Rivers and canals can be used with ease as the real thing is already dirtying up the water, which, of course, the wild life are well used to. As an air boat would never be used that much anyway, keep it for when you travel to a river. Keep the electrickery for the Jobswuffs. AM 15 is a great little motor. I used to have one. Alweays started easily. Trouble is these days the fuel ain't exactly cheap, but then, neither is a brushless motor, Li-Pos, special charger, watt meter, battery condition meter, special wires and connectors, and of course special ESC which will almost certainly burn out like they all seem to eventually. Failing that put it on the shelf and await interested questions! Martin

Which battery? by marlina2 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
I tend to use LiPo's but they can be temperamental and need the correct charger. They are smaller and lighter than NiMH and give you a much greater output. NiMH are similar in size to LiPo but are heavier and will not have the same sort of power available. Lead acid are the easiest to use in terms of charging but are much heavier and larger then the other 2 types but tend to be cheaper. Lead acid are a good option if you need the ballast or are not limited on physical size. Cost is also a consideration a good quality charger can be an hefty investment but will serve you well and if you buy the correct type will charge/discharge any battery type that you have. I have heard horror stories about LiPo's bursting into flames, which my son did with his RC car. this was down to him not understanding this type of battery. I have not had good results in terms of endurance with NiMh but Lipo's if correctly selected will last much longer, a word of warning here though, they will stop working suddenly with no indication like running slow etc so if using LiPo's you will, need an alarm on each battery. Lead acid is much easier to in terms of Voltage either 6 or 12v with real problems when connecting them in series or parallel for use or charging, a little harder with the other two types but not impossible. This has probably confused you even more but I am sure you will come the correct battery. I have to confess I have an interest in this build as I intend it to be my next project👍

Inspiration for beautiful boat builders ;-) by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Doug, I think compared with how it was relatively recently, there are, for argument's sakes almost no real scratchbuilders any more. I mean take, or preferably make a drawing and, using stock materials, make a model of something for which there are no kits. And there, the grain of truth is already branching out into a full tree. And that ain't gonna get any better when your own grandchildren, who have grown up watching you make stuff still can't conceive of working at a bench to make something they want, because they can't use their 'phone. I feel sorry for them on one hand and on the other I don't give a shit because I won't be around to see their despair when the power runs out and they wish they'd listened. My two twin granddaughters believe that a portable charger will always be able to charge their 'phones, wherever they are. Common sense has not even taught them to question where IT gets its power. OK, their education so far has been woeful and finally is improving now they've changed schools, but really, should that be necessary in the modern age? But that's a different topic altogether. On a better note, I have finally heard from someone local who wants to meet up for a coffee and a natter to discuss running model boats on the local river, a calm and canalised thing with almost no flow and a bridge to get both sides. Martin

LED Tug Mast Navigation Lights by pittsfieldpete Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Sorry, Doug. I missed the LED tester suggestion. I remember the one about the bench top battery charger. I must’ve been in one of my narcoleptic fogs. I’ll get a tester as soon as I can. You’re correct, mercury vapor lights definitely would have been replaced by sodium vapor lights by now. Mercury that finds its way into the environment is a major concern. There are still areas on our interstate highways where yellow is used because heavy fog is a concern. Maybe a special yellow tinted lens is used. Bolt-on fog lights for cars have halogen bulbs in a housing with an amber lens. They cut through fog very well. Maybe the Wyeforce has similar deck lamps? Speaking of fog, The Goo is coming back again with a vengeance. I’ll be back when my eyes are clearer. Pete

LED Tug Mast Navigation Lights by pittsfieldpete Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hello, Doug: Are you doing OK? I sincerely hope so. 🙏🏼 Three questions have come up as a result of my searches on MB for information about & photos of Hobby Engine’s various tugs. First, when you have the time, will you please look at the wires that run from the circuit board up to the pilot house LEDs & ceiling light & let me know what gauge you think they are? I’ll need to get wire of the same gauge for my LED mast lighht connections, (assuming it can be done at all). Second, I would like to get a new 7.2V battery with a much higher amp-hour rating. Can I simply get a higher capacity battery & charger to do this as long as I stay with 7.2v? Last, the factory motors in the HE tugs seem to be quite robust & powerful. Why does it seem like most boaters can’t wait to replace them? Thanks, Pete

Longer run time by Haverlock Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Your question does not have simple answers have you used a watt meter to see the current your motor is drawing at full throttle? With any installation its a good idea to do that test since its a good way to match motor and prop. LiPo batteries have a better current delivery than lead acid BUT you do need to be careful about end voltages so as not to damage the battery. Many ESC have a voltage cut off built in to protect LiPo batteries it may be your hitting that limit with your lead acid battery. The simplest solution to your problem is to look at the Amp/hour rating of your existing battery and get something with a higher rating. Going LiPo can give a much higher rating with a LOT less weight. The downside being the need for a special charger and the need to be careful about storage and end point voltages. As to putting 2 batteries in series to get a higher voltage yes you can BUT increasing the voltage to a brushless motor requires you match the prop to the new voltage running on the existing prop will probably cook the motor. How hot is your brushless running now? Outrunners generally can swing a bigger prop than inrunners.