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Novice Build: Vintage Model Works 46" RAF Crash Tender by andyhynes Petty Officer   Posted: 13 hours ago
I built mine a couple of years ago. The wood is good quality and the metal fittings dont take much cleaning up. My fireboat runs of a brushless motor running of lipos batteries and performs well. I used auto paints regards the finish. and very pleased with it. It performs a good as my 49" Perkasa which runs of two brushless motors with the lipos wired in series.

Edward . M. Cotter by GARTH Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 39" Edward . M. Cotter Capable of 3mph and a runtime of 60mins Single Propellor (4 Blade 70mm) Direct Drive to a Johnson (4 Blade) Powered by NiMH (7.2v) 4Amp/h Batteries - Comments: The real fire boat is stationed in Buffalo New York . This fire boat visits Port Colborne on Lake Erie every year for Canal Days & because the model boat club I'm in sets up a display at the museum in town I decided to build a scratch build of this boat I used the prints of the Sequin Midwest tug for the hull & Internet photos for details. I used the tops of Lepages glue bottle to simulate the Monitor on the decks I'm real proud of them.

blowing the dust off the fireboat by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi Paul Not sure who owns. Its not part of the Boundary Park site but adjacent as you say, and posdsibly Council, I will ask Alan Blackhurst when I next see him and let you know. Busy getting the Olympic and Titanic ready for the Universal Model Show at the end of Feb. Just my luck Bill has misplaced all the rigging and ratlines for the Titanic. Cheers dave

blowing the dust off the fireboat by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
hi dave im referring to the lake that is right next to the biating lake on the sane site. presumably its local ciuncik? paul

blowing the dust off the fireboat by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi Paul There are lakes either side of Boundary Park. If you refer to the one over the other side of the A50 road, I believe it is privately owned and people have to pay an annual fee just to walk their dogs. Possibly also used by a fishing club. Going the other way, towards the motorway I understand this may be council owned but you are allowed to walk your dog. Either way you are unlikely to get permission as the local properties all fall in the £1M plus category and they are likely to object. Just a bit of background, the lakes were all created when the M6 was constructed with the sand dredged. They are all fed from ground water and are not fed from streams other than some overflow channels from adjacent lakes. Makes for nice clean water but subject to weed growth due to chemicals in the ground water table. You are very welcome to come with your boat, please send me an e-mail so I can be sure to be present Dave

blowing the dust off the fireboat by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 14 days ago
Thanks for offer Dave, out of interest who is responsible for the big lake the other side of the path, I fancy playing with my avatar over there! Paul

blowing the dust off the fireboat by georgeo5664 Lieutenant   Posted: 15 days ago
Paul. looking really good hopefully mine will be like that one day lol. Regards George

blowing the dust off the fireboat by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
Hi Paul You are welcome to come and sail at Boundary Park with Crewe MBC on a Sunday afternoon from 1pm or Wed if you have a day off. Boat going well but I agree you do need a much bigger lake. Good to see that you are re-kindling your interest in model boats. Dave

blowing the dust off the fireboat by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
got it out of the box for the first time in two years! Boat was ok, after I remembered to use dual rates on the rudder, its been a while, but the batteries didn't do so well, you can hear the low voltage alarms going off and this was 1/2 throttle, need a bigger lake! v=0ZBC-0EqjuA

the real 93 and 94 Fireboat together by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
For those that are interested here's a link to the Pathe newsreel video that I referred to in my earlier reply, same newsreel footage but edited differently. Robbob. deo/air-sea-rescue-launch

the real 93 and 94 Fireboat together by onetenor Lieutenant   Posted: 28 days ago
How do I open these vids ?😆

the real 93 and 94 Fireboat together by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
great video, I could watch it over and over, for the eagle eyed amongst us, notice no RAF roundel on the pennant, as it was still in trials, hence crew not in an RAF uniform, they where probably Vosper employees. Also the pennant flying under the ensign was blue/white signifying vessel may deviate from true course being under test. All of the pictures etc bouncing around are pre RAF handover, if you look real close the clues are there!😎 I'm watching these over, I have a plan for an engine sound unit coming along, just got to finish an rc plane project that Stephen has helped with, that's for another discussion!

the real 93 and 94 Fireboat together by Fireboat Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 29 days ago
Added! I've embedded the video in the article. 👍

the real 93 and 94 Fireboat together by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 29 days ago
Hi Paul and Rob The second video is at v=_XugRvw7j_4. Somehow Rob's post gained some extra letters etc. The video is very clear and both show the craft in its intended format. Unfortunately the need for such craft had disappeared before they could be used as fast jet travel across the Atlantic had made the flying boats redundant. Good to see video of the real boats. Stephen, as this is a U-tube video can we include a link in the Plans & Docs section? Dave

the real 93 and 94 Fireboat together by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 29 days ago
Hi Paul. I found this on YouTube, similar but better quality than the Pathe one. v=_XugRvw7j_4 (YouTube link corrected by Robbob.)