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Modellers Exhibition Midhurst by ads90 Commander   Posted: 2 days ago
The 37th Annual Modellers Exhibition will be held at The Grange Centre, Bepton Road, Midhurst, Sussex GU29 9HD on Sunday 10th February 2019. This is a great exhibition in the South where many Model Boat Clubs attend displaying a great array of their boats. For the train enthusiasts there is a large hall with fantastic displays and trade outlets.

Upper & Lower Chines by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Hi Doug. All credit due to Phil Smith and his original design for that actually... Hi rolfman2000 I hope SWMBO is good to her word as I happen to know that the kit is now available to buy from Vintage Model Works 😊👍 I'm told the price is £185.00 + P&P and there's also an optional stand/carrying box which is CNC cut to the hull profile for an additional £10.00 That sounds a bit of a bargain too. Contact Mike Cummings at VMW for more information: I'm hoping to have the boat in an advanced state of completion in time for the London Model Engineering Exhibition at 'Ally Pally' in January 2019. It will be on the St.Albans & District Model Engineering Society club stand alongside my RAF Crash Tender. Rob.

Anybody from Peterborough MBC here? by smiggy Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Thanks guys. When I Googled it I got several links to the web site that didn't work, except one to their photos page. It was a trip to Deans Marine and a chat with Ron that prompted me to get in touch with the club (he didn't have a contact number to hand but we both thought it would be easy to find) for advice on solving a problem we've got at our club. The link came up with the goods. I've phoned Mick, their secretary, and left a messaged and he has phoned me and left a message but I'm confident that we will be talking to each other soon!

Sailing location / sailor by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Joe, All you have to do is go to. Click on "Model Boat Clubs"! on the left of the website. Then choose the club you are a member of. Then click on "Sail Here"! I believe you then have a chance to print out a paper. Output of sailing at that club! That's It your done! Regards, Ed

Bristol pilot cutter mascotte by sam Petty Officer   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi, Great build blog for Mascotte, and a fabulous end product! Harking way back if I can, to the sail control for Mascotte. I am about to embark on a build of Cariad (or at least a pilot cutter similar to Cariad ). I'm trying to figure out the sail control for the two foresails. The front one overlaps the second, how did you get one to move over the other when tacking? A fellow club member has successfully built a spinnaker control for an IOM which has some of the features needed - treating the front sail as a spinnaker. But i'm open to any ideas. Sam

RC Mixer by sam Petty Officer   Posted: 15 days ago
Hi, I'm doing some (a lot) of research before embarking on a Bristol Pilot build. My attention has now turned to controlling the twin fore sails. A helpful guy at my club mentioned using a 'mixer'. Anyone who has controlled two foresails and/or a genoa on a racing yacht may have some ideas here - any welcome. But my initial question is about terminology. Reading my Futaba handbook - a truly excellent translation 😡- I find two terms under the mixer section - 'OFS' and 'VR' - any idea what they mean? For interest, the problem is that the front sail overlaps the rear 'foresail' so we can not simply attach a sheet to the front sail to drag it to a 'tight' position as this may tangle with the rear foresail. The second problem is that if the foresail is out to the port, the drum winch must turn anticlockwise to haul it in, whereas when it is to starboard the winch must turn clockwise. I do love these problems, but desperately need help. If its only someone telling me not to be stupid and just lket the foresail hang loose - I'm not racing afterall👍 Sam

My other hobby by boaty Admiral   Posted: 18 days ago
Good to see other PPLs and former PPLs on the Model Boats website. I took mine at Liverpool Airport known now as JLA (John Lennon Airport) in June 1984 and completed it in January 85. Trained with Liverpool Flying School aka Keenair in Cherokee 140s and a PA 38 Tomahawk. Later I moved into Air Nova which was also a Liverpool club and the actor Lewis Collins was also a member of that Club. At the time I was a member of Merseyside IVC (Inter Varsity Club) thus had plenty of passengers. One of them was Victoria Field, my former psychology lecturer who later became famous as a psychologist and writer. Eventually Air Nova moved to Hawarden Airport near Chester but the Club folded shortly after. I then joined the in house Club based at the field and I ceased flying in November 2016. Best flights were going over Snowdon VFR and down the Dee Valley. I also flew over Colwyn Bay to have a look at the boating lake though I haven't sailed there. I also saw the lakes at Llandudno West Shore and LLanfairfechan. The latter I am considering for sailing my fast electrics. Downside to PPL flying was the crosswind component of the aircraft being 17 knots , At Hawarden there is only one runway the 04/22 and Liverpool the 09/27. I did have to cancel many times due to this. Thankfully sailing model boats is much more enjoyable as we don't have that many snags to deal with and if the motor stops we don't have to do an emergency landing.😎😁😁 Boaty

woodbridge model boat club by jacko Commander   Posted: 18 days ago
hi if you look at the left side of photo you can just see her skirt and umbrella

My other hobby by Rookysailor Commander   Posted: 19 days ago
Yeah! Doug, I think about it now and wished I had continued. In 1979 my wife (at that time my fiance) and I, went to Doncaster light aviation club to see a Piper Cherokee that was for sale.(very cheap), when I saw it, I realised why the price was so low....all the interior had been fitted out in.............PINK FUR!!!! it was Cr**. Then a friend of mine asked if I wanted a 1/4 share in a Grumman Traveller stored at Barton in Manchester, it sounded good, but only getting the aircraft on days the other's didn't want was not good with me, so I bought an E type, with kept me amused for a while😊 Cheers Peter

All hooked up, nowt happens... by rapidair65 Seaman   Posted: 24 days ago
The Arun lives! All wiring completed this morning, Tx turned on, stick full forward, boat turned on, esc bleeped, stick to neutral, more bleeps, advanced throttle, both props turn in correct direction for ahead propulsion, motors stop when returned to neutral. No reverse yet so it looks like the esc will need programming. Down at Derby Model Boat Club tomorrow to consult our programming guru. Result!👍

INTERNATIONAL MODEL BOAT SHOW by bellman1942 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
I`m going again this year with some of the Maldon Blackwater model boat club we`ve been now for about 6 years the best bit is the steak and kidney lunch😎

ellesmere port model boat club by nutrunner Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
very good the trust have just opened the unfinished hanger 16 for extra parking space

ellesmere port model boat club by dennisw Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
I will be glad to go to Hooton park, what is the parking like.😎

Ellesmere Port Model Boat Club by nutrunner Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
glad u likw our facilities

change of club officers by Captain-H Recruit   Posted: 2 months ago
Chantry model boat club Chairman now David Best Treasurer Mike Young