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action electronics
action mixer
eezebuild RAF tender by marky Lieutenant   Posted: 17 hours ago
Hi Mark , it is the 18"version there have been a few teething problems I didn't notice until after the build start that there was 2 sheets with amendments to the original with slightly longer base parts and the lower cockpit ,I have also been using the original build instructions which aren't the clearest .I printed off the original drawings and then had them scanned Ricky the kind man who mans the CAD facility at my work then worked his magic and hey-presto the bag of bits ,no plans for mass production .

FUSION Hawk BL 100A OPTO ESC by Flack Admiral   Posted: 7 days ago
Brand new in box with instructions. New price in excess of £120. Grab a bargain at £80

Sea Queen refurbishment by canabus Lieutenant   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi Guys Looks like we have the same boats!!! I have a Sea Hornet(built from the original plans), Crash Tender 48", Sea Commander and I bought a Precedent Huntsman 31(fibreglass hull)with building instructions. The instructions were sold as plans, but, with a lot of time with a photocopier they could be turn into plans. Or scan into AutoCAD and resized!!! My mate has a Swordsman which he finally finished after over 40 years(with plans). All the boats are running brushless motors. Canabus

The electrics, drive & radio by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 days ago
Hi Doug and AllenA. Yes, it is indeed good old Hammerite 👍 I sealed all the interior surfaces with a couple of coats of sanding sealer and then two coats of the silver Hammerite on the hull bottom, sides and bulkheads and it gives a quite an attractive finish which is very durable. It was recommended by VMW in the build instructions and I'm very pleased with the result 😁

No power by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi Nick, sorry but I must ask why can't you ever describe completely what's happening? Example, above you write 'Yes I did have the ESC and servo plugged in..' but you didn't say if the rudder ever reacted when the ESC apparently did. Trying 'all and every ways' is not exactly the scientific method and usually leads to more or less fatal damage. Frankly Dave and I are beginning to wonder if you are trying to wind us up!? Had you followed our step by step instructions and reported back the results before trying anything else we would have long ago been able to cure the problem or diagnose the faulty component. Please help us to help you. Regards Doug

Aeronaut Pilot Boat by Skipper44 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 26 days ago
Thank you very much! I think I will call aeronaut as the rubbing strake is included in every picture and my mother is a lawyer who advised me to just ask for them to send me one on the grounds of misrepresentation, (I know it says optional in the instructions but you only get the instructions after you buy the boat!) Fingers crossed. Thanks T

Aeronaut Pilot Boat by Skipper44 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 26 days ago
sorry to post again just checked the instructions and it says that the rubbing strake is optional but not included!? i find this very annoying as the kit is hardly cheap and is missing quite a lot like the grease/silicone tubing for the rudder waterseal. I was wondering how to make/ where to get a rubbing strake? thanks t

Talacre plans by Boatswain65 Apprentice   Posted: 29 days ago
Looking for a copy of instructions for the Caldercraft Talacre Just a copy would be good dont need to keep anyones originals. Would pay any copy costs. Thanks

RAF fIRE TENDER MAST DETAILS ?? by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Yep, understand the 'dumbphone' problem only too well.🤔 Liked your instructions, detailed but concise! 👍 best regards Doug 😎

RAF fIRE TENDER MAST DETAILS ?? by colinhubbard Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Here is my version. PM me if you want this and i'll send pictures and pdf with material list and detailed build instructions1/16th scale Fireboat Mast. MATERIALS LIST. Item A:- 1.6 Brass rod 45mm long. Item B:- 5mm dia brass Finial. (from dolls house shop) Item C:- 3mm Brass tube 47mm long. Item D:- 1.6mm x 4mm brass strip 64mm long. Item E:- 2 Off 3mm brass tube 68mm long. Method of build. Start by drilling Item B 1.6mm , then drill bottom 3.1mm x 2mm deep. Solder Items A,B, and C, together to form mast top. Then drill through Item B 90 degrees to mast with 1.2mmm drill for rigging line to pass through. Item D then needs shaping, by tapering on one edge only. 2mm at end to full 4mm x 26mm from end. Do this to both sides. (see sketch). Now drill centre 3.1mm and each end 1.2mm at 3mm from ends. Item E. Flatten one end to 10mm and opposite end to 8mm. Bend 10mm end to 120 degrees. Bend 8mm end to 150 degrees. Now trim 10mm end back to 5mm. Carefully radius 8mm end and then drill 2.2mm at 3mm from end. Now solder 2 x Items E to item D and locate mast top into centre hole and solder in place. The completed mast is held in place by two angle brackets which I slotted through cabin roof and glued with epoxy. These brackets need to be drilled and tapped m2. For the fixing screws 3mm from the top edge, then radius to smarten up.

Donald by Midlife306 Captain   Posted: 2 months ago
Been busy printing some 1/4 scale hands & im on with the animatronics for Donald. The torso I bought but the instructions it came with were dire, the micro servos I bought didn't fit so I'm having to get busy with the Dremel, hopefully I'll have him moving this week.. Cheers Wayne

Aeronaut Pilot Boat by Skipper44 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hey, I've really enjoyed reading this build log, I was wondering what the dimensions of your 540 motors were? because in the instructions (i'm about to start building it) it says to use a graupner 400 speed which is significantly smaller than the two graupner 600 speed motors that i was intending to put in it. Do you think they would fit? How much spare room is there? Many thanks for any help, Yours Tintin

Norstar Wave Princess original box by AllenA Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi James, I have posted all the plans and instructions for all to see. Had problems with the sites photo limits. As I said, it was a kit with pre cut parts. I'd love to find another one. There is a rather dowdy one on Ebay at the moment.

Norstar Wave Princess Instructions by AllenA Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
Still to understand photo uploads on the site....last one

Norstar Wave Princess Plan and Instructions by AllenA Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago are the remaining instructions