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Seaplane Tender 360 by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi Bryan, If you want to do the SOE version she was most likely painted all matt black! The colour of skulduggery 😉 What ever you do, despite your good intentions to retain the 'old patina', judging by the photos you are in for a complete strip back and redo. Just as I have discovered with the PTB I bought. Thought it would just be a 'cosmetic job', flatten back and respray with Pacific green camouflage. Ho ho ho! Pics show what she currently looks like after cleaning off layers of enamel, and discovering that the prop shafts and rudders were misaligned and the chine strakes glued to the paint. 😡 Never mind an engine room fire when I tried to test the 'as bought' motor installation. 😭 Since those photos I have fitted new a new chine strake and started reinforcing the thin hull with glass fibre tissue. Next issue; set prop tubes properly and make an alu bracket to mount both the motors. Then set the rudder stocks correctly. Last thing I want is to dampen your enthusiasm, but that hull looks like it needs oodles of TLC. 🤔 Be aware of what's ahead of you and plan accordingly👍 Deck looks pretty neat, if unusual for a WW2 in service boat! As far as I can tell from the photos it's not just the cabin roof which is warped 😲 cabin and window frames will also need some attention by the looks of it. Before you run that motor I would strip it, clean all parts and check brushes and commutator for wear. See my Sea Scout blog 'Taycol Target motor' for a 'How to'. Should run well with a 3S LiPo, 11.1V. These boats weren't the fastest, 28 - 30 knots I believe. Which is why ST360 was reduced to more mundane duties after try outs by SOE. Don't forget some spark suppression!! Good luck, whatever you decide to do have fun doing it, Cheers Doug 😎

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Finally, the lad has dragged it out of his loft. 54 years old and now will be finished. On it's way as we speak. Really looking forward to doing a good job on the old girl, she deserves it. Martin

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Evening, Doug, or is it morning? Just had a well earned rest having had the family round for Fathers' Day. Now catching up with the pootah. BTW, I had a garden full of blue and purple Lupins till the big breeze blew 'em all down recently. My star was a plant I didn't knowingly sew and that was an amazing mixture on the same stems of purple alternating with yellow. Gorgeous. Anyway, Kakos. Yes I have quite a few and as I was given 2 original little Marinecraft hulls, I have earmarked two of my mint, new in red boxes Kakos for those with little AAA 3-at-a- time flat packs which even have switches. I wish we could still get Ever-Ready or Vidor batteries. Remember them? Can get scans though and my Sea Urchin has a styrene home made AA flat case ready for the daughter to print me out an Ever Ready bell flat pack, just like yours. The brass contacts aren't a problem for an old metal basher like me. Your Sea Scout looks nice and I would say at 24" it would be about 1/16th to 1/12th. 24 feet would be a reasonable size for a sport fisherman or inshore cruiser. But in 1/16th scale at 32 feet I would say the style of the model and the use of the boat would be best represented by that combo. Just looking at some info on the FlySky Tx I've got coming (it's already been posted) and find it uses no fewer than 8 AA cells...12volts! Ye Gods, why? OK, I can get two packs of NiMhs, but then that wouldn't be 12 volts, would it? It would be 9.6Volts. Would it even work? So, on further checking, I notice that several people have gone for the LiPo path, which means a 4s at a more acceptable 11.1Volts. Now I also see that a few have gone for the LiFe option, which I much prefer the sound of as they are a lower fire risk and keep a charge in storage for ages. But they would only be 9.9Volts as LiFe cells are 3.3 volts each. Would 9.9 volts be enough I wonder for a nominally 12 volt Tx. I'm assuming that if people with no objection to NiMhs have been using those for the rechargeability, then the Tx will, in fact, accept 9.6Volts. So, logically, a 9.9Volt LiFe would be OK, do you agree? I'm thinking down the line a bit after I'm used to it. My Imax magic blue box of chargery caters for LiFe cells too. Steering teddies, et al, yeah, I can come up with some mechanical magic. My nickname with little gent, Lothar, at Wolfsburg was Mekanist (spelling), as I was always making little mechanisms for VW and SEAT cars. I made a rolling TV monitor that replaced the passenger airbag in the Passat CM2, which also had headrest TVs for back seat passengers and a wireless internet laptop built in to the rear seat central arm rest. A palm computer could come out of the dash using a mechanism that I designed and made and for which VW got a patent, with me as nominated inventor! Never made me a penny extra of course, but it was nice to know. I did a static model of a 1/12th scale Riva where, if you turned the model Cadillac (yes it is, really!) steering wheel, the rudders moved via a worm and wheel steering box and two home made Universal joints! Gawd knows why. I just thought it might win me some column inches in Classic Boat....Nah! You might find that 6" figures are more available for 1/12th scale boats than 4 1/2" figures for 1/16th, but I have to find or even make some for my Crash Tender. I look out for dollies at boot fairs and Sunday markets. I got a very square jawed geezer, 12" tall for my 1/6th scale Darby One Design and he fits, thanks to bendy bits. On your sports fisherman you need some arrogant bastard to be standing with one arm up on the screen and just the one on the wheel. Think Audi driver in a boat. Up yer arse or in yer way, but always thinking the sun shines out of his primary orifice. Keep my socks dry? I was bought a pair of Granddad socks by the two little horrors today along with a chocolate Marmite pot and a Smurfs do Pop CD, which they insisted I play during the barbie! They've done the Smurf wind up since they were old enough to crawl because they know I despise the Dutch ghouls Right, bedtime I suppose. Compost and Busy Lizzies tomorrow, she tells me. Yes, Ramona, my love.... Cheers, Martin

