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looking for a Mersey Ferry Model by 4clubs Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
The model is 1.48 scale scratch built on a fibreglass hull.Very detailed and accurate. Radio Controlled 2.4Ghz with working lights. She is 38 inches long For sale complete with the radio and batteries ready to sail.She is very weatherproof and can sail in rough conditions. The top is sealed on and released with four screws, no need to get inside to charge her up as there is a charging point at the top of the funnel. A display stand is also included I am asking £800. If you are interested you can come and have a look before committing yourself. email me direct on

South West Ship Show by coastal1s Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 days ago
In its 13th year, this event is being led this year by Mainline and Maritime supported by the usual organisers Coastal Shipping magazine. This year it will take place from 10.00 to 15.30 with static boat displays and many other maritime related stalls. More details from👍

site surgestions by Fireboat Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
It's a good idea and I can see how this is useful on mobile platforms. I'm currently working on a new website so will take it into consideration. The new site is being built from the ground up to support any device and any screensize. One thing you can do on iPhone and iPads at least, is tap the top status bar where the clock is displayed. This will scroll to the top of the page you're viewing. In the blog section it's also possible to view newest posts first, although this makes less sense for forum threads so they're likely to stay in chronological order. Not at a point to release more details on the new website, but I think you'll all be very pleased with it when it arrives! As Doug says we are a volunteer run website, so sometimes things take a bit more time, but we get there! Thanks for the feedback. Stephen

site surgestions by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
No comment. BUT ... I haven't wasted any money on a tablet and a dumbphone is good enough for phoning and SMS, anything else at your peril. All the other trash I delete and deinstall. After a career in comms engineering, including the beginnings of mobile telephony NMT (Scandinavia), AMPS (USA) and TACS (UK) I could see where it was going. If on your tablet you ain't got an equivalent of Ctrl+Pos1 or Control+End then it just confirms my opinion that they ain't worth the hard earned cash. Please don't come with the 'When I'm travelling' argument cos when I'm travelling I have other things to do, or take a decent Laptop with me. Basic thing I don't like about Tablets or, so called Smartphones, is the diminutive screen sizes. Not to mention limited operating systems. Never mind memory or external interfaces. Each to his own but catering for every foible of every Tablet / 'Smartphone' would most probably bust the budget of the site and more than overload the VOLUNTARY guys who do great service to keep this site going. Which incidentally I find is the best Model Boat site going, and I have tried all sorts from Germany to USA and back. Basically what you want is a function of your display device and not the site you are viewing. And don't come back with 'but some sites do that' cos they only use the commands available in the operating system that is displaying them. BTW: with WLAN (as long as it has AES / WPA2 or not if you don't care about security) you can also use a decent Laptop / Notebook from the sofa! 😎 PS Was a little surprised at your comment DD 🤔

Renovating my Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat. by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 18 days ago
You say the MFA motor was strong but slow ?? Have you tried changing the prop and trying different sizes. I put a 4 bladed on a small version of a Crash Tender that I have built and it was a failure, I have since changed it to a smaller 3 bladed prop and it is better but now have 3 different sizes to change to and see if they perform better. I know they are not cheap., all 3 came to just over £35 but the first one I tried made a very big difference. You could even try smaller nylon props as they are a lot cheaper. I know they do not look authentic but when on the water they cannot be seen. If you have her on display at home you can always change the prop back to the nice brass one just for show.

up date by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 days ago
Very sorry to hear that Cliff, my condolences, Doug. (My mum was 93 last week, I get nervous whenever I see my sister's number in the phone display!)

Billings Waveney Class LifeBoat by NickG Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 24 days ago
Waveney class lifeboat was designed in the USA, but after minor adjustments the vessel was used by the RNLI in British coastal waters. I managed to pickup 1/40th scale Billings Waveney Class Lifeboat Kit from Ebay for £25 including postage that had not been started. This kit is designed for static display, but with some modelling skill it can be converted to R/C operation. This is now my challenge to convert this kit to R/C control and put as much detail on to as possible without spending fast amounts of money.

