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sewing machine
Elizabeth by muddy Admiral   Posted: 2 days ago
After a long lay-off, not requested or wanted. The call of the sawdust was here again.. Looking back at the Gentlemans Cruiser, i decided to start afresh with its sister ship, Elizabeth. She is a hard chine construction so was hoping to get her to water in record time. But the gremlins set in when the hull had to be skinned.. The bottom skins did not want to play ball, or maybe it was me on a not so good day, but persevered and then planked the bottom in Obechie 6mm x 3mm, and then fitted the side skins vertical grained, and i must admit they fell on, no grunting and moaning with the hull frame in a half nelson trying to bash home a few pins, it was like hanging wallpaper.. The basic hiull is not as drawing with built up bulkheads but the keel and bulkheads are 5mm ply. Chines are 3/8" x 1/8" spruce and Obechie, obechie to the outer edges, easier to work.

Wherry hull in GRP by mastman Petty Officer   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi Martin this is Dave the owner of Mastman Models Arron is only a helper. Even though I am a toolmaker never Learn`t Cad was a night mare to learn that for the 3d Machines along with the CNC machine. The Wherry Hull is already Trimmed to Deck Level just needs the stringers put round the Hull and plonk a deck on. I would Gladly make a clinker Hull of a wherry if there where more hours in the day. Any Volunteers 😁

Wherry hull in GRP by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
All I get is a single page with dozens of headings on it, each another single page and if I click home I get Not found. Not impressive. I get no sign in/log on, etc. I think some of the items are 3Dprinted, but they are very cheap, so I reckon he has his own machines. My son does and says he can produce stuff cheaper by far than Shapeways.,etc. The guy behind Mastman seems to be unusually young, so 3D print would seem to be all he knows. But he needs to improve that wherry out of all recognition before he deserves to sell even one. Wherries were occasionally painted green where that one in the pictures above is blue. A read of Black Sailed Traders is all you need to know about wherries and it has good drawings of Gleaner, a "proper" clinker wherry. It has sections, so any model can be done from it. I am considering making one in 1/16th scale, using one layer of 1/16th" sheet ply for the twist, with a second to thicken the plank to a scale 2" thickness. It would be immensely strong too. I'm almost looking forward to it now. Cheers, Martin

It's a sad day!. by rolfman2000 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Yes, it is a sad day when, all of a sudden you can't sail your ic boats. Most clubs are electric/sail around us. A few even have "Nothing over 5mph limits". Luckily, I belong to a nice friendly electric/sail club where we can have fun with what we sail. And a few experiment with narrowboats/airboats/ rowing boats etc, so it's a fun mix. Hope you can find somewhere for your fuelled machines. Smooth sailing, Dave W.😊

site surgestions by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Agree Fred, I have to admit I have a Kindle Fire, but only so I can take a library of Clive Cussler with me on holiday. 😉 Sorry to hear of your HP problems, my last HP computer was an HP85 around 1975! The one with the little built in B/W screen and the Ski game! Since Dave died HP seems to have gone downhill 🤔 For the last 25 years or so I have only used DELL laptops, private and business machines, no problems. The PC I am using now is also a Dell workstation. And No I don't have shares or a franchise😉 There are today some really good notebooks on the market, not much bigger or heavier, than tablets but with much better, i.e. complete, operating systems. Acer for instance. I'm still not convinced by the tablet marketing, lots of promises but in practise not much delivery. And Apple I've never liked, full of stuff I don't need and links to other businesses I certainly don't want! I was an Atari fan in the early days. Glad to hear that some of my waffling has been useful 😊 Greetings from an Old Sea Dog as me old Mum calls me, cheers Doug 😎

rudder and water cooling by CB90 Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
Added rudder and water cooling pic-up and exit port today. Please note added strakes to underside of hull this is to force water under the boat, as vacuum formed hulls like this have curved chines which can cause the hull to be held back by the suction of the water. Also added some details such as hatches, and hand-rail effect to the cabin and painted it (stage 1) and also constructed a smaller servo cradle than the one provided.

1-35 scale S100 schennllboot by teejay Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi camyaj sorry but I have not kept the details, but if you type mini bead lathe in Google or what ever search engine you use, you should find quit a few at varying prices but more important you should be able to find one that suits you personal needs and budget. you may also find other machines such as a mini milling machines and accessories,( am waiting for one to arrive) but be aware check the accessories suit your choice of lathe as made a mistake with one , but was ok as I was able to modify the part to suit my lathe.

