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a very noisy fireboat by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 hours ago
Hi Paul As I already have the Action sound unit (Whitby lifeboat engine sound, my model) and a 20w amp I sourced some resonators from Holland They were out of stock for the initial order so I bought two lower power exciters to see what they were like. Attached to the back deck of my Trent and plenty of volume but the vibration was very visible. I have now received some 24Watt (Dayton Audio DAEX25FHE-4 Framed High Efficiency 25mm Exciter 24W 4 Ohm) similar to yours and they are attached to the hull sides above the waterline and sound great on the bench. Will be trying on our lake as soon as the weather improves but should be as good as the big 8" speaker I was using and several pounds lighter so the model will sit correctly on the waterline. Thanks for sharing this sound medium Mine are attached by 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive so I am hoping if I need to move or replace I can buy some glue to re-attach Dave

Working radar by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 hours ago
Oh dear Could be to do with the EU fining Google. Have you tried another search engine? There is a pdf file of all the geared motors on the site so I will send you a pm. Cheers Dave

bargain of the day by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
Hi Johnfast, This is Doug, alias RNinMunich! 😉 Sorry I'm a Sassenach, originally from Folkestone in Kent, about as far away from Scotland as you can get! 🤔 Shame actually as I have a passion for single malts, esp. Oban, Lagavulin and Jura 😜 By the time I studied engineering (in London, electronics sandwich course with 6 months in industry between semesters) electricity was available pretty well everywhere 😉😉 For us a bolt was something that needed a nut and a couple of washers 😁 BTW; how are the dilithium crystals!?? 😁 Cheers Doug 😎 Now in Munich, Bavaria. 😉

bargain of the day by johnfastboat Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 day ago
High Marky, Couldn't help but notice people are callong you DOUG or am I confusing you with another reply? Firstly I have bought from Lidl on many occasions. There German and quality as you would expect goes with that. Just don't leave it too long buying when it's gone it's gone and very unlikely to be repeated. Mr RN in MUNICH. You do not have many Scots on board Munich boats RN or Not. Ask any SCOT who has an engineering background what a 'BOLT' is and he will reply it is a soldering iron. I learnt the hard way when with BT many years ago whilst in Scotland. All the very best to all you modellers. John Fastboat. Now in Rochdale, Lancashire.

bargain of the day by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
Hot stuff eh? 😉😁 For the really small stuff I have a micro-electric, 1mm bit, thermostat control etc etc. Saves on blown up components🤔 For 'heavy engineering' a 50W broad bit (1/4") or a gas torch for brazing and hard silver soldering. Must dig 'em out and clean 'em up again 😉

No power by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi Nick, don't get upset, just slow down and try to be a little more accurate for us. Above all don't just plunge in with 'wild' experiments if you're not sure of the way forward. We are happy to help, and your problems are not insignificant, we all have some as we get older, but there's not much we can do if it is already too late due to 'wild' experiments🤔 Dave may well be right, after all this trial and error you may need to charge the battery again. That's why I asked if you have a simple voltmeter; a) to check the battery volts and b) if it is getting to the RX. Basic test engineering; #1: if it don't work has the circuit got volts? #2: If not why not ?? So, can you check the battery voltage please? Cheers Doug PS if possible (budget / 'er indoors or whatever) I can strongly recommend a simple cheap variable power supply to power such tests instead of having to rely on the battery from the boat. Let us know when you have the new battery and are charged up ready to go again. 👍😉

No power by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi tidtug! don't get too excited - we don't know if we've solved it yet! Mainly cos Nick's feedback is very sparse and we're not sure if he tried the step by step tests we suggested or what exactly he did and happened. 🤔 As an electronics engineer I learned long ago (the hard way!) that fault-finding can only work efficiently if you change / test one parameter at a time. cheers Doug 😎

Model Engineer December 1962 by AllenA Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
I wonder if this young man still has his passion for model boats.. He is Charles Martin of Walton on Thames giving a final check to to his tug before launching it on an indoor pool at the Model Engineer Exhibition in 1962. It says in the write up that boys and girls can see radio controlled models demonstrated. I guess most boys and girls now own one. Charles must be about my age and I hope he is well and still sails regularly.

