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Gluing by drspock Petty Officer   Posted: 5 days ago
Hello Fred.Yes I buy both these products on ebay.Note that some sellers offer better deals than others.

Tank Steering by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Doug Micro and mini servos are great until they break then they are a bin job. That Hitek has a broken drive to the internal pot. I have looked inside and could hardly see the components let alone repair. Had two go on my RG65 yacht. Early bad design of the rudder shaft which rusts and causes the servo to overheat, mine actually melted and the motor was welded. Now replaced with a standard size servo, plenty of room and not really a weight problem as I use a LiOn 6v battery and switch mode supply. 6V burns out the micro servos, as happened with my first servo in the RG65. If it has a 6pin plug it probably is an early Bonner servo. Doubt it will work with modern kit. Might be a collectors item so you could try flebay Good to hear you can upgrade the Flysky/Turnigy sets to 10 channel. Does it support s-bus as this will allow even more channels? Dave

Tank Steering by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi Dave, you won't find a Conrad anything anywhere else but on the Conrad (or Amazon/Ebay) sites! But if you look for the Turnigy HT-6 you will find it on HobbyKing, it's the same damn thing for nearly half the Conrad price. See pics. Pure badge 'engineering'! Also just bought some Absima LiPos 2s 4000mAh from Conrad, €40 each. Today I found out that Absima is in Nürnberg (Nuremberg) just up the road from here, same batt €25 😡😭 Conrad will shortly be getting an appropriate mail from me! NO more Reely stuff for me!! I found the HT-6 very easy to set up, amazing what they pack into a $45 set these days. My Spektrum cost 12 times that a few years ago and doesn't do an awful lot more and is more complex to set up 🤔 Won't mess with mixer boards or two stick motor control just yet. Can use the mixer functions in the TX 😊 Have tested the HT-6 with various ESCs; e.g. Graupner Navy VR30 and Mtroniks Viper Micro10, no problems. When the new 2s LiPos are charged the next test will be with a Turnigy brushless ESCs and the BL I want to put in the Sea Scout. Progress is slow but sure. Why do I get on faster with electronics than with shipbuilding!!?? 😉 You're right; Mode 1 or 2 (3 and 4 are also available!) don't matter much. With this set you can assign any control element stick, switch, or pot to any channel (i.e. RX output) you want, and very simply - not like the Spektrum🤔. Like it.👍 I also like having the two pots available for proportional control; gun turrets, cranes, monitors .... 👍 And still switches left over for lights, sound .... Very versatile 👍👍 Only irritation is it won't go into operational mode until all switches are forward and the throttle (left stick) is pulled right back - motor off for an aircraft - safety feature. Minor irritation for a boater but pull the stick back and all is OK and you can then operate normally. Used the spring removal method on my old Graupner 40Meg MC-10. That box was a pain to set up as well🤔 I could programme the radio ATE for the old Home Office Type Approval lab faster, but then - I wrote the software 😉 Cheers Doug 😎

huntsman plan by big-tone Seaman   Posted: 7 days ago
thanks for the info will take a look see if I can get the back issue. mine is a 46 inch refurb I picked on ebay going to strip back and bring back to former glory as its about 50 years old I was told

huntsman plan by canabus Commander   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi big-tone I found a 42" Vic Smeed plan on EBay. Hope this helps. http://www. style='background-color:yellow;'> Canabus

Deck furniture by rolfman2000 Commander   Posted: 11 days ago
If you go to battlecrafts shop on eBay, or battlecrafts own website. All the deck furniture and weaponry are available in resin casting or resin an metal castings from them. Both in 1/32 & 1/24th scale. I have made some and bought some from battlecrafts. I have found them very helpful and also very fast delivery. Hope that helps. Best wishes, Dave W

Looking for a Sea Queen by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi Dave, to a private citizen you are quite correct! I do not buy from private citizens on Ebay. I checked the supplier through the German & Austrian Handelskammer (Chamber of Commerce) via a secure link which can be checked via the German IT Security Ministry. Don't know what the set up is in England these days but a bank transfer (Überweisung) here is protected, electronically receipted and can easily be reversed if something goes wrong. 😊 I also tend to use only those suppliers which are listed under 'Trusted Shops' for expensive items - highly recommendable. No, in my case it was maybe Ebay who screwed up because the payment did not go through them, supplier forget to tell them ? or an opportunist was trying to cash in. What ever, a quick call to the supplier confirmed the payment (I had long since received the goods) and Ebay shut up. I was not a victim! Too long in the tooth for that 😉 I also find that Ebay (and Amazon) are rarely the economic option. Ebay I only use for stuff I can't find anywhere else. Cheers Doug 😎 PS Whatever way you pay Ebay somehow the cash goes by wire! No one carts around suitcase of notes anymore, not even the Mafia apparently😉 I know you were in banking (Systems Analyst?) but where does one draw the line? It's always a leapfrog race between providers, banks etc and hackers 🤔 I use the checks available and don't open suspect mails. Where possible I trace the sender address, if I'm curious enough 😉 So far I only lost €3 to a Chinese 'shop', part of a larger Amazon order for various tools. It never arrived and Emails were not answered so I wrote it off to experience (Lerngeld - Learning money as the Germans say!) and put the shop on my Blacklist. 😎

