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fiber glass
fibre glass
glass fibre
Emma C Berry Schooner by alan20 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 5 days ago
Scratch built from old kit plans but planked and fibreglassed rather than balsa sheeted as in the original. Modified to fit a removable keel. Winch and continuous loop sail control fitted under deck.

Venetian Evening by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
No pressure then Doug.......................... Looking at using Halford rattle cans as used in a site build blogg. Have glass paper and wet/dry together with sealer all to hand for when the visitors leave. Will spray inside as well with some silver hammer finish I have left over. Need to consider dust and over spray on area and me! All the best. NPJ

Leaking Boat! by Colin H. Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Looks like delamination, if water is getting in between the ply layers it will follow any gaps and porosity and could come out anywhere. I've had similar problems on my vintage restorations. The only thing to do is clean and repair any external damage then I would cover ultra fine glass cloth and Eze-Kote with at least 3 coats and rubbed down between coats. This should cure your problem and also strengthen the Hull.

Leaking Boat! by NPJ Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 9 days ago
Is there a clever way to find where the leak is in a hull? In this instance, boat sat static in water for eight hours and collected some water between compartment ribs in the centre two sections. One of these sections is open and 'getatable' the one next to it has had planking glued down. Leak seems not associated with either the front or back end and certainly not with drive shaft tubes. No visible signs on the outside of the hull even using magnifying glass. Depressed by the thought that may have to strip all the hull paintwork off! Any ideas? NPJ

Range Safety Launch? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Never seen the spray type! I'm happy with the brush type cos, as Donnieboy says, you can also do light glassing with it, like I did to reinforce my Gina 2 fish cutter👍 Can't see how that would go with a thin spray😲 Might be useful as a sealer though? Motors, then leave alone for now and see how it goes. You can still use lighter LiPo batteries but preferably only with a 'LiPo safe' ESC which stops or slows down the boat when the LiPo approaches it's 'suicide voltage 😲 Cheers, Doug 😎

Deans Robert E. Perry Libertyship by Mikep Lieutenant   Posted: 11 days ago
Started building Deans Marine Libertyship Robert E. Perry finished Lenth 54 1/2” beam 7 1/2” weight 35 lbs. Power is Deans motor Falcon 3671 6 volt 1500rpm 3.19mm shaft and prop 147-18 brass propeller 50-L-4bl-M4. Kit is very nicely done all fittings and hardware are included with the kit. The hull is detailed and I have lined the inside of the hull with 2 x 2 oz. fiberglass cloth and resin to give it more rigidity. I have installed the motor and prop shaft along with the rudder which I replaced since the kit supplied rudder was cast resin and only had a 3/32 dia shaft, I’m sure it would work fine but felt better with something a little more substantial. Added 5 lbs of ballast I used shot and installed sub floor in hull. Equipment installation and deck fitting, added 1/8” plywood as deck and styrene on top.

Range Safety Launch? by Donnieboy Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Eze-Coat Is fabulous stuff to use.It is thin enough to run into any crack in hull and seal it up.I also use it to fibreglass hulls.No fuss no mess.

Deck planks by muddy Admiral   Posted: 13 days ago
Deck Planks, 5 x 3mm Walnut, not a good choice perhaps up a size would have been better Every fixing pin ( .7 x 10 mm Brass Flat head ) had to be pilot drilled. It does sand to a mirror glass type finish but very hard wood, so again a time swallowe'r. Regards muddy

KATYA by jfstoker Lieutenant   Posted: 14 days ago
Scratched built on a fibre glass hull, home made sails with a modified star wars figure Bought from a member of our Kingswinford Model Boat Club, Peter Ellis, who sadly passed away

RETO by samc Recruit   Posted: 14 days ago
[Score: 5/10] 36" RETO Capable of 15mph and a runtime of 20mins Twin Propellors (2 Blade S Type 30mm) Direct Drive to a ??? (2 Blade S Type) Powered by NiCad (7.2v) 2Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through HOBBYYWING ESC - Comments: dumas commander wood is not the right type, having to change alot of things in the build, the instruction are not very clear at allllll. not like the other dumas boats. up to the hull finishing, have to bondo the hull cause of all the differences from one side to another, a pain and then have to fiberglass it, this is my first fiberglassing should be fun, if anything like my other boat, it is going to be a long process, takes the fun out of building the boat.

Fairly Hunsman renovation part 1 by CB90 Admiral   Posted: 14 days ago
I was lucky to be able to get myself a fibre glass hulled Fairly Huntsman 31 this is a model of the 31 ft Huntsman which converts to a scale of 1:11 which is a bit of a strange scale, the superstructure is in a poor state, so I am thinking it could now be changed to a 'Fairly Huntsman 28' which I think looks better. Huntsman 28 The model 34 in long is close to 1:10scale at 34.6in Some History Four Huntsman 28's took part and competed in the 1969 Daily Telegraph / B.P. Round Britain powerboat race. A Huntsman 28 'Fordspeed No 909' entered and completed the London - Monte Carlo race in 1972. Also the same boat set a new class speed record of 51.271 mph on Lake Windemere, in October 1973. The hull is a deep V with single chine and spray rails. The construction was of laminated mahogany, the hulls were cooked in an oven to cure the glue. The twin engines were placed mid ships. Dimensions LOA: 28' 10" (8.8m) LWL: ~24' 10" (~7.6m) Beam: 8' 9" (2.66m) Draught: 2' 6" (0.76m) Displacement: 8160lbs (3710kg)

puffer hull by marky Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 15 days ago
decided to paint the hull today thought i would do it in the greenhouse put paper over the glass ,warm no direct sun got a loan of my brothers compressor and spray gun ,its all going swimmingly fine what could go wrong ? never forget mother nature, doing the 3rd pass every flying ant in Scotland suddenly emerges from a corner and sticks to the hull ,the black lumpy look with wings isn't very appealing . Thought I would sand them off ,how long does it take for these things to stop flapping their wings .just leaving it overnight and may use the heat gun and scraper tomorrow ,might take a picture if they stop staring at me .Cheers Marky

The Crew(s)!! by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 16 days ago
I think dressed like that with red blooded men around, I suggest that do confine them to their quarters ans do NOT allow shore leave. I quite fancy the one on the left wearing the dark glasses and holding her trunction up on her shoulder. 😉😉😎

LED Tug Mast Navigation Lights by pittsfieldpete Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
Doug: The glass paint is indeed a great idea. It’s an idea that I’ll consider seriously whenever a situation arises that’ll make using colored LEDs impractical, such as on my 1:350 SS Normandie kit, maybe? Finding the flat-topped LEDs made staying with your original design an easy choice. Regardless of when the job gets done, I can just imagine launching the tug late in the day, waiting until just before dusk, then switching the lights on with the transmitter’s function buttons until they’re all shining & reflecting in the water. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thanks, Pete

LED Tug Mast Navigation Lights by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 days ago
Hi Pete, 👍 The glass paint was only a 'wild card' suggestion when I saw that you had dozens of white LEDs 😉 Just happened to see it in the cupboard, I'd used it on some 3V bulbs for my destroyer years ago. Dunno about mine being finished first. I've got a few other things cooking before I'll get back to to the Southampton. On the other hand ...... 😁😁 Good luck👍 Cheers, Doug 😎 PS make a chain of the white LEDs and use them for 'dressing ship'! 😁