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Sea Queen Frames by donrecardo Petty Officer   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi I was lucky enough to be given a set of Sea Queen plans by a member on this forum but of course the plans dont show the frames and they need to be drawn up from the lines on the side and plan views . Its not that I cant do it but it seems silly re inventing the wheel if someone has already done it . So if any one has drawings of the frames for the Aerokits Sea Queen 46" I would be very grateful for a copy Cheers Don

Anybody from Peterborough MBC here? by DodgyGeezer Lieutenant   Posted: 12 days ago
Google may be your friend here. The first page gives this: style='background-color:yellow;'>forums/postings.asp?th=114896 and this:

Newby by steve-d Commander   Posted: 18 days ago
Hi John welcome to the forum. Am I right in thinking the model you want to build is the boat you served on? If so then start by giving us her name and perhaps her port and then any photos you have. Even if you don't have pictures yourself a google of her name may find some. With that someone on here (not me) may say that she looks very similar to XXX and there are kits or plans available.

Ship rudders by Toby Lieutenant   Posted: 21 days ago
Doug The picture stretches when uploading. The mobile phone pics are 4mb+. No problem on other forums

Guestbook Post by Hellmut1956 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 23 days ago
Always keep researching and finding plenty of useful information. Additionally, I try to share information so not all disappears because of forums closing. Besides, trying to explain and to present was I am doing is a good way to massage my knowledge and my projects to get new perspectives.

Carina by Hellmut1956 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 23 days ago
I am continuing to try to learn the way this forum is properly used. I want to publish here my photos of the construction of my sailboat Carina from scratch that I am publishing here. I will limit myself to photos that are useful to get a general view of the topics I am publishing

Carina by Hellmut1956 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 23 days ago
Trying to learn to use this forum properly I am publishing a video that shows an experiment I did to find out how fast the stepper motor could turn. I am using in my model of the sailboat Carina 2 stepper motors like the one shown in the video to work as a winch to control the position of the sails in a system solution where I am realizing this my own way to implement the sheets as shown on the original sailboat Endeavour. This requires my sheet control system to control the length of the sheet of the mainsail i.e. over a range of 8.3 meters. This requires the drum which is turned by the stepper motor to make 21 full turns. Details will be published in my report from scratch of building my Carina.

Mersey Mammoth / Lara 1 by Toby Lieutenant   Posted: 24 days ago
Hello Steve The photos given to me are prints. Clearly someone was at a show or event and decided to take a snap or two of the model. No date on the photo and nothing in the background to suggest where or when. Toby Ps Do you know how to delete posts on this forum. I may as well take off the posts where the photo does not load correctly.

Mersey Mammoth / Lara 1 by steve-d Commander   Posted: 24 days ago
Are there any clues in the source info of the photos if they are digital. May point you at a web site or forum. Steve

Building my Carina sailboat from scratch by Hellmut1956 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 27 days ago
Sorry, I have not yet understood how to publish my report from scratch in this forum. I have attached a pdf archive with what would be my first contribution. This does not look for me to be the right way of publishing here.

HMS BRAVE BORDERER by jbkiwi Commander   Posted: 27 days ago
Don't know what happened to my last post but I'll try again. This link, style='background-color:yellow;'>forums/showthread.php?1148637-wire-lengths-between-ESC-motor-ESC-battery may be a useful read and explain what I am on about (rough idea in pic). I don't think too many people are aware of some of the problems which can be caused by altering Batt to ESC wiring. I don't think its too much of a problem at lower voltages but see what you think. Not sure if you have a throttle curve facility on your new TX but if it has, using that you can create a gentle start, ramping up steadily, no matter how fast you push the stick up. You can ram the stick up but it will only follow the curve you set. eg pic showing random curve (you can make this any shape you want to control any function) there are usually a number of curves you can set and save for throttle, rudder - anything you want to control automatically. Not sure about your TX but my 9xr even has a feature whereby you can slow the servo action down (I use that on my Piper Super Cub flaps which come down slowly in 2 stages (2 pos switch) and go up faster. Your new TX probably has a lot of these features and once you find how to use them it will open up a whole new world of fun. Another example of what you can do with these computer radios is, on one of my models I am using 'flapperons' to slow it for landing and as the ailerons come down the elevator is mixed to move up to compensate to stop the plane nosing down. It's pretty much endless what you can do. I'm still exploring after 8 yrs of computer radio use. I remember a guy somewhere talking about the flashing lights on his plane and saying it wasn't the lights on a flasher unit it was the TX telling them to flash.

Videos by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
For what it's worth folks (by popular request😉) I just posted the pdf reading/downloading instructions in the 'Anything Website Related' forum. C.U. Ciao, Doug 😉 PS Also applies to other files attached to Posts, such as photos! Sometimes you can also expand the photos to be able to store them in a higher resolution! 😉

Videos by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Haig, if i had such Administrator rights I would gladly add such a section! I'm just a 'Bod' like you! Reading PDF files is definitely one of THE most asked questions! Best I can do is post the instructions in the 'Website related' forum. But who looks in there!? All's well ....! Cheers, Doug 😎

Guestbook Post by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Hi All. Many may already recognise the 'nutter from Munich' 😁 but I just wanted to say- I first stumbled across this site and enrolled here in 2014 but was still in harness and trundling around the world working with various navies and shipyards on all sorts of naval ships from small Fast Patrol Boats through subs, Corvettes and Frigates up to LPDs, Heli and Escort Carriers. So I didn't have much time for model building (sounds better than 'Modelling' somehow 😁😲) or contributions to the site, but I did try to keep up to date with advances, as I always did in my profession - Naval COMMS systems - and dipped in and out of this site without getting involved. Since I retired last year I have become an active member and have also dipped into, and registered with some, other Model Boat forums in various countries. But in all of them I have never found such an international, friendly and knowledgable bunch as on this site. Or such a well organised site where it is 'relatively' easy to find the info you need, or to just ask and get informed answers pronto. Sure there is room for improvement in some areas but "Tempus fugit" and things move on - so is it also on this site. I understand that a facelift and changes are afoot😉 whatever the outcome I'm sure you won't find a better web site for informed (bin there done that!) info on model boat / ship building as well as research on the original vessels this side of the asteroid belt! Welcome aboard and Happy Building and Sailing, All the best, cheers, Doug 😎

Hobby Engine Factory Tug Motors by pittsfieldpete Lieutenant   Posted: 3 months ago
Hello: I have a Hobby Engine “premium” 2.4GHz “Richardson” tug. This boat is identical mechanically to the “Southampton” tug. I’ve read many posts on the forum having to do with replacing the factory-installed motor/gearbox unit with two separate motors mounted side by side. Personally I’m happy with the factory drive setup; it’s quite powerful & it runs smoothly. The reduction gearing is a bit noisy, but my boat is new & will likely quiet down with use. I have two requests for those who have removed the factory drive unit & replaced it with separate motors: 1. If you’ve still got your factory drive unit & have taken it apart out of curiosity, if possible will you please post photos of the internal parts? I’m interested in seeing what’s inside the housing & how the gearing is set up. 2. Along the same vein, I’d like to acquire a spare factory drive to have on hand, just in case. If you have a complete, working drive unit that you’d consider offering for sale, please send a PM to me & let me know what you would want for a price. Thanks very much. Pete