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navigation light
MV TEAKWOOD by RHBaker Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 hour ago
Hi Doug - she does have navigation lights and a working radar. Did not turn either on for the pictures, was so please to see her sail! The stepper has a maximum capacity of 3 amps. As am using a lightly loaded 500 size motor all seems well. Must get around the checking properly though. Would not want try a higher current draw.

LED Tug Mast Navigation Lights by pittsfieldpete Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 6 hours ago
Hi, Doug: I’ve got a question about the resistors that’ll be needed for each of the six mast-mounted LED navigation lights. This may seem like a dumb question to an expert like you but please don’t laugh too hard. Anyway, do these resistors need to be installed as close as close as possible to the anode or can they be located some distance away, maybe as much as a foot or so? I don’t know yet what the value or physical size of the resistors will be but I’m pretty sure that the space inside the Richardson’s mast isn’t large enough to house the wiring for the LEDs & the resistors, too. If they can be installed farther away, I was thinking I could put the six resistors on a small board & install it inside the large cabin under the pilot house. When resistors are used in LED circuits do they get warm or even hot? If so, I can open up the dummy rectangular portholes & install black fine-mesh nylon screens in the openings. If heat isn’t a concern then I won’t sweat it (bad pun there, sorry). The hardest part of my project will probably be finding a good online source for the various electronic parts I’ll need. There used to be a great electronics supply store about two miles from my home. Coincidentally, that store was less than a block up the street from a hobby shop where I did business for almost fifty years. Now both stores are long gone. Sniff.

Warped wood by RNinMunich Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 hours ago
"Then this 54 year old baby will be good for another 54." Same with my Sea Scout. Question is - will we!? 🤔😁 Sounds like your Grandad and mine would have got on very well. Mine was also a Master Carpenter and Cabinet Maker. Made a lot of church furniture, amongst a lot of other beautiful things. Used to like his workshop, lots of smelly glue pots 😆 Don't get the(e)Pox 😁 Have fun, Doug 😎 Will shortly be reinforcing my PTB with polyester resin inside and out. No mixing, no pong and brushes wash out in hot water😊 PS: JFF I just dug out my Spektrum DX6 and a brand new AR610 RX. Stuck in the Bind plug, stuck in the battery (via a little switch harness). Pushed the Bind switch on the TX (the DX6 has a Bind push button on the top instead of a Trainer switch). Lights flashed on the TX and a nice ladylike voice told me "Binding" .... "Binding successful". Wonders of modern science 😁 Five minutes and all done. Pulled out the bind plug, switched off RX and TX. Plugged a couple of servos into the throttle and rudder slots of the RX. Switched on TX then RX, twiddled the sticks and Lo and behold! Servos buzzed and moved 😊 Walk in the park 😉 There's hope for my Spektrum yet. Good luck with yours. Cheers, Doug 😎

Happy Hunter by liamduck Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 22 hours ago
[Score: 8/10] 44"/7300g Happy Hunter Twin Propellors (4 Blade 50mm) Direct Drive to a MFA Torpedo 800 (4 Blade) Powered by Lead Acid (12v) 7Amp/h Batteries Controlled Through Action P94 ESC - Comments: Found this kit on a well-known auction site and bought it for £100. It is the original Robbe kit and fittings included. There was no command module and so I have devised a way of having working anchors, tow, crane and warning beacon, bow thruster, nav lights and searchlight. It was a bit of a struggle to balance her properly and she needs quite a lot of ballast. A real handful, you might say but she looks really well on the pond.

Spektrum, new, useless... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 24 hours ago
jtdavid, I wondered about the bind plug, but it apparently doesn't matter and the battery plug has the red wire uppermost. I didn't put any servo plugs in as they're all in the shed. The Tx., however, has no flashing lights, when it should have. I'm hoping Al's Models might be helpful, but of course, costs being what they are, it probably won't be worth sending away. I do hate things to be wasted and this is absolutely never used, even if I bought it 7 years ago nearly. Realistically, I am most unlikely to ever have model aircraft now and that's why I bought a multi-channel set. Cheers, Martin

Spektrum, new, useless... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
OK, when I say new, I mean never out of the box since it arrived a few years ago. Health issues, moving home, etc. mean it wasn't used till just recently. A DX5e on fresh Duracells and an Orange Rx. Wouldn't bind. Kind gent on another forum lent me his "known to work" Spektrum AR 610 Rx. Just tested that in the well published way and no difference. No flashing lights on TX., there never has been. Flashing Rx. lights, but no slowing or ceasing of flashing, so I have to assume the Tx. is no good straight out of the box. Too long ago since I bought it to claim on a warranty. Are these things known to be unreliable? Is there anything I can do with it? Like one of those module thingies I've heard of? Any views gratefully received. Cheers, Martin

Running Lights arrived! by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 2 days ago
Yey, the running lights arrived! OK, I was going to put deck lights But, am not! I figure port starboard steaming ahead. and one Lamp is enough! also don't want to run all those wires! Still waiting for some resisters to arrive in the mail. And also waiting for some Slide DPDT switches to arrive as well!

