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93 fireboat
94 fireboat
fireboat funday
waveney lifeboat
Severn class Lifeboat by Little-Charlie Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 9 days ago
Has any body out there got plans of a severn class lifeboat that they would be willing to sell me please

H.M.S BRAVE BORDERER by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 13 days ago
My only experience of a vacuum formed hull was a slightly smaller Tyne class lifeboat. Was satisfied with it, but glass fibre seems more robust, stiffer and stronger. Imagine a Vac formed hull will need full size stiffening bulkheads, which can be avoided with the GF version. Weight is very much a concern on this model and whilst Vac formed is probably lighter, this advantage may be offset by the additional structure.

Working radar by Vickers1979 Lieutenant   Posted: 14 days ago
Hi all I’m trying to track down somewhere that you the boom and motor in one unit it to go on a lifeboat mast don’t really to run a pole off a motor thanks lee

Severn Lifeboat 1/12 scale by lesfac Lieutenant   Posted: 17 days ago
I know I just posted a vid but this was such a lovely day at a lovely venue I have to share it

Severn Lifeboat 1/12 scale by Donnieboy Admiral   Posted: 19 days ago
Seeing it on the water should really spur you on to finish it.It's a lovely runner.Nice water you have there.Good job.

Severn Lifeboat 1/12 scale by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 19 days ago
Nice job👍 love the wake she produces. Will you call her 'Matilda'? Cos she does a lovely waltz!!😁

Severn Lifeboat 1/12 scale by lesfac Lieutenant   Posted: 19 days ago
This is a Speedline kit. Its been 2 1/4 years to get this far. The build slowed in the second year but now I can sail it I think it will rekindle my enthusiasm. Theres still lots of detail to add .

Trent class lifeboat by dragon Captain   Posted: 22 days ago
best bet is Jackie at model slipway

up date by Mataroa Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 25 days ago
Hi heres some pic of the solent lifeboat 1 pic is when i got the boat the 2 pic there was lot of work been done .Its not finish yet Cliff

Billings Waveney Class LifeBoat by Donnieboy Admiral   Posted: 26 days ago
It"s always great to see a static kit being turned into a runner.It can be challenging at first.All it takes is a good look at it and all the pieces come together.

Billings Waveney Class LifeBoat by NickG Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 26 days ago
Waveney class lifeboat was designed in the USA, but after minor adjustments the vessel was used by the RNLI in British coastal waters. I managed to pickup 1/40th scale Billings Waveney Class Lifeboat Kit from Ebay for £25 including postage that had not been started. This kit is designed for static display, but with some modelling skill it can be converted to R/C operation. This is now my challenge to convert this kit to R/C control and put as much detail on to as possible without spending fast amounts of money.

Detailing/painting aft cabin by Skydive130 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 27 days ago
Last couple of days has seen some detailing added to the rear cabin using the Waveney Lifeboats book for reference. all bits n bobs have been scratch built and are the general bits that seem to have been added to most of the 22 Waveneys that were in service with the RNLI. The cabin was was then primed before adding rivet detail using a cocktail stick and PVa glue blobs. The whole thing has had 3 coats of VW Halfords orange spray. Shall leave that to harden overnight before I detail paint the roof grab rail, add the black anti-dazzle panel and the name panels made from official RNLI vinyl lettering. The whole thing will get a couple of coats of laquer and then will be considered finished!

Tamar by Helineil Petty Officer   Posted: 28 days ago
Could anyone tell me what lights are to be found on a Tamar lifeboat other than the standard nav lights?

Aerokits Solent Lifeboat by Vickers1979 Lieutenant   Posted: 29 days ago
Hi I use too Johnson 600 motors in mine and she pushes on ok and run both off a 60amp esc.

Aerokits Solent Lifeboat by olly49 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 29 days ago
I have a problem with choosing the motors for this boat. The lifeboat I built in the early eighties and upto today it had 2 x Deceperms fitted(6volt). One of these now as developed a fault and it is far too expensive to buy a new one,soI have decided to go down the route of fitting a couple of MFA850's only to discover that these love the amps and thus could burn my P94 ESC. I would like to stay on the brushed side as I have the techobots sound generatormand this connects to the P94. So which motors should I choose?