HMS HOOD by Trumpeter by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
Hi Peter, you're not doing anything wrong at all👍 When I analyse the element (look at the code behind the display😉) the link is three lines long. It's just shortened in the post display. Just depends on how much space is made available to show it, esp the width of the box. If I scrunch up the code display the link is shown with even more lines . The address box in your browser is limited so it can't display all of a long link. But if you press the 'END' key the display jumps to the end of long links 😲 Cheers Doug 😎

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Hi Peter, seems a bit pricey to me. For me two disadvantages- 1 Only a titchy 2 line display for setting up and reading the batt status, can't put much info in that, 2 External DC supply only. The Robbe version I use can be either 12V DC at the lakeside, or mains at home. Personally I wouldn't buy it for that money, but that's just my opinion and wadda I know😉 Surprised about CMB 😲 I always thought it was a real shop! Ciao, Doug 😎

Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
PS re Monitor! There are separate 'Alarm' devices (i.e. Monitor) on the market for warning you if the Lipo is approaching the critical low voltage; 3.0 - 3.2V. Look on the sites selling batteries, they usually have the Monitors as well. Some can allegedly be coupled to the feedback telemetry to warn you on the TX display, but i ain't tried that yet 😉 LiPo Safe ESCs can also be programmed to slow down or Stop when the voltage is low. This is (to me) about the only reason to buy a programming card for the ESC. Everything else; stick positions for Full Ahead, Full Astern and All Stop you can do with the TX! 😎 PPS: Before Canabus jumps on me about programming cards! 😲 There is one other reason they can be useful: If you have a Car Escape as Canabus recommends! I discovered that they are usually delivered set up to 'Brake on reverse', which means that you have to shove the gas stick backwards twice to engage reverse. Otherwise it just STOPS!! The programming card enables resetting this to 'Boat Mode' so that the motors reverse immediately you pull the stick back. If you use Marine ESCs this isn't a problem as there ain't no Brake!