Ramborator by Jim Lieutenant   Posted: 4 days ago
[Score: 5/10] Single Propellor Direct Drive to a 540 Powered by Lead Acid (6v) 4Amp/h Batteries - Comments: Aeronaut Ramborator Kit with working lights

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Haverlock, I have watched all those videos. They all say the same, some more succinctly than others and my set doesn't do the same as they say. I'll pick up some Alkaline batteries for the TX this afternoon, so it at least has its 6 volts and we'll see if the lights flash. If not, who knows? Martin

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 4 days ago
Watching those vids, I see that the Tx. lights are supposed to flash while binding. Mine don't. I will buy some heavy duty batteries, non chargeables and see if that makes any difference. Maybe there hasn't been enough battery in the back of the Tx.? Martin

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
I tried the plug, but it is pushed in. The Tx. has lights on the front. Are they supposed to tell you the charge level? If so. I had 4 cells in it which lit up the light second from left (green) and then tried a more recently charged set I just found and they lit up the second from right, (also green). People have said that the TX. light should flash, but which one? There are 4 of the things. And none of them flash. Somebody suggested fixing the TX. in DSM2 mode, but the instructions insist that it is compatible with all, but one of Spektrum's own! I can see me flogging it all off for once and all and going back to free sailing. When the boat slows down, it's time to recharge and sod the RC! Martin

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Westquay Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 5 days ago
OK, well, this is exactly what I expectedto happen. First time out of the box for the Spektrum TX and first time for any power into the Orange Rx. Youtubes watched, instructions read, did everything they said and nothing. The Rx. light flashed, non stop, the Tx lights came on and it biddly booped. I had the trainer toggle switch held on while the Tx was turned on, but still, the Rx. flashed and did nothing more. Any ideas what now? You see, this is why I like static models so much. None of this faffing about with lecktrickery. Cheers, Martin

David Metcalfs Waveney - "The Scout" by Flack Admiral   Posted: 6 days ago
For sale is my 1/12th scale model of the Waveney Lifeboat - "The Scout" Kit produced by David Metcalf. Built to a good standard with an array of working features: Working radar controlled through a voltage reducer Navigation lights, mast lights, front and rear searchlights, flashing blue light and well lights all controlled by an Action Electronics P62 quad switcher. The flashing effect of the blue light is controlled by an Action ElectronicsP73 multi flasher. Powered by two Turnigy 3542/5 1250kv brushless outrunners controlled by two Fusion Hawk 60amp electronic speeed controllers. Fitted with Raboesch propshafts and 3 bladed brass left and right handed propellors. Batteries and radios are not included in the sale. The model is available for pick up only with cash on collection from Stafford ST16 which is approximately 1/2 mile from Junction 14 of the M6 motorway. Price £700 ovno

Fittings & Detail Parts by pittsfieldpete Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Greetings, everyone: I’m looking for an online sources that offer fittings & detail parts, especially for modern tugboats. I have Hobby Engine’s 1:36 scale Richardson tugboat which is already pretty well detailed, but I’d like to replace its two deckhouse life rings with better looking ones & add a few others in appropriate locations. I’m also looking for a life raft drum & a few other detail parts here & there. Most of all I’d like to find navigation lights for the mast. The housings can be most any material but the lenses must be clear. I’m going to remove all of the “dummy” navigation lights on the mast & replace them with LED-lighted ones. The boat came with working port & starboard sidelights so they won’t need to be replaced. I’ve got a dredging barge designed (in my head) to use as a companion for tug. I’ve got all of the basic materials stockpiled for the barge itself plus a nice lattice boom crane for the dredge. I found a beautiful metal clamshell bucket that’s a work of art to use with the crane, too. Although I could scratchbuild things bitts & bollards I’d consider buying some as a time saver. I’ll need portholes for the deckhouse, ventilators, etc. as well. I live in western Massachusetts which is a beautiful area but there aren’t any hobby shops nearby that stock ship fittings of any sort. I used to buy fittings from A.J. Fischer & Bliss Marine but they both went out of business a long time ago. I’ve found several online shops that sell ship kits & fittings but they’re mostly for small scale sailing vessels. I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Pete

Charging NiMhs, one for Doug?... by Wingcoax Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
"Heat getting ridder" Just what you don't want your craft to do "SINK" Wall wart is usually used to describe any plug-in charger or transformer i;e;crimbo lights.