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lesro sportsman by sven-te Seaman   Posted: 3 days ago
Hello, I am the sven from germany / herford and looking for a building plan of : lesro "sportsman " from model boats to build this boat .. look directly the construction plans, I know there was as a complete kit to buy, but someone has or knows someone who still something drawings has for a replica .. my question, do you know someone who still has documents from the boat i'm looking for plans, drawings, bodyplan, scrive board or anything form the boat I'm glad about it, thank you who has something or knows can send me an e-mail

New plans by GrahamP74 Commander   Posted: 6 days ago
My Dad has given me these drawings from a local boat which he did some work in a few years back. He found them while clearing out his workshop! Could this be the next project? #Emily PIII

HMS Dreadnought (S101) by Airtrooper Seaman   Posted: 7 days ago
I also posted this at MBM was was also hoping people here might be able to help... I'm trying to find ANY plans (but especially lines and body plans) for the RN's first nuclear submarine, HMS Dreadnought (S101). The NMM charge a fortune IMO 😤 ,so not a viable option as I need to keep costs low. The Submarine Museum and the NMRN don't hold anything. 🤐 This has left me pretty much stuck! 😭 At this stage I'll be happy to find anything, even if it is lacking in detail! Perhaps someone out there can come to my aid please? For instance, does anyone know of any GA drawings published in books or magazines from any country around the globe? Many thanks in advance. Andy

rig & sails by Northumbrian Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
a few things have been mentioned about my build ie the rig is not as it should be the reason being i lost the index finger on my right hand so to be able to de rig it is easier to use bowsies with me it is a case of suck it & see I have decided to have the sails made by Mastman he does a lot of barge bits I have more or less copied the build from plans for the Celia Jane but me being me i tend to deviate to suit my needs I served my time in shipyards on both the Tyne & Wear i became a shipyard manager in Swan Hunters and the last three frigates built their were what we called as built we worked from schematics not drawings no two ships were the same 🤐

Fairplay V (Hegi) rebuild / refit by Radiosailor Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
Today my Fleabay find arrived in a big box: O dear... ...Nothing wrong with the new hull, paperwork consists of some printed scans with the main drawing in just A3 format. That drawing doen't show any measurements, but partnumbers. The superstructure and wheelhouse are... well, they show 'some' patina. (cough) Since there are no other drawings of the used parts everything must be expanded to the correct size, and then made/build. Thinking about using thick foam sheet material for frames and ABS sheet for the deck, so I can speed up the process a bit. (not having to paint any wooden parts, and use epoxy for bonding) Thing is tough, I need to decide which engine, propellor, shortnozzle and battery combination will be good. (another tread over here) Let's hope that hull is as good as it looks once I'm trimming off the excessive material... it might have become brittle over the years. The plan is - as soon as the hull, deck & hardware are done - get her on the water with the old wheelhouse. Meanwhile I can build a new one using 0.2 and 0.5mm ABS sheet.

3d printing by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
Hi Selwyn Looking at the plans it may be possible to use PosteRazor available as a free download from many sources. Just Google and choose a source you trust to download. It is actually a poster printing program and prints on A4 sheets which can be joined together. I have used this in the past to enlarge line drawings to the required scale to produce the formers. Won't be 100% scale but may be sufficient for your purpose. A fellow club member made Pickle from a 2" square set of line drawings.

Circassia model boat by mbillany Apprentice   Posted: 20 days ago
Circassia- Glasgow Circassia was built in Glasgow in 1937 for Anchor lines Liverpool to Bombay regular route, carrying 285 passengers and 4000 tons of cargo. She was taken by the Admiralty at the beginning of World War 2 and used as a troop ship to North Africa. She never saw action but troops dubbed her the “ship from hell” as accommodation was limited carrying far more than she was designed for. She returned to her 13000 mile round trip India run after the war, making her last voyage in January 1966, after which she was sold and broken up in Spain. This model was a 2 year project by a local retired yacht builder who is a real craftsman, built from original drawings to scale with great detail. Original drawings included with the sale. Includes 3 new rechargeable 6 volt batteries, charger, twin screw and bow thrusters, all servos and all works including navigation lights too. The transmitter is a Hitec Laser 4 with 3 spare channels if required (never used). The model dimensions are LOA 5ft 4inches, beam 9 inches and stands tall from keel to top mast at 21 inches. She weighs just over 60 lbs and sits on 2 teak plinths for display and has a rather crude but effective launching trolley and lifting straps. The plans say it is 1/8th scale. Contact details are Mike Billany, ** email and personal phone nos. removed Please use pm to share this info** I live in Hedon, approximately 7 miles east of Hull. Strongly suggest visit to view and buyer will need to collect. Asking price for all as above is £600 or very nearest sensible offer please.

