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Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
So is one of mine. Depends mainly on whether the paint reservoir is a little cup above or a big bottle below the valves and nozzle = mini spray gun! The former is for the tiny stuff and detailing (bits 'n pieces), with nozzles of (Odd! something went missing on posting???) ... nozzles of (Same phenomena again!!??) ... I give up, Good night 🤔

Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Hi Simon, I think the original kit had .8mm or 1mm. Given the sides are in sections you might get away with most of the parts in 1.5mm but some of the areas like the prop housings and the stearn are not going to bend into shape. I use .7oz glass cloth on all my large models, but on smaller models i have used ladies tights, ps, ask before taking!!!! Doug's comment yes an airbrush but one of mine is a miniature spray gun type, great for larger areas like the hull or cabin. Regards Mark

Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Hi Simon, airbrushing is exactly what Mark meant. I used to use a spray gun - but only when renovating full size cars, or the garage door 😉 Cheers Doug 😎

Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat by Skydive130 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 11 days ago
Thanks again mark. I bought a load of 1.5mm ply from balsa cabin as the eBay templates where marked 1.5mm for the hull sheeting? Any idea what the original kit employed? The hull is as you possibly know sheeted in about 20 pieces so I'm hoping that the tightest curves will be helped by smaller sections, I'll see what happens when I get to that stage. If I go with glass cloth and I probably will now, what weight would you recommend! I've clothed wings in the past, they are straight forward. I presume 2 pieces of cloth, one either side would work? I may well invest in a spray gun at some point. I've a good quality compressor I use for airbrushing. Thankfully the painting stage is a while away yet. Regards simon

Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
HI Mate, I think you might be ambitious with the 1.5mm ply, could be too stiff to go round the corners, 1mm, would be better. As you are not planking, I would go for light glass cloth on the outer hull just for protection, small rocks or screws sticking out from a landing stage or bumps and bangs in the workshop, the glass would help to protect the hull. Lifeboats have a superb gloss, blemish free surface, so plenty of elbow grease and buckets of primer. For the topcoats, could i suggest a spray gun, not rattle cans, just for the quality of finnish, also by the time you have bought all the cans, a reasonable spray gun will work out far cheaper, particularly if you get your paint from a pro shop supplies, sandpaper, primer, filler and top colours are all far cheaper. Looking forward to the update on your build. Mark

Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat by Skydive130 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 11 days ago
Hi mark, many thanks for your input. I have planked before on those "wonderful" De Agostini part works I.e Bismarck, HMS Victory etc. However planning on sheet covering the hull using the templates on 1.5mm ply I have. I also plan to use a coating of finishing resin inside and out but will not be glass clothing as I'm informed it's not necessary. This of course after any required filing gaps, will then prime, sand, prime again and finish using Halfords rattle cans. As for household warefare! Thankfully I get lots of weekdays off when "she who must be obeyed" is at work, the Hoover works overtime before my understanding wife arrives home from work lol

Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 11 days ago
Hi Skydive, welcome to the forum and the world of model boats, the saving grace of boats is they rarely crash and if the worst happens they are usually easy to recover, like your choice of model, the solent has been a popular model for many years, and with a little skill makes a sweet model. Carefull with the dining room table, war will breakout quickly. Your have made a great start with the keel, bow and stern section, are you looking to plank the hull or use the patterns for the ply panels? Regards Mark

Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat by Skydive130 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 11 days ago
I am a modeller of 45 years experience, mostly with RC aircraft but have recently got into boats. Have completed the aeronaut Diva and spitfire to a high standard but needed a challenge So, having spent a long time trying to source an un-started Aerokits Solent, I bit the bullet and bought a set of plans and templates from eBay. Overall the plans are good, the templates need some adjusting as we go for acuaracy. Have spent the last couple of weeks perusing the plans and sourcing the materials needed. A visit to the Balsa Cabin in Maldon, Essex provided all the ply and the internet has provided the main components I.e motors, props, shafts, ESC, battery, soundboard/speaker, servo mostly sourced from Cornwall model boats and Howes Models septembers issue of "model boats" had a great article on a refurb which has been very useful for hints n tips on required electrics and the little extras needed to complete. I do have a workshop where the model will spend most of its time, however my wife's conservatory has been invaluable for using my eBay sourced scroll saw to cut out the formers! The sheet of 6mm ply from balsa cabin was long enough to make keel formers 1 & 2 one piece! I shall post a more detailed update when I get my computer back from repair Monday!

ARON CLASS LIFEBOAT FOR SALE by Nev01 Petty Officer   Posted: 16 days ago
Selling my Aron class lifeboat, the boat is very well made and has lots of detail everywhere! The size is :-length 34ins by 101/2 beam, it is also fitted with brass rudders and brass prop and oilers on the prop shaft for silent running. It also comes with a display stand and carrying cradle and a new battery. The boat sails beautifully and will give hours of trouble free sailing. All you will need is a receiver compatible with your handset to go ! £500 Ono.

new brighton model boat lake by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 21 days ago
I used to sail there in the 1970s and it is a good site. As previously mentioned there are times when the wildlife and Public can be a problem but the setting right on the promenade is beautiful and you get lots of fresh sea air. There is also another similar sized lake outside Hoylake Lifeboat station and West Kirby have access to the lake in the park so the area is well served for model boaters. All have resident clubs so plenty of helpful and friendly advice. Dave

Shannon Class Lifeboat by Gregg Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 23 days ago
[Score: 5/10] 48" Shannon Class Lifeboat Capable of 13mph and a runtime of 30mins Twin Propellors (3 Blade 25mm) Direct Drive to a water jet (3 Blade) Powered by LiPoly (11.1v) 15Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through turnigy (120Amps) ESC - Comments: Just bought this secondhand, needs a stripdown and better fuller rebuild. Unknown number or name yet, as original fullsize is yet to be put in to service in 2020, but want to be ready for when it does to attend the station hopefully.

12-26 Moira Barrie by Gregg Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
This has finally got to meet its full size "big sister" in the flesh at the Barmouth Lifeboat Stations Annual Open day on Sunday 30th July 2017.

arun 54 by battleshipbuff Apprentice   Posted: 1 month ago
There certainly were 2 types of Arun,and these where very much different.Some where made of wood and the later ones of glass fibre composite.There were 52 footers and 54 footers.The sterns on some were very fifferent to others.Adrian Clutterbuck as already suggested is a good man to contact and by joining the Lifeboat Enthusiasts Society, you will gain a whole load of information.I think you will find that the superstructure supplied with most models,is for a 54 foot version. Hope this helps Mick F

arun 54 by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi pipstream and muddy The first two Aruns were 52' but the next 5 were 54' but the rounded transom proved to be un-seawothy so later versions were all 52'. There is a very useful book RNLI Motor Lifeboats by Nicholas Leach that gives detail of the Aruns with pics as well as many more. Cheers Dave

arun 54 by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 months ago
Hi Phil Join the Lifeboats Enthusiasts socy or visit their stand at most large model shows. They have an extensive collection of photos of all lifeboat types. There are different types of Arun so I suggest you Google to make sure you build the correct cabin for your hull. There are also dedicated web sites for Lifeboats and Mayhem also have some good build blogs Dave