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12 volt motors to esc,s by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Doug Know it well and used to build my own from a published circuit using now discontinued chip. Misleading for a dual set up possibly. If there is no switch provided the two switch wires can confuse some, like my friend. His wouldn't work with the BEC disconnected. It was a dual set up connected to an Action mixer. Has to use a separate rx battery to set up the rx before the ESC. It's 2.4 and takes longer than the ESC so doesn't provide the correct mid point for the ESC to find. By switching rx on first all is OK. Both ESCs have the red lead disconnected so are dead as are the motors until the switch is thrown. There is built in suppression in the BEC circuit which is not enabled in one ESC with your set up. On switch on the motor runs for half a second and I assume takes a big chunk of current. Using the switch gives better control and allows for each motor to switch on one at a time. If one set of wires are shorted and both ESCs wired thro a Y lead both motors will arm at the same time and might produce some unpredictable results. I agree its good to see Sonar is up and running and happy. Dave

Couplings by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
So Boatshed, don't give up! The solution Dave mentions is very elegant nd simple 👍 Go to this page as Dave suggests, and follow the instructions for 'using single diodes'. Or the bridge version if you can't get the diodes easily. circuits attached as on above mentioned page. Cheers Doug 😎

Couplings by onetenor Commander   Posted: 10 days ago
Those circuit pics are small How do you couple up to the field coils or with a premag motor?

Couplings by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
You betcha! Lovely smell though 👍 I'm still not convinced of this circuit. I'm trying it with a Graupner VR30. Guess I'll know in a few minutes, one way or another 😲😎

Couplings by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Hi Boatshed, I'm converting a Taycol Target but the principle is the same with Supermarine. Attached are the original Taycol diagrams for the Supermarine wiring, plus a wiring graphic, with circuit, of the mods for reversing it! You will need a bridge rectifier, BR, (or 4 single power diodes, see attached diagram) rated for at least 5 or 6 Amps. Essentially the DC outputs of the rectifier (+ & -) got to the brushes. The two AC connections (~ x2) go the the field coil. (I'm not yet convinced that this is the best way round!) Also, put two 4Amp fuses in series with the field coil and one brush connection. For suppression try a 0.1 microfarad non-polarised ceramic capacitor across the brush terminals. Otherwise the pyrotechnics at high revs are quite spectacular 😉 I assume that the ESC just controlled the speed without reversing? Good luck, let us know how you get on. Cheers Doug 😎 PS I'm about to test my reversing board, wish me luck, more later. 😁

Taycol Pt 3. New Brushes Pt1 by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Sometimes (often!) takes me a while to get started, but then - Don't get in the way! Since working outside (sanding etc) has just been nixed by the weather think I'll start on the reversing circuit. Cheers Doug 😎

Taycol Pt 3. New Brushes Pt1 by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Looks pretty good Doug. Brass & Bronze are always difficult to drill. Centre punch is essential and your miller would make a good drill press. I have a small drill press designed for printed circuit board drilling that I use for smaller jobs. I have a Proxxon detail sander that stopped working. The coils are 120v but I cannot find a UK repair centre, is there one in Germany? Will you video so we can share the sparks !*! Dave

MFA Torpedo 850 motor by sonar Admiral   Posted: 13 days ago
The most funny thing is I have ordered two of them a week ago and there awaiting a new delivery of circuit boards I have ordered the FR30HX Esc,s They should be o.k for the Bosch motors I have . But So far as the torpedo 850 motors as yet I have nothing and that includes the hull... But I will make something soon... I was also considering these.

Help required please. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Great logo 👍 Don't worry, with the German passion for regulating everything you can't leave the house with accidentally committing some sort of 'Ordnungswidrigkeit'! At work I used to bend the rules and short circuit procedures all the time, only way to get things done before the customer lost patience and went elsewhere. Some controllers mumbled about it but my bosses kept them off my back and left me alone cos it worked! The last 10 years I became the firefighter. All good fun 😎

The Taycol Target Renovation by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
Soooo, everything ordered, including the bridge rectifier for the reversing circuit 😊 So next weekend is brush-making weekend. Which is good cos the weather here is going to be stinky again 🤔

What type of wire? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
Hmmm! Didn't think it was necessary to get into this as PTFE is practically the industry standard, except for special cables used in aerospace and naval shipbuilding (my direct background experience). All the recommended types most probably have PTFE insulation and all used stranded copper wire to improve current carrying capacity and reduce losses. I never had any sweat stripping PTFE, been using the tool in the photo for donkey's years with ease. Adjustable for all sizes we are likely to need; grip, twist and pull and you're done! In emergency I have also 'carefully' used small (sharp!) side cutters or the ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife - no problem. Can't recommend using varnished CW like that, not what it's meant for. As you say solenoids, transformers, not to mention inductances for various circuits (including the all pervading solar garden lights, ever wondered how they make a 2V LED work on a 1.2V NiMH? Oscillation and inductance!) and of course E Motors! I On the electrical side: A single wire like this will have less current carrying capacity and warm up more than a stranded wire of the same diameter. Skin effects and so on! the warmth is wasting energy you want in the motor. On the practical side: A messy and time consuming business, and what happens when you want / need to mod something? Tear the ship apart? Not surprised you have never done it! Don't even want to think about what happens if the wire gets hot inside an epoxy jacket 😡 Also, before your can solder it you have to burn off the varnish, which produces toxic smoke so you have to work outside (!) or in front of an extractor / filter, as I do. 'Every home should have one' 😉 But I only use TCW or varnished CW for fixed links on circuit breadboards and test jigs. Or sometimes for detailing on models; railings, ladders, masts, scale antennas etc. Very good for the Yagi antennas of the first generation naval radars etc. 👍 Hope this clarifies and helps the novices to cut the wheat from the chaff. Happy modelling 😎

