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my hobby store
aeronaut classic by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Hi Sandgrounder There are a number of speed 400's with voltage range from 4.8 to 7.2 volts. The revs range is between 16,400 to 22,000 rpm. So 28mm brushless like a Prop Drive V2 2836- 1800kv(shaft 3.175mm) on a 3S Lipo battery with give you 19,980 rpm. ESC 45Amp. Prop 30-32mm 2 blade. If it's tight of battery space Hobbyking have small ones you can parallel together like the Turnigy 3S 1500mah 25C (73 x 33 x 27 mm). Regards Canabus

HMS BRAVE BORDERER by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
Doug, Am using the HobbyKing 50A Boat ESC 4A UBEC along with their programming card. The diode explanation makes sense so will fit one. jbkiwi My battery -ESC and ESC -motor wires are short, probably around 4" each. The addition of capacitors as suggested is intriguing as have never heard of it before. Think it is easier to keep things together in a boat, whereas with an aircraft pitch trim becomes a factor. Am using 2S batteries with a 50A ESC, with the motor max current of 30 A. Have you any idea what size of capacitor I should use? The Tx/Rx combinations are almost infinite as the ESCs are programmable too. Just wish the ice would go so can experiment! Thanks both for your help, with this hobby you never stop learning.

Search light by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
It's a great shame that Maplins have gone, they were once a good source of electronic components but in later years turned into more of a 'toy shop' than an electronic hobbyists shop. The high power LED is nevertheless available from Hobbyking but the lense will prove more difficult to source now. Midas Components in Norfolk used to be an importer of the 'HJ-HPH2' lens and I also found this after a quick Google: The 'Peter Jones' mentioned could be the chap from the Dragons Den programme? I'm very flattered by Doug's epithet 'King of Crash Tenders' but it is undeserved and should be attributed to the likes of Paul Devlin (pmdevlin) and the late Peter Henshaw (HS93) both from whom I took great inspiration, (and stole lots of ideas from 😜). It is nevertheless very pleasing the the Crash Tenders still appeal to modellers who want to make them and detail them as much as Mike Turpin here.

Search light by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
"Maplin Electronics, trading as Maplin, was a retailer of electronic goods in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In June 2017, there were 217 Maplin stores. The company also operated an extensive online, telephone and mail order service. On 28 February 2018, Maplin went into administration, placing 2,500 jobs at risk, and on 25 June 2018 all Maplin stores ceased trading. In August 2018, Peter Jones purchased the Maplin name and is making a Maplin themed website to open soon as an online only shop." Signs of the times folks!😭 If we all shop Online at HobbyKing, Bangood etc etc etc what can we expect!? Cheers, Doug 😎 Wonder who Peter Jones is! !!!! Watch this space!!!!

Transmitter-Rain Cover by CaptainFlack Apprentice   Posted: 1 month ago
If it's really cold you can add the "tyre warmers" available from Hobbyking

Brushless motors (again) by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Steve I started with the Hobbyking 3639-1100 kv in my Huntsman with a 2 blade 40mm prop, 3S 5800mah Lipo and a car 60 Amp ESC. Upgraded to the 100Amp car ESC and a straight change over to the 3648-1450 motor. All from Hobbyking. Good units and have no problems. Also a the price will not break the bank book!!! Note, change the uni-joint to metal as the plastic ones will not handle the power and break. Canabus

just need cable (wire)... by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi I get my cable from Banggood or Hobbyking. Canabus

RC....mixers? And other unknowns.. by BW3 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Ok... Currently trying to build a Itaieri Schnellboot, ...but am questioning if what little I think I know to be correct/ workable... I have amassed the following : 3- Hobbyking ST3007 1100KV brushless motors each direct drive to 32mm plastic props.... (2 right hand drive and 1 left hand drive props... swapped over leads on on motor to get it to run as yet untested the left hand prop) 3- Turnigy nano tech 3s 3000mh 25-50C Lipo ( Have got a balance charger and board , flame proof charge bag , battery voltage check/ alarm units, and will check and charge them await the only local help I have in RC / lips battery a helicopter flyer who has no experience with RC boats ) I just read the post on WTail mixer and wonder if I need that or if my current unkowning idea to just connect all 3 ESC ‘s together to one channel on the radio , again was give Eflite Blade SR HP6DSM 2.4GHz to try out ,Will this unit work or do I need something else , currently will/ can use all 6 channels but would / could use more if I had them ... last time I had anything to do with RC was a a kid/ teen and back then you had ground radios and flight radios and the two should not be mixed .. Ok please advise , how far off am I or am I still within range of keeping it simple ? Thanks All Bill

