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17-28 Torbay Severn Lifeboat by TheBlacksmith Petty Officer   Posted: 18 days ago
The Southampton has lots of screws around the deck but some are under the bollards so you need to remove them, there are two aft bollards which need to be gently prised loose but the others are scewed to the bulwarks. I changed the radio in mine as well as the motor/gearboxes and fitted a v.tail mixer from with 2 speed contollers as well as converting the battery holder to take a six volt nimh pack. The effect is awesome. Happy sailing😁

Fibreglass hull/deck fit by Brianaro Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 20 days ago
Thanks for that I’ll check out the instructions. The craft is a Moslem Slipway Tamar Lifeboat and the deck was supplied with the hull! Thanks again

17-28 Torbay Severn Lifeboat by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 21 days ago
Hi Weedman, there are several of us on the site who have upgraded or are upgrading Southampton and Richardson (same thing - different name and colour scheme!) tugs. Look for NPJ's Southampton thread, or just use the site Search function to look for 'Southampton or Richardson. The secrets you are looking for are there😉👍 Cheers, Doug 😎

Speedline Lifeboat crew by Brianaro Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 21 days ago

Trent deck colour by Flack Admiral   Posted: 22 days ago
I have no doubt this question has been asked in the past but I can't seem to find the answer despite trawling through lots of posts. I am looking to identify the deck colour for a Trent Lifeboat. I would prefer an "off the shelf" solution such as car paints rather than have to get a version "mixed" Cheers Shaun

Speedline Lifeboat crew by Flack Admiral   Posted: 22 days ago
Models by Design produce 1/12th scale lifeboat crew.

Speedline Lifeboat crew by Brianaro Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 22 days ago
Typo, that should have been, does anyone know where I can buy Speedline 1:12 Lifeboat crew

Speedline Lifeboat crew by Brianaro Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 22 days ago
Thank you for that, yes please I would like to buy them from you, how do we arrange that?

Speedline Lifeboat crew by rolfman2000 Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 22 days ago
I'm sorry to say. But this is what I hear about Speed line time and time again. Someone will pop up and say about one of the main guys being ill. But this has been the "excuse" for well over 12 months. I also know of peple being kicked off forums for saying this as well 🤔 but the truth is the truth. I have some 1/16th(I think) lifeboat crew, which you can have if you are interested. I got them with a 1/12th Trent I bought, but they are nowhere near the right scale. Best of luck getting a response from Speedline. Chueers, Dave😊

Taymar by Brianaro Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 22 days ago
[Score: 10/10] 39" Taymar Twin Propellors Direct Drive to a Graupner 600 x2 - Comments: Recently purchased Model Slipway Taymar Lifeboat and just started working on the glassfibre hull

Speedline Lifeboat crew by Brianaro Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 22 days ago
Does anyone know where I can buy Speedline 1:17 Lifeboat crew or does anyone have any for sale. I’ve been trying to get a response from Speedline various email addresses and phone numbers for several weeks without success so I’m guessing they’ve gone out of business

17-28 Torbay Severn Lifeboat by Weedman Seaman   Posted: 24 days ago
Hi Donnieboy, Nice video. Given me inspiration to make some of my own, never really gave it a thought until now. Hi Lesfac, What you said is correct. If you are intending to race around as fast as you can, even entering races at meets within your Club, then brushless motors are the best. I myself use both types. Brushless for speed in my Offshore, Catamaran, Rigger and all Vee shaped hulls but in my Dumas American Beauty Mississippi River Towboat (Jesus, that's a mouthful)and Joffre Tyne Tug then I use standard motors because they are not designed to race around but plod along. I also have a Southampton Tug which together with the Joffre are and will be used for their intended purposes. I am right now waiting for anyone to give me some advice on how to dismatel the Southampton so I can upgrade the RC equipment together with the batteries. I will however continue to use standard motors all be it, of a higher power for a Tugs daily job.

1/12 th scale Waveney Class by Flack Admiral   Posted: 30 days ago
[Score: 5/10] 45" 1/12 th scale Waveney Class Twin Propellors (3 Blade 45mm) Direct Drive to a Turnigy 3542/5 1250kv (3 Blade) Powered by LiPoly (11.1v) 5Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Fusion Hawk 60 amp (60Amps) ESC - Comments: 1/12th scale model of David Metcalfs Waveney Class Lifeboat "The Scout"

David Metcalfs Waveney - "The Scout" by Flack Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
For sale is my 1/12th scale model of the Waveney Lifeboat - "The Scout" Kit produced by David Metcalf. Built to a good standard with an array of working features: Working radar controlled through a voltage reducer Navigation lights, mast lights, front and rear searchlights, flashing blue light and well lights all controlled by an Action Electronics P62 quad switcher. The flashing effect of the blue light is controlled by an Action ElectronicsP73 multi flasher. Powered by two Turnigy 3542/5 1250kv brushless outrunners controlled by two Fusion Hawk 60amp electronic speeed controllers. Fitted with Raboesch propshafts and 3 bladed brass left and right handed propellors. Batteries and radios are not included in the sale. The model is available for pick up only with cash on collection from Stafford ST16 which is approximately 1/2 mile from Junction 14 of the M6 motorway. Price £700 ovno

Speedline models by Falmouth1729 Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi, can anybody help? Speed line models lifeboats 1/12 scale. Any information gratefully received. Thank you.