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Voltage step down by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 hours ago
Hi Brian, I would suggest 2 x 6volt NimH cell packs with a parallel 'Y' lead, the reason is you can use each pack to alter the trim of the hull. with a big hull like the Fire Boat, you could even put 4 x 6v cells in for longer duration. a single 12v does not give you a lot of maneuvering room regards balance etc. I have just changed my 48" Fireboat to 3s lipo's from 7.2v NimH packs, this is with Graupner 700bb motors with twin 50mm 3 blade brass props, not tested yet due to poor weather and shift patterns, but it sounds great on the bench. Mark

Ellesmere Port model boat lake by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Hi George, nice to hear from you, dare I ask you have the Fireboat any further on yet!😁 Nice site at Hooton Hangers, but my understanding from epm's post is it was a temporary pool and not there now? I was hoping they had a lake, it would have been a spectacular site. I recall that there was some sailing years ago in raddle wharf on the other side of the museum, over by the hotel. Nice venue again, but very very deep and launching was a problem. Shame to see a club struggling for a venue

Motor problem by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi Richard, that lead acid is way too big and heavy. I Remember going on hols as a kid, car was loaded up, all family, roofrack, deck chairs, tent and so on, and Dads old Moggie Traveller would barely climb the Welsh hills! Same here, its just dead weight, ideal for a tug etc, no speed required, and ballast needed. This boat wasn't any slouch in its day, As Havelock says, it was originally built as a ic powered model so could stand being heavy. To achieve balance, its a matter of moving things around, not adding, so just move things forward, you will be surprised how the weight increases once you start adding Deck clutter, fittings and so on. Lightweight, is good. Your comment, stood up in the water at half throttle isn't going fast, its just bad weight displacement causing the bow tyo be too high. That setup would never have been that fast, the motor/battery combo will never cause a heavy ply boat to be going that fast its standing on end Couple of things to consider. Your nimhs, how many times have these been cycled, and what sort of charger are you using? A reasonable charger will give the information, if I know what you are using, Ill advise accordingly as you might not be getting the best from these batteries what prop are you on Think of an rc plane (if you fly them its easier) If the cog is too far back, the nose is pitching up, and its almost impossible to control, it almost porpoises in the air, and is very bad. COG is vital on a rc plane, nose heavy is better, only because its more controllable. COG is equally important with a boat, but harder to see the implications, the hull will give us false info, such as if the bow is up its on the plane, no, not necessarily, its not planing due to speed, its just out of balance. Shifting the weight radically will let you see this, sorry for the ramble, Wish you where closer to me I would love to help hands on👍 Ive tried to find a suitable video of my Huntman to display what I'm rambling on about. This video is poor quality, but it displays that boat moving very fast (25mph with on board data logger) but look how flat it is, its planning, as the forward 1/3 of the hull is out of the water, but its not standing on its tail, this is because its balanced. You boat is pretty similar in design to this so whilst you wont want to go this fast, the picture should look the same. This Huntsman weighs 6kg with batteries (lipos, you will NEVER get a nimh or lead acid to do this) and is 4 foot long, so quite a heavy old girl first constructed as an IC model in the early 70's. and here is a picture of my 3 foot aerokits fireboat, bow up, is it planing, no, its way out of balance, it wasnt actaully going that fast Hope that helps Paul

Motor problem by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Hi Richard I'm going to be blunt here, no intention to offend, but, You get a donation of some random ancient 4BA prop, you are no further on, as you are stuck with one prop. You have yet to decide which size prop will suit, and, as time goes by, and you consider updating your drive train, that 4BA is going to continually hold you back. Get it out, a new propshaft, 4mm, or even 5mm (all my boats run 5mm) might even fit your original outershaft and away you go. Slightly off topic, but, the cost of very average brushed motors and yesterday technology is now more expensive than Brushless, which is way more efficient, I wonder how much longer the model shops can survive touting this over priced dated equipment, RC Boats is the only RC discipline holding on to this out of date technology. Back on topic!🤐 You could also see if you have any room to cut the threaded end off, and visit the local engineering shop, get them to thread the end 4mm or whatever suits. I remember beiung in exactly the same position on my first serious boat, my 36" aerokits Fireboat, build in the sixties by my uncle. I was with my mate, and mentor, having the exact same conversation, I was holding on, saying I'm not changing the shaft, he dropped something on the floor, I bent down, when I stood up, he had a pair of molegrips dragging the propshaft out, I could have cried, but never looked back. I then did extensive testing with a load of cheap props, and when I got it sorted, treated myself to a real nice brass prop, size based on the testing results👍

Re Boat Harbour entries by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
Agreed Stephen and Dave, no one wants to dictate to anyone! This is a 'fun' site after all.😉 Figtree and I were simply trying to animate folks to supply some useful info (as Dave also tried when I first started this thread) not just a boat name to get some points! At least the boat/ship type (tug, fireboat, Sea ***, whatever ..) would be nice. It's so frustrating and disappointing to see a Harbour Post notification, go online, and then find that there's little or no info and no pic 🤔 As a first step how about modifying the 'Add your model boat button', see example in the attached pics! Cheers Doug 😎

