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Wherry hull in GRP by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 41 minutes ago
Haha, gotta get the lady wife going at her machine yet, Chris. She has her own bit of the workshop, just in case.She has a modern-ish machine and an ancient German foot operated one in an oak veneered case to choose from. But Cambric is looking the most favourable fabric. Wherries and Waterways I have, but Wendish Lands has evaded me. kmb, the Wherry's format is very similar to the American cat boat. They, too, work very well. Hydrodynamically, I have no idea why they work or why they shouldn't, but clearly they do and very well. I free sailed my old one and it went very well until a gust blew it over and I realised the deck had been glued with flour paste! Everything sprang and it started to slowly sink. I paid some kid 50p to wade out and get it. His mother wasn't too pleased as he didn't take his new shoes off! Happy days in Southchurch Park, eh? I will remember to use a fin keel for it! Martin

wheelhouse amd bridge by AlanP Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 46 minutes ago
I don't have any photo's of the building of this, so I will try to explain. I cut all the pieces for the wheelhouse out of 1mm plasticard, the pieces were then fitted together with masking tape to make sure that they all fitted neatly together. The windows were then cut out of Perspex and their positions marked and put aside. The floor of the wheelhouse was planked along with the rear wall, the five side pieces were then wooded (for want of a better word) light oak for the frames with teak for the infills, the windows were checked to make sure they still fitted. The whole lot was fitted together with masking tape and glue run down the seams with a small brush. After drying the outside of the wheelhouse was wooded 😁 over lapping the windows by a couple of thou, the windows were glued in place with canopy glue. Aft of the wheelhouse are the battery boxes, these were made out of plasticard with doors made out of wood, kiss buttons used for the door knobs. Two sliding doors were made out of wood, small plastic channel for the runners. The bridge was made using the same principal as the boat deck.

Krick Police Launch by MouldBuilder Lieutenant   Posted: 3 hours ago
I have just started to build the Police Launch that I have had for a while. Work commitments have left me with little time lately but hopefully I can get a good run on this one for a while. I hope to finish it by late July which just leaves me enough time to send it to Hungary so that I can test it. The kit is said to be good for a beginner. This would be good as many years ago I built a Patrol Torpedo Boat which took me five years. I am currently restoring this one as well but I think that will take most of this year to complete.😁 I have started by buying the speed controller. The motor is a 400 brushed. Probably not going to be too difficult to keep up with this one. The kit itself is not too bad considering the price, but I do feel that the ABS vacuum formed hull could be of a slightly better quality. Also I am finding the ply wood to be rather brittle. Does anybody have an idea for a good filler to use to fill the chips which will take to acrylic paint. I have prepared the hull and added the propeller shaft and rudder holes. Care taken here to avoid splits in the plastic. Cellotape on both sides before drilling helps.🤓 I have assembled the internal parts which hold the motor, battery and rudder and also fitted the prop shaft.😲 I will start on the deck and superstructure next. An additional note about the kit. The instructions are reasonable but they are in black and white which is not helpful considering they are photograph based with text. I found a PDF on the web which is in full colour. Why don`t Krick supply this. Surely not that expensive.🤔

Capstan by Jerry Todd Commander   Posted: 16 hours ago
I got tired of looking at that stump of a dowel sticking out of the deck and decided to put a proper capstan there. It's built on a 3/4" maple dowel drum, and the base, drum-head, and whelps are from scrap mahogany from that used to make the restored ship's hatch combings.

Tamiya Tape! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
Well the Tamiya Tape arrived! Now I can go ahead and fix the waterline on the Brooklyn! There's some over spray I have to tidy up. Once I'm done with that. on to the Deck and Deck hardware!

Ctheads etc by Gdaynorm Captain   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi Doug, What ship's foredeck was that? Hood maybe? Looking at the bow shot you put up I cannot see any catheads. From the drawings I have, which are not Admiralty, she had three capstains feeding the chains into only two lockers. Odd. There is also a very large capstan about twenty feet aft of them.

Forward H Bitt & Aft H Bitt! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
I assembled the forward & aft H Bitts also painted them! They are a bit flimsy. But once glued to the deck. They become stronger! The deck is black from over spray. I will be painting the deck tan or a good shade of wood! The deck has tape all over it! So, I won't have to prime the deck!

nearly there by Northumbrian Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
just about finished only a few deck fittings to add i used a brushless 1700kv motor & 70amp esc it runs well on a 3 cell 5000 mah lipo the planking is made from old wooden blinds the only outlay was for the motor & esc the rest i had it is marvelous what you collect over the years my next build will be an airboat i have found a motor from a WOT 4 airplane 😉

Catheads by Gdaynorm Captain   Posted: 4 days ago
Hi Doug, Your shot of the foredeck is great, but I cannot find any pics of the clump catheads. They must have had some sort of winch, so I assume they were just a heavy protrusion with the winch mounted behind it?

Stem Post & Bollards! by Donnieboy Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
That will be nice to see.I would go with the deck light and running lights.If it turns out to be a beautiful day you may want to run until dusk. Don

Stem Post & Bollards! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Donnieboy, I'm going to paint the superstructure. 90 Beige Green Matt - 150ml Acrylic Spray Paint. by Humbrol #AD6090! This will help for the Tug to stand out on the ponds! With olive drab for contrast! But I'm taking my time with the project. Because I may also be going to put deck light. and running lights as well!

Gunwhale rubbing strakes by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Gunwhale rubbing strakes As these pieces will be under stress they need to be steamed into shape prior to fitting so out with the wallpaper stripper and modified tube (1/4 BSP fitting in the bottom of an old piece of IKEA cloths rail).For the gunwhale strakes I used the same former as I used for the stringers so 20 mins in the steamer then into the jig for 2 days drying. The chine rubbing strakes will need a different jig but this time a left and right hand version as not only do they bend round but also up at the bow. I was however disappointed with the quality of the 3/16 square obeche as the grain was nearly at 45 degrees to its length – it snapped before I started to bend it, just pushing it into the jig I bought some better pieces from the local model shop. I temporally fitted the gunwhale rubbing strake slightly proud of the deck level in order to drill all the pin holes then remove and mix up some epoxy, coat the length and hook into the brass bow and start tapping in the pins along the length of the boat, repeat on the port side. Chine rubbing strakes are still in the jig!

Vanity, Victorian Cutter by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
R/C gear going in on a 2 piece plank, so it'll fit through the hatches. Some deck planks going on, king plank too. Coamings to help water proof from splash. These are Foamex, completely waterproof stuff. The hatches and houses will be fitted with magnets eventually. The planking is NOT a la yacht. For some reason Dan Hatcher laid deck planks like workboats and motor boats, parallel to the King plank, not the covering boards. Believe me when you've lived on one of these and put every pot you have under the deck leaks when it rains, you know the pattern of the laid deck! Rear deck half just rested on as the R/C gear is yet to be finished. Waiting for some more allly tube to guide the steering cables and braided line for the sheet control. Steering servo coming this afternoon. Martin

Nautic by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Nice job👍 Beautiful decking! Crazing on the white hull looks similar to the problem I had with the clear lacquer on my Sea Scout. Surface stress?🤔 What did you use for paint / lacquer?

soling sailboats by GARTH Captain   Posted: 6 days ago
finally some nice weather for a sail boat race at Hamilton sod farm pond . May 20 2018 my soling is the last in line & has a watermelon deck or maybe it's salmon