Brushless Programming Cards by CB90 Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
Thanks for your responses, please note this ESC does not have a brand name (generic Chinese job) and it didn't have any mention of a card on the instructions. Anyway I tried it on 2 cards I have got and they did not work, resorted to sticks and code tones to turn off the break function. Boat ran well if a bit too powerful, may use 7.4v instead of 11.1v Features: 200A Brushless ESC with 5V/5A SBEC Water cooling. Waterproof design(Need to use 704 silicone rubber by yourself). This super simple boat series comes with a limited range of programming functions and are designed to be plug-n-play. A perfect ESC for those looking for something simple to use and economic. Specifications: Cont current: 200A Burst current: 230A BEC model: Switch BEC output: 5V/5A Recommend battery: Li-ion/Lipoly 2-7S;Ni-MH/Ni-Cd 6-20NIMH Cooling: Watercooled ESC weight: 124g ESC size: 92mm * 40mm * 22mm Please note only cost £17 at the time , now £32 (4/2018) via Amazon

Vivace Patrolboat by Tica Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
Started on a new "in between" model boat Vivace drawn by Glynn Guest. I'll use a Chinese jet drive as designed by GG but with a minor modification 😁 Which is a BL Turnigy 3800KV 2627 running on 2S LiPo. (as I also did on my NQD Tear Into Pro Mod.)

Up Grade NDQ speed boat by CB90 Commander   Posted: 3 months ago
This is not a build but a modification of a cheap Chinese boat just for fun, I got a bit bored of scratch building projects as they take so long especially as I am not retired yet. The NDQ 757 Coastal Brother 1:25 Radio Controlled Racing Power Boat cost about £25 each from Amazon. These boats have a basic 27mhz radio and two 380 type motors which have forward and reverse and you steer by powering one motor or both for straight ahead. I bought two of these boats as they are light and about 24 in long, one to convert/upgrade radio, esc and brushed motors. The second was to upgrade radio, esc for brushless motors. The brushed motor version I put in two higher rated motors (390) with cooling fans built in, but same motor diameter but longer body I had to modify the mounts, kept same couplings and shaft/propellers. I did remove trim tabs (fixed) and replaced the straight running adjuster for a racing rudder. The brushless version is the same but has brushless motors 2x 2845 2600KV sensor less Specifications: KV(RPM/Volt): 2600KV RPM: 50000 Max Current: 42A The boats ran well but trimming needs attention, as hull is curved up at the back so trim tabs down, to prevent proposing, in-fact at one stage the boat left the water, but need to distribute weight towards the bow. Tried on 3S (11.1v) for brushless went well but got slightly hot after 10 mins. 7.4v for brushed also got slightly hot after 10 mins., and went nearly as well as the brushless. Surprised!!

4 Motors 1 Stick by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Steve, I have a much better English manual for the Turnigy TXs, only the 6 Ch version but the basics are the same just - extrapolate the channel allocation instructions to 9 channels, and no Chinese gobbledygook like from Hobbyking😊 Conrad shop here in Germany market the same beast under their brand-name 'Reely', yes really😉 PDF to download attached. Good luck, Doug 😎

Billings Sea King by AllenA Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
[Score: 8/10] 27"/900g Billings Sea King Capable of 10mph and a runtime of 25mins Twin Propellors (3 Blade 40mm) Direct Drive to a 2 x Como Drill (3 Blade) Powered by NiMH (7.2v) 2Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Chinese 320a Fan cooled (10Amps) ESC - Comments: Found at a Boot Sale in a sorry state. Retained the 2 Como motors but replaced ESC with Chinese Fan Cooled 320a. Acoms AR-201 Rx, Futaba servo all linked to new old stock Acoms Techniplus Alpha 27mhz Tx. New rudder, original propshaft with new couplings. Hull painted in Hammerite Gold and Plastikote white. Retained orignal Billings decals. New stanchions and rails. Re-veneered deck and added some fancy balsa work. Plains well after contra-rotating the props.

Graupner Elke HF 408 by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Hi Allen, I heartily agree Chinese specs should be taken with a generous pinch of salt 😉 But even a quoted 'peak 320A' ESC should be able to handle 100-150A which is probably 10 to 12 times what you will need for the little Mabuchi. Your Wattmeter is almost identical to mine👍 Connect battery to the 'Source' wires and 'Load' to the ESC and away you go. Do the test with the prop / motor under load, i.e. in the domestic test tank! Don't forget the Souwester!! 😉 I'll be surprised if the full ahead test is more than 10A. Have fun, Doug 😎 Primroses and daffs are only out in the Garden centres and supermarkets here, be another 4 weeks or so before much happens outside. 🤔Although my Winter Jasmine is still bravely blooming bright yellow 😊

Graupner Elke HF 408 by AllenA Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Thanks Doug. I am not sure I would rely on my Chinese friends' measurement of amps but I have used a few of the ESCs and they haven't blown up yet. How would I go about testing the amperage? I have my little unused Watt Meter. Do I, simply, connect it between the battery and the ESC and take the reading while running the motor? Sorry to hear about the snow, we are just moving into Spring. Primroses and Daffodils are out and days are lengthening. At last.

Graupner Elke HF 408 by AllenA Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Elke HF 408 now refitted. Running on a Mabuchi motor geared 2:1, 2mm shaft and 30mm 3 blade propeller. Still fiddling with the ballast but almost ready to sail. Yet to find a suitable fishing net to suit 1:36 scale. Control is via a 40mhz Hitec Ranger 3, Acoms receiver and Chinese 320A fan cooled ESC. As they would say in Cardiff she looks tidy. Many thanks to Tica/BRCarsten for photos of the plans.