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Glazing help by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
Hi Dave, I don't propose to glue to paint! That's a lesson we learn as children with plastic kits 😉 I clean both sides first. Fitting portholes from inside the destroyer hull would have been impossible. There's also many more of 'em than on your average Fireboat or similar🤔 Patience is, or becomes, a virtue! Doug 😎 PS I know you had quite a few in your Titanic, but bigger than the 1/4" portholes in my destroyer. Did you do them individually or in strips?

Blown esc........ again 😢 by rolfman2000 Commander   Posted: 4 days ago
Dear Auntie Plunkitt, bang goes another speed controller. Two weeks ago I blew my first, but that was my own fault, but this one, not sure. It's only powering a 600 graupner motor, so a 30 amp esc should be fine. But it kept slowing down, then nothing. The receiver was still powered up, but nothing to the motor. Any ideas ? Signed, yours Pained Wallet of Kidderminster😭

Dust extraction by Grandpa Commander   Posted: 5 days ago
I use a hood unit like you would find in your kitchen over your stove to exhaust fumes, soldering soot, fine particles too. It is vented to the outside. Two stagelight and variable speed van. I got this unit from a Recycle store in Canada they go various names. Other than this, there are dust extraction units such as found in wood shops. Festo has small units as do stores that sell Turning & Lathe equipment.

In Canada 🇨🇦 Sale by Grandpa Commander   Posted: 5 days ago George has some nice kits for sale. Interested parties should contact him.

Mantua Wooden Ship Kits by andrewanten Petty Officer   Posted: 6 days ago
One of our biggest collection, Mantua ship kits are some of the best wooden model ships in the world. Visit at for the wide range of Wooden Model Ship Kits.

battery charging by pmdevlin Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi Roy, I like your want for the answers! I have an eagle tree, great bit of kit, but, you are relying on the given info regarding the battery to be correct. As an example, I have an internal resistance meter, I fly planes, so rely on accurate lipo battery info. The "c" rating, and milliamps on most chinese battery stuff is grossly over egged! as are esc ratings and so on. I wouldnt get too hooked on these stats. If the batt is losing a cell, throw it and get another, its not worth the hassle. Overlay that graph with volts, this should correspond to the amp spikes, and if you have a gps then also overlay speed, faster is more amps is quicker volts drop for enjoyment 😲 check out my amp draw on my Huntsman! Paul

Springer Pusher Tug by John Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi Allen, I have a Zippkit Springer as you can see from my picture. It was simple to make and works well. Only suggestion I have is get the single motor version. My friend bought the twin motor version at the same time and it is overpowered. John.

Springer Pusher Tug by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi Allen, the Zippkits Springer is a reasonable, cheap model, there are better, but usually from plans, several in my club no bad reports etc. A 600 size motor and 12 volt sla seems to do the job well. Mark

Springer Pusher Tug by AllenA Captain   Posted: 8 days ago
I think it's about time I added a recovery boat to my harbour. Something quite simple will do. I have seen the ZippKits Springer/Pusher and fancy this as the nights draw in. Has anyone any experience of building the ZippKits model or any suggestions as to an alternative would be welcome.

propshafts by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 days ago
Hi Doug I agree a 600 is probably too heavy. Looking on Cornwall Model Boats site the motors sold for the kit (currently unavailable) look more like 400 size. I have used JP Power 480 motors in small craft and they are very punchy, light 92g and will work very well on 7.2v with a shaft diam 2.3mm. I agree the Raboesch prop shafts are good but to keep the weight down I would be looking at 3 or 4mm. Prop Shop have three bladed racing props specifically for this motor. Dave

propshafts by fred12 Petty Officer   Posted: 9 days ago
Amati Italian Runabout 1970 RC - I have been building models for years but this is my first attempt at RC. I was initially going to buy the RC kit from Amati but it is not available. I have purchased 2 motors and am now wondering what sort of prop shafts and what size propellers to use. The motors I bought are direct drive so there is no reduction gear.

Tank Steering by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi Doug Micro and mini servos are great until they break then they are a bin job. That Hitek has a broken drive to the internal pot. I have looked inside and could hardly see the components let alone repair. Had two go on my RG65 yacht. Early bad design of the rudder shaft which rusts and causes the servo to overheat, mine actually melted and the motor was welded. Now replaced with a standard size servo, plenty of room and not really a weight problem as I use a LiOn 6v battery and switch mode supply. 6V burns out the micro servos, as happened with my first servo in the RG65. If it has a 6pin plug it probably is an early Bonner servo. Doubt it will work with modern kit. Might be a collectors item so you could try flebay Good to hear you can upgrade the Flysky/Turnigy sets to 10 channel. Does it support s-bus as this will allow even more channels? Dave

Tank Steering by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 12 days ago
Hi Doug Though it might be the TGY-i6 but you were suggesting the Turnigy HT6. Looks like a good set. I will have access to one later this year as the Club is buying one for the main prizes in the Christmas Raffle! I do believe most modern servos work with all kit with perhaps a few exceptions, not like the early days when different pulse centres were quite common, not to mention the reversal of the Positive and negative leads. Then again the plugs were often type specific, not like todays standard types! Cheers Dave

Tank Steering by canabus Commander   Posted: 13 days ago
Hi All The Turnigy/Flysky IA6 both mode 1 and 2 have the non centering IC throttle on the left or right. If you require both gimbals to be spring centering the kits are available from Banggood. The link to the mayhem site will give an idea for the install with pics and all the part numbers. : Enjoy Canabus

3d printing by marky Commander   Posted: 15 days ago
in the workshop they use chloraform to smooth the surface down ,this is done in a fume cabinet the chloraform is heated to 60°c and the fumes work on the surface not exactly something you can do in the kitchen ,saying that some of the things folk have asked about i wouldn't be surprised