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New to hobby by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Yep, it's an old Robbe kit - Bohrinselversorger', an offshore supply vessel. Scale 1:25, LoA 126 or 130cm? See here for a video of one in action at Ahlen, Germany. Yours for only €53 😉 http://www. style='background-color:yellow;'> Cheers Doug 😎

3D printing by timgarrod Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 13 days ago
thanks Delboy, thinking off getting on of these http://www. style='background-color:yellow;'> know its a clone but

Navigation lights by GrahamP74 Lieutenant   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi Joe These are available now on eBay! Graham

Navigation lights by GrahamP74 Lieutenant   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi Joe. I usually get grains of wheat or grains of barley on eBay. I managed to get 10 clear bulbs a couple of weeks back for 2.49 which is half the cost of a single bulb in my local model shop! I make the housings for lights from clear straws cut to size. Hope this helps! Graham

The suction hoses – part 2. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
Interesting suggestion...perhaps not the functional torpedo's, a bit anti social perhaps. There was an Aerokits Patrol Torpedo Boat on eBay very recently that I was tempted by, but the bids went too high. I'm thinking something more sedate but not sure what. Maybe a cabin cruiser ?

R/C Gear by Jim Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 15 days ago
Thanks for your posts,it was fitted in an old Graupner boat that i purchased on ebay.

Ebay purchase by philpjuk Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 17 days ago
Well you know how it is with ebay,"buy it now or make an offer" there was this hydro on,I watched it,no intention on buying it,I have far too many projects on anyway,the price is reduced,still no bids,a couple of mins to go,still no bids so make a very silly offer and gets it!It is powered by a JAP lawnmower engine and is huge.Must have been on reeds as there is a bit of an aquamite on it.Is fitted with coil/battery which makes it a bit nose heavy so will have to get the mag working.Picked it up from norfolk and it seems to be "norfolk engineering",even the props are home made

Fairplay X - Plastic Magic! :-) by saintsalvio Commander   Posted: 18 days ago
OK it is evening and I am relaxing so I can post the photos you required, remember my videos on you tube: and just now I am adding a video of the new trailer I adapted from a simple 1/10 rc car trailer for my new (used almost vintage bought in brilliant conditions from a German friend on ebay) super air nautique wakeboard boat to join with my rc defender land rover RC truck eavily modified: please comment!

Book by NickW Lieutenant   Posted: 18 days ago
I use Amazon quite a lot for's worth noting that eBay can sometimes be expensive for books, I always check Amazon as well because you can save ££££££'s....purchased one today that was twice the price on fleabay :-)

Carson Saint Tropez by saintsalvio Commander   Posted: 19 days ago
[Score: 5/10] - Comments: Good boat but: doesn't go reverse: what a shame!

How many is to Many by Graham Petty Officer   Posted: 22 days ago
We have just moved house so I (and my wife) are now fully aware of the true situation. I (that is we ) have :- 3-46" fireboats 4-34" fireboats 1-Sea Queen 1-Sea Scout 1-Sea Hornet ,which is unbuilt 1-RM2, which I have owned since about 1964 1-Snoopy hydroplane 1-OS Max 40 powered multi racer from the 1980s 1-54" offshore racer which needs building ...and I just bought a 46" fibre glass crash tender hull A couple are electric but mostly diesel, petrol or glow powered ,including, Super Fury, Racers, Hunters, Frog, McCoy, Merco, a Force 10 and a Gannet. The "problem" would appear to be growing, I recently built a Peacemaker control liner and bought a Pinto 1/2A team racer on Ebay....I can sense the rocket approaching !!

Propshaft Bearings by Midlife306 Captain   Posted: 23 days ago
Took some finding but here is the one I got off eBay https://www. style='background-color:yellow;'> Enjoy👍 Cheers Wayne

How many is to Many by rolfman2000 Lieutenant   Posted: 24 days ago
Well. Having listed my fleet earlier, I bought a couple of "to do" Veron Police launches on eBay earlier in the week. When collecting them, Ross said "I have a few more to get rid of for a friend of mine", and that, as they, is history. I left there with, and added to my fleet... 2 x Veron Thames Police Launch. 1 x 34" PT 109 (scratchbuilt). 1 x Vosper RTTL (kit unknown). 1 x 46" Aerokits RAF Fire/Crash Tender. Those of you who are paying attention, will not I have just doubled my fleet. And with another 46" fire tender on the horizon, my total will be up to 11 now (only actually 3 in sailing condition), but lots of projects and "to do's" in store. Best wishes, Dave W. 😊

Aeronaut Pilot Boat by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply, I was just wondering about the lights! And now I now, eventually I'll get a Pilot boat myself. But for now I have your Pilot boat post to look at! Oh, and now I know if I ever get the Pilot Boat to get the LED's from Ebay! Ed

Aeronaut Pilot Boat by Skipper44 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 24 days ago
Thank you very much for the speedy reply! Yes I have purchased some LED's off Ebay, ended up with 10 of each colour as thats the minimum you can buy! So plenty to spare if anyone wants a couple. I have also got an electro magnet which I intend on gluing (or sticking somehow so it doesnt warp the side) to the inside of the boat just above waterline. I will operate it on a seperate channel where i can turn it on and off using a turngy switch. This way i can come along side the model jettys that I have which have metal in them and attach on. I have been greatly admiring your photos cormorant! If you have a chance anymore videos of her running would be amazing! When i start mine in a couple of weeks I am going to do a time lapse and a stage by stage review until she is finnished and post it on youtube I think, only because there is very little of this boat on youtube. Anyway, many thanks for the help! Tintin