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cold war
cold war
Transmitter-Rain Cover by Ron Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Actually I am more concerned about how to keep the Transmitter dry in misty wet weather than warming my hands. Sometimes here in Canada we can be sailing our boats when a sudden squall will pop up. How to keep my transmitter dry under those conditions is my main concern. In Canada we have hand warmers to put in our gloves that work very well. Shrug off the coldest days with these "pocket furnaces." Slip warmers into gloves, pockets, hard hats or between layers of clothing. Shake to use, air-activated. Heats up to 55°C (130°F). Safe, odorless and disposable. Heats up to 10 hours.

Transmitter-Rain Cover by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
HI Ron, I have a similar one, very useful in the colder months, stops the wind on your hands. As a by product it keeps the transmitter batteries warmer, so they last longer, got to workout how to keep my motor battery warm to get longer sailing times!!!

HMS BRAVE BORDERER by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
The weather has quickly turned colder, giving an excuse to get back to this model. Stripped out much of the interior and the prop. shafts to replace the nylon propellers with brass. These items all needed removing for painting, so decided to paint the hull before reassembly and then moving onto the superstructure. Fortunately, examining similar naval vessels and several U Tube videos, confirmed the hull as light grey, the deck a darker one of the 50 shades of grey and the lower hull below the waterline black. Used thin Tamiya masking tape to define clean colour separations, followed by regular tape, masked the hull into colour sections and sprayed using “rattle” cans. After the colours applied a light overall Matt coat to subdue any shine. The results are satisfactory. Will now reassemble and move onto building the superstructure and the other fittings. Prior to the season closing decided to experiment with my new Flysky Tx/Rx package, shortly to be fitted to this model. This Tx has a servo limiting function, which was hoping could also be used to restrict ESC output. Would like to make the full speed motor response correspond to full Tx control position. Currently can over power the model; which lifts the stern, causing it to come off the plane and then dig the bow in. Was thinking that if full throttle could be set at around 90% forward control movement and 40% sternwards the model would retain adequate performance, but without being overpowered or very sensitive to control lever movement. As the Brave was not available, tried the idea on my Daman Stan 4207 model. This is brushed motor powered and a good performer. Obviously the settings for the Brave will be different, but at least could try to see if the idea would work – it did! This Tx function is easy to use and adjustments can be made whilst the model is on the water. Once the ideal settings are achieved they can be programmed and then retained in the Tx. Will try this on the Brave when back on the water next Spring.

Brass bashin' Chris Craft deck fittings... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Best for our purposes, Doug, would be Sellotape aluminium tape. It's self adhesive and very malleable so can be persuaded round all sorts of shapes. I am currently foiling a 1/48th scale Airfix Lightning jet, my favourite Cold War jet. Yes, even I make up the occasional kit and it IS a belter. But silver paint won't do, so I use all sorts of cooking foil, turkey foil, Kit Kat wrappers, etc. Martin

Newbie radio control question by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 months ago
'E' just meant 'Enemy' TJ 😉 NATO codes for USSR stuff, like FOXBAT, FIREFOX etc etc, came much later when the Cold War started. And I heartily agree with the TGY-i6 recommendation, been using one for some time, very reliable and no problems - once you find a decent English language manual without all the Chenglish gobbledygook. I have one in PDF format if you want. See also above re Mode 1 and Mode 2, forget it, you can easily use the set the way YOU want and not what the manufacturers pre-programmed for the 'Fly Boys' 👍 Cheers Doug 😎

MV TEAKWOOD by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 months ago
The vessel is virtually compete, just a few finishing touches such as decals and top masts. Building the deck equipment did not present any unexpected challenges and everything progressed quite quickly. Much assisted by an unusually cold Canadian winter – where is Global warming when you want it? The only comment is that this ship has a lot of deck railings, even with a simple jig these are time consuming. Am hoping to try the first on water ballast check in about ten days, A review of similar models and weights suggests something like about 4 lbs will be needed.