Re Boat Harbour entries by Fireboat Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
I'm inclined to agree with Dave. Whilst it can be made mandatory to have a photo, the website would only block the post at the final step (clicking Submit). I think it would be very frustrating having filled in everything else to be blocked from posting because of having no photo. There is also a problem on Android preventing people uploading pictures all together, it may explain why some people post without photos. I do plan to fix this, but I'm not the greatest Android developer. What is probably a very easy change to the code I haven't yet figured out. Essentially it's to do with having a webview and not a chromeview. Webview by default ignores upload buttons. If anyone understands what I'm talking about and has ideas to fix it, then do get in touch! Also worth noting, harbour posts can be edited later and photos added later. Stephen

Re Boat Harbour entries by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
Hi Doug, Not sure why people are posting Harbour Entries without photos! Maybe they don't know any better! It should be a requirement to have a picture before you can post to Harbour Entries. I'm looking into having it as a requirement. must bring this up to the attention of Fireboat....

messages and notifications by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Chris Unless you have turned off notifications on your PC/Tablet etc you should receive a message saying who has liked your post. I received one today. Message headed "Someone likes your post" 'Skydive130 liked Painting commenced! Looking good. Must be a new type of paint with that overnight finishing technique!' Stephen (Fireboat) posted a reply in May this year on the Forum under 'anything website related - Private Messages'. "Private messages from other members cannot be deleted, only marked as read. You can delete private messages you send, which will also delete it from the recipient, but it's not advised. As soon as you send a PM an email will go out to the recipient in any case which of course cannot be retracted... You want to do this to tidy up your private messages page? Stephen" If you need further clarification I suggest you send Stephen (Fireboat) a personal message. Dave

What paint type by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Dave, confusing isn't it?? Charges are a factor of sales, such as Hobbyking eu. they send a lot of items so get a massive discount, probably don't charge for packing etc, smaller companies seem to be in Germany have astronomical charges, like you say far more than the item costs, possibly Deutsche Post have a different charging policy for overseas, eg us!!! As to the weather, CRAP!!! hoping to sail my new Fireboat tomoz, fingers crossed Mark

St. Albans model show. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
The Southampton tug was a real favourite with the kids (and parents) on the 'have a go' boats. I think it ran all day on a single 12v Pb battery 😆. The fireboat had at least one young admirer 😜

St. Albans model show. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Great pics, good ol' Southampton in the forefront I see 👍 And a pretty decent Fireboat from someone, wonder who! 😉😉

What paint type by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Scotty (How are the dilithium crystals doing? 😉) Was expecting one of the vintage boat / Fireboat modellers to jump in here! Since no one did here's my two-pennyworth. Basically I consider the actual paint as cosmetic and not primarily to seal out water. Unless you want to use 2 part epoxy paints, which are not so easy to handle🤔 I used it on my U26 sub and it was pain in the you-no-where. First I would use sanding sealer inside and out. Then EzeKote or ClearKote inside and out. Especially where you want to let the planking shine! 👍 From Deluxe Materials - available Down Under from - see pic. this toughens the hull and gives added protection against knocks and bangs. Many of us then paint the inside with Hammerite, colour and texture, hammer or smooth etc, personal choice. This looks neat and is easy to keep clean. Out side acrylic is the easiest and most pleasant to use; water based so the painting tools are easy to clean with warm water and no dangerous to health or inflammable solvents. Easy to airbrush too😉 When the colour coat is finished and good an' dry you can then apply an acrylic clear lacquer coat, matt, silk or gloss as you wish. Hope this helps, cheers Doug 😎

St. Albans model show. by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
I’m pleased to report that the fireboat finally got it’s bottom wet at the St. Albans model exhibition last weekend. Sadly it was only in the very small temporary pond that the club set up for the ‘have a go’ boats during the ‘free sailing’ session at the end of the second day, nevertheless it was a good ‘tank test’ for the motor and systems. The boat gets up onto a plane immediately and crossed the water into the hands of a ‘catcher’ on the opposite corner in seconds and when held static under full throttle it’s quite a job to counter the thrust. She sits nicely on the waterline but needs a small amount of ballast to correct a very small list to port, and I also need to extend the rudder servo limits to reduce the turning circle a bit. It’s a shame that there was no one to hand to take some action pictures and video so I only have a few static shots that I took. The St. Albans model show was itself a phenomenal success with public attendances breaking all records over last year and was well supported by numerous other clubs and societies. The glorious weather on both days also helped too! If you attended the show I hope you had as much fun as I did 😁 It was also great to chat with other modellers who inspected my boat in the clubs display room at the show, many of whom have also made this model or have one under construction, it's was a pleasure meeting you all. Robbob.

Seen in Portsmouth Naval Dockyard by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Great way to keep the funds coming in for maintenance etc, shame about the fireboats. Mark

46in Fireboat for restoration by Reg Apprentice   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Allen, I'm home Thurs to Sunday most weeks, the boat is ready for collection anytime. Call me 01934623229.