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motor sizeing by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
Hi Jim I used a Hobbyking D3548/4 1100kv , a car ESC (hk60A-SL)(electric fan on top for cooling), program card(HK PROG-CARD) and a 40mm 2blade prop(test out the one on the boat first). Battery a 3s 5800mah 30C Lipo. This is in my Sea Commander and gives a good turn of speed with a long run time. ESC set up:- 1 Cutoff Voltage for 3S=10.2 and 4S=13.6 2 Start Power Percent=5% 3 Advance Timing=4 4 Run Mode=2 5 Brake Force=1 6 Drag Brake Force=1 7 Neutral Range=1 8 Initial Brake Force=1 9 Reverse Force=1 Canabus

motor sizeing by jimdogge Petty Officer   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi chaps jim dogge here, im just about ready to fit out my wave princess with some sort of motor and bits. I have allsorts of outrunners and ESC to match aeroplanes but havent a clue as to where to start. A 1.5 diesel, whats that equivalant too is the weight thrust formula the same for boats. l would prefer to stay with out runners, the cooling aspect is no problem l did it for a living. a prop size how is that worked out for a boat.

BRAVE BORDERER by jbkiwi Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 3 days ago
If you are using 2 ESCs/BEC/UBECs with 2 plugged into 1 receiver you should remove the red wire from one of the plugs and tape it back to the lead, as both plugged in will possibly supply too much voltage for the receiver (you are getting double the voltage from 2 different sources) and this can cause the ESC to stutter . You should have no problems with Brushless out-runner motors as with the correct match with the ESC they should be as smooth as brushed. I have dual 2000kv 28/45 in-runners (with water jackets) and twin ESCs and 2 sound units using 1 receiver in my 64ft ASR model with no problems regarding proportional control (fwd or rev). I had a 28mm O/R in a Maiami ASR and it would crawl along (but the high noise was ear wrecking so have changed it back to brushed for now. I do have a similar slight high pitched squeal at certain speeds on one motor and this may be caused by the particular motor not 'syncing'properly with the ESC (Chinese cheap ESCs and HobbyKing /made in china motors) but short of changing that motor and ESC I am just putting up with it for now. The high pitched sync noise is fairly common and sometimes not fixable, (a number of my larger planes do it and its audible from 100m away (also amplified by a hull,-nice sound box). It can depend on the way a particular motor is wound (no 2 are identical) or even magnet placement/timing, as the may be hand wound by 2 very nice Chinese ladies at different ends of a bench ( just read some of the Hobby King motor reviews ) You could try changing the frequency on the ESC if it has that option as a higher motor Kv sometimes requires a higher frequency. Also make sure your ESC is set to the correct battery cell count. If it has an auto setting that should usually work best for general applications unless you are running fancy motors. Regarding interference, make sure you keep your aerial as far as poss from the motors and ESCs (even on 2.4 - I put mine right up in the bow) and there should be no problems. I have had 2 twin engined boats (my MTB & ASR) 1 brushed and 1 brushless running side by side 10" apart using the same radio for both (same type of Rec in each boat) with no problems at all. The bow down is probably prop shaft angle (the shallower the better) but if you are using counter rotating props you could try swapping props (inward rotation to outward) and motor rotation to see if it makes a difference. Also with 2800Kv motors you should be using small props (around 28-30mm diam 3 blade) as these motors are made to rev) as on a 2s battery they will be turning at around 20,000 dry and perhaps 18,000 wet (depending on prop) and if you load them too much they will cook with no cooling (assuming they are around 28mm dia ?) Only other thought - silicone couplings will squeal real loud if they slip.

S.H.Grainger Formula Powerboat by vortex Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Steve im not sure now regarding motors as they have water cooling cans on but Surfury runs from memory a 1075kva motor Turnigy 160 A speedo watercooled on 2x2s 5200 lipo`s in series ie 14.4volts with 52mm mocom Alum prop approx 3hp. I think the Tornado has approx 2045kva motor same speedo + lipo`s x 50mm nylon prop both do scale speed to as fast as 40/61 IC and look great on our choppy water with just prop and rudder in the water. Both motors will take 6s if you like ballistic? All gear from Hobby king. Try the IC first, post some pics please

Taycol Supemarine Resurrection by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Evening Doug, Just a thought, as this motor has shafts either side of the motor, I was thinking of fitting a fan on the non-drive end for cooling, would this be feasable or isn't it likely to be needed. Cheers Colin.

Launch ELAINE, by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
Diesel and Methanol in an engine. Did you need a battery . If not you've solved a problem we've been trying to sort for years.How to run model diesels without Ether. What were the proportions and will it need a lube oil? Re the cooling jacket I'd be inclined to leave it alone. If it is over the original head👍damn the keyboard is on a go slow i'll have to unplug

