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Left the harbour by GrahamP74 Admiral   Posted: 7 hours ago
EmilyPII left my Harbour yesterday and has headed north to Manchester.. she will be on a lake with her new Skipper Andy.. I loved making her and am glad she will be used regularly! EmilyP III is still in the Harbour and search now starts for a new fishing boat project...

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Evenin' Martin, Just back from 'nosh' with Gisela, my camera girl in the vid! She's mean like that too, keeps me hoppin' about like the proverbial cat on the proverbial hot stuff 😡 Can't wait to see the rotating teddy👍 Put a couple of mini Cam lenses in his eyeballs and you'll get a terrific 360° First Person View from the driving seat😁 Re Sea Scout, I took your advice and did the hull in Royal Blue (no navy knickers!😆) or what passes for that here. Anyway I'm pleased how she turned out. OK, I admit I accidentally turned her into a Sport Fishing Boat😁 She's 24" what scale do you think that makes her? I'm looking for crew figures and stuff to fit out the cockpit but I'm not sure what size to look for. I thought maybe 1/20 i.e. a 40 footer? Waddya think? Re Kako; while recently trying (fruitlessly🤔) to make space in the workshop (got two renovations on the go in parallel - saves getting the same tools, rattle cans an' stuff out twice!😁) I ran across the original Kakos and Mabuchis I used in my scratch 53" H class destroyer Hotspur in 1966. She ran off a 4.5V EverReady flat (form not volts😁) battery until Granny took pity and bought me some 6V Lantern batteries! I ran 'em up on a power supply and they turned but now sound like mini football rattles! Think they need new big end shells 😁 Jeez, how many guys under pension age have ever been down to the bitza bazaar looking for 50 thou oversize bearing shells and compression and oil control rings?? Pics show her Sea trials in Radnor Park pond, Folkestone, Kent, summer 1966. Sorry about the quality, only had a Box Brownie 127 in those days and could only afford Gratispool free B/W films🤔 Pentax? Canon? Sony? Not to mention Digital? HD? Wassat? 50 years on I got all three😉 I like Lupins too, preferably the blue and purple ones. BTW, for your steering guy's arms you don't need a separate RC function or channel! You just need a coupling from the rudder control to turn a pulley and cord which turns a suitably scaled pulley attached to the wheel axis. The arms are fixed to the wheel and go with it! Dead simple (to write anyway😁) and no lecktrickery! 😊 OR you could just put one of his hands on the wheel and the other on the throttle. Then use a 'Y' cable to split the ESC cable into two. Connect the second output to a servo which moves the throttle lever via a push-me-pull-you-rod, pulleys and cord or gears or whatever. Sure you can figure out the mechanics better than I. Whatever, have fun and don't electrocute yourself, keep your socks dry😉 Cheers, Doug 😎

Fittings & Detail Parts by pittsfieldpete Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 10 days ago
Wow! Harbor Models is amazing! Their selection of kits & detail parts is outstanding. Thanks for letting me know about it. There are only a few hobby shops in my area. They all have at least a few R/C boats in stock but they’re mostly the racing type. There was an excellent store called Bliss Marine over a hundred miles away in Dedham, MA (near Boston) that stocked kits & parts in addition to parts & accessories for full-size fishing boats & yachts. They stocked the whole line of Billing Boats kits & fittings as well as several other brands. I used to buy from Bliss via mail order or by phone back in the pre-Internet era but their service was super fast. Every time we’d go down to the family cottage near Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA I always stopped at Bliss. I’d tell my wife I’d only be in the store for “a few minutes” but she knew my “few minutes” would almost always be at least an hour. Sadly, not only is Bliss Marine long gone but so is the Hull cottage. It was damaged beyond repair during hurricane Bob in 1991. The decision was made not to rebuild it & the lot it stood on was sold to a neighbor. Sigh. But I digress. Fortunately I found this fantastic website! Although I signed up just a short time ago I’ve read dozens of interesting posts & have received quick answers to my questions from other friendly Model Boats members. This site is a goldmine! Thanks for your fast, helpful reply! Pete

