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navigation light
Water tryouts & almost finished by GARTH Commander   Posted: 7 days ago
Pond will be drained Monday Nov.13th So had to go Nov 9th to check balance & running speeds all O/K she ran real great . So added a little more detail , Still needs running lights a fake horn & some lighting but that's something I can work on in the next 6 months . The end of my build log & thanks for all the Views & Responses .

Titan by wunwinglo Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 19 days ago
This Titan model was built originally by my late father Don Newman in the 1950's from a Model Maker design. She has always sailed well and apart from some short lay-ups,she has remained active over the years. Various upgrades in her electronics and lighting mean that she is a very effective model for night runs. In1954, she was operated by H.M. Queen Elizabeth during an official visit to the Hydraulics Research Startion at Howbury Park

Chriscraft Corvette by Brightwork Admiral   Posted: 19 days ago
What a stunning model. I really feel motivated to add lighting to mine now. Envious for sure

Blackpool Model Boat Show by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
I went Saturday and found good attendance from the public, Traders and Clubs. Lighting was as good as any other show I have attended and I always enjoy talking to both clubs and traders to find out about models or new products. Every show I attend is a whole new experience and as a scratch builder it gives me an opportunity to find and discuss new parts/products and techniques. With the demise of many local model shops this is now one of the few opportunities for such advice and help. We all have expectations but really its up to us what we make of the show. I agree with Flack we either support the events or there won't be any.

Blackpool Model Boat Show by Flack Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
I was also at the Blackpool Model Boat show on Saturday and was quite impressed with the show in general, It's always very easy to criticise venues and I accept that the Norbreck Castle is not perfect but I didn't have any problem with the lighting nor the number of Traders or exhibitors, I do like the fact that everything is on one level and easily negotiable. I am amazed that there are comparisons with the likes of Ellesmere Port and Haydock Park in particular as I have been to both and find negotiating the various separate rooms and different levels a nightmare, I always leave both venues wondering whether I have seen everything. As a modelling fraternity we are in danger of losing these exhibitions and having to rely on internet purchases.

Blackpool Model Boat Show by liamduck Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 1 month ago
I had a look at Blackpool show on Saturday. Sadly, it is not nearly as good as it used to be and there appeared to be no new ideas about featuring the show. I did get a few bits 'n bobs that I needed but I could also have got them elsewhere without paying £6 for the privilege. I thought the lighting was reasonable, although slightly darker in some corners. All in all, I thought Haydock Park was better (but more expensive) and I prefer Ellesmere Port over both of these.😉

Blackpool Model Boat Show by 4clubs Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Attended the event again this year. Wow! was impressed. 28 traders 21 clubs according to the brochure. The place was very busy and lots to see lots to buy. Lighting was good, refreshments available in the hotel front lounge. Not just boats but trucks etc in the other room next to main hall. Ian from Component Shop has really turned this event round. Hoylake Model Boat Club have ordered 10 tables for next year and will be attending. If you have been put off in the past give it a go next year. 😊

Hobby Engine 'Richardson' Tug Upgrade by NPJ Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
This is the unit I have and I did buy one switcher unit as well...Just in case! So have sound and horn in there just not wired yet, but would like to take up the lighting from the original board as well as add a little more. Thought I should put the new receiver up in the bridge as it is light and well away from water.................... You mention some posts back about using switch units I believe. The Tranny is 6 channel. What do you think? All the best . NPJ

Layout and Limitations (con) by NPJ Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Hello folks. Exciters not wired yet. I cannot see any markings on them to indicate which way to do it. RN is coming to my aid............ Battery fits there OK and for getting in and out, but may be a little heavy. The Boat in the bath does not show the waterline than well. Yes I do hope to have the Radar rotating and such a power units should be on its way. Re circuit board, I will look at that with your prompts in my hand and see how I fair. As you indicate, I would like to retain such as the present lighting, but do away with the receiver part. Cheers NPJ

Layout and Limitations by jarvo Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
If you are keeping the smoker, follow the leads into the circuit board and mark them same with the lighting. Cut close to the board and the same with the plug leads from the hull. Join them together (solder is best with heat shrink) that way you retain the plug and play to the superstructure. Also by removing the radio board a little of the top weight is removed.

Lights all wired up by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Neil, Don't know how Graham wired his but the simplest is series for each lighting circuit; minimum wiring and only one current limiting resistor calculated to set the specified operating current for the LEDs used. In a parallel circuit the resistor value must be calculated for the sum of the operating currents of all the LEDs in the circuit. Required Resistance = (Voltage Source - LED Forward Voltage) / Max LED Current or R = (Vs-Vf) / Imax As an example, a particular LED has a 3.0 volt forward voltage (Vf) and a maximum current rating of 20mA. It is to be driven with a 5.0 volt source. Therefore, R = (5.0 - 3.0) / .020 or R = 2.0 / .020 or R = 100 Ohms If you do not know the LED specs, typically, a 80-100 ohm resistor will do just fine. All you 'never wanted to know' about LEDs in model boats (or any other model!) you can find here - Cheers Doug 😎

Lights all wired up by NPJ Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
JUst seen this. Looks really good. Have you already posted the wiring diagram and voltage? I am looking at adding lighting wiring on a Tug. NPJ

Lights all wired up by GrahamP74 Captain   Posted: 1 month ago
Final check of lighting. Deck nicely illuminated for night trawling!

Painting and detailing superstructure by Skydive130 Admiral   Posted: 1 month ago
Good progress on superstructure so far. base coat orange applied, anti-dazzel black applied. have started the weathering process on the doors hatches ect and applied the lettering. Not sure how acurate the applied lettering acuracy is, but I am happy with it. I have monday and tuesday off work (Sunday I am being tasked in the garden!) so plan on building, painting and adding the wiper blocks and wipers, all handrails, stanchions, lighting, horn, searchlight, twin antennas, all roof wire work, lifebelt, RNLI Flag and pole, motor for radar and grapple poles. Once all thats added, the whole superstructure less the anti-dazzle panels will get a couple of coats of gloss laquer before I pop in the glazing. Plan is to finish the superstructure completly before moving back to the hull.

Removing The Deck by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 month ago
Hi Neil, I heartily second all of what Dave has written ESPECIALLY NOT CHARGING IN THE HULL! 😡 I also considered fitting the battery across the hull but came to the conclusions that it was too high and impossible to remove for charging, so I settled for between the shafts as Jarvo did. I have also dumped the smoke idea, my older version Southampton does not have this. Instead I will concentrate more on sound, lighting and possibly a working winch. As Dave says slow down! Get the basics working and the ship sailing first. THEN you will know how much freeboard, and space(!) you have left for the special effects. Cheers Doug 😎