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Veron Vosper F.P.B. 52" by boaty Admiral   Posted: 4 days ago
The Veron F.P.B does appear to be a very rare model and I feel £300 would be a reasonable price especially when you take into consideration how much a modern day manufacturer would want. Just look at prices for Deans Marine models, mainly their Vosper M.T.B. which is a lot smaller. Also Veron kits seem to have been overlooked and the only model that is easy to obtain is the Slec version of their 26inch River Police Launch. Phil Smith was a great designer of boats and aircraft . I sold my Veron RTTL in the mid 1990s and my fleet today consists of one original Sea Commander, one 34 inch Crash Tender , both of which I restored, an Italeri PT109 and two RTR fast electrics. TOP TIP for anyone who buys your F.T.B- trace around the parts and use them to build the model while keeping the kit intact. I do this with my Keil Kraft control line aeroplanes. B😁😎oaty

Bulwark Stays by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi Mike, tedious job🤔 but the build's looking good👍 BTW: by sheer coincidence yesterday i saw a documentary on National Geographic about Commander Robert Peary, an American explorer who claimed to have been the first person to reach the geographic North Pole. Your ship was named after him. "SS Robert E. Peary was a Liberty ship which gained fame during World War II for being built in a shorter time than any other such vessel. Named after, Commander Robert Peary, an American explorer who claimed to have been the first person to reach the geographic North Pole. She was launched on November 12, 1942 just 4 days, 15 hours and 29 minutes after the keel was laid down." Pronounced 'Peery' So if you're fitting nameplates .....! Cheers, Doug 😎

Where's our mate?... by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
Hope you feel better soon mate, have started on my commander, I think about 3 weeks and should be ready to start rebuild. Have you got the dimensions for the supermarine base mounting points and height of shaft centre line would be helpful. No rush on getting it finished as you know I go for my knee operation on the 18th. Apparently they have free WiFi for the patients so at least I can keep following the boating news. Cheers Colin

Taycol Supemarine Resurrection by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 days ago
No reason why not so far😉 You'll have to get your trousers altered though 😁😁 Will start on your converter board at the weekend so get on with your Sea Commander ASAP! All the best, Doug 😎

Taycol Supemarine Resurrection by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 days ago
Well Doug, have been to Ludlow today and saw a Sea Queen on the River, it was powered by a Supermarine, driving a 50mm x 50mm brass prop. Power supply was 12v 7ah sla using a 30 amp. esc. It looked fantastic on the water, even against the current it was moving ahead with full power. If my sea commander goes that well I'll be as happy as a dog with 2 tails. Cheers Colin.

Taycol Supemarine Resurrection by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 days ago
Hi Colin, re your post in the scale speed thread- "I've got spare Viper marine 25 amp. So hopefully that will do. Also would you recommend a reduction box to give a fair scale speed as I don't want to overwork the motor." The Viper will be fine, I'll probably be using a little Viper Marine 10 on my Taycol Target in the fish cutter. Re gearbox: I doubt one is necessary. I would try to adjust the top speed more with the prop, mainly the pitch probably. The Supermarine is not particularly hi-revving, 4000 or so off load? If you reduce that your Sea Commander may behave more like a tug I suspect If you do decide to go that way PLEASE don't ask me to make it😁, I'm having enough trouble with the 1to1 gearing for my fish cutter😲 Good luck with bathroom and OP. Fingers crossed for you that the works DO start in 6 weeks (the bathroom I mean!) 😉 Cheers, Doug 😎

motor sizeing by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 26 days ago
Hi Jim I used a Hobbyking D3548/4 1100kv , a car ESC (hk60A-SL)(electric fan on top for cooling), program card(HK PROG-CARD) and a 40mm 2blade prop(test out the one on the boat first). Battery a 3s 5800mah 30C Lipo. This is in my Sea Commander and gives a good turn of speed with a long run time. ESC set up:- 1 Cutoff Voltage for 3S=10.2 and 4S=13.6 2 Start Power Percent=5% 3 Advance Timing=4 4 Run Mode=2 5 Brake Force=1 6 Drag Brake Force=1 7 Neutral Range=1 8 Initial Brake Force=1 9 Reverse Force=1 Canabus

Taycol supermarine, to which prop. by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
As I intend to fit my supermarine, after Doug has finished his magic, into a vintage Aerokits Sea Commander, what prop would be best, if I am using a 12v 7ah sla battery. I have available 2.5 inch 4 blade brass prop, 2 inch 3 blade brass, and various plastic 2 or 3 bade, in 30-35-40&45mm. Which would be the correct one to use. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, cheers Colin.