3d printing by SelwynWilliams Lieutenant   Posted: 21 days ago
can you print a boat using drawings of its hull lines?

eezebuild RAF tender by marky Admiral   Posted: 22 days ago
Hi Mick , Just wanted to check if the parcel arrived ,also posted out the drawings and build instructions so you should get these soon .Mark, if you read this Ricky cut yours in the wrong material (MDF) so will recut it in ply either today or at the start of next week depending on his work load. I gave the MDF one to a student for her grandpa.👍 Cheers Marky

M.V. TEAKWOOD by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 days ago
Finally obtained General Arrangement drawings for both vessels. Scaled them to the same size and superimposed the Teakwood hull drawing onto the Velarde. This confirmed that a conversion was possible and that much of the major rework would be limited to around the stern. The bow could be extended relatively easily and the bulwark heights trimmed and reshaped. One point to remember in reviewing the attached photographs, the Velarde hull plan is slightly oversize. Have noticed when printing plans the humidity affects the paper and sizes can change slightly. This would not be of much importance when building a kit, but should be considered in a hull conversion. With the two hulls superimposed and the Velarde adjusted to the correct size, considered the ways the hull could be adapted. Measuring sternwards from the revised bow profile found the correct LBP could be obtained if the Velarde rudder post was moved back about 5/16”. This would also reduce the stern rework and allow the use of my traditional bow strengthener of bent wire from a steel coat hangar. This slight bow extension would help to offset the stern profile, with the hull and LBPs remaining the correct overall lengths. In the photos the Velarde hull lines are black and the Teakwood red with pencil accents: they indicate the amount of bow/stern rework. The bulwarks are relatively simple, they only need lowering slightly. Next step is to examine the actual hull and compare it with the plan to see how accurate it is. Hopefully this will confirm of my investigations - of course, could always leave the hull “as is” and use it that way. I would be only person aware of the differences! Unfortunately, being something of a purist, this easy way out did not compute.

Decks by Gdaynorm Commander   Posted: 26 days ago
Beautiful! You must have had her on a trailer to the harbour. How was she constructed? I would have liked to build mine to the same scale, but just don't have the space or facility to transport to our little lake. Only way would be to build in two halves. There is a bloke in Hamilton who built a US carrier to 1/96, brought it to our annual regatta. Not very detailed. Weighed a ton - put ballast in after launching. Was very susceptible to wind. Carried it in the back of a ute in a case with red flag on the overhang. Had a set of wheels to get it to launch. Most of my RC models are to 1/96 except Nelson to 1/192. I had intended to build her to 1/96 in two halves, but at some stage she would have had to be joined during construction, and my workshop has a washing machine and drier in it so just not on. What drawings did you use?

M.V. TEAKWOOD by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 29 days ago
Looking around for next winter's project, found M.V. VELARDE. A nice looking small reefer used mainly on the U.K. - Mediterranean trade. Decided to build the vessel using a Deans Marine glass-fibre hull and ordered one, planning to bring it back to Canada after a September visit to the U.K. The Deans documentation is designed for a kit rather than a a scratch build, I prefer to build as much as possible myself as enjoy the challenge, so started to accumulate the necessary drawings and photos. Looking though reams of pictures and other information began to think this vessel was not quite as attractive as first thought. Too late though, the hull had been ordered and paid for. Encouraged by other modelers who have adapted proprietary glass-fibre hulls to build different models, began to explore the possibility of using the Velarde hull for another vessel. Reviewing a book on cargo liners noticed M.V. TEAKWOOD, built in Sunderland in 1962. She had an attractive and unusual flowing look to her superstructure and rear deck. A comparison of scales and dimensions showed that a 1:96 scale Velarde hull would closely resemble a 1:133 scale Teakwood. Intrigued by the similarities, started to examine the two vessels in more detail. The length/beam ratio is almost identical and, as the Velarde hull is slightly taller, it could be trimmed down into the Teakwood. The Teakwood bow is steeper, the LBP longer and the counter stern fuller. Not sure about the hull sections, but freighters tend to be similar to other type vessels of the same era. Thus felt encouraged enough to further investigate modifying a Velarde hull into the Teakwood. Continued to search for an elusive General Arrangement of the Teakwood to confirm my initial thoughts.

Decks by Gdaynorm Commander   Posted: 1 month ago
Be a while yet. We are heading to England on Thursday for three weeks. Need a rest. Illustrious has become a little frustrating with so many different versions of the same ship, none of which really agree with the original drawings I started with. Might get to Portsmouth RN museum. Norm

huntsman plan by ChrisF Seaman   Posted: 1 month ago
Big Tone - what you have sounds like a Huntsman built from the Precedent kit. Plans are sometimes on EBay for the drawings for other kits but I've never seen any for the Precedent. But be wary of the EBay offerings - I've bought drawings and the templates have been very poorly traced/drawn and are almost useless and I've had to redraw them. But as regards the Precedent I have one, bought already built and done pretty well so if you want any photos let me know. Chris

Norm's Ships by Gdaynorm Commander   Posted: 2 months ago
Thanks Doug. Info on them was more readily available, and they were not modified very much. Had problems with Ohio for drawings, but we went to Malta where there are two magnificent models of her in the war museum, which are not identical so I was able to photograph them. My model seems accurate to the few photos I had. The others were comparatively easy for info. I've also done waterlines of SS San Demetrio, but that was a wedding present for my younger daughter, and Valhalla for my other daughter. I wish I had known of you before I started Illustrious. I should really scrap the island completely, but I would have to saw it off flush with the flight deck, Not easy. All for now. Norm