Crash Tender Shaft Tube Poistion by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 year ago
Hi neil Mixture and temp are all important. You could try gentle heat from a hairdryer to harden the resin. Adding extra hardener to the mix is not advisable as it can lead to unpredictable results. Epoxy is not ideal as a filler but you can make it more suitable by adding microballoons to the mix. This will result in a very hard finish which you can sand to shape. Personally I use car body filler when fixing in prop shafts / rudder tubes etc as this can be easily faired into the hull contour and will easily take paint. I have successfully used this over epoxy joints. Whatever you use you need to make sure the work environment is not too cold. The temperatures have dropped considerably over the last few weeks so you may need to provide a warm environment to assist the curing process. Dave

The Spar Deck by Jerry Todd Captain   Posted: 1 year ago
Once I was satisfied I had all the fairleads I needed, or might need (I put in some extras, just-in-case), It was time to permanently close up the deck. The luan plywood sub-deck had long ago been cut into 2" strips to allow it to take the deck camber and sheer. I had also painted on it's underside except where the deck framing was, so the paint wouldn't interfere with the epoxy. I got a few very nice days in October (2014) great for dealing with epoxy, and to take on this major step in the model's construction. There's a sinking feeling about this, like you've just locked your keys in the car. First I removed the mechanical decks below, cleaned out the hull, replaced a deck beam whose joint had never set right, and dabbed epoxy onto things I'd never be able to reach again. The mechanical decks were painted white. The turning blocks for the steering were epoxied in place; having been hot-glued in all these years. Now I painted epoxy on the entire underside of each strip to seal it as well as glue it to the deck beams. Working from out-board toward the center-line. I clamped the strips down, but also used copper tacks to hold it down that would be left in. In short order, the sub-deck was epoxied and nailed in place. Now the only access inside was through the hatches. All the cracks and seams on the deck were filled with polyester putty (Bondo), especially around the deck/hull joint. When this set, I sanded it, filled missed places, and sanded some more. Then a layer of 4oz cloth, left over from glassing her hull 5 years before, was laid on the sub-deck. At this point the deck was an integral part of the hull. I ordered 3/16" x 48" square bass strips to plank the spar deck. I was going to cut this from a maple board I hand, but could get what I wanted safely from the saw. I was concerned bass (lime) wouldn't be hard enough, but it's been great. As holidays and cold weather reduced the time I could spend in the shop, I made up the rest of her spars and their hardware; as well as framing up and installing the fore and aft access hatches. I also cut the deck strips to their length. Then winter came and stayed until April. Meanwhile I hemmed the rest of her sails.

Aerokit Sea Scout 'Jessica' Renovation by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
Evening Dave, many thanks for the response 😊I wasn't sure how my 'style' would come over! Martin thinks you created a monster 😲 monster fun for all I hope, maybe a breath of fresh air ?? "Tune in next week!" Many German forums are very stiff also nehm ich nicht teil (so I don't take part!). But my brand of humour always stood me in good stead during contract negotiations over the years. Often not so easy to convince the Admiral to spend his hard won millions on my system design, not to mention the yards who want to maximise their own margin. British humour went a long way to breaking the ice with navies and yards around the world. The Koreans and Chinese were the most difficult to bring round, after that Algeria, Oman and UAE were child's play. The navies of Chile, Ecuador and especially Brazil were; very professional (and good dinner parties)👍, interesting! 🤔, and a barrel of laughs 👍😉 in that order! Canada was good, but bl...y cold! 😡 French & Italian yards had great lunches 👍but small budgets (thumb down!)! But seriously though folks; you're right of course, the ancient caps are now useless and I have much better ones now, plus ferrite rings and inductors to choose from. Re voltage; the Taycol specs also give values for 12V running! I can use the Spektrum TX programming to limit the max volts to 12, also, when the Target is fully renovated I will first test it using my regulated PSU to find our where the limits are. Non-destructive I hope. Theoretically the motor will only take what it wants, never mind what the LiPo can provide if asked. I will also use my new Watt-meter; a tip I got here from you guys. 👍 Many thanks for that. Re sparks; thought I might try to see the energy spectrum on my 1G/S digital scope, most energy should be in the VLF-HF band and tail off considerably above VHF so an indication may be possible. Might be able to rig up some sort of rev counter using it's frequency meter?? Worth a try 😉 After several years concentrating on gallivanting round the world I have some catching up to do! You guys have sure accelerated that. Muchas gracias y muito obrigado! I've learned a lot the last 3 months and I think I can give a lot back. Looking forward to it 😎 Haven't used the 35Meg set for years, found it this week while looking for something else, as usual. Maybe I'll resurrect it for the flying boat?? It was replaced long ago with the Graupner MC-10. Latest set is the Spektrum DX6. Still learning how to modify or cancel all the fixed-wing and heli pre-programming I don't need. 🤔 @ John; thanks for the friendly response 👍 There was an ESC in her with the Decaperm while Jessie was using her, massive alu box thing with a big ol' 2055 sitting in a heat sink on top! Did several years good service in HMS Hotspur and still works, I think! Glad to revive some hopefully happy memories. Idea for a new topic perhaps- "Against the stream - Recycling the hard earned technologies of our youth!" 😉 Happy modelling, or better "Sailing" 😎 Gute nacht aus München 😉 PPS @ Dave (and / or other administrators): WE NEED MORE EMOTICONS OR EMOJIS AS YOU CALL THEM! Check your dumb-phones!

