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Lightship by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 hours ago
Hi Nick, getting back to your original question ... to name but a few, Happy Hunting 😎 just 'look' for 'Lightshipmodels' 😎

Pics of running gear and skins by canabus Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 15 hours ago
I found two pics of my Sea Hornet engine mount. The second pic shows the cutout of the keel and the simple home made L bracket for the engine mount. The one in the Hobbyking drive line kit I did not like, but, the engine bolting to the motor is great. No top bearing, but, I have not had a problem with it. Added tap silicon grease on installation.

Pics of running gear and skins by canabus Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 16 hours ago
Dave M is right about lowering the prop angle and motors. My Aerokits Sea Hornet has only 10mm clearance to the top of the prop and I cutout part of the keel to lower the motor. I installed a 1900kv 28mm brushless motor, 30mm 1.4 pitch 2 blade brass prop with a 2650mah 3S behind the last frame with the rudder servo parallel to the transom. Added a small bit of lead under the front passenger seat to move the CG forward. Very quick little rocket at full throttle.

Pics of running gear and skins by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
The pic posted by Inkoust says it all really. The original Aerokits and many other models from the 1960s all had steep angled propshafts. This was necessary to allow for the large IC engines fitted. Modern electric motors do not require the same depth inside the hull so the prop shaft can be mounted at a much lesser angle, producing a faster and more controllable model. It would be relatively easy to alter your set-up before you add the rest of the skins. Even with a 50mm prop there is still about an inch to lose. I appreciate this may not be your first choice but believe the end result will justify the effort Dave

Lightship by Inkoust Captain   Posted: 1 day ago
Beautiful work, original piece. Keep it up. Art is built according to the plans and not the kit.👍

Slowly does it. by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
I would say you've achieved your main objective magnificently 👍 The hull is looking really good. But the shaft angle is maybe 3 times the optimum, based on looking at my Aerokits Sea Scout layout and Sonar's advice! Looks like there is plenty of scope in the hull to mount the motor further forward and much deeper and still be able to fit a pretty large prop. But bigger isn't always better! Not really my expertise but would guess with 50mm you risk overloading the motor!? I'm sure the experts here can advise you better on that than I. You may also find the boat more responsive to the rudder if the prop thrust is directed at the rudder instead of more below it as it seems to be now? Cheers Doug 😎

How do I resolve my varnish problem? by John Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 days ago
I have spoken to the person who built the boat. It is based on a Vintage model boat company design. It was scratch built and is made of strips of mahogany as I originally suspected. Having looked at the Vintage model company site it most resembles a sea hornet, however another kit may have been available at the time it was made. The strips of Mahogany were the builder making use of the materials they had to hand at the time, hence the vertical strips! The interior is covered in fine fibreglass mesh and 3 thin coats of fibreglass resin. Work on the restoration continues!

Kristoria by ChrisPSR Recruit   Posted: 4 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 36"/3200g Kristoria Capable of 1mph Powered by NiCad (4.8v) 2Amp/h Batteries - Comments: KIt bought by my son for Christmas 2005, finished 2017. Sail only - no motor.

South Manchester Model Boat Club by ChrisPSR Recruit   Posted: 4 days ago
We were established in 1980 as the Platt Fields Model Boat Club with two objectives: To promote the construction and sailing of model boats To organise, hold and attend model boat competitions In 1998 we decided to change the name of the Club to the South Manchester Model Boat Club so as to better reflect our location and the area of population we serve. The Club has the exclusive use of the Platt Fields Park boating lake and sails there every Sunday morning from 9.30 am until approx. 1.00 pm. Visitors are always welcome, but why not become a member. Sailing is permitted at other times on this water provided permission is first obtained from the Park Managers office, and a current Club membership card is produced. We have established a reputation for being a relaxed and friendly Club and currently our membership stands at 18. Although a small club, we have a very large a varied selection of models, with no specialisation or favour given to any particular branch of our hobby (scale, warship, sail, fun, fast electric, etc.) although there is a strong IOM., section and other racing interests. Our well equipped Club also has exclusive use of a large club room at the lakeside with kitchen facilities where we hold our club meetings on the first Sunday of each month at the end of the scheduled sailing period, along with IOM., race practise on most Tuesday afternoons.

Glue Applicator by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Hi Joe I was intrigued so did a search. Aimed at the plastic kit market I suspect, but looks well made and will certainly deliver just the right amount of glue for those intricate jobs. Be useful to hear if anyone has used and if it is suitable for other types of glue Dave

New to the game by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Both Kits look like fun! Make up a blog and post some Pics! Good luck on your builds. Can't wait to see, how your St Canute come out. Ed.

Aerokits 34" Crash Tender by andyhynes Petty Officer   Posted: 6 days ago
Nice job performs well.

New to the game by marky Seaman   Posted: 6 days ago
I recently purchased a Billings HMS Renown kit from a charity shop ,I had never thought about building a model ship before anyway I digress also with the kit were a set of plans/drawings for the St Canute ,so I started building the Renown and in parallel was cutting and building the tug from scratch ,the tug has taken over this is my first ever build and I have become addicted I will try and post some pics

Help! Mystery Boat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Thanks Dave, Shucks SOLD! Not to worry, having found the kit description, with pics of full fittings I'm surprised to see that not much is missing 😊 Some loose and some fixed in the wrong place 🤔 but mostly present. Since Krick now market this, and other Billings kits, here if I get stuck for something I can't make, which ain't much 😉 I'll ask them. Meantime on with Sea Scout Jessica. Started sanding off the dodgy bits today. Fine work starts tomorrow. Cheers Doug 😎

Help! Mystery Boat by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 6 days ago
Doug If this is the Billing kit have a look at Dave