HMS Sabre, Scimitar-class preceded by Archer-Class by CB90 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
[Score: 5/10] 26"/1400g HMS Sabre, Scimitar-class preceded by Archer-Class Capable of 12mph and a runtime of 15mins Single Propellor (3 Blade 35mm) Direct Drive Powered by LiPoly (7.4v) 3Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through China 60A (30Amps) ESC - Comments: Just finish this little boat, need to have its first trial on the water to measure current draw and perhaps modify the prop size. Make sure water cooling works, and the thing steers ok, as rudder is off set. and may have to be move into the prop wash. The Motor 3650 4Poles 3060KV Brushless RC Motor for 1/10 RC Car Boat 1. 4Poles design, high torque and high efficiency. The overall efficiency exceed 90 percent. 2. Low heat production, long lifetime, strong overload protection and it can function 95% of its features without any heat sink appliance. 3. High quality materials adopted: high intense aluminum alloy anodizing shell , front and back cover , high-performance temperature-resistant magnetic steel and imported high-speed bearing. Specifications: Model: XTI-3650/4.5D Dimension: 50 * 36mm KV(RPM/V): 3060KV Poles: 4 Max Power: 1300W Max Voltage: 19V Max Amps: 68A Shaft Diameter: 3.2mm Shaft Length: 15mm Connector: 5.0mm Banana Connector. The real boat Builders: Halmatic Operators:  Royal Navy Preceded by: Archer class In commission: 2003 – Active: 2 General characteristics Type: Patrol boat Displacement: 24 tonnes (24 long tons) Length: 16 m (52 ft 6 in) Beam: 3.1 m (10 ft 2 in) Draught: 1.2 m (3 ft 11 in) Propulsion: 2 × MAN 2480LXE diesels, 2 shafts Speed: 32 knots (37 mph; 59 km/h) Range: 260 nm (480 km) at 19 kn (35 km/h) Complement: 5 (1 officer, 4 ratings) Sensors and processing systems: Racal-Decca Bridge-master 360, I band navigation radar Armament: 2 × General purpose machine guns (stern-mounted)

Fairey Hunsman renovation part 4 by CB90 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
Pictures Rubbing down hull, Close ups of hull repairs Drill holes in transom for the exhaust pipes (water cooling outlets). Added spray rail to side of hull. Have found that I am having bad reactions to the fumes from Gorilla Glue.

Yorkshireman by ikseno99 Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
[Score: 8/10] 35"/11000g Yorkshireman Capable of 4mph and a runtime of 120mins Twin Propellors (4 Blade 50mm) Belt Powered by Lead Acid (6v) 14Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Action Electronics P94 ESC - Comments: Model Slipway kit, with the incorrect wheelhouse windows, may change them one day when I have time on my hands, i do wish!! Been refitted with a Bow Thruster and up rated batteries from 2 x 12 Amp Hour to 2 x 14 Amp to give a better run time. Fan cooling added t the main motors. She runs well and I am slowly mastering the slow speed tight manoeuvring that twin screws on independent control and a bow thruster can give. A proper "Little" Big Ship that looks the part.

ESC info... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi all, just plodding through ebay whilst having a cuppa and I see this ESC:- It appears to be programmable, but how would you programme it. There are no keys to press, etc.? I have read of programme cards for ESCs but don't have a clue why you would want to programme one. Would this appear to be a good deal? It seems to be. I would want to use it in my outboard motored kneeler hydro. Has a 2845 2600Kv motor, probably on 2S. Cheers, Martin

Brushless outboard... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
I know nothing much about brushless, Doug, except these o/bs need a 2845 or 2850 of around 2500KV to fit. Either with built in water cooling, which makes them expensive or I can wind some tube round it like a lot of the 152VO guys do. It says BLMotor 2850 -2Pole on the case. And it's a 2600Kv. Be here some time in August. I'm sure if it doesn't work in the o/b, it'll go in one of my other speedboats where the motor isn't decided yet. Sorry I can't be more specific, but there isn't much on the specs in the advert and all you've asked for wouldn't have meant much to me anyway. Martin

Lifeboat plans by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hehe, managed to find a 28mm brushless for 8 quid. Needs a wrap of ally tube as watercooling, but that's easy. But I will see if the 400 fits. Can't go wrong at 8 quid, although I need a Brushless ESC and I know nothing about them at all. Martin

Lifeboat plans by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Aha! THAT sort of dolly! Why does it need to be a brushless? The kV rating means 1000 rpm per volt! So, yes it do make a bit o' difference! HK do have 'smaller' motors, I bought an 1100kV version from them for my Sea Scout. Unless you want to go racing surely a decent brushed motor would do, without the cooling complications. Cheers, Doug

What transmitter by Nobby-Clark Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Guys I’m in the market for a new transmitter and after advice. The first boat had a two channel, my new build will have independent motor control, I need some advise please on transmitter/ receiver, for two motors, one rudder, maybe spare etc for sound or cooling fan for motors etc. Any help out there , it needs to be reliable but pensioner affordable if the two go together. Regards Nobby

Spektrum, new, useless... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi Doug, sorry, missed this one. I have the Taycol Supermarine for the CT. I have a Simprop 18 Amp Brushed ESC and a couple of big uns with cooling which I will photograph and attach to another post. I have just received the new Rx. It's a Storm S603, but it has plugoles that I am not familiar with. At one end it says PPM, then Batt, Aux, Gear,Rudd,Elev,Aile and Thro, with the bind socket sideways under the throttle end and something else with a wee gold pad next to the bind plug socket. But at the other end of the case there is a port marked STAT. So PPM and Stat are new to me. I had a gander on Youtube, but no explanation. Naturally being Chinese there are no instructions. Anything I should bear in mind before I try binding it to the DX5e? Cheers, Martin