Aerokit Sea Scout 'Jessica' Renovation by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
Some of you may already know part of the story but, spurred on by Martin 'Westquay' and commanded 😉 by Admiral 'Dave' here goes 😎 Dad built her originally when I was about 12, so ca 53-54 years ago. She was 'No name' and free running with a Taycol Target, ahead only, and a 6V (very) wet cell lead acid. (Down to the garage again for a 'top up!) Anyway, to cut a long story slightly sideways 😉 MY daughter Jessica found the boat in the cellar when she was about 12! And immediately wanted to run it on the local lake in Munich, as I was doing with my HMS Hotspur (but that's another shaggy model story!). Sooooooo, she was cleaned up, resprayed pink (😡!) and white, Taycol Target field motor (no reverse) removed and replaced with a Decaperm 6V 7A with 2.75:1 gearbox. 6V 4000mAH SLA (weight half ton or so) Performance was rather sedate. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time! RX, battery and rudder servo were shoehorned into the aft compartment, Jessica nameplates stuck on and off we went. Jessie was happy with the boat and I was happy with the Biergarten. Can't remember where 'the management' was 😉 Jessie soon lost interest so I used the boat as a test bed for a while. So now, 25-26 years on; prompted by Martin, I took the old lady down off the shelf /I TOLD her not climb up there!😉) and started inspecting the damage. Photos attached. (Yes I know 35Megs is not for boats but I didn have nowt else then🤐) The ancient DIN Audio socket was for charging the RX bat, double throw switch on starboard quarter. The big 'ole was for the telescopic antenna borrowed from an old radio. Needs must when ... The funny looking 'thing' hanging out the transom is a dummy exhaust hiding the bolt holding the antenna bracket inside! Have also started dismantling and renovating the Taycol, which I want to put back in with a reversing circuit and a 2S or maybe 4S LiPo. That was day before yesterday. Yesterday I took out the junk (siren, water pump, servos & micro switches to operate them and the running lights) and wiped the dust off - last two photos, incl. THE JUNK. Stripped of all the junk & Decaperm she weighs 1214gm (about 2lb 11oz). Also tested (cautiously!) the Taycol with a regulated / current limiting PSU. She rattled and protested but ran 😊 Now being dismantled, cleaned up and brush gear refurbished. Might also fit proper bearings! Next step: clean up the old gal, check for leaks and load capacity. I will probably use the 4S LiPo ca 310gm, the SLA was 660gm, so lots of spare capacity, or maybe I can get her nose out of the water for once More soon Cheers from Munich 😎 PS to DAve and Martin: NO! I don't propose to go full authentic nostalgia with a wet cell accu 😉

And now it is ESC time by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi All, Correct👍 The circuits appear to come from 'fly-boy' sites. I checked out Engel in the Chamber of Commerce here. No problems. Just seems the site builder has gone on strike or left or something.😉 I seem to dimly remember buying some stuff (motors?) from Engel about 2 PCs ago! Had no problems except delivery was not so fast as expected, but the stuff did arrive. I've also been looking at their sub diving kit to maybe pep up my dynamic diving 1:72 Type IA U26 . Cheers 😎

And now it is ESC time by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi Sonar I have been building electronics for many years as a hobby so am speaking from experience. The circuits you mention are for Forward only so may not suit if you require reverse. As it happens I am repairing an Electronize VR ESC and there are two large Schottky diodes protecting the MOSFET. The motors seem to be designed for industrial use and are very similar to car heater fan motors which I have used in my model tugs and damaged the MOSFETs in the ESC. Not all motors have multiple poles, which appear to be the main culprits. If you have a problem at least you can go back to the supplier and ask for your money back. I am sure Engel is perfectly legitimate and provides a good and efficient service and I agree that PayPay is a secure payment method. However the site connection is insecure and any personal or financial details you provide on line to the website be it for card or PayPal will be visible to anyone to intercept. The https in their address is incorrect and could well lead you to believe the connection was secure. I think Doug has identified the motor manufacturer and the motors may be end of line stock being sold by Engel. It certainly looks an impressive motor. Dave

Using old motors by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 days ago
Wow! A real collector 👍 Now that I have a Watt-meter I shall run some tests on my Target (after restoration!), test the reversing circuit and put it back in my Sea Scout where it belongs. The Sea Scout looks a bit sad after 25 years on the shelf. 🤔 She also has the commonly reported problem of de-lamination on the transom, also the Cabin roof curls at the edges. Any tips how to repair and cure this are very welcome. I'm thinking of stripping and varnishing her. What do you recommend? The grey lump half hidden in the cockpit is a siren, the servo with 2 micro switches is for this and the nav lights. Second servo is to swivel a water jet nozzle, pump is the black conglomerate at the rear of the engine compartment. A horrible piston pump but it worked,enough to surprise small boys who got too close 😉 Rudder servo on it's side, like everyone else has had to do. Current motor Decaperm, performance Sedate 🤔 Cheers 😎