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dodgy geezer
dodgy geezer
dodgy geezer
Help with vintage rc. by JOHN Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
hi there I am in agreement with DodgyGeezer about the reliability of vintage radio gear. I believe the Digi4 servos were Linear movement, rather than rotary as in modern day servos and yes some of the old versions were 4 wire; with male plugs at the end. One of the main downfalls of these old sets was thing called 'black wire' its where the negative side wire in the electrical wiring system actually turns black and corrodes. The only way to repair it is to actually renew the wiring and once you have it in one part of your radio system, it inevitably works its way through the whole of your radio system. The transmitters do turn up on that popular auction site. I have often fancied purchasing one just to play around with it - but I wouldn't trust one operating a precious model on the lake, because I can remember the 27 mghz radio gear being very prone to interference from the slightest thing.👍 john

Rx-tx confusion by Lordgord Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks dodgygeezer, having read all that thread I am even more uncertain as to which one to purchase. There is such a diversity of opinions out there. Am I expecting too much to get a definitive answer from the inter web? maybe I will have to get off my backside and visit a model shop🤔

Sea Queen Frames by ChrisF Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Don - that's basically what I did but went a stage further by tracing the top and side views on the PC and then producing the frames from them which is very accurate. DodgyGeezer - I'm in no way condoning what that guy on Ebay is doing but the problem with the copyright owner is that they are not making drawings available for all of the boats that they produced hence why the likes of that guy on Ebay are able to keep on selling albeit illegally.

Boat shaft connectors (which stuffs to use and which is good) by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Thanks DodgyGeezer, That was Coupler was what I was looking for. As a recommendation to Sakibian! But couldn't find it! Sakibian, Should deffinately use a coupler like that! Cheers, Ed

Christmas present - free plans! by Julio Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 year ago
Thanks for sharing these plans DodgyGeezer.

And now it is ESC time by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 years ago
Sounds like our Dad's had similar careers. Mine was also headhunted into radar, but declined because of having to move away. But he had a very good radio & TV repair business till he died and somewhere along the line I too learned all the resistor colour band values. In fact Dad paid for a subscription to Radio Control Models and Electronics for donkeys years, from Number 1 in fact, but never had time to build anything! So, yes, I will ask and the questions will seem dumb because I am bright enough to ask different questions, but ill-informed enough to have to ask in the first place! I will need help with my older motors too, because i can't understand the details on the Taycol website, so gamely gathered by "Dodgy Geezer". Thanks for the offer. Similarly anything you need to know about modelmaking tricks and tips, please ask, although I'd say you didn't need to! Cheers, Martin

Motor selection by coelacanth Apprentice   Posted: 3 years ago
Thank you both very much for your replies, not least for the recommendation of Dodgy Geezer's excellent website, which I have consulted extensively during the build process so far. I am minded to agree that careful programming of the ESC is likely to prove the most effective means of guarding against untoward overpowering. I shall endeavour to upload photos/videos of the boat in due course. If something goes spectacularly wrong as a result of the motor setup, let's hope that it is at least caught on camera!

Looking good by georgeo5664 Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
Dodgygeezer I have been looking at the build log and you are right I have removed and reinstalled the stern to touch the back of the deck thanks for you observation it looks a lot better now. 😀

radar motors by Vickers1979 Lieutenant   Posted: 4 years ago
HI dodgyGeezer just had a look got one on the way will try it out, thanks for your help.

Does anyone know. . . . . . . . by Oldtimer Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 4 years ago
Thanks again Dodgygeezer; now you have jogged my memory, I remember the EezeBilt Kits although I never bought any at the time they were on the go. I shall definately look up the web site. Cheers

Does anyone know. . . . . . . . by Oldtimer Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 4 years ago
Hello DodgyGeezer, (like your style) How absolutely brilliant of you to find out all this Information for me. The black hulled model shown from the port side Is 'exactly' like the one I had. Just to see a picture of the boat Is brilliant. For me, there Is absolutely no problem with the scan!!! Thank you also for the web site Info; I shall definitely pay that a visit. Thank you again. Cheers

Plans, photos, etc by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 years ago
Dave, thanks for the Info and pics. I used to have no problems with the Taycol with the original REP radio and when I used a Mini-Hex proportional set, It gave me no worries either, so I think the Taycol woemongers are exaggerating the perceived problem. I try to use as little Jap/Chinese stuff as absolutely possible. The Mini-Hex was a British made copy of the American Kraft set and the DigiMac Is also British and so go well with the Taycol. There are various diagrams out there for suppressing Taycols If you're convinced they need It. A Canadian website If I recall. Also a guy called dodgy geezer has stated a Taycol Information website which Is excellent. I always found my Crash Tender went In a very realistic manner with the Supermarine on 12 volts. Not exactly on the step but nearly so, which would have been how the real boats performed for the most part, If they wanted enough fuel left to get home again! Model boats and aircraft are all grossly overpowered these days and It looks ridiculous. Fishing boats taking of like dragsters. Battleships changing direction like F1 cars. It ruins the effect and makes the public snigger. If you want speed, have the balls to make race boats. A pantograph?? Ha! That would be fun trying to stick It to the computer screen while I enlarge the drawings on this website! I used to have one years ago, though and If you have the space or a nice drawing board It's a perfectly workable suggestion. I don't have a printer as my Canon packed up, In fact It then stopped acting as a scanner too so I broke It up. I got motors, gears, nice glass sandpaper board and toothed belts and the dustman got the rest. I think It might be easier If this website published the drawings In such a way that you could blow them up on screen and actually read them. They don't have to be printable or even downloadable, just make-biggable. You peer at the screen, make notes and then toddle off to the workshop to make the bits. It's how all my models are made...F1 slot cars, 1/32nd scale aircraft, all patterns for kits. Costs way too much to print pictures! But I will have a look at that software you mention, Dave. Thanks. Cheers, Martin

New restoration project by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 years ago
HI Colin Interesting motor. There Is a reply In Model Boats Mayhem by dodgy geezer who Identifies your motor as the "Marine" In the Basset Lowke 1936 catalogue I suggest you post on that Forum to see If anyone can Identify the boat. If It's Basset Lowke from the 1930's I suggest you don't touch It and advertise to get the best price 😀

The build so far.... by richald Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 years ago
I came across the Mermaid on the Keil Kraft Eezebilt website I think that DodgyGeezer (who frequents this forum) Is the man responsible for all the work on the site - have a look at He responded to a post I made to the other Mermaid Blog (Toylanders) asking about the possibility of more build Info about the mermaid for his website. What I shall try to do Is post the Info as I progress the build here and then possibly It will be copied onto the modelboats.hobby-site website. richald p.s. what Is the best size for pictures uploaded to this website - I haven't found any advice about this anywhere. ?