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi Doug, I spotted that section round the bottom, too. Interesting. I think it's meant to be a kind of sealing bead of square section, probably ramin or teak. Mahogany wouldn't last long in that position as it doesn't like constant exposure. But it will have to go on the model. The half round can just be filed into the edge of the tops. Martin

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Evenin' MT, see pics of the real things Nos. 93 & 94, I posted above!😉 I note there is also such trim around the base of the cabins, like a sort of 'kick board' or just to cover the gaps 😁 Cheers Doug 😎

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Elsrickle, sound like you have the 34 1/2" Aerokits Crash Tender, as do I. There very few photos of them and even fewer that show good details. As to colours, Doug and I agree that the greys used seem on the best photos to show a very light cabin sides, but darker decks and tops which are non-slip. mturpin013, I think the non slip paint stops short of the half round edging to the cabin tops. I would assume the half round is to stop water gathering at the edges and causing premature rot, although of course a bit of salt water is good for wood. I would like to get some decent reference for the derrick which is apparently portable. Most of all, I would like to get my damned RC gear to work or it's back in with 27 meg and to hell with the bind that is binding. Cheers, Martin

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Doug, just picked up on your comment about half round trim around the cabin roof, do you have any pictures on the real thing or model I'm just at this stage now and would be nice to incorporate it

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by Elsrickle Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 8 days ago
Am very interested in the correct colours also purchased one for renovation it has no vent cowls or any fittings and am about to start it. As. I wish to have it as correct to the original as possible would appreciate any information on fittings and paint schemes, didn't think the white deck on white roof seemed correct. The model I have is about 3 foot long +/-

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi Doug, I had indeed considered wet'n'dry, but as ever with using that stuff, you have joints which are difficult to disguise. Difficult one to decide on. And then there's the argument that at scale distances would you even see that it was a non-slip paint? I suppose you could make a point of the seams, like they were supposed to be there. I might try that, see what it looks like. I'll do a trial piece on some spare ply. I'm very interested to see you agreeing about the absence of white cabin tops, but very light sides. I may just do that. Still got to coax the model out of my son's loft yet. I left it with him when we had no space (living afloat). Trouble is he doesn't like ladders, so I will probably have to get over there myself and stand at the bottom of the loft ladder, coaxing his progress around his large loft! Cheers, Martin