EarlyVosper M.T.B by Simplas by boaty Admiral   Posted: 29 days ago
Hi Onetenor Fuji 15 was a good glow engine which I don't think it is manufactured any more. Aero version max B.H.P was just below .40 when tested. If it was in a model aircraft it would have been around .20 to .25 depending on prop size which was good then for a small capacity glowplug . Marine versions when on the water put out a little less and the water cooled jacket was never as efficient as the finned cylinder jacket of the aero version. My two Aerokits boats, the Sea Commander and the Crash Tender are powered by single Speed 600 motors running on either 8.4 or 9.6 volt Ni Mh batteries. Performance is equal to that of marine diesel power such as the 2.46 Ed Racer and D.C 2.46 Rapier, the latter I used to watch in the fast steering events in the early 1960s at Fleetwood and Coronation Park in Crosby just outside Liverpool. Taycol powered versions would be obviously slower due to the additional weight were far more reliable and you did not have to put up with injuries from excessive use of a starting cord with kids watching and "extracting the urine" shouting "why wont it go mister". Boaty

Taycol Supemarine Resurrection by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Wholeheartedly agree Boaty, my fleet is made up of vintage boats which I love reviving, most of them were donated to me over the last 4 years my wife and I both enjoy sailing our boats and trying to encourage younger folk to try it. I have no problem turning over control of my 50 plus year old boats to total beginners of any age, the youngest so far is my grandson who started on his 3rd birthday with a small rc boat I bought him. Now at 4 he's getting quite good and learning learning manoeuvring with my large tug Valiant which is just over 4ft and pushing 60yrs old. I have never been tired of those that are willing to learn and have a go. BTW The supermarine is mine and I am going to be installing it into my father's old sea commander built in 1957. Originally had a diesel, but the taycol is the ideal replacement. And with Doug doing the rebuild on it I will be able to use it with my modern rc system. Cheers Colin.

Taycol Supemarine Resurrection by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks Colin, In the process I've probably destroyed much of it's vintage value to collectors, even though so far I haven't had to replace any parts. But I did ask! So I'm restoring it to a working unit as requested.😉 Two of the longer frame spacers are now a bit slimmer 😲 after turning most of the corrosion pits off, but useable. Could salvage all aluminium spacers except two of the short ones which just crumbled to dust. I'll make new ones tomorrow or probably Saturday. Tomorrow is a busy day, optician (new goggles), and photographer (new passport photos!), shopping (man's gotta eat sometime😁) and then dinner with the GF. It's all go folks! TA much for the spanners Colin 👍 will be very handy for the reassembly. Looking forward to seeing the motor propelling your Sea Commander across the lake. Don't forget 'The Beast' weighs about 950gm, bit less now that I've removed most of the crud of ages😁 Cheers, Doug 😎

Taycol Supemarine Resurrection by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Wow Doug, you're a star and letting you loose on my motor proves it. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to restore the rust heap into a useful working motor once again. I better get on with sorting out my dad's old sea commander ready to put it in. By the way the BA spanners are on the way via normal post. Cheers Colin.

Elaine motor update/assembly pictures by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Well the supermarine will get regular use once I get the boat rebuilt, dad would have loved to see his sea commander back on the water. Will be using 12v 7ah sla to power it. Cheers Colin.

A return to the hobby! by boaty Admiral   Posted: 2 months ago
SLEC do have a good reputation and its great that the classic kits of old are back in production. The Sea Commander is one of my favourites as I restored one many years ago but foolishly sold it to fund my karting activities four years later. However in 2011 I found another one and restored that. This one I am keeping along with the 34 inch Crash Tender of 1962 vintage that I restored in 2014 being one that the former owner was about to place in a skip. I am interested in a Sea Rover as its a boat I never had. In the early 1960s when we lived in Liverpool, dad would take us up to Fleetwood to see the Aerokits display and watch the steering event on the big lake. Nostalgia aint what it used to be. Boaty😆

A return to the hobby! by J. Barry Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Thanks, Brianaro, as a youngster I could never afford a kit the size of the Commander; the Sea Urchin was the best I could do! I bought the plans for this model from a chap on eBay for £12.50. The full-sized single sheet is fine, but the tracings are almost worthless, so I drew my own.....