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Emma C. Berry by carpemoment Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
I need some help. I've successfully refurbished my static display Emma C. Berry model and added remote control. I have the sails on a winch loop, I have the rudder on a servo, I even managed to add a motor, and an extended keel with weight. The one issue that I have not been able to resolve is maneuvering under sail. Primarily, I cannot get it to move through the irons when coming about. She responds and the sails will luft, she might even catch some wind but she never makes enough of a turn to change direction. I've already changed out the rudder for the larger size on the plans. I've also tried extending the depth of the rudder. Bottom line, she is mainly being driven by the current. In this situation, by current I mean whichever way the wind is blowing the small lake. It is a local park lake and doesn't really have any inherent current. My one suspicion is the keel I added. It is doing its job to keep her upright and providing some resistance but in the end, the underwater current is overpowering her response to the rudder and/or trimming the sails. See Photo. I had originally wanted to incorporate a more rounded profile on the ends of the weight and the shafts but I remember reading somewhere that it isn't that critical Sails are per the plans and made from the material that came with the kit (25+ years ago). I even added a couple of sailor figures but we still can't establish control. 😭

Danish Steam. by GaryLC Lieutenant   Posted: 15 days ago
Another youtube offering, and also Danish as per the last video. A very neat steam engine installation of a twin cylinder slide valve, in an open hardwood boat. The three figures on board are to a very high standard and dressed very much the same as the last video. It would seem besides bacon, Denmark is the place to find one's authentic boat crew.

RC steam lever by GaryLC Lieutenant   Posted: 16 days ago
Hi Rick, I have just posted a bit of video on here which I found very interesting, mainly due to the fine detail of the two figures in the boat, and the fact they are animated via servos. The stuff in the boat has to be seen to be believed, from a Bulldog to a shotgun and tools and stuff everywhere. Very very realistic, and steam beats electric motors every time, welcome to the club. Regards, Gary.

Copied from youtube by GaryLC Lieutenant   Posted: 16 days ago
Found this on youtube and had to copy it onto here, the fine detail and the two figures in the boat are unbelievable. A standard to work up to hopefully. A pity the boat is not on the water, can't get over the incredible detail. Enjoy.

HMS Campbeltown 1941, 1/96 scale by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Nice one Steve, 👍 Makes a big difference doesn't 😉 For my 1/72 destroyer I shanghaied personnel from the ancient Airfix Afrika Corps and 8th Army soldiers I had as a boy in the backyard battlefield😁 Odd, you can find scale figures for all sorts of obscure army and airforce units and some USN, but no RN personnel at a decent scale🤔 Cheers, Doug😎

HMS Campbeltown 1941, 1/96 scale by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Steve, The figures look great. The Campbeltown has some life now! Cheers, Ed

HMS Campbeltown 1941, 1/96 scale by Rookysailor Commander   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Steve, swallow your pride and treat yourself to some 1/96 WWII navy figures from Deans, I have six sets now ready for my HMS amethyst painted in navy whites, and some for the USS KIDD nearly finished. They are small and rather crudely cast, but with primer and paint they look OK on the bridge, as Doug says, better than a ghost ship😲, will post some piccy's of the crew when finished. cheers Peter😊 BTW Happy New Year

Steam Tug Challenge by wunwinglo Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
[Score: 5/10] 16" Steam Tug Challenge Single Propellor (3 Blade 45mm) Geared to a Ancient Mabuchi (3 Blade) Powered by LiPoly (7.4v) Batteries Controlled Through Motroniks ESC - Comments: This little model was built to see how much my Parkinson's had affected my modelling abilities. Surprisingly little as it turned out but I cannot write legibly and find keyboards tricky too. It must be muscle-memory! The model is loosely based on Challenge and is built around a tug hull that I made as a boy I made in the sixties but with some modification. She is fully lit for night running. The crew figures are model railway lineside track gang models. They have been left in their modern high viz and helmets as the model is depicted as she is today operated in preservation as a Dunkirque little ship. She is equipped with 2 function R/C. She had a short maiden trial on the 29th December, which was very promising but was curtailed by a sloppy rudder.

riva by bustedknuckles Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
The Riva can turn out very well. My father and I built one. Personally I think it is easier as as static model. The hull is heavy and we had to hollow it out quite a bit to lighten it. We had a hard time finding figures that would fit it, as it is hard to find figures in that scale. Still, it WAS pretty when it was done...

Steam Whistle! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi JBRCfloats, I got the figures for the Brooklyn. From Cornwall Models in the UK! After shipping they come to about $10.00 a piece! I have about 5 on the Brooklyn. I paint their hardhats blue. And leave one figure with white hardhat. As an indicator he's the Captain! Regards, Ed

Steam Whistle! by JBRCfloats Petty Officer   Posted: 3 months ago
Where can I get the figures that you show in one of your posts? I live in the USA.

Landing Ship Tanks (WW2) by Nerys Lieutenant   Posted: 4 months ago
Good morning Doug. Forgot to say that in the photo of 368 unloading at Anzio, my father is the taller of the two figures with white cap covers standing on the ramp. This photo was the front cover of a magazine, I think it was called Defence published in 1944? Cheers, Nerys

Who's at the helm? by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Your excuse to get the Mrs. involved, Steve. Get a dolls' house doll and redress him/her. 1/12th is a pain for non period figures. 1/8th ain't much better. I've redressed some 1/16th figures with Milliput to make four crew for my Crash Tender, but it took a while and you still need a base figure to save time. Martin

34" RAF Crash Tender Windows by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Are you still talking Crash Tender, Ian? Those are good figures if you don't mind dressing them. There's a wonderful old American chap who builds lovely yachts and he has a teddy bear who moves the tiller and moves his head as he turns and for some reason you don't think about it being a teddy! I think the old boy's so nice the tendency is to forgive him anything. Martin

34" RAF Crash Tender Windows by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 months ago
Nice surprise with the books👍 Shame about the reason for it though. Re crew figures, the Police er 'ladies', driver and the surfer are from the American Diorama range, the two girlfriends are from 'Fast Ladies' - where else 😁 You may remember we discussed the correct scale for Sea Scout some time ago and decided on around 1/16 to 1/20. These are all 1/18 and look about right to me. Can't for the life o me remember where I ordered them or find the receipt 🤔 Google American Diorama and I'm sure you'll find some UK sources. Cheers, Doug 😎 PS risk Googling 'Fast Ladies' if you want! I'm sure you'll get some interesting answers 😁😲