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46" Fireboat - what engine(s)? by Vapour Apprentice   Posted: 4 days ago
Thanks Canabus, that was exactly what I was after - much appreciated.

46" Fireboat - what engine(s)? by canabus Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Hi Vapour I am going with a Hobbyking L5055C-700kv- 1600Watts, 100Amp ESC and a 2 blade CNC 52 mm 1.4 pitch prop. The ESC only goes to 4S, so I am thinking of ordering a water cooled 90A ESC which goes to 6S. At present it has a 3648-1450kv-1600Watt, 100Amp ESC with a 2 blade 40mm 1.4 pitch prop, but has not been in the water with this setup. As the boat had no gear in it at purchase and that's what I had in the spare bits box.

46" Fireboat - what engine(s)? by Vapour Apprentice   Posted: 4 days ago
Hello folks. Brand new here, so go easy! I have searched but not quite found what I am after. Apologies if I've missed the obvious. Having just finished a 36" Fireboat with my son, I am now thinking about the larger 46" version. The little boat is running a Radient Reaktor motor / ESC combo which is 3000kV with a matched ESC and 2S1P LiPo battery. Performance is pretty good, although we're still ironing out some cooling issues and vibration (old model resurrected). I am going to do the big boat 'properly' so am looking for recommendations for power, ESC and batteries. I am looking for overscale performance and tend to run on choppy water with currents (i.e. rivers😁). Thanks in advance, everyone!

Secure the hatches and raise the flags ! by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 days ago
Hi Paul. I will certainly video the maiden voyage, I'm just waiting for the lake conditions to improve. Thanks for the good advice as always. BTW. I like your 'noisy fireboat', sounds really good, those transducers are very effective 👍 Best. Rob.

Sea Queen refurbishment by colinhubbard Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi Boatshed, the Queen was treated with TRICLOROETHANE. Sorry can't divulge where but it was done in a laboratory by a guy who owed me a massive favour from when I was working. Even I don't know exactly how its done but sure worked. Wish I could get all my old boats done, as you I have many including an original fireboat from 1957. Also a Sea Urchin, and two Swordsman, a large launch from the early 60's Caroline is 56 inches, plus a 46 inch tug, about 8 other boats that need work, not to mention 5 sailing boats. Most of the fleet are used for displays at vintage and steam rally's. My wife and I spend the winters doing restoration work on models that get donated to us. Good night. Colin.

fire boat by marky Lieutenant   Posted: 20 days ago
managed to do some work on the scanned images today so with any luck should get them cut for the weekend thought of scaling one up by 50%to give a 20" and 30"boat

The electrics, drive & radio by Rookysailor Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 20 days ago
Hi Rob, Many thanks for the info on the filling points, I did get a set of white metal fittings from Mike at VMW, but did not get an info sheet as to where they go,Mike kindly supplied me with many information sheets though, now I see yours, I will amend my Fireboat, but still not as perfect as yours,excellent workmanship.

copper boiler by lesliebreame Lieutenant   Posted: 21 days ago
there are 2 domes. the former you can see is for the firebox dome . Ibeat the copper over the former with a mallet because spinning 3mm copper even when annealed is very difficult for an amateur who doesnt have very powerful lathe. However i did spin it when finished to take out the wrinkles.!! I had to anneal it about 40 times !!!! Same with the top dome , which was slightly easier because it has no flange at the bottom. The 2 pictures are different boilers, the left one has no domes as i wanted to make it quickly. The flue is the fire hole as well and the boiler is the same design as in my experimental coal fired outboard turbine boat which you can view on VIDEO GALLERY. Scroll down till you find it. Regards Les

fire boat by sonar Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 days ago
More the merrier as they say

fire boat by marky Lieutenant   Posted: 24 days ago
my granddaughter has decided if her brother can build a boat and get glue in his hair and paint everywhere else then so can she (a little bit of big eyes and petted lip)so E-mailed my tame CAD lazer wizard to get another one cut he's going to cut one in ply and the other 2 in 3mm mdf for the kids ,the back bedroom's going to look like a shipyard with 3 on the slips

fire boat by marky Lieutenant   Posted: 25 days ago
hopefuly get the parts on Monday i have never built anything radio controlled before as i came late to this addiction so its all a learning curve i am going to do the build with my grandson so may get another one cut and we can work in tandem .i only have a few more years of the facilities left ,i am hoping to stockpile lots of different boats someone at the work has a clyde puffer so i will scrounge a copy of that ,stockpile and spend my dotage building away to my hearts content

fire boat by AllenA Commander   Posted: 25 days ago
Here's the Dolphin 16 so far. I have upped her to 20" and a few modifications to total cabin coverage to give me room for the power and radio setup. Just realised this was not Eezebilt but a Meccano plan. I will probably try the Eezebilt Sea Princess next though. Ok, old age doesn't come on it's own.........

fire boat by AllenA Commander   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi Marky, I chose the easier Dolphin 16 and used Excel to explode into 9 x A4 and then glued them together. Oh for your resources. I chose the Dolphin as I am out of practice and needed something simple. Good luck. Are you doing a blog?

fire boat by marky Lieutenant   Posted: 25 days ago
its the eezebilt 50+RAF fire tender 20"long all the plans are in the plans section under free plans inc tamar lifeboat posted by Sonar at the bottom of the Tamar plans is a link to home page if you click the link it lets you access all the eezebilt plans ,building tips etc .

fire boat by AllenA Commander   Posted: 25 days ago
Ok Green with envy. Which one?