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brushless motor by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 hours ago
Hi Cliff I am installing a Hobbyking Turnigy L5055-700(1600 Watts) with a 100Amp ESC and a 4S 5800mah 60C Lipo battery. Plan to start with a 2 blade 52mm CNC prop. Canabus

getting a bit slow?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 7 hours ago
Sorry, I didn't realise there had been any follow up to this. (May I suggest a "View New Posts" button? Or am I missing something) I think my remarks a year ago were perfectly valid, now you remind me of them. I thought I'd been offensive or something. I see no cause for offense there. Teejay, you, too, have misunderstood my post. I was saying why I had left model railways, a hobby of a lifetime so far. THAT alone was the area of kit snobbery. Not here, or in model aircraft forums, which are nearly all kit based, yet I am a happy member of Large Scale Planes and Britmodeller. Mainly because two old friends tend to communicate with me that way. Doug, I have a 1/48th scale Mk1 Airfix Spitfire which I have turned into the First Flight in zinc chromate and polished metal, because I don't do military (liveries, at least) and have made a scratchbuilt photographer and his plate camera for the set-piece. It all sits on a bit of died lint grass. Then I have a 1/48th scale Airfix English Electric Lightning as it's a superb kit and impressive in that scale. I got it cheap off ebay. I also bought an Italian resin kit of a Houchin start-up compressor to go with it, which was amazing value and have made a tarmac set-piece ready for displaying that lot on. It was purely to save time getting something I just fancied doing. It's the foil covering on the Lightning I fancied doing. No snobbery there and when others buy loads of aftermarket stuff to add to it, none there either. And they usually make it all fit themselves. They don't pay someone else to do it. If injury or health demands it, that's a very different kettle of fish, but those sort of people rarely, if ever,brag. So, once and for all, nothing I said this time had any reference to this forum or this hobby. What I said a year ago I meant, but perhaps it was a bad day. I always read what I type as my hard, dry old fingertips slip around the keyboard and I wouldn't understand my own typing if I didn't check it. Doug has indeed helped others and me too. But so, I think, have I. Indeed that has always been my intention after a lifetime in modelmaking. Cheers, Martin

S 100 Schnellboot RC build by BW3 Petty Officer   Posted: 23 hours ago
I am doing a lot of reading of posts online many back when this kit was new to the market.... as to my motor choice I winged it as I am not sure of what the motor sizes list here (300,500... etc etc) but did read a rule of thumb in that props should be equal to or better yet less than the diameter of said motor , so with brut strength and ignorance I have 3 Hobbyking ST3007, 1100KV that and a goal of keeping it light , thou I think I have read that 3.3 kg was ideal for scale ?....Again a 90/90 build , having lost all feelings in both hands from spinal stenosis I must accept what I can do now to what I once did or able to do with just a little more effort... Thank You All for your posts and help , and posting of videos online they bring me great pleasure and enjoyment ....Thank You

Motor size advice by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Hi Morkullen I suggest a Hobbyking 3639-1100kv 35mm brushless motor with a 60 Amp ESC and a 2 blade 40mm prop. Battery a 3S Lipo 5800mah 25C will give you more than 1/2 hour. I had his setup in my 34" Sea commander with very good performance. Canabus

getting a bit slow?... by teejay Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
Hi all I am quite disappointed seeing what has been written on this forum these last two days , this is the only forum I have used because there is little or no snobbery until now , and RN Munich is right , I have been making kits all my life since the age of seven and like most modeller my skill set has changed in that time , I have adding too and modify kits most of this time and a lot of it involves a good bit of scratch building to meet the specification of the various marks of different aircraft , I have done this for the syllabus for two ATC squadrons, and for presentations for RAF veterans. and while I do fine the remarks made by Westquay offensive snobbery I would not like to see an end to RNinMunich posts as I now he helps a lot of people that may struggle, with all aspects of the hobby , I think that if you cannot refrain from criticizing others unconstructively may you should use some other site that seems to specialises in slagging each other off

