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newbie by nutrunner Petty Officer   Posted: 10 hours ago
thanks dave ill go down the BM tomorrow and ask them where the EP club is run from i know about new brighton so will be there on sunday fingers crossed 👍

battery charging by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 hours ago
Hi nutrunner and Mark If this is a NiMh or NiCad battery I suspect if it is completely flat and has been stored for some years in this condition it will not take a charge. My experience is that even if you can split the battery and resurrect each cell they will never hold any voltage under load. If you can find the local club you mentioned in another post there will be an expert available who will advise the best way forward. I suspect your best option is to buy a new battery. Model cars and planes use the same batteries and there will be a local shop. Good luck Dave

newbie by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 hours ago
Hi nutrunner I used to live on the Wirral and there are several clubs nearby. There is one at E Port, they used to sail in the top lock basin on Sunday mornings. New Brighton has a club as does Hoylake, at the Lifeboat station and West Kirby in the park. Runcorn also has a club. E port cover a fairly wide area so not sure which of the above might be nearest. All have friendly members who will help you with your new venture. Dave

newbie by colinhubbard Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
Welcome to the group, look in the club section for your nearest. Nice boat to start you on the road (water) to good boating. Please post pictures if you can. And don't be scared to ask for help. We have members who are very willing to give advice.

newbie by nutrunner Petty Officer   Posted: 1 day ago
hi all newbie here from ellesmere port wirral ive just bought a used fairey swordman rc boat and would like to join a club near to my home any out there im a complete novice been after a boat for yrs and have finally taken the plunge

White Rocks Model Boat Club Outing by Krampus Lieutenant   Posted: 2 days ago
Sharing last week's video featuring the White Rocks Model Boat Club in Maryland, USA.

Open Day at Warminster Model Boat Club 10th September 2017 by DennisRobotham Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi Andy, Due to present dates being booked we cannot unfortunately attend your open day but wish you all the best for the day and hope the weather stays dry for you. would love to attend and bring my big boat Regards Dennis, Chairman GVMBC, Suffolk

Bristol Model Engineers Exhibition by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Friday 18th, Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th. A hugely popular exhibition, well worth a visit. Do visit the South West Meccano Club stand and look at the 'USS Missouri' model 😜

york model boat club by Midlife306 Captain   Posted: 8 days ago
Any more detail? Cheers Wayne

york model boat club by 2shaws Seaman   Posted: 8 days ago
York model boat club regatta.all welcome

Open Day at Warminster Model Boat Club 10th September 2017 by andy_mart Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi All Just a quick add to your diaries, Warminster Model Boat Club has an open day on the 10th September 2017 from 10.00am to 4.00pm. It coincides with the local Carnival fundraising event at the park. We have wonderful facilities and all who have visited in the past have enjoyed themselves. To sail you must have 3rd Party insurance. A full map is available on our site. Please note that parking will be restricted on that date, however, there is plenty of free parking on the surrounding streets or in Morrisons supermarket opposite the park for 3 hours

The electrics, drive & radio by canabus Lieutenant   Posted: 16 days ago
HI Robbob Depends on the motor power, kv and size batteries. My club mate runs a Spearfish on a 3639-1100kv 800watts with a 2 blade X50 and we GPS it at high 30s(KPH). A bit smaller boat, but, it's quick. As it is winter in Tasmania 4-5 hours in the shed in the middle of the day is cool and we have not been hit with bad weather so far!!! With the repaint of my Sea Hornet and painting of my new runabout, the tender is still going to be in the water next summer(finished or not). Also I have a Huntsman arriving tomorrow that requires a lot of TLC !!!!

Boat show by Alan999 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 17 days ago
Parc Parc of nations Torrivvieja Spain. Tomorrow Sunday 9th. Torrevieja boat club putting it's boats on water for its monthly show.All invited to join in. Enquiries contact Alan

Vosper 73ft 380 by rolfman2000 Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
If it's of any consolation Andy, I did exactly the same thing 2 weeks ago at our (Worcester Model Boat Club) lake. I spent all week getting two models ready for sailing. Get to the lake, and .......... no Transmitter 😲 Oh dear me (or words somewhat similar in gist) 😊

Dont throw your tins out. by BOATSHED Commander   Posted: 18 days ago
I have been into model boating since I was 9 (1959) ans still enjoy it. I moved up to Heywood in 1991 and lived there for 2 years and as I had nowhere to do things there and take model boats to use them, I left them down in my Greenwich flat. used to see people fishing in Queens Park so I thought I cannot use a model boat on there. So I went there fishing instead and also went out to Pilsbury and fished there. I was living in a house in Wild Street Heywood with my Ex wife. (yes EX). We were just getting back together. I only wish I had known there was a model boat club that I could have gone to. I had seen there was a pond/lake in the grounds of Mutual Mill as this was just at the end of Wild Street. I once asked a man at the gates of Mutual is I was allowed to fish in there and he said no it's private. I have since seen in the angling papers where they have had fishing days there. And also since joining this site I have seen it is also used for model boating. OH what a bummer, that was 2 years of using my model boats wasted 😭. We eventually moved down to Greenwich and she now rents the Heywood house out. And I go using my model boats down here now and also use them in the boatyard in Potter Heigham when we go up to Norfolk to my river boat up there.😊