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Evenin' Martin, just a quick thought before I hit the hay! For the non slip deck paint why don't you cover the deck with a suitable wet and dry paper? 😉 With a bit of luck you might even find some wet n dry the right shade of grey!! Don't know the size / scale you are building but maybe around 120 / 240 would do! Cut to fit, glue it down with a spray glue, I found some in the 'Creative Corner' of a garden centre near me. Also a good source of fine gauge steel, brass, copper, gold and silver wire and nylon thread, and anchor chains😉😊 Then seal with a spray-on flat sealer or varnish, then spray a satin colour you want. Humbrol H129 might be a good substitute for 'Cerrux Deck Grey'. See Model Boat Mayhem for references to Cerrux Grey 😉 I agree the cabin sides are a much lighter shade of grey, almost white. Just ripped all the innards and deck fittings off my PTB. Just got the bare hull and shaft tubes left. Just havin' a wee dram then up the 'apples and pears to Bedfordshire' before I get tempted to sand and paint through the night. It happens sometimes 😲 G'night all, cheers Doug 😎 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Doug, interesting technique, turning them negative, but it does show that the cabin tops are marked as grey as well as the decks and coaming (cabin sides?). As you say, smooth versus non slip will look different in raking light. I had wondered that, but the lightness of shade goes right round the angles of the fore cabin. That's actually the effect that made me ask. Considering these particular boats were only ever two in number and never really in service for long, despite their popularity as models, so I don't reckon they had a repaint as they weren't around that long. It's just that the drawing you negativised says grey for all the surfaces, yet everybody makes the cabin tops white. I'm wondering whether to make the cabin sides a noticeably lighter shade of grey than the decks and cabin tops. Problem now is how do we represent non-slip on a model? Sifted Chinchilla sand into slow-drying wet paint, then spray with the correct colour? Glad to see you confirming what I thought about the half round edging to the tops, Doug. I can imagine that being a standard kind of process. Now, we need details of the derrick and its winch. Apparently it was portable. I bet that was a lump to lug about in a rolling seaway! Cheers, Martin

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Depends a lot on the lighting / weather conditions but they seem to have been a variety of shades at different times! 😲

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Hi Martin, seems to be a scan / photocopy of a blueprint? Maybe the attached negatives are easier to read First is just chopped from your original and reversed, Second one is slightly enlarged (50%). A clue is that the cabin sides (Coamings?) are Cerrux Smooth Deck Paint and the the decks are Cerrux Non-slip Deck Paint? Would affect how they reflect. BS number for the colour seems to be the same in all cases, including undercoat. BS 631 or 681 ?? Doug The incident angle of the light could also have an effect. BTW: there are half-round trim mouldings around the cabin roof, which are giving you the effect you describe above. Of course it could also be that at some later time the cabins sides where simply painted white 😉

Fire Boat (crash tender) colours... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Hi all, I have a drawing with some writing on it of the colours and materials used to paint the crash tenders (93 and 94), but the writing is partially unreadable. What I CAN see t that the cabin tops are given as grey as are the cabin sides. This photo shows a lighter shade on the uprights than the horizontals. Can anyone shed any light on this anomaly? Also there appears to be a change of finish at the edges of the cabin tops, like whatever is on them stops about an inch or so short of the very edge. Cheers, Martin

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Evenin' Ed, Yep! Starboard MCR U/S 😡 What is it the explosives experts yell before they fire a charge or test a cannon? 'FIRE IN THE HOLD' Got a bit exciting for a moment, good example of what LiPos can do if unleashed the wrong way😲 All the motor and battery lead soldering melted and they just dropped off 🤔 Whatapong😡 Pics show the good port one and what's left of the stbd one, and the rest of the rat's nest in the boat. The ESCs are not much bigger than my thumb nail so I'm not really surprised one couldn't cut the mustard! Not sure if the wiring was faulty, cos apparently it did run before I bought it, or if the motor was defect or shaft stiff. Shaft seemed to move by hand OK though. Dunno🤔 Never mind, looking for beefier replacements on Conrad, they usually deliver in 1 or 2 days 😊 Now I'm pulling all the wiring out and will rebuild the Engine Rooms, MCR and COMMS Office 😉 While I'm at it I'll dismantle the shafts, clean and lubricate and fit oilers. Now to sort Martin's little snag!🤓 Cheers, Doug 😎