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1mtr yacht by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
I know one of my club members has a 1 mtr mahogany Yacht refurbished scratch built by Bert Smith 2010 for sale. Bert sadly passed away a few years ago but his yachts were all built to race and sail exceptionally well. If you are interested please pm me for details. Dave

Sweet❤️❤️❤️Heart by Grandpa Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 3 days ago
[Score: 8/10] 24"/1200g Sweet❤️❤️❤️Heart Capable of 12mph and a runtime of 30mins Single Propellor (2 Blade X Type) Geared to a Graupner (2 Blade X Type) Powered by NiMH (7.2v) Batteries - Comments: 18" of Ice covers the pond so much of the information requested must remain blank. The boat has only seen the bathtub ! No leaks. Stable and balanced. Paint is acrylic, clear-coated wood is mahogany. This is a Nor-Star Kingfisher kit with some alterations and added details. Looking forward to posting a video of the boat running on the lake in April after the ice leaves.

Rudder servo installed and working by Grandpa Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 7 days ago
Making battery boxes, seats for cabin, and rear hatch cover with mahogany veneer.

Model Riva Sportsboat by JohnM Apprentice   Posted: 16 days ago
4ft model Riva Aquarama sports boat for sale, as featured in 'Model Boat' Sept. 2011. Mahogany build. Immaculate. Radio controlled. Twin electric motors. All batteries, controls etc. Hardly used due to bereavement. Based in Coventry UK. £300.

Čolek / RIVA junior by watson220 Chief Petty Officer   Posted: 22 days ago
Motorboat Length: 610 mm Width: 195 mm Material: plywood 4mm plywood airline 0.8mm, ironing mahogany bar. Engine: AC Brushless Turnigy XK2845-1980KV Inrunner Controller: 40A Battery 2x 2200mAh 30C 3s Lipo

Start detail by manyboats Lieutenant   Posted: 2 months ago
More side strips on the roof in cedar, then onto the fun stuff. For ease of access and construction I built the control console bulkhead on a seperate sheet of polystyrene card, mahogany detailing from old billings kit leftovers. Aluminium sheet from the tops of large Milo tins made hinges and louvres etc. I always save these as they are just the right thickness and softness for small parts. For the compass; the bits box produced a ballbearing and a piece of brass tube just the right sizes. Heat gunned a piece of acetate and pressed it with the tube over the ball bearing. Instant hemisphere for a handy scrap of aluminium tube as the base. All instruments are from a google search and inkjet printer.I parted off some tube for the larger instrument bezels.

What size planking for crash tender decks? by robbob Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 3 months ago
Can anyone advise me on what would be an appropriate scale width for some planking detail on my 46" 1/12th scale RAF crash tender build and what wood will look best, lime, maple, spruce ?? (not mahogany, I don't want it to look like a piece of G Plan furniture!). Also a recommended supplier. Oh....and 'caulking' tips too. Thanks. Robbob.

Tarpon 03 by muddy Lieutenant   Posted: 4 months ago
Once the deck's were planked, time to clean up and start on the superstructure. Have never had a boat with a drop in superstructure. They all appear to be fitted as "drop on" type siting on/over a deck combing. This was one big ( foo-parrr ).. So blindly crashed on, building a drop on top.. This mistake didn't really come to light until i drew out the cabin sides , but by this time the combing was well glued and pinned, knowing from past whoopsies or non conforming to drawings it just gets worse as you go along. The deed was done and decided to crack on, if in the finish i don't like it, then i will rebuild the top and dispose of the deck combing. Fitted a Mahogany stem and veneered the transom. Gave the deck's a couple of coats of varnish, 20/80 thinners-varnish.

Tarpon 02 by muddy Lieutenant   Posted: 4 months ago
Once the furniture (drive motor rudder and radio gear ) had a first fix/located, the hull was planked, started on the deck with .8mm ply, this did not look right, so decided to plank over the ply and as suitable timber was " in stock ". I think the planks are Lime, and the caulking is .5mm Mahogany.

Muddy's Lorraine by muddy Lieutenant   Posted: 5 months ago
Hello, upper works probably in ply veneered in Mahogany, the deck hopefully planked, it all depends on what wood is available at the time. Mny Tnx Muddy

Naval pinnace or Picket boat completed by Lauriem Lieutenant   Posted: 5 months ago
Finally completed after 35 years, must be a record! Boiler clad in balsa insulation and then mahogany strips. Four channel radio, throttle, steering, reverser and gas isolation valve - in case the prop gets stuck on something out on the water. Hotchkiss 3 pounder made by 3D printing and forward cabin made in fiberglass on a 3D printed mould. All superstructure held down by magnets. Manual gas shut off valve under the gun. Funnel is rolled brass and hatches scratch built from brass sheet. Very nice looking boat and it's a shame that the 'innards' aren't visible when its working.

Rubber Band by GARTH Lieutenant   Posted: 7 months ago
[Score: 5/10] 29" Rubber Band Capable of 3mph and a runtime of 45mins Single Propellor (3 Blade 25mm) Direct Drive Powered by NiMH (7.2v) Batteries Controlled Through Pro Boat ESC - Comments: Found this model at a yard sale it's a Sterling model dual cockpit mahogany runabout .It was in bad shape and needed to be stripped down & rebuilt & water proofed . My driver is Dale Junior I got it at the Dollar store

Aerokits Sea Hornet by sigfortunata Sub-Lieutenant   Posted: 8 months ago
Kit built but I scrapped the plywood for mahogany as I wanted something in the "Riva" Style. Powered by a 1000kv brushless on 11.1v, its quick across the water and very stable. I sail with the Potteries MBC in Stoke.

Solent lifeboat by Dave M Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 8 months ago
Hi Lee The original kit was produced in the 1960s when supplies were very sparse and the polyurethane was considered a good product to waterproof the hull and give a good finish. Wood is from a living tree and continues to dry out over many years. I built a Billing Mercantic plank on frame and used Cascamite glue which produced a fine and waterproof hull. Some 30yrs later I found that the wood had split inside the glue line. I now cover all my hulls with fine glass cloth and layup resin. I also apply glass matting and layup resin to the inside of the hull. In the case of my mahogany planked schooner hull I left the outside covering but the inside is glass mat. It is sometime since I completed the hull on the Solent but I do know the wood is covered. I have tried different products over the years so I can't be sure what I used with the resin. The hull is 100% waterproof. My advice would be to use resin. Dave 😀

new steamer by cenbeth Captain   Posted: 9 months ago
What I am doing, and I take no credit for the idea (DaveM), is drill a hole through the keel to take a 6.5mm brass rod. This is to suspend a removable lead bulb keel which I am in the process of casting (in my case it's about 13Kg). Inside the boat I have fixed some pieces of mahogany with a hole through the middle to take the brass rod. This is in an attempt to remove any water ingress. At the top of this mahogany I have put a bracing piece and bolted it to one of the hull frames to counteract any horizontal forces when the boat heels. Does this make spence to you? I'm sure some pictures would help but I use a camera, not a phone and it's a pain downloading them and then uploading again. However, I will if it helps. Edward