Old outboard motor... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Oh I know what to do with 'em, Doug, just not sure I could DO it! I think if you need a quick outboard and won't pay Graupner prices, you're stuck with a HobbyKing who do 2, both very similar, but about 65-70 quid a pop. I've just realised my little vintage outboard will go on my little fibreglass clinker dinghy, making it a wee fishing boat. I will have to put 2 servos in the dolly (dressed as an old salt). One will turn it on and off and one will steer once I've put a tiller on it. No ESC needed. Old o/bs either run or not, so he can turn the little brass switch on and steer it. Painted harbour launch grey, with a couple of lobster pots and a dog, it'll be a sweet little model. Martin

Old outboard motor... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Doug, I do have a Hobbyking CNC ally one and now have a brushless inrunner for it. I got it when they were very cheap a while back. Wouldn't pay what they now want for them and Graupner are always way overpriced. I could be tempted with 7 quid for a Hobbies one though, just to see how it goes together. The K&O are gorgeous but collector money and the Alterscale are dummies, albeit nice dummies and also bloody expensive. I sliced the little vintage jobby I bought down the joint line with a fine saw blade in the minidrill today and all is well. It just needs new wires and some grease when I can find some good styrene/nylon grease. The motor is a two magnet Kako, many examples of which I have in store. Even has a nice little built in switch. I reckon 3 volts is probably all the transmission can take. The gears are not, as I assumed bevels, but 2 spur gears! I now have to find a way of making the prop shaft stay on the motor shaft! I'm loving this restoration stuff. Painted the red on my Star yacht today with my best chisel headed sable and got a special 1/4 litre of the emerald green mixed in HMG enamel (the very best there is). Tried to win a lovely Starlet off ebay, but some sod beat me to it last minute. I hope it leaks Martin

Old outboard motor... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
That's how the modern ones work, but I assume the flexi is stainless cable rather than a spring. I have one from Hobbyking for a fast little kneeler to 152VO rules, even though I'll never race it as all their events are in Germany and Holland and I don't have a Passport, but I do like the boats. I shall be off to try cutting this ancient one apart to repair the motor and wiring. I'd love one of those Keil Kraft Elmic Sprite outboards, but can't justify the cost. And any of the O&K scale working o/bs are gorgeous. Cheers, Martin

Cygnus GM32 by canabus Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Cygnus GM32 I am using these Hobbyking ones https:// style='background-color:yellow;'> Links to setup the ESC on Lipo and Niamh. I have used them on 12 volts , but, they will not work on 6 volts. You can crash straight from forward into reverse !!! Running a 70mm 3blade on one Hellen fishing boat (weight 14 pounds) and a 60mm brass 3 blade on the other Hellen.

Got the bits, now what?... by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
"^ Both spellings are used in both British and American English. "Macmillan English Dictionary". Macmillan Publishers Limited. 2010. Retrieved 2010-04-14. "adapter noun [countable] /əˈdæptə(r)/ or adaptor an object that allows you to connect two pieces of equipment of different types or sizes a. British an object that allows you to connect several pieces of electrical equipment to one electricity supply b. an object that allows you to use electrical equipment in countries where there is a different type of electricity supply from your own" ^ Andrews, Jean (2007). A+ guide to managing and maintaining your PC (6th ed.). Boston, Mass.: Thomson Course Technology. p. 395. ISBN 0-619-21758-8." Component shop seems to prefer 'adapter'! Whatever, glad you've got it sorted, or nearly. 2mm on the motor is unusual! What motor is it? Who or what the blue blazes was 'Giant Cod'??? Google's answer - 😲 HobbyKing is good for brushless, BUT I now also Google the Type/Model number of the motor that interests me on Hobbyking and sometimes I find the same thing cheaper here in Germany! Shop/Google around😉 Cheers, Doug 😎

Got the bits, now what?... by jimdogge Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi martin, yeah stuff comming from places far and wide are a pain in the stern. Bullet connections (the type they use on cars) are ok not sure if used on greater current and amps they wont melt. I built more aeroplanes with electric power trains and l found that if l stayed with one or two types of connections it was much easier to keep a little collection of spares. EC3 and EC5 are the Blue coloured plastic/brass bullet plugs you can buy. have a look on Hobbyking web site at lipo batteries it will show you all the connections that are out there. jim dogge

Mcgregor 1990s transmitter/receiver by mturpin013 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Thanks a that's a great response. and probably says dump it and buy a new one, its for my 5yr old grandson and I saw this on Hobbyking, what do you think for a first beginners set? https:// style='background-color:yellow;'> @ £18.97