getting a bit slow?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Good ol' Martin, you haven't changed a bit have you? But then why should we at our age? Just as forth(or fifth?)right as ever😉 Was mildly surprised to see you pop up again a year after you so explicitly and expressively announced your departure! Getting bored? What might seem "utterly stupid and pointless" to you, as a lifetime professional model builder, is a very satisfying and maybe only possible way for many of us to enjoy this hobby. Is it really necessary to denigrate kit builders in this insulting manner? Some of us do a mixture of scratch and kit building, sometimes for the fun of building, sometimes for convenience / speed, as a a fill-in JFF job during a bigger build project, or because the scale is smaller than the 'small scale' of 1/48th you mention. I.e. working models at 1:350 or 1:400. Even then we fiddle about with embellishments such as photo etch, which itself demands certain skills. Even kits demand certain skills, especially the larger more complex ones. My next 'average' kit build will be a 1metre Akula II Russian submarine with diving tank for static diving. Utterly stupid and pointless but a great challenge and ultimately great fun I hope, with a built in mini video camera. A way down the line as other wooden boat restoration projects are still on the slipway, but something new to try. Maybe you should do that sometime? Have fun with your dogs. Viele Grüße aus München, Doug 😎 Oh! and QEND - Quad erat non demonstrandum! BTW: nice work on the Vanity woodwork, thought you had her finished long ago though. Did you ever get your old Taycols out of your son's loft?

getting a bit slow?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
Winter used to be model railways and slot cars. Now just slot cars and small scale static boats, 1/48th scale. I always promised myself a collection of 1/4"-the foot inshore craft. I really can't be doing with the over-pensioned old fools who spend a fortune on some very average kit and another on wheels and gearbox, motor, building, painting, lining, weathering, blah, blah and finally bragging about on forums. Kit snobbery is not only annoying, but to a scratchbuilder like me it is utterly stupid and pointless. And as a model railway club near me now charges 100 quid to join and still only turns out a glorified toy train set, it is, alas, no longer a hobby for me. We have a sign on our wall that says, "The more I learn of people, the more I love my dogs". QED. Martin

getting a bit slow?... by deepdiver Commander   Posted: 5 days ago
Hi Well I have read your post. But like most things it get's a bit slow at this time of the year, you have Holiday's - the Weather and the one thing that stops our hobby the most "Decorating"😡 boy do I not like decorating. Fred

It's a sad day!. by Novagsi0 Captain   Posted: 8 days ago
Yes Bournville, I can remember one pleasant afternoon the police were called to the lake, as a free sailing member got nasty and a fight nearly broke out, over pottering about with a sunday hobby. It was at that stage I finally gave up, and started making a coal fired traction engine instead. 😁👍 (make steam not war!!) Stephen

WoodenBoat Magazine by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Hi Martin, welcome back👍 This started off here style='background-color:yellow;'>hobby-chit-chat/41382?goto=41383 Cheers Doug 😎

Diesel Motors by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 10 days ago
Hi Neville I live in Tassie as well, but, with only two Hobby shops in the south which I do not think they carry diesel fuel. You may try a chemical or petrol wholesale place. Canabus

Bristol pilot cutter mascotte by kmbcsecretary Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
thanks Donnieboy i have found with this hobby it is one long learning curve always something new to try 😉

firefly by Donnieboy Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
The hobby also helps us to get back on track.Lovely model.

Sunk yacht by Divermike Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
Ladies and Gents, you are a brilliant group, my dive buddy Diver Tim has spoke to Dave and he has confirmed ownership of the yacht, I cant believe how helpful you have all been, we will be returning the yacht in the next couple of weeks when we next going diving in North Wales (Boat delivery service ha ha) when we carried that yacht up the slipway last Saturday morning, I didn't hold out much hope of re-uniting it with its owner, but everyone of you on here helped and you are a real credit to your hobby, if we can help recover any lost boats in the future, we may be able to help, obviously we have time and mileage limitations, but we just love diving new sites, you can always find us on the Dorothea Quarry facebook page, Mike Bailey Tim Kenney ...... best regards Diver Mike

Gwylan by Nerys Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
[Score: 8/10] 20"/1700g Gwylan Capable of 3mph and a runtime of 40mins Single Propellor (3 Blade 15mm) Direct Drive Powered by NiMH (6v) 2Amp/h Batteries - Comments: This was my first attempt at building a model boat, decided that model boat building would be a suitable hobby for a lady of 85, no longer fit enough to sail real boats.