SG&K 1920 Gentlemans Runabout Mk2 by canabus Lieutenant   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Guys Cut out for the engine hatch and started on the making the hatch, also started cutting into frame 3 for where I am installing the motor and ESC. All the wires will go under the flooring. I have made the flooring in two pieces before skinning the sides. I did this on the Sea Hornet and made life a bit easier!!! Can-a-bus

Sea Hornet by canabus Lieutenant   Posted: 6 days ago
Hi Jim I will be watching this built very close, as I have built one from original plans and also did the 25% as a future project. Because of the very limited engine and radio hatch, I design them larger, but, you are on the right path. I installed a 28mm brushless motor, 3S 2650mah Lipo battery with a 2 blade 32mm brass prop. I don't think the 25% bigger a one would require any more power as it a rocket. My hatches run down the deck planking lines, the original hatches are only for show. The engine starts from the front seat and finishes at the rear windscreen. I made up the cockpit floors etc. before I skinned the sides, a lot easier, also the floor is split over the keel with the seats one piece. Can-a-bus Canabus

SG&K 1920 Gentlemans Runabout Mk2 by canabus Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
Hi All I have started my redesigned runabout by increasing the length to 860mm. The motor and ESC will move to under the removal dash for better weight balance. Increase the engine hatch to get the Lipo battery, receiver and servo into. This will be hidden by the deck planking and the original hatch size will get it back to scale look. Brushless motor 3639-1100kv,3S battery, 60A car ESC and 37mm 3 blade prop.

Model Engineer 17th Jan 1952 by AllenA Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
I promised to share some articles and photos from the Model Engineer magazines I picked up recently but I've been distracted by the Meccano Dolphin 16 which on a whim decided to build from scratch. It's coming along nicely but I am certainly very rusty and the eyesight could be better. However, here's a Lady with a 2ft beam, Miss EEDEE. She is 5 ft long 2ft beam and 70lbs. In the early 50s she was claimed to be the first radio control boat to cross the channel. She was powered by a 4.5cc watercooled engine from Electronic Developments Surrey Ltd. I have left the adverts alongside it to show how far we have come in the last 60 odd years....... or have we?

3D printing by colinhubbard Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Sorry about repeats, phone screen wasn't showing as sent, also wasn't getting at you modern techno chaps, just wish all modellers a good life, my modelling is therapy for my arthritis. I used cad and g code in my job as an engineering works manager and once you get to use it it's just like drawing by without the hassle of pencil sharpening.

3D printing by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
I agree Delboy, 👍👍 I'm also a pensioner since February, but I had the foresight to acquire the tools I wanted to revive my long neglected model building (3D printer, milling machine etc) during the last few years of my working life. Along with various kits, materials, new 2.4Gig RC etc. Miniaturised RC kit for 'Plastic Magic'. Still learning to use all that. 🤔 BUT doesn't make me forget the traditional skills I learned as an impoverished schoolboy then student then junior engineer! I still often reach for the hand tools! Many things are still best done that way, but if I want several identical parts for a project why not print or machine? Simply uses a different skill set, which can also be learned, just like any traditional skill! But Delboy don't forget that many people still make their own hulls, and plans, several current build blogs emphasise this. Also good 😉 Colin; was a tenfold repeat necessary to hammer home your point??? You never know if you can until you try, if you don't try you never will 'can'! Despite all this, Happy modelling everyone and even Happier Sailing.😊 "Immer ein Handbreite Wasser unterm Kiel!" Cheers Doug 😎

Jet Sprint Boat by Rod Commander   Posted: 14 days ago
Well finally finished the actual boat and now ready for fit out Zenoah 26 cc marine engine arrived this morning and jet unit on its way so busy days ahead Got to make roll bars to scale yet probably use aluminium to save weight The engine develops 3.4 hp at 13000 revs so should give it a bit of punch 1/4 scale crew to order yet and some instruments for dash board Think I will have a wee break from it all for a while and give my mancave/ Messcave a bit of a tidy up lol