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Precedent Fairey Huntsman by bthart Apprentice   Posted: 1 day ago
I have for sale an unfinished Fairey Huntsman 31, I started it approx 9 months ago as a project with my grandson but his attention has now turned to model railways, subsequently I have now lost interest in completing and sailing it, the boat is approx 90% complete and comes with new RC equipment battery motor etc, I am looking for £250 just to recoup the costs and to put to his new model railway. I live inStoke-on-Trent if anybody would like to have a look,

Motor, mount & prop-shaft. by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
Thanks for your reply. I am more of a speed freak. I love the Vosper /MTB's style hulls as you can really push them to there limits, as I can also with the deep V huntsman style hulls. My Proboat Miss Geico catamaran I can run flat out even on turns. But am unsure about fitting an out runner, I have scaled down the Crash Tender to 28" and have just put in a small outrunner but very apprehensive of running her. This is because i'm unsure of overheating and catching fire. Silly rally as she is a fireboat. But as you have one in your Crash Tender with no problems, then I will finish her off and give her a run. Thanks for your help. I am watching this build as eagerly as I did your wonderful Crash Tender. I cannot wait to see the en result and some video of her on water. I'm sad I wasn't able to get along to the show this weekend.

Friday's Child Fairey Huntsman 31 by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Brianaro, many thanks for that. i am about to go and check that out. As well as my old 70's wooden Precedent Huntsman, I also have an MFA Spearfish still in the box not touched yet. I had one back in the 80's with an Irvine 61 in it and it was a great fun boat. I did plan to do the same again with it but with the constant banning of using IC engines on the ponds around area's in the UK I suppose it will end up brushless. I know they are if not faster then IC now but the cost battery wise, now being retired the funds aren't as easily found now. The sad part is I still have 2 new SC 91's, 1 new SC 61 and a Irvine 120 all still new, never been run. I think there might also be an Irvine 61 that has no box. As well as a Zenoah 26c all pimped up in purple only run in ready to be put in a boat. Shed full of both engines and boats, some boats still new in the boxes still waiting to be built. Hopefully I will get to build them before I pop me clogs.

Friday's Child Fairey Huntsman 31 by Brianaro Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hello Boatshed. There is lots of information and picture of the real Fairey products on there are some books listed there too. I’ve been making the President kit and gained lots of detail information from the club and the author of one of the books Good luck

Friday's Child Fairey Huntsman 31 by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Very nice, Thanks, I love them.

Friday's Child Fairey Huntsman 31 by steve-d Commander   Posted: 1 month ago
A small selection. I have plenty, mail me if you want more. Steve

Friday's Child Fairey Huntsman 31 by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
I am a great fan of the Fairey Boats I have a Precedent Huntsman model and would love to see a couple or three pictures of a real life one. Last time I saw one was back in the early 1970's on it's way out of Newhaven harbour.

Friday's Child Fairey Huntsman 31 by steve-d Commander   Posted: 1 month ago
Yes I have some pictures. Why the question? Steve

Propshaft Lubrication by steve-d Commander   Posted: 2 months ago
Been reading some old threads with plenty of reference to lubrication but only one mention of what to lubricate with (mix of engine oil and graphite powder). I have just fitted a replacement propshaft (M4) to my Huntsman 31 and fitted it with an oiler tube. So question is what to oil/grease it with? Steve

Friday's Child Fairey Huntsman 31 by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Have you got any pictures of Fridays Child?

Sea Queen Frames by ChrisF Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Don - Unfortunately I didn't see your post until after you had ordered, so too late to warn you and I may have been wrong as regards those particular plans. Unfortunately I wasn't. Jacko - I see what you mean but drawn and printed are all one sentence so I read it as both were to a high standard and that is what you would reasonably expect. Even if the draughtsmanship wasn't the best (and I can draw to a very high standard on the drawing board and PC) they should at least be accurate, which they are anything but. The guy's just a chancer. Modelboatdevil - the plans I got were for the Swordsman. There are some original Philip Connelly plans for the Swordsman on Ebay at the moment, though they are somewhat yellowed and creased! I've never seen an example of the Aerokits Swordsman or Veron Huntsman 28 kits. What size are you looking to build to? Chris

Does anybody recognise this old boat by ChrisG Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
She looks to me like a scratch built project on the lines of Fairey Huntsman/Swordfish although from some angles has the look of an early Broads cruiser. Whatever with some TLC I am sure she will both look and sail well. The Fairey designs were very popular craft in fact still are and the designs were copied a lot 'back in the day' Good luck and please post some pictures when you have completed her. Regards Chris G

Modern electrics by deltaman Petty Officer   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi all, Not been araound for awhile as I have been playing with aircraft as well, I have however found time to scratch build a Fairy Huntsman which I now want to upgrade to modern electrics, a brushless motor and esc etc, should I avoid lipo's due to the heat issues or can I use them ok. The hull is 42 inches long any suggestions on motor size would be appreciated, also esc size, the boat seems a bi on the heavy side. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Cooling coil by ChrisF Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Good to see another Fairey. What size is your Huntsman? I'm busy scratch building three different Faireys at the moment and the Huntsman 31 will be a future project. I've got one of the Precedent 46" but it's too big and heavy really. Chris

aeronaut classic by BOATSHED Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
I am also upgrading the prop shaft, I have purchased a 4mm shaft to use that has a decent outer casing. All other boats I have built the side chine rails have all bee 1/4 x1/4 inch rails. I am just so disappointed with some of the substandard use of certain parts. I just feel for the price they are cutting costs to up their profits on the boat. I have built a few of the older AeroKits like the RAF crash tender, Sea commander, Sea Queen and Sea Hornet as well as the Precedent Fairey Huntsman, and these all have a substantial set of side rail to fit and even the bulk head pieces are a much better thickness of ply. I would just not recommend the Aeronuat kits to anyone myself now. I was just going to fit a standard Gruapner speed 400 motor in but still unsure. I was thinking maybe a brushless may just be a bit overpowering her. but as I say still unsure, I may put in a brushless yet who knows. Keep us informed on here as to you progress I am keen to see your finished model. I suspect yours will be finished well before mine as I have shelved the build for now. Happy modelling.