1960S Taycol electric motor by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi All. all good advice for the normal brushed motors in cans with carbon brushes. But the Taycol is a totally different animal! It has no carbon brushes. They are simply stamped thin copper or phosphor bronze sheet. Contrary to carbon brushes they need OILING to reduce the wear and sparking! Attached are some pics from my Taycol Target renovation and modification to graphically illustrate the point. Pic one 'Before', pic 2 the new phosphor bronze brushes I made. BTW: don't EVER put oil on your carbon brushes! Try it if you're curious, but then buy a new motor or try to find some replacement brushes 😉 If you run the Taycols dry they wear the brushes through until they have a hole in the middle and spark like crazy Pic 1. You can put what capacitors you like on, you'll still get interference especially at 27MHz. Pic 3 shows the effect this has on the commutator. Pic 4 shows the renovated commutator, there was more 'meat' left on it than I expected😊 Pic 2 shows the new brushes I made from phosphor bronze sheet. The spark energy density spectrum peaks in the HF band (e.g. 27MHz!) and falls off rapidly in the VHF band (30MHz upwards) to virtually nothing in the UHF and Gigahertz bands. That (and the frequency hopping process the 2.4Gig sets use) is why they don't suffer such interference. BTW: as a matter of probably no interest 😉 most sets only use 16 or 32 of the 85 frequencies available in the band! 😲 The capacitor values given above are unusual and will only work with a 'canned' motor, which the Taycol ain't! The norm for a standard canned motor with carbon brushes would be 0.1µF across the terminals and 0.047µF from each terminal to the can, which with a Taycol you ain't got! Earthing to the prop shaft is also a problem. Where do you connect the wire? There's no 'can'. Frame? That's paxolin! try soldering to laminated iron core if you want. Good luck. Won't achieve much even if you manage it🤔 Once again I ask which Taycol you have, as the construction varies and hence the suppression methods / connections. Imperative is the condition of the brushes and commutator to minimise the intensity of the spark generation in the first place! Also important is how you are controlling the speed: also 'Period' with a Bob's Board or resistor coil and servo driven wiper?? These can also be spark sources😡 Never mind wasting precious battery power as heat😲 If you want to convert to using an ESC with proportional forwards and reverse, which Taycol field motors can not do without reversing the polarity of EITHER the field coil or the rotor coil but not both, I can show you how. I did it with Dad's old Taycol Target, see my Build Blog 'Sea Scout Jessica'. Pic 5 shows my Taycol target dismantled, before the renovation. Pics 6 & 7 the reassembled motor after renovation. Pic 8 shows the motor voltage across the terminals before the conversion, complete with gigantic sparks of amplitude 100% of supply voltage. Pics 9 & 10 show the waveform on the terminals of the modified motor at slow and fast speeds, hence different pulse width; broad pulse more speed, narrow less speed. BUT: virtually NO SPARKS😊 and no capacitors😊 Trick is in the bridge rectifier used to connect the motor to a standard brushed ESC. The diodes in the rectifier suppress the sparks😊 Pic 11 shows the wiring 'lash-up' I made to test the motor before mods. Pic 12 the PSU used for the tests. ESC is a 30A Graupner Navy. Instead of TX and RX I used a simple servo tester to drive the ESC. Scope used speaks for itself! As expected speed control was possible but no reverse. Media File 1 Vid shows the renovated motor running but unmodified, complete with sparks😡 Sorry Dave_M, I can't upload the ozone smell🤔 Media File 2 shows the scope display of the unmodified motor test, complete with the sparks that cause the kind of interference you are suffering from. Wanted to add the final vid showing the clean waveform after the mods but it's too big for the site: 30MB max and the vid is 47MB 😭 Penultimate pic shows the circuit used to connect to a standard ESC (Brushed!) for full remote control proportional forward and reverse. Final pic shows the test set up for the fully modified motor. Note 4 connections: 2 to field coil, 2 to brushes (i.e. rotor coil) as per circuit diagram of the interface board. Have fun, cheers Doug 😎

Cabin detail Pt 1 by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
I'll second that 👍👍👍 Lucky you didn't use the 'black' sand paper wet! I did once and it permanently stained the wood black, not just surface effect 😡 Since then I only use dry cabinet paper for finishing raw wood in sensitive areas. With your extended bulkheads I'm wondering where you are going to fit 'the works'! Or is this to be a static display model? Whatever, beautiful woodwork, salutations, Doug 😎

Flower Class Corvette by PMBDTCentral Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
A short selection of the flower class corvettes of the Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team. All made from the same 1/48 hull mould, they are not exact replicas - more designed to look 'good' on the water. Finely detailed models do not tend to remain finely detailed for long with the abuse the Team puts them through! I am going through the photo collection and having a good sort out and reorganisation (thanks to my old laptop crashing) amd will post more as I can.

Come Meet the Team by PMBDTCentral Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
The Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team are holding the first Come Mee the Team event at our new clubhouse. Our new clubhouse is located in the Explosion Museum, Gosport and we will be holding several events throughout the year where you can come and have a chat, have a look at the workshop, and see some of the Teams models. The first of these events will be 6th and 7th of May. Monday the 7th is also the Museums Family day - lots of stall and traditional May day games plus hopefully the Team will be able to do something to keep the crowds amused. The Sunday will see the Team getting ready for the Monday (and drinking tea) propably the better day for chatting to them! Unfortunately, though we have our own water, it is tidal and the sea is out for most of both days

Ranking System by Fireboat Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Smiffy, Admiral of the Fleet indeed is correct, but was shortened deliberately to reduce the length of the text. In some areas of the website it's too long to display properly. 1st, 2nd and 3rd sea lord is a viable option. Will see what others come up with too 😎