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for sale
for sale
1/12scale SPEEDLINE Trent lifeboat kit by Rocky Apprentice   Posted: 4 days ago
Hello, Firstly is the lifeboat kit still for sale? If so, does it come with instructions as well as plans for each stage of the build? Finally, my budget would be around the £475 mark, would this be considered as a reasonable offer, obviously if not I fully understand. Thank you.

70 MM Steerable korts by sonar Admiral   Posted: 7 days ago
Still for sale

Clinker boat by sonar Admiral   Posted: 12 days ago
I have for sale a clinker effect GRP fishing boat. Length 49 " width 16" Hight 9" Double ended like a Scottish type fishing boat. But Can be anything you would like to make... Would make an impressive model on any lake or pond £60.00 Plus postage...

70 MM Steerable korts by sonar Admiral   Posted: 18 days ago
I have for sale a PAIR of steerable Kort nozzels . New and Unused..... Looking for £19.00 plus postage ... And I have no idea what the postage will be..

For sale Zwarte Zee 49 inch hull and plans by sonar Admiral   Posted: 24 days ago
I have for sale Not Mine I may add a Zwarte Zee 49 inch hull and plans. The Tug has the decks on No idea if they are right or wrong.. Selling for somebody else... Also included with the Hull is a full size plan and some sort of booklet type building manual for the Zwarte Zee : 595 :. £ 75.00 plus postage..

VS-8 by 32nd Parallel by rolfman2000 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 27 days ago
Fair enough RN. I apologise for any misunderstanding on my part. As you and I said, good luck with your sale of a very interesting model kit. Best wishes to you both, Dave W 😊

VS-8 by 32nd Parallel by rolfman2000 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 28 days ago
Very interesting model. But I fear not a lot of use on here as this is a United Kingdom based model boat forum. And I think shipping to the UK will put it out of the reach of many (If the price hasn't already £525 over here). Best of luck with your sale on eBay. Kindest regards, Dave W 😊

VS-8 by 32nd Parallel by spunky52 Seaman   Posted: 28 days ago
In case anyone has been looking for one of these, I have a VS-8 Hydrofoil basic kit, by 32nd parallel up for sale... $600.00 US, buyer pays shipping. I've added a pic of what this will look like when finished...

Fireboat or similar by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 28 days ago
Hi all, I have a pal who has come through a bad illness, he needs purpose, he loves rc boats, especially military, but doesnt own what I call a proper model. If anybody has a refurb, in Merseyside, Wirral, Cheshire, can I have it? Very limited funds, so free to next to nothing please! I will do the rebuild with him, its not for resale or profit, thanks Paul

Vosper 46" RAF Crash Tender Kit plus by justintime2001 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi, Yes the items are still for sale. I think a courier is going to be about £30. There would be 2 boxes and they are quite heavy. I would be more than happy to meet you on the M40 at the services somewhere between Oxford and the M25 if that would be of any help. It would be easier and safer that way. Thanks, Ian. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to know more.

Vosper 46" RAF Crash Tender Kit plus by colinstevens Apprentice   Posted: 1 month ago
Is this still for sale? I would be interested but live near Gatwick, so couriering would be preferable, do you have any idea of cost?

Make what you can and buy what you have to by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Sonar I used to look round the local tip but it is now prohibited in my area (Cheshire). I agree many industrial sites have waste skips but as you suggest it's best to obtain permission before removing items. Another source is Freecycle where spare items are offered for free, but you do need to be quick as popular useful items are quickly taken. Another source are bring and buy sales at model boat shows etc.

Kingfishers Model boat club by Westquay Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Thanks, Dave. I see their website is now up for grabs in that "domain for sale" way. But I'll try those numbers and see what happens. Cheers, Martin

Closure by sonar Admiral   Posted: 2 months ago
There are a lot of hobby and model shops closing throughout the country. When you think about it you walk into a model shop and expect to see loads of model kits and even more choices of fittings Spare parts and extras including a selection of electronics. I guess that is money tied up in stock just in case some some customer wants a specific item. or small items. If you walked into a shop and all there was were catalogues and you then had to wait for the items to arrive it is hardly worth keeping a shop going . So a smaller amount of stock saleable on line. Quite a few like myself have no hobby or model shop near to them so shopping on line is the easier to to obtain items. Then there are Supermarkets and numerous other specialized shops now on line. and who knows how many model items are only on a web site. Boat hulls for choice most if not all now on line. So I would have thought soon everything will be an easy option online for both the seller and buyer. Ebay is another option and a few website only hobby shops are there as well.

Vintage Marblehead Type Yacht by ColinT Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi I have a vintage Marblehead for sale it needs finishing contact me for details. Colin 07905028298