Getting busy in the port! by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Didn't know you were into cloning Graham 😉 Know the feeling, my workshop is also overflowing so Graf Spee now resides on a glass shelf above the dining table and the PTB in the bookshelf 😁 BTW: the fishing boat I inherited from my aunt, and thought was from Kent cos we all hail from East Kent, most of us from Folkestone (my H class destroyer HMS Hotspur absolved her Sea Trials on Radnor Park pond around 1966) turned out to be a Billings kit of a Danish fish cutter based in Ebsjerg Denmark! No idea how Aunty got hold of it😉 Good luck with fleabay👍 Cheers,Doug 😎

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 30 days ago
Hi hecrowell, limewood is called basswood in your neck o' the woods! Thought this (bass or linden) is a fairly common tree in N America!? Has nothing to do with the citrus fruit lime tree though. Obechi is very similar to the hardest grades of balsa. Balsa and obechi trees don't grow round here (Munich) either but there's no shortage of it in the model shops / online stores. I'm still wondering about 'rolling ply' as well😲🤓 Cheers Doug 😎

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by hecrowell Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 30 days ago
At the risk of being really stupid, what is "rolling ply"? I have never heard that term before. Obechi or Lime? Fat chance that I would ever locate that in this part of the world. Fir, Spruce, Oak, Birch would be my best bets.

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Use thinner ply and make it rolling ply IF you can get it? I last saw it in B&Q.👍

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Obechi or Lime for the keel/keelson and skeg.

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Regarding measuring up the plans!Would a ruler help? He He He! At least You got the tiling right which is more than this 75 yrs old's brain can get right.

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
As an afterthought visit a distant club now and then and establish a connexion. They may be able to assist fixing yourselves to start your club.👍 Cheers John

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Pity about the lack of clubs but I hope my waffle is useful.Also log on to model boat mayhem forum and see if anyone there can help😁 out

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by hecrowell Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks for the response/info, onetenor. Boat clubs in my area are scarce - like none. Myself and a few other interested "boaters" are thinking of recreating one that used to be very active here. It faded out because of age of membership and no newer and younger members.

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by onetenor Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Depending on what voltage you intend using governs what gearing you should use commensurate with size and weight of model and prop size , IE small boat and prop ,low voltage direct drive would do. As you go bigger then consider gearing.Bear in mind the torque produced by the drill. You could build a large boat with a fine turn of speed using that motor. The thing is there are so many possible variables you could experiment till the cows come home. The thing is how big a boat can you handle without putting your back out. LOL. If you remove the existing gear and replace it with one secured by grub screws and a "GearBox" with easily changed cogs you can achieve something suitable. You shouldn't need cooling .Remember the drill had none and your motor will have free space round it in the hull. If you decide you do want cooling annealed copper tubing can be wound round the can and one of the plastic tubes used to couple this to the scoop and the outlet. One way of making a scoop is a length of tubing with a slot cut in it and a cap soldered (or glued depending on material) on the end when in place under the hull the cutout will face forward. Preferably in the prop wash.Or buy a ready made scoop from a model shop. Much simpler as the mounting method will be incorporated in it already. Here is a page of suitable shops.-- Good luck. P.S. Join a club. Youll get loads of help from the other members.👍👍

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by Wingcoax Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Water scoop is normally sited just behind the prop and offset to enable the prop to push water up the scoop, the outlet is usually in the transom,although i have seen them mounted in the side.

NAXOS - Fishing Boat by hecrowell Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Zdneck Just looking at that build of the NAXOS. Had a good look at all of the images and from what I can see, the frames/Keel does not seem to be made from plywood. It looks solid like maybe basswood or similar. Can you give me any pointers on the type of wood best for framing? I would think that even though Ply may be stronger, it will be quite hard to fair when applying planking. Only my thoughts.