Proboat Volere by Commodore-H Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
Thanks guys for your thoughts. I looked at the YouTube video and yes, that is the way I think it should run, with the bow lifted out of the water instead of plowing like a tugboat! I looked at other videos and yep, there's the giant bow wave again. So I am wondering now if the one in the video is version 2. It's still too cold where I live, Pennsylvania, USA to run any boats. I do have a new prop on hand so I can try that first when the weather cooperates. Looking at the Proboat website, I saw two interesting new models. One is a PBR,(was showcased in film Apocalypse Now) that's not released yet. It is powered by twin water-jets. That is one that has been on my build list for a while. So now maybe I will just buy it. The website says it has operating lights and provision to make the forward turret rotate. Sounds good to me. The second is a race boat also powered by a water-jet. I am primarily a scale boat builder but I always wanted to give water-jet propulsion a try. Cheers

loyal volunteer rnxs fleet tender by alby1950 Seaman   Posted: 2 years ago
rnxs loyal volunteer fleet tender, i myself was a crew member of the rnxs i served as leading naval auxiliaryman for several years it was formed in the 1950s as the mine watching service and then a role change as mines became less the role then changed for these vessels we were then in charge of ports and anchorages it was disbanded in 1994 due to the end of the cold war,many members formed the maritime service after that,i decided to have a go at building a static model this is my first build from scratch when i will get it finnished is another question

Precedent Perkasa by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
Hi Steve Looking good. Its does look very mean and when finished will look the part. You may have seen my P150 36" version when you collected the hull. I sailed it on Sunday in some rather rough water. Good job it was so cold so I didn't mind the short sailing time. I look forward to seeing some video of your model in due course. Dave

Smoke Generator by ronrees Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 years ago
Hi All, Note your comments on the Vapourising Steam generators. I have fitted the one by Colin Graham as advertised in most Model Boats issues recently. It can be clearly seen in my Streamlinia articles (Sept and Oct issues Model Boats) and is a fantastic product, works instantly and reliably. Only 200ml of cold tap water so there is no trace of oily fall-out on your model. The 3D printed casing, with its sloping top, I had a small input with this design and it does make a difference, channeling a good amount of 'steam' up wards also being a one-piece unit there is no risk of seams or joints coming apart, because there aren't any!, a real bargain at about£50 all up. It also features in a forthcoming model tug build article ( Model Boats early in 2017, I hope) Cheers..........Ron Rees.

nowhere to sail by Peter501 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
HI and welcome First sorry this Is a little late but missed your post up till now, Yes we at Bury model boat club are a nice friendly bunch " I think " It's a nice club with good facilities IE club house with toilets and hot / cold snacks tea coffee........ bacon butties are great. Look forward to seeing you at some time, I think this Sunday Is an open day with a bring and buy. Take care and safe boating Pete

46 Inch Crash Tender - 1 month on by Flack Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 years ago
And I thought I had been having It a bit rough - must be the cold !! Look forward to seeing your progress. Shaun