Looking for a Sea Queen by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
Good for you mate 👍 Some months ago I bought a Video 8 player, so I could transfer my old tapes (mostly of New York winter '86😊) to PC/disc and clean 'em up a bit. I also checked out the supplier (in Salzburg😉) and paid him by bank transfer. For a couple of months I kept getting emails from EBay (?) telling me I had not paid for the item and my account would be blocked 😡 I trashed them all after that heard no more. FleaBay is my port of last resort! Beware! Hope you find another Rolf. Cheers Doug 😎

Looking for a Sea Queen by Krampus Commander   Posted: 15 days ago
This reminds me my own Ebay experience several years ago. I bid for a car. Nice 1966 T-Bird. Everything going fine and voila, the "seller" began insisting in me sending him the rest of the money (I already paid a small deposit via PayPal) through an "escrow" service using Western Union. I noticed some elemental grammar errors on the "escrow" service webpage and also in the "seller's" writing. Different style from the emails I read from the seller before. I challenged him with paying via PayPal and he sent me an email in a quite anxious tone asking for his escrow thing. At that moment I figured out something went wrong and soon after I received an email from the real seller telling me that his eBay and email accounts got hacked and that apparently others failed into the trap. With my suspicions being corroborated, I wrote an email to the offender telling him everything was OK, but at the end I gave him a piece of my mind. I verified the original folks identity and purchased the car. Lesson: If it smells, it most definitely is s%&t.

Looking for a Sea Queen by rolfman2000 Commander   Posted: 15 days ago
More than a little peeved. Just received this from eBay.. . eBay Bid Cancellation Notice - Item Dear eBay Community Member, The bid that you entered for the item (302398839355) has been cancelled. You can view the reason provided for the cancellation by selecting the (bid history) link from the individual item page. Please be cautious if you are contacted about purchasing this item after the bid has been cancelled and as always, avoid paying for your eBay item using instant wire transfer services through Western Union or MoneyGram as these payment methods are unsafe when paying someone you do not know. Regards, eBay So pee'd off its unreal. Hitting the bottle, methinks 😧

Looking for a Sea Queen by Biggles Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 15 days ago
Ebay 302398839355, in Godalming, Surrey, £24.86 at the moment! Good Luck

Looking for a Sea Queen by Biggles Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 15 days ago
Ebay or Model Boat Mayhem are good places to look for second hand models?

Dirty Deeds by Krampus Commander   Posted: 18 days ago
By the way, you may get some Viagra (10.8v Nihm battery) on Ebay. You will find them with either AA-type cells and C-type cells. I do prefer the C-type cells. Expect to pay around $45-50 USD. I bought some from a German store named "", but it seems they no longer offer them.

White lines by Krampus Commander   Posted: 26 days ago
Hello! In my case, I use vinyl car decorative stripes. Ebay offers them very cheap, less than US$4.00 with shipping and everything. Once I apply them, I use a hairdryer to melt the vinyl a little bit. With this method they stick very well.

Secure the hatches and raise the flags ! by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Hi Colin. Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your good choice of model 👍. I bought all of the brass pins I used from a UK based eBay seller http://www. style='background-color:yellow;'> I can't imagine that something similar would not be available in Oz, try a good joinery or cabinet makers supply outlet. I mostly used the 15mm size and used, quite surprisingly, a total of around 500 😱. These pins have a tapered head rather than a flat one so that they can be punched flush, or just below the surface of the wood very easily. This is important when pinning the side and bottom skins so that the pin hole can be filled and sanded to give a very smooth surface for finishing. Also, when pinning the thin wood strips always pre-drill the wood to stop the wood from splitting. I'm not sure if CMB supply this type but Javro, who replied earlier, may be able to confirm this. Good luck with the build and please do think about posting a build blog on this site and ask as many questions as you need to. As I discovered, the help and advice you will get will be invaluable. Rob.